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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12012A contour-based pixel swapping method for super-resolution mappingKE-SHENG CHENG conference paper00
22000Effective numerical modeling for the high frequency radio wave propagation over the forest canopiesHSI-TSENG CHOU conference paper
32002Feature extraction of hyperspectral data using the best wavelet packet basisHsu, P.-H. ; Tseng, Y.-H.8
42008The geomorphometry of rainfall-induced landslides in alishan area obtained by airborne lidar and digital photographyLiu, J.-K.; Shih, T.-Y.; Liao, Z.-Y.; Lau, C.-C.; Hsu, P.-H. 40
52000GPS observations of precipitable water dynamics associated with typhoon Zeb (1998)CHUN-CHIEH WU conference paper0
62012Hazard hotspots analysis from geospatial database using geospatial data mining technologyHsu, P.-H. ; Su, W.-R.10
72007Hyperspectral image classification using wavelet networksHsu, P.-H. ; Yang, H.-H.40
82011Integrating remote sensing, spatial analysis and certainty factor model for waste dumping risk assessmentTZU - HOW CHU ; Shiu, Yi-Shiang; Lin, Meng-Lung; Chen, Yi-Chieh; Fan, Shien-Ta; Huang, Chao-Hsiung; Chu, Tzu-How conference paper00
92010Land subsidence analysis and inundation prediction based on multi-temporal digital elevation model dataHsu, P.-H. ; Su, W.-R.; Tsai, C.-H.10
102009Land subsidence monitoring and flood simulation using multitemporal digital elevation modelsHsu, P.-H. ; Su, W.-R.10
112011Mapping and recovering cloud-contaminated area in multispectral satellite imagery with visible and near-infrared bandsTZU - HOW CHU ; Shiu, Yi-Shiang; Lin, Meng-Lung; Chu, Tzu-How conference paper40
121998Numerical studies of low grazing angle backscatter from 1-D and 2-D impedance surfacesHSI-TSENG CHOU conference paper
132011Quality assessment for LiDAR point cloud registration using in-situ conjugate featuresCHIH-TING LIN ; Han, Jen-Yu ; Tserng, Hui-Ping ; Lin, Chih-Ting conference paper10
142011Spatial filtering analysis for quick drought assessment using MODIS images to detect drought affected areasTZU - HOW CHU conference paper00