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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
ALEXANDER KEITH PAULSSON LASH賴煦 Foreign Languages and Literatures Shakespeare Studies
AN-CHI WANG王安祈 Drama and Theatre Chinese Classical Theatre; Modern and Contemporary Chinese Theatre
BENNETT YU-HSIANG FU傅友祥 Foreign Languages and Literatures Asian North American Studies; Contemporary American Literature; Quebecois Studies; Race/Ethnicity Studies and Multiculturalism; Canadian Literature
BI-MING TSAI蔡璧名 Chinese Literature Daoism; Classical Medical Thought; Pre-Qin Philosophers
BO-ZHENG LIU劉柏正 Chinese Literature Classical Literature
Caleb LIANG梁益堉 Philosophy Self-consciousness; Philosophy of Perception; Philosophy of Mind
CHAN-LIANG WU吳展良 History Song Dynasty Neo-Confucianism and Intellectual History; Modern and Contemporary Chinese Intellectual History; Modern and Contemporary Western Intellectual History
CHANG-MIN YU于昌民 Foreign Languages and Literatures film theory; contemporary Hollywood; media studies; cinematic modernism; film philosophy
CHAO-YANG LIAO廖朝陽 Foreign Languages and Literatures Cultural Studies; Literary Theory
CHAO-YING CHEN陳昭瑛 Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences (IHS)  Chinese Literature Literary Theory; Aesthetics; Confucian Studies; Taiwanese Literature
CHEN SU-MAY SHEIH陳書梅 Library and Information Science Reading Psychology; Bibliotherapy; User Study; Management Psychology; Library Management; Public Libraries
CHEN-FENG TSAI蔡振豐 Chinese Literature Wei and Jin Dynasty Buddhist Studies; Wei and Jin Dynasty Metaphysics; History of Chinese Philosophy
CHEN-GIA TSAI蔡振家 Musicology Chinese theater music; psychoacoustics; biomusicology; phoniatics; music acoustics
CHEN-TAO SHIH史甄陶 Chinese Literature Neo-Confucianism; Yuan Dynasty Classics
CHENG-CHUNG LIU劉正忠 Chinese Literature 
CHENG-HENG CHANG張正衡 Anthropology Community Studies; Material Culture; Cultural Heritage; Globalization; Japanese Society
CHENG-HUA FANG方震華 History Song Dynasty History
Chenhao Chiu邱振豪 Linguistics Computational modeling; Laboratory phonology; Phonetics; Speech motor control
CHI KEUNG CHAN陳志強 Philosophy History of Chinese Philosophy; Comparative Philosophy; Confucian Philosophy; Modern Interpretation of Chinese Philosophy
CHI-SHE LI李紀舍 Foreign Languages and Literatures Novel; Cultural Globalization; Literary Theory
CHI-SHIOU LIN林奇秀 Library and Information Science Scholarly Communication; Social Informatics; Government Information; Reading Study; Archives Science Study
CHI-SHU HUANG黃啟書 Chinese Literature Intellectual Thoughts of the Han Dynasty
CHIA-CHIEN CHANG張嘉倩 Foreign Languages and Literatures Translation; Teaching English as a Foreign Language; Interpretation; Second Language Acquisition
CHIA-CIAN KO高嘉謙 Chinese Literature Modern Chinese Literature; Sinophone Malaysian Literature
CHIA-FENG CHANG張嘉鳳 History History of Chinese Astronomy; History of Chinese Medicine
CHIA-FU SUNG宋家復 History Sung Historiography; Chinese Intellectual History; Contemporary Historical Theories
CHIA-JE JERRY WENG翁家傑 Foreign Languages and Literatures British Romantic Literature
CHIA-LIN LEE李佳霖 Linguistics  Brain and Mind Sciences Neurolinguistics; Psycholinguistics
CHIA-LING MEI梅家玲 Chinese Literature Six Dynasties Literature; Modern Chinese Fiction
CHIA-MING FAN范家銘 Translation and Interpretation neurolinguistics; cognitive psychology and interpreting; conference interpreting pedagogy
CHIA-RUNG LU呂佳蓉 Linguistics Onomatopoeia; Proverb; Cognitive Linguistics; Lexical Semantics; Crosslinguistic Comparison/Cultural Study; Metaphor
CHIAO-MEI LIU劉巧楣 History book illustrations; History of Modern Art; art historiography; Cultural history of childhood
CHIEH CHIEN簡潔 Foreign Languages and Literatures German Linguistic & Comparative Literature; German Literature
CHIEN-CHANG YANG楊建章 Musicology aesthetics and philosophy of music; history of musical thought; critical theory; musical modernity; musical modernism in East Asia; European music history
CHIH-CHUNG SHEN沈志中 Foreign Languages and Literatures French culture; Psychoanalysis; French philosophy; Psychopatholgy
CHIH-FENG CHEN陳志峰 Drama and Theatre Production Management; Theatre Technology
CHIH-HSIN CHEN陳志信 Chinese Literature Chinese Literature; Chinese Classics
