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12014A Complete Study of the Ground State Phase Diagrams of Spin-1 Bose–Einstein Condensates in a Magnetic Field Via Continuation MethodsChen, J.-H.; Chern, I.-L.; Wang, W.; WEICHUNG WANG ; I-LIANG CHERN Journal of Scientific Computing 55
22008A Legendre Pseudospectral Penalty Scheme for Solving Time-Domain Maxwell’s EquationsC. H. Teng; B. Y. Lin; H. C. Chang; H. C. Hsu; C. N. Lin; K. A. Feng; HUNG-CHUN CHANG Journal of Scientific Computing 2213
32013Computing extremal eigenvalues for three-dimensional photonic crystals with wave vectors near the brillouin zone centerHuang, T.-M.; Kuo, Y.-C.; Wang, W.; Wang, Weichung Journal of Scientific Computing 33