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12011A three-sided rearrangeable switching network for a binary fat treeYen, M.-H.; Yu, C.; Shin, H.-Y.; Chen, S.-J.; SAO-JIE CHEN International Journal of Electronics 11
22009A wide-locking range 6-phase divide-by-3 injection-locked frequency dividerCHANG-HAO YANG International Journal of Electronics 22
32004Amplitude distortion compensation for voltage source dc/ac invertersChen, Y.-M.; Cheng, Y.-M.; YAOW-MING CHEN International Journal of Electronics 41
41991Associative mapping network without redundant local minimaWu, J.-L.; Tseng, Y.-S.; JA-LING WU International Journal of Electronics 11
51989Cell-based interconnection network design and the all-pairs examination problemWu, Ja-Ling; JA-LING WU International Journal of Electronics 00
61987Constant peak field distribution and voltage dropping in the oxide layer of a MOS capacitor during charge-temperature agingJENN-GWO HWU International Journal of Electronics 00
71990Constant-rotation DCT architecture based on CORDIC techniquesDuh, Wei-Jou; Wu, Ja-Ling; JA-LING WU International Journal of Electronics 00
81993Decoding reed-muller codes by multi-layer perceptronsTseng, Y.-H.; Wu, J.-L.; JA-LING WU International Journal of Electronics 22
91992Design and analysis of VLSI-based arithmetic arrays with error correctionChen, T.-H.; Chen, L.-G.; Jehng, Y.-S.; LIANG-GEE CHEN International Journal of Electronics 32
101990Electrically-programmable MOSFET-C filterLiu, S.I.; Tsao, H.W.; Wu, J.; HEN-WAI TSAO International Journal of Electronics 34
111993Fast neural decoders for some cyclic codesTseng, Y.-H.; Wu, J.-L.; JA-LING WU International Journal of Electronics 12
121993Functional equivalence of interconnection networksWu, J.-L.; Yang, M.-C.; JA-LING WU International Journal of Electronics 00
131991New CCII-based differentiator and its applicationsLiu, S.-I.; Kuo, J.-H.; Tsao, H.-W.; Wu, J.; Tsay, J.-H.; HEN-WAI TSAO International Journal of Electronics 74
141991New configurations for single CCII biquadsLiu, S.-I.; Tsao, H.-W.; HEN-WAI TSAO International Journal of Electronics 1311
151990Novel concurrent architecture to implement the discrete cosine transform based on index partitionsWu, J.L.; Duh, W.J.; Wu, Ja-Ling International Journal of Electronics 33
161992Rate-optimal static scheduling for recursive DSP algorithms by retiming and unfoldingJeng, L.-G.; Chen, L.-G.; LIANG-GEE CHEN International Journal of Electronics 10
171991Switched-current differentiator-based IIR and FIR filtersLiu, S.-I.; Chen, C.-H.; Tsao, H.-W.; Wu, J.; HEN-WAI TSAO International Journal of Electronics 22
181983Synchronization of TFM typed signals using costas loopsTsao, H.-W.; Cheng, T.-S.; HEN-WAI TSAO International Journal of Electronics 10
191986The effect of postoxidation cooling in oxygen on the interface property of MOS capacitorsHwu, J.-G.; Chang, J.-J.; Wang, W.-S.; JENN-GWO HWU International Journal of Electronics 11
201995The stability problem of closed-loop sample-and-hold amplifiersChen, C.-C.; Tsao, H.-W.; HEN-WAI TSAO International Journal of Electronics 33