CHIH-HUA CHIANGChiang, Chih-Hua江芝華 Anthropology Lithic Analysis; Spatial Analysis; Taiwan Archaeology; Household Archaeology; Social Archaeology; Feminist Archeology
CHIH-LI LIN林智莉 Drama and Theatre 戲曲理論; 宗教戲曲; 戲曲表演; 戲曲社會文化
CHIH-SHENG YANG楊植勝 Philosophy German Classical Philosophy; Greek Philosophy; Philosophy of Hegel; Aesthetics
CHIN-JUNG CHIU邱錦榮 Foreign Languages and Literatures Comparative Literature; Drama; Shakespeare
CHIN-MU YANG楊金穆 Philosophy Philosophy of logic; Formal logic; Philosophy of language; Contemporary Anglo-American Philosophy
CHING KENG耿晴 Philosophy Philosophy of Buddhism
CHING-FEI SHIH施靜菲 Art History History of decorative arts in East Asia; Artistic exchanges between East Asia and Europe
CHING-HUA CHU竺靜華 Teaching Chinese as a Second Language Standard Mandarin Pronunciation; Chinese Language Teaching and Education - Entry/Intermediate/Advanced Levels; Chinese Proficiency Test; Contemporary Chinese Fiction and Prose; History of Chinese Classics; Intellectual Thoughts of Qing Dynasty
CHING-WEN WU吳勤文 Japanese Language and Literature Japanese Modern Literature; Comparative Literature
CHIOU-ERL JU朱秋而 Japanese Language and Literature Chinese-Japanese Comparative Poetry Studies
CHRISTIAN HEIN漢駿緯 Foreign Languages and Literatures 20-Century Modern Literature; Comparative Literature; Literary Theory
CHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL文哲 Philosophy Phenomenology; Philosophy of mathematics; Epistemology; Philosophy of language; Chinese philosophy; Aesthetics; Kant
CHU-CHING TSAI蔡祝青 Chinese Literature 比較文學; 近代文學與文化; 近代翻譯研究; 明清小說
CHUI-YING CHEN陳翠英 Chinese Literature Readings on Feminist Works; Classical Chinese Fiction
CHUN-CHIH LEE李存智 Chinese Literature Linguistic; Chinese Phonology
CHUN-YEN CHEN陳春燕 Foreign Languages and Literatures Word and image studies; Postcolonial studies; New media studies; Literary theory; Contemporary Anglophone literature
CHUN-YEN WANG汪俊彥 Teaching Chinese as a Second Language Chinese Theater; Performance and Cultural Research; Cultural Theory
CHUN-YI SHIH施純宜 Foreign Languages and Literatures Black Comedy; Dramatic Theories; Contemporary British Drama
CHUNG-JEN CHEN陳重仁 Foreign Languages and Literatures Medicine and Literature; Cultural and Literary Theories; Victorian Novel; Contemporary British Novel
DAVID JOEL COHEN高德 Anthropology Paleolithic-Neolithic Transition in East Asia; Origins of Agriculture; Chinese Archaeology
DONALD JOHN WILLIARD HATFIELD施永德 Musicology sound studies; Indigenous media; space and place
DUEN-MIN DENG鄧敦民 Philosophy Metaphysics; Logic (philosophical logic)
DUNCAN DONALD CHESNEY齊東耿 Foreign Languages and Literatures literary theory; film studies; Modernism; comparative literature
EMILIE CHEIX謝艾米 Foreign Languages and Literatures Teaching French as a Foreign Language; Technologies de l'information et de la communication pour l'éducation (TICE); Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
FAN-TING CHENG鄭芳婷 Taiwan Literature critical theories; theater and performance; queer studies
FAN-YU SHEN沈凡玉 Chinese Literature Classical Chinese Poetry; Six Dynasties Literature
FANG-MIN HSU徐芳敏 Chinese Literature Chinese Phonology; Chinese Dialects
FANG-YEN YANG楊芳燕 Chinese Literature Intellectual History of Modern China
FEI-PENG CHAO趙飛鵬 Chinese Literature Chinese Semantics; Buddhist Thoughts; Studies on Library Documents and Materials
FU-CHANG HSU徐富昌 Chinese Literature Chinese Paleography; Ancient Chinese Paleography; Studies on Wooden Slips; Chivalric Novel; Archeological Finds; Intellectual Thoughts of the Three Kingdoms; Intellectual Thoughts of Zhuang Zi and Lao Zi
Fu-ming Lee李馥名 Chinese Literature Communication Studies; Modern Chinese Literature; Sound Studies
FUMITAKA YAMAUCHI山內文登 Musicology colonialism; Musical culture of Japan and Korea; history of the record industry; popular music
GILES WITTON-DAVIES朱杰佑 Foreign Languages and Literatures oral fluency; teaching children English; oral proficiency and testing; errors
GRACE CHEN-HSIU KUO郭貞秀 Foreign Languages and Literatures  Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics Language Acquisition; Historical Linguistics; Phonetics; Phonology; Psycholinguistics
GUIE-CHEN LU盧桂珍 Chinese Literature Philosophy of Lao Zi and Zhuang Zi; Wei and Jin Dynasty Metaphysics and Buddhist Studies
GUY BEAUREGARD柏逸嘉 Foreign Languages and Literatures Asian American studies; Postcolonial studies; Canadian studies
