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12014A sea test of mobile underwater localizationGao, H.; Xu, X.; Huang, D.; Huang, C.-F.; Yang, T.C.; Twan, W.-H.; Liu, J.-Y.; Zhou, S.; CHEN-FEN HUANG OCEANS 2014 - TAIPEI 00
22014A study on data filling from incomplete dataset of HF radar measured ocean currents - A case study of the flow field Northeast of Taiwan: Data filling from incomplete ocean currents datasetChen, Y.-W.; Yang, Y.J.; Wang, J.; JOE WANG ; YIING-JANG YANG OCEANS 2014 - TAIPEI 10
32014Acoustic current measurement using travel-time method in Bachimen Harbor, TaiwanChen, Y.-H.; Taniguchi, N.; Liu, C.-T.; Huang, C.-F.; CHEN-FEN HUANG OCEANS 2014 - TAIPEI 10
42014Active mud volcanoes in the gas hydrate potential area of the upper Kaoping Slope, off southwest TaiwanChen, S.-C.; Hsu, S.-K.; Wang, Y.; Chung, S.-H.; Chen, P.-C.; Tsai, C.-H.; Liu, C.-S.; Yang, T.F.; CHAR-SHINE LIU OCEANS 2014 - TAIPEI 20
52014/1/1Geological controls on the gas hydrate system of Formosa Ridge, South China SeaBerndt, C.; Crutchley, G.; Klaucke, I.; Jegen, M.; Lebas, E.; Muff, S.; Lieser, K.; Roth, T.; Chi, W.-C.; Feseker, T.; Lin, S.; CHAR-SHINE LIU ; Chen, L.; HO-HAN HSU OCEANS 2014 - TAIPEI 70
62014Horizontal ocean current tomography with iterative model weighting constraintCHEN-FEN HUANG OCEANS 2014 - TAIPEI 00
72014Passive acoustic monitoring on the seasonal species composition of cetaceans from the marine cable hosted observatoryLIEN-SIANG CHOU OCEANS 2014 50
82014Processes affecting the depth of the gas hydrate stability zone in the accretionary prism offshore TaiwanChi, Wu Cheng; Lin, Yu Sian; Berndt, Christian; Wu, Shao Kai; Crutchley, Gareth; Chen, Liwen; CHAR-SHINE LIU ; Shyu, Chuen Tien; Chiang, Hsieh Tang; SAULWOOD LIN ; Han, Wei Chung; HO-HAN HSU ; Peng, Yu Shan; Wang, YunshuenOCEANS 2014 - TAIPEI 00
92014Surface currents observed by the HF radar Northeast of TaiwanKuo, T.-H.; Wang, J.; Liang, W.-D.; Fang, Y.-C.; Yang, Y.-J.; JOE WANG ; YIING-JANG YANG OCEANS 2014 - TAIPEI 00
102014T-wave observations on ocean-bottom seismometers offshore eastern TaiwanLin, C.-W.; Chuang, L.Y.-L.; Huang, C.-F.; Chen, C.-W.; Kuo, B.-Y.; CHEN-FEN HUANG OCEANS 2014 - TAIPEI 20
112014Underwater topography measurement and observation in Southwest Taiwan using unmanned underwater vehiclesMu, L.-J.; Chen, C.-Y.; Liu, C.-S.; Yu, C.-M.; Yang, Y.-C.; Jang, J.-P.; Chen, P.-C.; Liu, S.-Y.; Chen, T.-T.; Paull, C.; CHAR-SHINE LIU OCEANS 2014 - TAIPEI 10