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12009A diffraction-limited scanning system providing broad spectral range for laser scanning microscopyYu, J.-Y.; Liao, C.-S.; Zhuo, Z.-Y.; Huang, C.-H.; Chui, H.-C.; Chu, S.-W.; SHI-WEI CHU Review of Scientific Instruments 1212
22014A microwave applicator for uniform irradiation by circularly polarized waves in an anechoic chamberChiang, W.Y.; EN-CHENG YANG et al. ; JOE-AIR JIANG Review of Scientific Instruments 33
31994DESIGN PARAMETERS OF DUAL-STAGE ION REFLECTRONSWang, T. I.; Chu, C. W.; Hung, H. M.; Kuo, G. S.; Han, C. C.; HUI-MING HUNG Review of Scientific Instruments 65
42005Effect of force control algorithms on the scanning probe microscope lithography systemYen, J.-Y.; Lin, I.-M.; Lee, C.-K.; Yen, Jia-Yush ; Lee, Chih-Kung Review of Scientific Instruments 11
52005Instrumentation of a high-sensitivity microwave vector detection system for low-temperature applicationsSuen, Y.W.; Hsieh, W.H.; Chen, C.L.; Li, L.C.; Kuan, C.H.; CHIEH-HSIUNG KUAN Review of Scientific Instruments 22
62006MAXIMA: A balloon-borne cosmic microwave background anisotropy experimentRabii, B.; JIUN-HUEI PROTY WUet al. Review of Scientific Instruments 1210
71998Measurement of critical micelle concentration of nonionic surfactant solutions using impedance spectroscopy techniqueLI-JEN CHEN Review of Scientific Instruments 2019
82012Measurement of resonant mode of piezoelectric thin plate using speckle interferometry and frequency-sweeping functionCHIEN-CHING MA Review of Scientific Instruments 11
92012Multi-layer thermoelectric-temperature-mapping microbial incubator designed for geo-biochemistry applicationsWu, Jin-Gen; Liu, Man-Chi; Tsai, Ming-Fei; Yu, Wei-Shun; Chen, Jian-Zhang; Cheng, I-Chun; Lin, Pei-Chun; I-CHUN CHENG ; JIAN-ZHANG CHEN ; PEI-CHUN LIN Review of Scientific Instruments 10
102014Note: A method for minimizing oxide formation during elevated temperature nanoindentationCheng, I.C.; Garcia-Sanchez, E.; Hodge, A.M.; I-Chung Cheng Review of Scientific Instruments 44
111996Novel technique for investigating the temperature effect on the diffusion coefficient of naphthalene into airChen, P.-H.; Miao, J.-M.; Jian, C.-S.; PING-HEI CHEN Review of Scientific Instruments 65
122003Phase-locked-loop-based delay-line-free picosecond electro-optic sampling systemLin, G.-R.; Chang, Y.-C.; GONG-RU LIN Review of Scientific Instruments 00
131999Real-time and multipoint monitoring the dissolution rate of photoresist film by using a novel plastic optical fiber bundleHorng, J.S.; Lin, G.-R.; Chen, C.W.; GONG-RU LIN Review of Scientific Instruments 
142009Research on three dimensional machining effects using atomic force microscopeMao, Y.-T.; Kuo, K.-C.; Tseng, C.-E.; Huang, J.-Y.; Lai, Y.-C.; Yen, J.-Y.; Lee, C.-K.; Chuang, W.-L.; JIA-YUSH YEN ; Mao, Yao-Ting; Kuo, Kai-Chen; Tseng, Ching-En; Huang, Jian-Yin; Lai, Yi-Chih; Yen, Jia-Yush ; Lee, Chih-Kung ; Chuang, Wei-LiReview of Scientific Instruments 1615
152009Single-scan measurement of conductance of a quartz crystal microbalance array coupled with resonant markers for biosensing in liquid phaseRICHIE CHEN ; Hsiao, Hsien-Yi; Chen, Richie L.-C.; Cheng, Tzong-Jih Review of Scientific Instruments 22
162004Sliding mode control for active vibration isolation of a long range scanning tunneling microscopeJIA-YUSH YEN ; Lan, Kuo-Jung; Yen, Jia-Yush ; Kramar, John A.Review of Scientific Instruments 1512
172008Thermal conductivity measurement and interface thermal resistance estimation using SiO 2 thin filmChien H.-C.; Yao D.-J.; Huang M.-J. ; Chang T.-Y.Review of Scientific Instruments 5152
181991Ultrahigh-vacuum furnace for sintering studies of ultrafine ceramic particlesMAO-HUA TENG Review of Scientific Instruments 22