HAN-NI CHIU邱函妮 Art History History of Modern Taiwanese Art
HENG-TSUNG HUANG黃恆綜 Foreign Languages and Literatures Quantitative Research Methods; Language Testing; Computer-Assisted Language Teaching and Learning; Second Language Acquisition
HO-YI LIN林鶴宜 Drama and Theatre Chinese Traditional Theatre; Taiwanese Theatre
HORNG-JIA LIN林宏佳 Chinese Literature Chinese Paleography; Shih Ching(The Book of Songs); The exegetic reading of Pre-Qin Literature
HSEI-YUNG HSU徐學庸 Philosophy Ancient Western Ethics and Political Philosophy
HSIANG-I LIN林湘漪 Foreign Languages and Literatures French Pronunciation / Intonation; French as a Foreign Language
HSIAO-CHIH SUN孫效智 Philosophy Ethics; Life Education; Bioethics
HSIAO-HUNG CHANG張小虹 Foreign Languages and Literatures Feminism; Literature & Cultural Studies
HSIAO-MEI HSIEH謝筱玫 Drama and Theatre Modern Drama; Performance Studies
HSIEN CHUNG LEE李賢中 Philosophy Philosophy of Pre-Qin School of Names; Chinese Logics; Philosophy of Monism; The Thinking Method of Chinese Philosophy
HSIEN-CHIEH NIHEL JHOU周先捷 Philosophy Metaphysics; Philosophy of Mind; Philosophy of Physics
HSIEN-HAO LIAO廖咸浩 Foreign Languages and Literatures  Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences (IHS) postcolonial theories; globalization and transnationalism; film studies; Deleuze; posthumanism; Modern Taiwan literature and culture; Comparative Poetics; Contemporary fiction; Hongloumeng studies; Cultural policy; Anglo-American poetry; psychoanayhlytical theories
HSIN-HUI LIN林欣慧 Japanese Language and Literature Japanese Literature of Heian period
HSIN-JU YEN顏杏如 History History of Taiwan; Social and Cultural History of Japanese Colonies; Migration and Diaspora in the Japanese Empire
HSIN-YING LI李欣穎 Foreign Languages and Literatures  Translation and Interpretation American Realism
HSIU-CHIH TSAI蔡秀枝 Foreign Languages and Literatures urban studies; literary theory; theory of space; intertextual analysis; narratology; semiotics
HSIU-FANG YANG楊秀芳 Chinese Literature Taiwanese/Hokkien Document Studies; Cognate Study on Chinese Dialects; Taiwan Languages; Linguistics and the Interpretation of Classics
HSIU-MING WEI魏岫明 Chinese Literature Linguistics
HSUEH-HUA CHEN陳雪華 Library and Information Science Library Technical Services; Knowledge Management; Digital Preservation; Information Sources & Services; Library Science; Information Organization; E-Publishing
HSUEH-JU WU巫雪如 Chinese Literature Chinese syntax; Linguistics; Archeological finds
HUAI-CHEN KAN甘懷真 History Interpretation of the Confucian Cannon in East Asia;  Li-Zhi in Ancient China; Medieval Chinese Cultural History
HUEI-MIAN LI李惠綿 Chinese Literature Dramatic Literature; Performance Theory; Dramatic Theory
HUI-CHUAN CHANG張惠娟 Foreign Languages and Literatures Utopian literature
HUI-CHUN LIN林慧君 Japanese Language and Literature Japanese Linguistics; Studies on Japanese Vocabulary & Grammar
HUI-HUNG CHEN陳慧宏 History Jesuit Studies; Cultural Encounters between China and the West; Early Modern Europe; Christianity and World History
HUI-WEN LU盧慧紋 Art History History of collecting of calligraphy and painting; History of Chinese Painting; History of Chinese Calligraphy
HUNG-CHIUNG LI李鴻瓊 Foreign Languages and Literatures Renaissance Literature; Taiwan Literature; Literary and Cultural Theories; Modernism
HUNG-CHUNG YEN閻鴻中 History Scholarship and Intellectual History of the Qin and Han Dynasties; History of Ancient Chinese Historiography; History of Ancient Chinese Ethics
HUO-WANG LIN林火旺 Philosophy Ethics; Philosophy of political science
I-KAI JENG鄭義愷 Philosophy Greek Philosophy (from Presocratics to Aristotle); Ethics and Political Philosophy (with emphasis on the History of Western Political Thought); Existentialism
I-NI TSAI蔡宜妮 Teaching Chinese as a Second Language Discourse Analysis; Conversation Analysis; Applied Linguistics; Grammar and interaction
I-WEN SU蘇以文 Linguistics  Brain and Mind Sciences Discourse Analysis; Cognitive Linguistics; Pragmatics
IVY YU-SHIAN LIN林于湘 Drama and Theatre Theories of the Theatre; Play Analysis; Buddhist Philosophy; Theories of Modernity and (Post)Modernism; Dialectical Discourses of Enlightenment and Theatrical Practice; History of Western Theatre
JANETTE YUVIENCO俞燕妮 Foreign Languages and Literatures Educational Technology and ELT
