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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12000Camera calibration with a motorized zoom lensChen, Y.-S.; Shih, S.-W.; Hung, Y.-P.; Fuh, C.-S.; CHIOU-SHANN FUH International Conference on Pattern Recognition 
22002Fast Semi-local Alignment for DNA Sequence Database SearchChen, Yong-Sheng; Hung, Yi-Ping ; Fuh, Chiou-Shann International Conference on Pattern Recognition 
32010Learning-based vehicle detection using up-scaling schemes and predictive frame pipeline structuresTsai, Y.-M.; Huang, K.-Y.; Tsai, C.-C.; Chen, L.-G.; LIANG-GEE CHEN International Conference on Pattern Recognition 20
41986MAXIMAL MATCHING OF TWO THREE-DIMENSIONAL POINT SETS.Chen, Homer H.; Huang, Thomas S.; HOMER H. CHEN International Conference on Pattern Recognition 
51996Model-based object recognition using range images by combining morphological feature extraction and geometric hashingChen, C.-S.; Hung, Y.-P.; Wu, J.-L.; JA-LING WU International Conference on Pattern Recognition 20
62002Novel error concealment method with adaptive prediction to the abrupt and gradual scene changesS. C. Pei; Y. Z. Chou; SOO-CHANG PEI International Conference on Pattern Recognition 323
72004Probabilistic tracking with adaptive feature selectionChen, H.-T.; Liu, T.-L.; Fuh, C.-S.; CHIOU-SHANN FUH International Conference on Pattern Recognition 370
81996Range data reconstruction using Fourier slice theoremLin, Shih-Schon; Fuh, Chiou-Shann; CHIOU-SHANN FUH International Conference on Pattern Recognition 60
92004Reconstructing a dynamic surface from video sequences using graph cuts in 4D space-timeTIAN-LI YU Proceedings - International Conference on Pattern Recognition 30