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12009A novel coverage-preserving algorithm with energy efficiencyChen, C.-P.; Chuang, C.-L.; Lin, T.-S.; Liu, C.-W.; Liao, K.-C.; Shieh, J.-C.; Jiang, J.-A.; JOE-AIR JIANG ; KUO-CHI LIAO Proceedings of IEEE Sensors 30
22012A novel guiding device for distal locking of intramedullary nailsTZE-HONG WONG Proceedings of IEEE Sensors 80
32009A WSN-based wireless monitoring system for intradialytic hypotension of dialysis patientsWu, Y.-C.; Lai, T.-Y.; Lin, T.-S.; Wang, J.-Y.; Shieh, J.-C.; Jiang, J.-A.; Chang, W.-D.; Tsai, C.-T.; Hsu, C.-K.; JOE-AIR JIANG Proceedings of IEEE Sensors 40
42012An electromagnetic-induction approach for screw-hole targeting in interlocking-nail surgeryTZE-HONG WONG Proceedings of IEEE Sensors 70
52012An inkjet-printed humidity sensor based on SiO2 nano particle blended PEDOT:PSS filmsChuang, W.-Y.; Lee, C.-H.; Lin, C.-T.; Lin, S.-H.; Wu, W.-J.; CHIH-TING LIN IEEE Sensors 30
62009Application of load-balanced tree routing algorithm with dynamic modification to centralized wireless sensor networksChu, Y.-J.; Tseng, C.-P.; Hung, C.-H.; Liao, K.-C.; Ouyang, C.-S.; Yen, C.-W.; Jiang, J.-A.; Wang, Y.-C.; Tseng, C.-L.; Yang, E.-C.; EN-CHENG YANG ; JOE-AIR JIANG ; KUO-CHI LIAO Proceedings of IEEE Sensors 60
72012Flexible tactile sensor with high sensitivity utilizing botanical epidermal cell natural micro-structuresChen, Chien-Chun; WEN-PIN SHIH ; Chang, Pen-Zen; Shih, Wen-Pin Proceedings of IEEE Sensors 40
82011Foreign object impact monitoring on wind turbine blade using FBGsShin, C.S.; Chen, B.L.; Liaw, S.K.; CHOW-SHING SHIN Proceedings of IEEE Sensors 10
92012Highly sensitive microelectrode for glucose sensing via inkjet printing technologyHuang, P.-Y.; Liao, Y.-C.; YING-CHIH LIAO Proceedings of IEEE Sensors 20
102008Metal Oxide Semiconductor UV SensorHo, W.S.; Lin, C.-H.; Kuo, P.-S.; Hsu, W.W.; Liu, C.W.; Cheng, T.-H.; Chen, Y.-Y.; CHEE-WEE LIU IEEE Sensors 20
112012Performance evaluation of CDMA-based Wireless Sensor Networks with long-thin topologiesHsu, M.-W.; Tsai, H.-M.; HSIN-MU TSAI IEEE Sensors 30
122005Silicon-based high-frequency multiple-fourier horn ultrasonic nozzles for atomization and pumpingTsai, C.S.; Song, Y.L.; Tsai, S.C.; Chou, Y.F.; Cheng, J.H.; JUNG-HO CHENG IEEE Sensors 00
132012Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping methods using bead-based microfluidics with DASH technologyKao, P.-C.; Li, K.-C.; Ding, S.-T.; Lin, E.-C.; Wang, L.; Lu, Y.-W.; YEN-WEN LU ; SHIH-TORNG DING Proceedings of IEEE Sensors 00
142009The first order load-balanced algorithm with static fixing scheme for centralized WSN system in outdoor environmental monitoringChu, Y.-J.; Tseng, C.-P.; Liao, K.-C.; Wu, Y.-C.; Lu, F.-M.; Jiang, J.-A.; Yang, E.-C.; Wang, Y.-C.; Tseng, C.-L.; Ho, K.-Y.; EN-CHENG YANG ; JOE-AIR JIANG ; KUO-CHI LIAO Proceedings of IEEE Sensors 80
152012Using the nanoimprint-in-metal method to prepare corrugated metal structures for plasmonic biosensors through both surface plasmon resonance and index-matching effectsYu, C.-C.; Chen, H.-L.; Ho, K.-H.; Chuang, S.-Y.; Tseng, S.-C.; Su, W.-F.; WEI-FANG SU IEEE Sensors 00
162012Wavelength-selective optomechanical sensor based on interpenetrating polymer networkWeng, C.-H.; Wang, Y.-J.; Chang, P.-Z.; Dai, C.-A.; Shih, W.-P.; Weng, Cheng-Hsi; WEN-PIN SHIH ; Wang, Yu-Jhih; Chang, Pei-Zen ; Dai, Chi-An ; Shih, Wen-Pin IEEE Sensors 00