JAU-SHIN CHEN陳昭心 Japanese Language and Literature Modern Japanese Grammar
JEN-YEN CHEN陳人彥 Musicology 18th-century Austria; music and the Enlightenment; sociology of music
JEU-JENQ YUANN苑舉正 Philosophy Philosophy of science; Philosophy of social science
JIA-LING HSU胥嘉陵 Foreign Languages and Literatures Sociolinguistics; TESL
JING-HUEI TSAU曹景惠 Japanese Language and Literature Medieval Japanese Literature; Chinese-Japanese Comparative Literature
JO-LAN YI衣若蘭 History History of Ming and Qing Dynasty Society and Culture; Chinese Women's History
JO-SHUI CHEN陳弱水 History Chinese intellectual history; History of medieval China
JONAS BALDUR TEUPERT尤磊士 Foreign Languages and Literatures Critical Theory; Migration; Digital Media; German Literature
JOSE EUGENIO BORAO鮑曉鷗 Foreign Languages and Literatures Spanish Culture
JOU-CHUN LU盧柔君 Anthropology Historical Archaeology; Taiwan Archaeology; Trade Ceramic Studies; Ryukyu Archaeology; East Asian Archaeology
JUI-PI CHIEN簡瑞碧 Foreign Languages and Literatures Comparative Literature; History and Philosophy of Science; Semiotics; Comparative Arts
KAI-SHYH LIN林開世 Anthropology Formation of National and Ethnic Groups; Historical Anthropology; Cultural Theory; Han Chinese Society
KAI-TING CHIEN簡凱廷 Chinese Literature Buddhism in the Ming and Qing Dynasties; Early Modern East Asian Buddhist Literature
KAREN STEFFEN CHUNG史嘉琳 Foreign Languages and Literatures General and Chinese Linguistics; Morphology; Phonetics; Pronunciation/Intonation
KIRILL OLE THOMPSON唐格理 Foreign Languages and Literatures Chinese Philosophy; Ethics; Philosophy and Literature; Comparative Philosophy; Thomas Gray's poetry; Analytic Philosophy; History of Philosophy; Logic; Existentialism
KUAN-FEI CHEN陳冠妃 History Socio-economic History of Taiwan; Urban History; Heritage Studies
KUANG-HUA CHEN陳光華 Library  Library and Information Science Information Retrieval and Evaluation; System Evaluation; Informetrics; Big Data; Information Science; Digital Archives and Humanities
KUN-CHUN YAO姚坤君 Drama and Theatre Movement; Acting; Improvisation
LAN-SHIANG HUANG黃蘭翔 Art History  Building and Planning History of Taiwanese Architecture; History of Asian Metropolise; History of Taiwanese Metropolis; History of Asian Architecture
LI HSUAN CHANG張俐璇 Taiwan Literature Literature Theory and Criticism; Research on Digital Humanities; Taiwan Literary History
LI-CHUAN OU歐麗娟 Chinese Literature Dream of the Red Chamber; Tang Dynasty Poetry
LI-LI CHANG張麗麗 Chinese Literature Historical Syntax; Linguistics; Chinese Syntax
LI-LING TSENG曾麗玲 Foreign Languages and Literatures Twentieth-Century English Literature; Modern British Fiction; Joyce studies; Beckett studies
LI-MAY SUNG宋麗梅 Linguistics typology; Formosan languages; Formosan corpus and its applications; Syntax
LI-PING CHANG張莉萍 Teaching Chinese as a Second Language pedagogical grammar; testing Chinese as a second language; corpus linguistics; contrastive linguistics and error analysis
LI-PING LIN林立萍 Japanese Language and Literature Study of Japanese Vocabulary
LIANG-YA LIOU劉亮雅 Foreign Languages and Literatures Contemporary Taiwanese Fiction; Lesbian/Gay/Queer Theory and Fiction; Twentieth-Century English and American Literature; Feminist Theory and Fiction
LIAUNG TING丁亮 Chinese Literature Chinese Ming-shi Theory; Chinese Paleography; Lao Zi
LICHING LIVY CHIU邱力璟 Teaching Chinese as a Second Language Generative Grammar; Lexical Semantics; Dialectal Grammar; Formal Linguistics
LILITH CLAIRE ACADIA王莉思 Foreign Languages and Literatures discourses of religion; religion and literature; 20th century US literature; science fiction; philosophy of literature; queer theory; pretext; critical theory
LING-PEI LAW羅鈴沛 Chinese Literature Wei and Jin Dynasty Metaphysics; Wei and Jin Dynasty Buddhist Study
LOK-CHI CHAN陳樂知 Philosophy Philosophy of Religion; Philosophy of Mind; Metaphysics
LONG-SHIEN LEE李隆獻 Chinese Literature Chinese Literature; Studies on History; Studies of Narrative; Studies on Chinese Classics; Modern Chinese Fiction
LU Hsin-yi呂欣怡 Anthropology Community Studies; Energy Anthropology; Environmental Anthropology; Han Chinese Society
MAA-LING CHEN陳瑪玲 Anthropology Archaeology; Spatial Analysis; Dietary Habits of Prehistoric People; Social Systems; Settlement Patterns; Archaeological Theories; Ceramic Archaeology
