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12004A Preliminary Study of Needle Orientation and Injection Volume in Facet Intra - Articular Injection under Computed Tomography - Guiding Technique for the Relief of Low Back PainWEN, YEONG-RAY; LIN, CHEN-JUNG; MOK, MARTIN S.; WU, GONG-JHE; SUN, WEI-ZEN; 溫永銳; 林珍榮; 莫世湟; 吳鋼治; 孫維仁疼痛醫學雜誌,v.14 
22004Sixteen-Year Trend of Morphine Consumption in Taiwan: An International ComparisonLU, CHEN-WEI; LIN, CHEN-JUNG; LI, JIH- HENG; SUN, WEI-ZEN; 陸正威; 林珍榮; 李志恒; 孫維仁疼痛醫學雜誌,v.14