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12010Association and interaction of PPAR-complex gene variants with latent traits of left ventricular diastolic functionJYH-MING Jimmy JUANG journal article45
22011Association of the maoa promoter uvntr polymorphism with suicide attempts in patients with major depressive disorderSHIH-CHI KU ; MING-BEEN LEE journal article5246
32011Low penetrance of retinoblastoma for p.V654L mutation of the RB1 geneSHIN-YU LIN; CHIEN-NAN LEEjournal article1411
42008Mutation spectrum of 122 hemophilia A families from Taiwanese population by LD-PCR, DHPLC, multiplex PCR and evaluating the clinical application of HRMSHIN-YU LIN; HONG-NERNG HO; CHIEN-NAN LEEjournal article3330
52013Newborn screening for citrin deficiency and carnitine uptake defect using second-tier molecular testsNI-CHUNG LEE ; Wang, Li-Yun; Chen, Nien-I; YIN-HSIU CHIEN ; Chen, Pin-Wen; WUH-LIANG HWU ; Chiang, Shu-Chuan; Hwu, Wuh-Liang ; Lee, Ni-Chung ; Chien, Yin-Hsiu journal article1212
62010SLC2A10 genetic polymorphism predicts development of peripheral arterial disease in patients with type 2 diabetes. SLC2A10 and PAD in type 2 diabetesYI-DER JIANG; TIEN-JYUN CHANG; YI-CHENG CHANG ; HUNG-YUAN LI; LEE-MING CHUANGjournal article99
72001The vitamin D receptor polymorphism in the translation initiation codon is a risk factor for insulin resistance in glucose tolerant CaucasiansLEE-MING CHUANGjournal article910
82005Type I Gaucher disease with exophthalmos and pulmonary arteriovenous malformationCHUN-AN CHEN ; WUH-LIANG HWU ; JOU-KOU WANG journal article33