MAN-YI CHIN秦曼儀 History European Social and Cultural History from the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth Century; The French AnnalesSchool; The History of the Culture of Writing in Modern France; Western Women's History
Manuel Herrero-Puertas曼紐爾 Foreign Languages and Literatures World Literature; Nineteenth-Century American Literature; Childhood Studies; Teaching Writing; Disability Studies and the Medical Humanities; Transnational Approaches to American Literature
MASATO HASEGAWA長谷川正人 History The Sino-Korean Relationship During Ming and Qing Dynasties; History of Ming and Qing Dynasties
MASAYUKI SATO佐藤將之 Philosophy Philosophy of political science; Philosophy in Pre-Qin period; Confucianism
MEI-ER HUANG黃美娥 Taiwan Literature Japanese Colonial Period Taiwan Literature; Taiwan Classical Literature; Taiwan Popular Literature; Contemporary Chinese Literature
MEI-HSIA WANG王梅霞 Center for Indigenous Studies, NTU  Anthropology Social Anthropology; Gender Studies; Religious Anthropology; Taiwanese Ethnic Studies; Economic Anthropology
MEI-HSIU TSAO曹美秀 Chinese Literature History of Chinese Classics; Intellectual History of China
MEI-LING PENG彭美玲 Chinese Literature Chinese Classics; Ancient Rites
MICHAEL KEEVAK奇邁可 Foreign Languages and Literatures Comparative Literature; Renaissance & Baroque; Europe and East Asia 1500-1900
MICHAEL PATRICK MCGLYNN孟克禮 Foreign Languages and Literatures Medieval Studies; Comparative Literature; Medieval Languages
MICHELLE Min-chia WU吳敏嘉 Foreign Languages and Literatures Translation; Conference Interpreting; English for Specific Purposes; Curriculum Design and Interpreting Pedagogy
MIKI HATTORI服部美貴 Japanese Language and Literature Language Learning; Language Acquisition
MIN-MIN WU吳旻旻 Chinese Literature Chu Ci (Songs of Chu); Contemporary Mainland Chinese Literature; Han Dynasty Fu-style Poetry (Han Fu)
MING-CHAO LIN林明照 Philosophy Pre-Qin School of Confucianism; Wei Jin Philosophy; Pre-Qin School of Daoism
MING-CHEN LO羅名珍 Philosophy Critical Theory; Philosophy of Adorno; Psychoanalysis
MING-LIANG HSIEH謝明良 Art History History of Chinese and Japanese Ceramics; History of Chinese Craftworks; History of Interaction of Chinese and Japanese Arts
MING-TSANG YANG楊明蒼 Foreign Languages and Literatures Medieval Studies; Early Travel Literature
MING-TZU CHEN陳明姿 Japanese Language and Literature Modern Japanese Literature; Japanese Literature of Heian period; Chinese-Japanese Comparative Literature
MOU-LAN WONG王沐嵐 Foreign Languages and Literatures Victorian Visual Culture; Victorian Nonsense; Paratext
MU-CHUN WU吳牧錞 Anthropology Landscape Archeology; Digital Anthropology
MU-HSUAN HUANG黃慕萱 Library and Information Science Patent Information & Patent Searching; Library & Information Science; Informetrics; Information Retrieval; Indexing & Abstracting; Information Behavior
MUH-CHYUN TANG唐牧群 Library  Library and Information Science Social Network; Performance Evaluation; Scholarly Communication; Reading Study
NAE-DONG YANG楊乃冬 Foreign Languages and Literatures Second language cquisition; Web-based language learning and teaching; Teaching English as a foreign language; Language learning strategies: research and instruction
PABLO DEZA BLANCO白保羅 Foreign Languages and Literatures   Linguistics; Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language.; Education (Didactics); Second Language Acquisition
PAO-CHEN CHEN陳葆真 Art History History of Buddhism Art in Dunhuang; History of Chinese Painting Theories; History of Ancient Chinese Paintings
PAO-HSIANG WANG王寶祥 Foreign Languages and Literatures Turn-of-the-Century European Drama; History of Opera; British and American Contemporary Theater; Jewish Studies
PEI-FEN HSIEH謝佩芬 Chinese Literature Poetry and Writings of HAN yu; Song Dynasty Poetry; Poetry of Writing of the Tang and Song Dynasty; Poetry and Writings of BAI Ju-yi
PO-LIN LI李柏霖 Drama and Theatre Drafting and Model Making; Set Design
PO-SHEN LU呂柏伸 Drama and Theatre Directing; Contemporary Taiwanese Theatre
RONG-BIN CHEN陳榮彬 Translation and Interpretation 符號學; 都市文學; 敘事學; 臺灣文學英譯; 英美文學英譯; 龐德儒家經典英譯; 現代主義小說
RONG-LIN WANG王榮麟 Philosophy Philosophy of Biology; Ethics; Philosophy of Science; Evolutionary Ethics
RUEY-LIN CHANG張瑞林 History philologie grecque; Papyrologie; histoire economique et sociale de l'Antiquite; paleographie, Egypte greco-romaine depuis les Lagides jusqu'aux Abassides
