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12009Congenital cutaneous mucinosis with spontaneous regression: An atypical cutaneous mucinosis of infancy?TSEN-FANG TSAIClinical and Experimental Dermatology 119
22009Cutaneous intravascular histiocytosis associated with rheumatoid arthritis: A case report and review of the literatureClinical and Experimental Dermatology 1213
32012Erlotinib-induced generalized eczema craquelé and follicular rash sparing the previous radiation fieldSHIOU-HWA JEE ; TSEN-FANG TSAIClinical and Experimental Dermatology 43
42007Levamisole can reduce the high serum tumour necrosis factor-α level to a normal level in patients with erosive oral lichen planusCHUN-PIN CHIANG ; JEAN-SAN CHIA ; ANDY SUN Clinical and Experimental Dermatology 1614
52003Telangiectatic pacemaker erythema [1]HSIEN-CHING CHIU; CHIA-YU CHUClinical and Experimental Dermatology 76