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1200910 Gbit/s on-off-keying RZ data generation using a self-feedback pulsating FPLDGONG-RU LIN conference paper00
220023-dimensional electric field visualization utilizing electric-field-induced-second harmonic-generation in liquid crystalsCHI-KUANG SUN conference paper
32001A novel tipped fiber structure for reducion of the fusion-induced coupling loss between erbium-doped and single-mode fibersGONG-RU LIN conference paper
42005A pulse-compressed and harmonic mode-locked SOA-EDFA laser link with suppressed phase and supermode noisesGONG-RU LIN conference paper00
52001A TE-TM mode splitter using annealed proton exchange and zinc/nickel co-diffusion waveguidesJIUN-YUN LI conference paper
62003Absorption effects on object depth determination in turbid mediaCHIH-CHUNG YANG conference paper00
72001An electro-optic probing system for near electric field measurement using heterodyne methodSHENG-LUNG HUANG conference paper
82003Bandwidth analysis of third-harmonic generation in optical thin filmsChern, Gia-Wei; CHI-KUANG SUN ; Liu, Tzu-Min; Chu, Shi-Wei ; Sun, Chi-Kuang conference paper00
92002Biophotonic crystal effects in multi-modal nonlinear microscopyCHI-KUANG SUN conference paper
102002Bleaching dynamics of resonantly excited excitons in GaN thin films at room temperatureCHI-KUANG SUN conference paper
112001Broadband Mid-IR sources based on non-collinear optical parametric generation with periodically poled LiNbO3CHIH-CHUNG YANG conference paper
122002Broadly tunable dual-wavelength semiconductor laser in optical-communication bandChen, Chin-Hui; Lin, Ching-Fuh ; Su, Yi-Shin; Huang, Chi-Chia; Wu, Bing-Rueyconference paper00
132013Cancer cells differentiation by multi-color ZnO and TiO2 nanowiresTSUNG-LIN YANG conference paper00
142000Characteristics of two stimulated emission peaks in InGaN/GaN multiple quantum well structuresCHIH-CHUNG YANG conference paper
152003Characterization of ultrashort optical pulses: A comparison between TOAD and FROGLiu, Tzu-Ming; CHI-KUANG SUN ; Huang, Yin-Chieh; Chern, Gia-Wei; Lin, Kung-Hsuan; Lee, Chih-Jie; Hung, Yu-Chueh; Sun, Chi-Kuang conference paper00
162013Chirp control of 10-GHz harmonic mode-locked weak-resonant-cavity fabry-perot laser diode with reduced end-facet reflectanceGONG-RU LIN conference paper00
172001Chirped amplification of picosecond gain-switched laser pulse by using traveling-wave semiconductor optical amplifierGONG-RU LIN conference paper
182000Coherent control of acoustic phonon oscillations in InGaN/GaN multiple-quantum-wellsCHI-KUANG SUN conference paper
192003Compensation of higher-order dispersion in optical coherence tomography with a rapid-scanning optical phase delay lineCHIH-CHUNG YANG ; Hsu, I-Jen; Tsai, Meng-Tsan; Lu, Chih-Wei; Yang, C.C.conference paper00
202001Controlling the relative delay-time and jitter of femtosecond Ti:Sapphire/SBR laser pulse-train by using a frequency-stabilized PZT/mirrorGONG-RU LIN conference paper