SE-CHUN HUNG洪瑟君 Japanese Language and Literature Comparative Literature; Early Modern Japanese Literature
SHAN-JU LIN CHANG林珊如 Library and Information Science E-Reading; Library & Information Science; Knowledge Management; Qualitative Methods; Information Sources & Services; User Studies; Information Behavior; Digital Libraries
SHAN-SHAN WANG王珊珊 Foreign Languages and Literatures Austronesian Linguistics; Morphology; Historical Linguistics; Field Methods; Syntax
SHAN-YUN HUANG黃山耘 Foreign Languages and Literatures Modernist Literature; Irish Studies; James Joyce; Postcolonial Literatures
SHAO-LI LU呂紹理 History History of Taiwan during the Japanese colonial period; Urban history of Modern Taiwan; Modern Chinese socio-economic history
SHAW-YU PAN潘少瑜 Chinese Literature Modern Literature and Culture; Comparative Literature; Literary Criticism; Translation Literature
SHAWN MICHAEL STANDEFER史德凡 Philosophy Logic philosophy; Philosophy of language; Philosophical Logic
SHE-RU KAO高瑟濡 Foreign Languages and Literatures Byron; Romanticism
SHENG-HSIN HSU徐聖心 Chinese Literature Late Ming Dynasty Buddhism; Pre-Qin Confucianism; Chuang Tsu
SHENG-PAO LO羅聖堡 Chinese Literature Yi Jing; History of Chinese Classics; Ming-Qing Confucianism
SHIAO-YING SHEN沈曉茵 Foreign Languages and Literatures Drama; Cinema
SHIH-CHIEH LO羅士傑 History Modern Chinese History; Historical Anthropology; Popular Religion and Local Politics
SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH謝世忠 Anthropology Fourth World Discourse; Ainu Ethnography; Interpretive Anthropology; Taiwan Aboriginal Culture; Thai Studies; Methods and Theories in Ethnohistory; Developmental Anthropology Religion and Ritual; Theory of Ethnicity; Ethnology of the Chinese Southwest; Ethnology of Southeast Asia; Anthropology of Tourism
SHIH-PE WANG汪詩珮 Office of Student Affairs  Chinese Literature Modern and Cotemporary Chinese Drama; Chinese Classical Drama
SHIHMIN TIEN田世民 Japanese Language and Literature History of East-Asian Comparative Thoughts; History of Japanese Cultural Thoughts
SHIN-YING HUANG黃馨瑩 Foreign Languages and Literatures critical literacy; multimodal literacy
SHING-CHING SHYU徐興慶 Japanese Language and Literature Sino-Japanese Cultural History; Sino-Japanese Communication History; History of Modern Japanese Thoughts
SHU-CHUAN TSAO曹淑娟 Chinese Literature Studies on Classical Chinese Poetry and Prose; Ming and Qing Dynasty Literature
SHU-HAO SHIH石書豪 Foreign Languages and Literatures Phonetics; Phonology
SHU-KAI HSIEH謝舒凱 Linguistics  Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics Cognition and Language; Corpus and Computational Linguistics; Lexical Semantics, Morphology; Linguistic Philosophy and Pragmatics
SHU-LING HORNG洪淑苓 Chinese Literature Folk Literature; Taiwan Modern Poetry; Folklore; Contemporary Chinese/Taiwanese Literature
SHU-WEN FAN范淑文 Japanese Language and Literature Early Modern Japanese Literature (Studies on Natsume Sōseki)
SHU-YING CHANG張淑英 Foreign Languages and Literatures Latin-American Literature; Spanish; Spanish Literature; Chinese-Spanish Translation
SHUO-BIN SU蘇碩斌 Taiwan Literature Leisure Research; Media Study; Space Research; Taiwan Cultural History
SIN-YI CHANG張心瑜 Foreign Languages and Literatures language policy; TESOL teacher development; bi/multilingual education; English medium instruction
SIU-HUNG LAU劉少雄 Chinese Literature Studies on Su Shi Literary Works; Studies on Poetic of Ci Poetry; Ci Poetry of the Tang-Song Period
SOLOGUB OLGA索奧加 Foreign Languages and Literatures Russian as a Foreign Language; structural and cognitive linguistics; Stylististics; Lingvodidactics
SU-CHING CHANG張素卿 Chinese Literature Shih Chi (Records of the Grand Historian); Chinese Narrative Study, Confucian Thought; Studies on Chun Qiu (The Spring and Autumn Annals) and Zuo Zhuan (The Chronicle of Zuo)
SU-HSIEN YANG楊肅献 History History of the French Revolution; Modern British History; Modern European History; History of the Enlightenment
SU-MEI LO羅素玫 Anthropology Cultural Anthropology; Ritual Study; Comparative Research on Austronesian People in Taiwan and South-east Asia
SZU-CHIA LO羅思嘉 Library and Information Science Bibliometrics; Reader Behavior Research; Information Organization; Library Use and Evaluation
