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12009A globally flexible, quadratic almost ideal demand system: An application to demand for meats and fish in TaiwanLiu, K.E.; KANG ERNEST LIU ; KANG ERNEST LIU journal article23
22001Actual Averting Expenditure vs. Stated Willingness to PayWu, Pei-Ing; Chu-Li Huang; Wu, Pei-Ing ; PEI-ING WU ; Huang, Chu-Li; Wu, Pei-Ing ; PEI-ING WU ; Huang, Chu-Lijournal article170
32009Are farmers' decisions to work off the farm related to their decisions to participate in the conservation reserve program?Chang, H.-H.; Boisvert, R.N.; HUNG-HAO CHANG ; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article65
42011Mutually exclusive investment with technical uncertaintyJYH-BANG JOU journal article00
52012Organizational learning differences in healthcare services: The case of medical centres in TaiwanLuh, Y.-H.; Huang, F.-M.; Chien, Y.-N.; Lo, C.-C.; FUNG-MEY HUANG ; FUNG-MEY HUANG journal article00
62012State dependence, serial correlation and heterogeneity in the union membership dynamicsSHENG-KAI CHANG journal article11
72011Testing Coase theorem: The case of free agency in NBALin, Ming-Jen ; Chang, Chia-Chijournal article23
82007The Controlling Shareholder’s Personal Leverage and Firm PerformanceYEH-NING CHEN ; SHING-YANG HU journal article910
92006Willingness to Pay and the Demand for LottoLARRY YU-REN TZENG ; Tzeng, Larry Y.; Wang, Jen-Hung; Tain, Jilljournal article55