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12005A contour based image segmentation algorithm using morphological edge detectionJOE-AIR JIANG conference paper
22005A hybrid of ε-constraint and particle swarm optimization for designing of PID controllersJOE-AIR JIANG conference paper
32008A memetic algorithm for parallel batch machine scheduling with incompatible job families and dynamic job arrivalsLI-CHEN FU ; Cheng Hsueh-Chien; Chiang Tsung-Che; Fu Li-Chen conference paper60
42005A novel optimization algorithm: Space gravitational optimizationJOE-AIR JIANG conference paper
52008A simulation environment for development and evaluation of smart devices for the elderlyChen, T.Y.; CHI-SHENG SHIH ; Chen, C.H.; Shih, C.S.; Liu, J.W.S.conference paper30
62007A sub-band spectral analysis for electrocardiographyJIA-YUSH YEN conference paper00
72007A visual servo controller for lateral navigation of mobile vehicles in path tracking applicationsFENG-LI LIAN conference paper20
82007Acquisition of GPS software receiver using split-radix FFTHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper73
92008An efficient autonomous failure recovery mechanism for UPnP-based message-oriented pervasive servicesLI-CHEN FU ; Jong Ya-Wen; Liao Chun-Feng; Fu Li-Chen conference paper40
102007Angle control of a one-dimension pneumatic muscle arm using self-organizing fuzzy controlPING-LANG YEN conference paper62
112007Ant direction hybrid differential evolution for solving economic dispatch of power systemCHIH-WEN LIU conference paper123
122007Artificial neural network model for mass characterization in breast palpationPING-LANG YEN conference paper00
132007Automated labeling of neuroanatomical structures in routine brain CTFU-REN XIAO conference paper00
142008Component interface design for flexible user-centric automation and assistive devicesChang, Wen-Hsian; CHI-SHENG SHIH ; Shih, Chi-Sheng ; Liu, J.conference paper00
152007Continuation method of backstepping tracking control for car-like mobile robotsLI-SHENG WANG conference paper34
162007Design of peak-finding algorithm on acquisition of weak GPS signalsHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper62
172004Development of a new safety-enhanced surgical robot using the hexaglide structurePING-LANG YEN conference paper
182014EEG-based emotion recognition based on kernel fisher's discriminant analysis and spectral powersCHIEN-TE WU conference paper40
192008Effective visual surveillance with cooperation of multiple active camerasLI-CHEN FU ; Huang Cheng-Ming; Lin Yi-Zi; Fu Li-Chen conference paper20
202011Empirical data-based modeling of teaching material sharing network dynamicsSHI-CHUNG CHANG conference paper40