SZU-WEN KUNG孔思文 Translation and Interpretation 現代西方翻譯理論; 線上群眾翻譯現象; 翻譯研究方法; 字幕組翻譯現象; 跨文化翻譯; 泛文本與翻譯關係探討; 翻譯技巧與實踐
TAKASHI SAKAI坂井隆 Art History History of Southeast Asian Art; Archaeology of Southeast Asian
TE-HSIN LIU劉德馨 Teaching Chinese as a Second Language Theoretical phonology; Sociolinguistics; Tone sandhi in Chinese dialects; Sound change
THERESA DER-LAN YEH葉德蘭 Foreign Languages and Literatures  Center for Population and Gender Studies Speech Communication
TIEN-I TSAI蔡天怡 Library and Information Science Information Sources & Services; Information Literacy; Information Behavior
TIEN-YI CHAO趙恬儀 Foreign Languages and Literatures fantasy and sci-fi literature; translation (En-TC and TC-En); seventeenth-century intellectual history and occult philosophy; seventeenth-century literature; comparative studies; women's literature; Japanese ACG and popular culture
TOSHITAKA KAMEDA龜田俊和 Japanese Language and Literature Japanese History
TSE-MEI WU吳澤玫 Philosophy Ethics; Political philosophy; Bioethics; Liberalism
TSUI-LIEN CHEN陳翠蓮 History Political history of Taiwan; Taiwan history under Japanese rule
TSUNG-HUEI HSIUNG熊宗慧 Foreign Languages and Literatures 19th-Century Russian Literature; Russian language; Russian culture and movies; Silver Age of Russian Poetry
TSUNG-HUEI HUANG黃宗慧 Foreign Languages and Literatures Joycean Study; Psychoanalysis
TUNG SHEN沈冬 Musicology  Chinese music history; Chinese popular song; Chinese classical theater; Chinese music theory
TUNG-MOU YANG楊東謀 Library and Information Science Digital Divide; Informatics / Information Study; Information Policy; Electronic Government; Development of Communication & Technology Skills
TZE-CHIN TSAI蔡自青 Foreign Languages and Literatures Conference Interpretation; SI and CI
TZU YU LIU劉姿妤 Foreign Languages and Literatures Spanish Teaching; Pragmatics
VASILEIOS VAGIOS范吉歐 Foreign Languages and Literatures Greek Literature; Linguistics
VIVIAN CHINGM CHU朱靜美 Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics  Drama and Theatre Acting; Directing; Avant-garde Theatre; Voice
WAN-YAO CHOU周婉窈 History History of Taiwan During the Japanese Colonial Period; Qing Dynasty Women's History
WEI H. KAO高維泓 Foreign Languages and Literatures Irish Drama; Post-colonial Studies; Modern and Contemporary Irish Literature
Wei Jeng鄭瑋 Library and Information Science open science; Research data; scholarly communication; academic social media
WEI-CHENG CHU朱偉誠 Foreign Languages and Literatures Postcolonial Theory; Queer Theory; Lesbian and Gay Studies; Colonial Discourse Analysis; 19th- and 20th-Century English and American Literature
WEI-CHIN CHEN陳威瑨 Chinese Literature Yi Jing; Japanese Sinology
WEI-JAN CHI紀蔚然 Drama and Theatre Contemporary Drama; Playwriting
WEI-LING CHEN陳維玲 Foreign Languages and Literatures French Realist Fiction in the Nineteenth Century
WEI-PING LIN林瑋嬪 Anthropology Han Chinese studies; Kinship Studies; Religious Anthropology
WEIJANE LIN林維真 Library and Information Science E-Reading; E-Learning; Human-Computer Interaction
WEN-BERNG PONG彭文本 Philosophy Fichte; Ethics; Kant
WEN-CHIN LAN藍文欽 Library and Information Science Chinese Bibliography; Information Organization; History of Books
WEN-CHING LIU劉文清 Chinese Literature Chinese Semantics; Mo Tsu
WEN-HSUN CHANG張文薰 Taiwan Literature Modern Japanese Literature and Taiwan; Japanese Colonial Period Taiwan Literature
WEN-LIANG LEE李文良 History Taiwanese History
WEN-YU CHIANG江文瑜 Linguistics Language, Media, and Politics; Cognitive Linguistics; Metaphor, Cognition, and Culture; Phonology and Phonetics Sound Symbolism; Mutimodal Metaphor
WEN-YU LEE李文鈺 Chinese Literature Tzu of the Tang and Song Dynasty; Mythology; Tang Dynasty Poetry
WEN-YUAN CHANG張雯媛 Foreign Languages and Literatures Spanish Teaching; Spanish Pastoral Novel; Chinese-Spanish Translation
WIM DE REU魏家豪 Philosophy Daoism; Pre-Qin philosophy of language; Pre-Qin and Western Han Dynasty philosophy
WING-WAH CHAN陳榮華 Philosophy Phenomenology; Philosophy of Gadamer; Hermeneutics; Philosophy of Heidegger
WOLFGANG GEORG ODENDAHL吳沃剛 Foreign Languages and Literatures Language Teaching; Teaching German as a foreign language; Computer Assisted Teaching
YA-FENG WU吳雅鳳 Foreign Languages and Literatures Art History; Natural History; Dance; British Romanticism; Gothic Fiction
