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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
120083D micro-scale profile measuring systemYoung, H.-T.; Lin, W.Y.; HONG-TSU YOUNG Key Engineering Materials 
22006A new boundary integral equation method for cracked piezoelectric bodiesWu, K.-C.; KUANG-CHONG WU Key Engineering Materials 22
32011Amorphization behavior of Ni 57Zr 20Ti 22Ge 1 powders by mechanical alloyingKuo, K.-C.; Lee, P.-Y.; Yen, J.-Y.; JIA-YUSH YEN Key Engineering Materials 00
42009An investigation into surface roughness of EDM using soft particles suspension in silicone oilTsai, Y.Y.; Chang, C.K.; YAO-YANG TSAI Key Engineering Materials 00
52017Assessing retinal hazardous effects from phosphor converted Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting with different Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)GEN-SHUH WANG Key Engineering Materials 30
62008Automatic optical inspection on TFT-LCD mura defects using background image reconstructionChen, L.-C.; Kuo, C.-C.; Yen, P.-L.; PING-LANG YEN Key Engineering Materials 
72006Damping characteristics of cold-rolled and annealed equiatomic TiNi shape memory alloyChang, S.H.; Wu, S.K.; SHYI-KAAN WU Key Engineering Materials 110
82008Development of a flexible temperature sensor array systemWEN-PIN SHIH Key Engineering Materials 
92006Embedded fibre Bragg grating sensors for internal fatigue damage monitoring in polymeric compositesShin, C.S.; Chiang, C.C.; CHOW-SHING SHIN Key Engineering Materials 
102002Emulsion synthesis and characterization of lithium cobalt oxide powders for the lithium ion secondary batteriesLu C.-H. ; Yeh P.-Y.Key Engineering Materials 0
112008Fabrication and characterization of electro-active polymer for flexible tactile sensing arrayWEN-PIN SHIH Key Engineering Materials 
121998Fatigue damage repair by artificial introduction of crack closureShin, C.S.; Huang, K.C.; Li, R.Z.; CHOW-SHING SHIN Key Engineering Materials 
132011How to Evalute the Economic Value Added of Innovative Interface Technologies in A Booming Cyber Commerce EnvironmentMing-Yuan Hsieh; Chung-Hsing Huang; Wen-Ming Wu; CHUNG-HSING HUANG Key Engineering Materials 00
142015Investigation of optimum assembly tolerance for a machine tool spindleHONG-TSU YOUNG Key Engineering Materials 00
152008Novel approach to fabrication of 3D micro-structures by laser machiningYoung, H.-T.; Lin, F.-F.; Hong, S.-B.; HONG-TSU YOUNG Key Engineering Materials 
162006Preparation and characterization of titania thin filmsLu C.-H. ; Huang J.-H.; Chen H.-H.; Huang P.-H.Key Engineering Materials 0
172006Sol-gel Preparation and Characterization of Europium-ion Doped Barium Magnesium AluminateLu, Chung-Hsin ; Huang, Chien-Hao; Chen, Chung-TaoKey Engineering Materials 
182006Sol-gel preparation and characterizations of europium-ion doped barium magnesium aluminateLu C.-H. ; Huang C.-H.; Chen C.-T.; Wang S.-M.; Huang S.-J.; Zhang D.; Kadam R.Key Engineering Materials 1
192008The analysis on penetrating efficiency in high-energy beam drillingHo, J.-E.; Young, H.T.; HONG-TSU YOUNG Key Engineering Materials