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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12006A surface of general type with Pg = q = 2 and KX 2 = 5Chen, J.A.; Hacon, C.D.; JUNG-KAI CHEN Pacific Journal of Mathematics 
22004Generalized skew derivations characterized by acting on zero productLee, T.-K.; TSIU-KWEN LEE Pacific Journal of Mathematics 4752
32005Noether's problem for dihedral 2-groups IIMING-CHANG KANG Pacific Journal of Mathematics 
42012Noether's problem for y Ŝ4 and y Ŝ5MING-CHANG KANG Pacific Journal of Mathematics 10
52007On the estimate of the first eigenvalue of a sublaplacian on a pseudohermitian 3-manifoldChang, S.-C.; Chiu, H.-L.; SHU-CHENG CHANG Pacific Journal of Mathematics 1513
62010The entropy formulas for the CR heat equation and their applications on pseudohermitian (2n + 1)-manifoldsChang, S.-C.; Wu, C.-T.; SHU-CHENG CHANG Pacific Journal of Mathematics 1012