YA-HWEI HSU許雅惠 History Chinese material culture; Art and archaeology in Bronze-Age China; Song-dynasty antiquarianism
YA-RU YANG楊雅儒 Taiwan Literature Modern novels; Literature and religion; Literature and history
YA-SHIH Sophia LIU劉雅詩 Foreign Languages and Literatures Middle English literature
YANG FU傅揚 History Chinese Political Culture before the 10th Century; Approaches to Intellectual History; Intellectual and Cultural History of China
YAO-MING TSAI蔡耀明 Philosophy Indian philosophy/Mahayana Buddhism/Philosophy of Religion; Philosophy of Life; Tibetan; Sanskrit
YEE-JEAN FON馮怡蓁 Linguistics  Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics  Brain and Mind Sciences Speech Corpus; Phonetics; Psycholinguistics
YEN-FEN LIAO廖彥棻 Foreign Languages and Literatures Applied Linguistics-Second Language Assessment
YI-CHENG WENG翁怡錚 Foreign Languages and Literatures 18th-century literature; early romantic women writers; literature in the age of the French Revolution; women’s writing; novels of the late 18th and early 19th centuries
Yi-Hsin Hsu許以心 Foreign Languages and Literatures Seventeenth- and eighteenth-century English literature; Shakespeare
YI-JEN HUANG黃奕珍 Chinese Literature Tang and Song Dynasty Poetry; Tang and Song Dynasty Literary Criticism
YI-JU WU吳宜儒 Foreign Languages and Literatures Language Socialization; English for Specific Purposes; Applied Linguistics; Computer-Assisted Language Learning; Corpus Linguistics; Second Language Writing; Sociolinguistics in Education; TESOL
YI-MEEI WANG王怡美 Drama and Theatre Computer Aid Fashion Design; Fashion History; Fashion & Art; Textile & Fashion Design
YIH-FEN HUA花亦芬 History German Cultural History; Cultural History of the Renaissance; European History of Religion, Culture and Art
YING-FEN WANG王櫻芬 Musicology historical recordings; social history of Taiwanese music; Nanguan music
YIU-MAN MA馬耀民 Foreign Languages and Literatures Comparative Literature; Modern Chinese Literature
YOWYU LIN林祐瑜 Foreign Languages and Literatures Statstics and Experimental Designs; Psycholinguistics; Sentence Comprehension
YU TSAI蔡瑜 Chinese Literature Chinese Literature; Chinese Poetry; Feminist Literature; Poetry of TAO Yuan-ming; Srudies on Tang Poetry; Poetry of HSIEH Ling-yun
YU-CHIEN HUANG黃郁茜 Anthropology Hierarchy; Micronesian Ethnography; Comparative Studies in Austronesian and Oceanian Cultures; Kinship
YU-HAN HUANG黃鈺涵 Japanese Language and Literature Japanese-Language Education; Japanese Linguistcs
YU-PEI CHEN陳有貝 Anthropology The History of Archeology; Taiwanese Archeology; Eastern Asian Archeology
YU-WEI CHANG張宇衛 Chinese Literature Chinese Paleography; Pre-Qin Chinese
YU-WEI CHANG張郁蔚 Library and Information Science Cataloging & Classification; Bibliometrics; Collection Development; Information Sources & Services; Archives Research
YU-YU CHENG鄭毓瑜 Chinese Literature Ode (Fu) Style Poetry; Aesthetics of the Six Dynasties; Chinese Literary Criticism
YUAN-CHAO TUNG童元昭 Anthropology Intermarriage and Adoption; Immigration Studies; In Taiwan, she focuses on the Pingtung area, especially the peoples living in the mountains along the Pingtung Plain; Oceania Ethnography; Culture and Identity; Food
YUAN-YI WANG王遠義 History Modern Chinese Revolutionary History; Modern European Intellectual History; Modern and Contemporary Chinese Intellectual History
YUHWEN WANG王育雯 Musicology Music, body, mind, and spirituality; music aesthetics; music analysis; judgment of musical value
YUN-CHUN SHE佘筠珺 Chinese Literature Japanese modern Han poetry; Ci of the Southern Song Dynasty; Studies on Modern Ci Poetry
YUN-MEI KANG康韻梅 Chinese Literature Classical Chinese Prose; Classical Chinese Fiction; Modern Chinese Fiction
YUN-RU CHEN陳韻如 Art History History of Ancient Chinese Paintings
YUNG-CHAO LIAO廖勇超 Taiwan Literature Gender/Sexuality Studies; Cultural Studies; Joyce Studies
YUNG-SHENG LIN林永勝 Chinese Literature Taoist thoughts; Neo-Confucianism
YVONNE TSAI蔡毓芬 Foreign Languages and Literatures Technical translation; Specialized translation; Legal translation; Patent translation
ZHAO-MING GAO高照明 Foreign Languages and Literatures  Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics Intelligent Computer-Assisted Learning; Computational Linguistics; Computer-Assisted Translation
ZHEN-XUN WU伍振勳 Chinese Literature Pre-Qin Philosophers; Hsun Tsu; Chinese Confucian and Daoist Thoughts