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AISHWARYA YERRAPOTU PURANAM朴艾雪 Civil Engineering Seismic design, evaluation, and retrofit; Reinforced Concrete; Large-scale experiments
ALBERT CHEN陳柏華 Civil Engineering Civil Infrastructure Systems; Emergency Transportation Planning; Information Technology Applications for Civil Infrastructures
AN-BANG WANG王安邦 Applied Mechanics Applications & Control of Thermo-Fluid Systems in Optomechatronics
ANDREW WO胡文聰 Applied Mechanics Cell Trapping and Analysis Chip; Cellular Microarray Chip; Planar Patch-Clamp Chip; Detection and Collection of Circulating Tumor Cells; Sperm Chip
ANGELA YU-CHEN LIN林郁真 Environmental Engineering Trace analysis of organic contaminants in environmental matrix; Natural attenuation; Natural photodegradation of pharmaceuticals in the aqueous environment; Water reuse; Occurrence, fate and transport of emerging contaminants (i.e. pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs), endocrine-disrupting; Engineering treatment of emerging contaminants; compounds (EDCs), perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) in the aqueous environments
ARGON CHEN陳正剛 Industrial Engineering Supply Chain Data Mining; Biomedical Data Mining; Statistical inference; Engineering Data Mining
BIN-JUINE HUANG黃秉鈞 Mechanical Engineering Energy technology; Thermal and Fluid; System and Control
C. ROBERT KAO高振宏 Materials Science and Engineering Electromigration; Flip chip packages; Lead free solders; Three-dimensional integrated circuits (3D ICs)
CAPART HERVE卡艾瑋 Civil Engineering Experimental and Computational Fluid Mechanics; River Hydraulics
CHANG-PING YU于昌平 Environmental Engineering 微生物生態; 生物能源開發; 生物復育; 物質流分析; 環境生物技術
CHAO-LUNG TING丁肇隆 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Application of image processing and data analysis; Experimental Studies on Wave; Deep learning applied to object recognition
CHAO-NAN WANG王昭男 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Noise Control; Acoustics
CHAO-SUNG LIN林招松 Materials Science and Engineering Passivation of light metals; Hot-dip galvanized steels; Electrodeposition; Electrochemical characterization
CHE-YU LIN林哲宇 Applied Mechanics Tissue Biomechanics; Sports Medicine; ultrasound Imaging; Medical Device and Electrical and Mechanical System Design
CHEN-LI SUN孫珍理 Mechanical Engineering transport in multiphase systems; microscale thermophysics; microfluidic MEMS (MicroElectroMechanical System); Heat transfer and phase change issues in microscale devices
CHENG-FANG LIN林正芳 Environmental Engineering Membrane Technology; Wastewater Recovery; Solid Waste Land Disposal; Immobilized Bio-technology
CHENG-LIANG CHEN陳誠亮 Chemical Engineering Production Scheduling and Supply Chain Management; Process Integration and Optimization
CHENG-LIANG LIU劉振良 Materials Science and Engineering organic and polymeric (opto-)electronics
CHI-AN DAI戴子安 Polymer Science and Engineering  Chemical Engineering Polymer Thin film Surface and Interface; Synthesis of Conducting Block Copolymer; Patterning Metal and Semiconducting Nanoparticles with Block Copolymer Template
CHI-FANG CHEN陳琪芳 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Underwater communication; Geo-acoustics; Sonar detection and performance; Channel characteristics; Advanced sonar range prediction system , ASORPS; 2D and 3D sound propagation
CHI-FENG PAI白奇峰 Materials Science and Engineering Chiral domain wall and exotic spin textures; Magnetic heterostructure growth and characterization; Spin Hall effect induced spin transfer torque and its applications
CHI-HSIN CHIU邱啟新 Building and Planning Arcology and City Governance
CHI-YANG CHAO趙基揚 Materials Science and Engineering Conjugated block copolymers and low band gap polymers for flexible electronics; Block polyelectrolytes and their composites for fuel cells and lithium batteries
CHIA-CHI SUNG宋家驥 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Investigations of characteristic; Study of proton exchange membrane fuel cell; Investigations of protective coating on ferrite stainless steel for solid oxide fuel cell interconnect; Design and fabrication of acoustic wave micro-sensors
CHIA-CHIN CHEN陳嘉晉 Chemical Engineering Semiconductor Physics; Electrochemistry; Solid State Ionics
CHIA-HUI LIN林家暉 Building and Planning Urban revitalisation and community development; Postcolonial criticism and theory; Architectural/art/design/urban theory, historiography and criticism; Western architectural form; Philosophy of history; Architectural humanities; Visual representation, musealisation, display-ness, exhibition design and curation; Built heritage conservation theory; Asia Pacific historicity, cultural-politics, architecture and urbanism
CHIA-HUNG HOU侯嘉洪 Environmental Engineering Water-energy sustainable nanotechnology; Microbial fuel/desalination cells; Modeling Simulation in Environmental Engineering; Capacitive deionization technology; Advanced nanoporous carbon materials: synthesis and fabrication
CHIA-MING CHANG張家銘 Civil Engineering Smart Sensing and Monitoring Technology; Complex Dynamic System Analysis; Smart Damping and Control Technology; Stochastic Systems and Random Vibrations; Smart Structures and Structural Dynamics; Pseudo-dynamic Hybrid Testing, Real-time Hybrid Testing, Shaking Table Testing; Earthquake Engineering
CHIA-PEI CHOU周家蓓 Office of the Vice President  Civil Engineering Airport Engineering; Heavy Vehicle Size & Weight; Pavement Theory & Design
CHIEN-CHENG CHANG張建成 Applied Mechanics Theory and Application of Microstructures (graphene, carbon nanotube, periodic structures; Biomimetics Research (locomotion of birds, fish and microorganisms); Biomedical Imaging (ultrasound, optical coherence tomography); Electrokinetics, fabrication techniques in nano- and micro-fluidics, transport, mixing and separation; Energy Research (wind energy, solar energy, lithium battery)
CHIEN-CHING MA馬劍清 Mechanical Engineering Fiber Grating Sensor; Piezoelectric Material and Piezoelectricity; Solid Mechanics; Multi-fields Analysis; Wave Propagation and Nondestructive Testing, Fracture Mechanics; Vibration Analysis; Optical Measurement
CHIEN-FU CHEN陳建甫 Applied Mechanics Point-of-care diagnostics; Nanomaterial-based biosensors; Miniaturized bioanalytical devices
CHIEN-HAO LIU劉建豪 Mechanical Engineering Sound waves; Wave propagations; RF-MEMS; Metamaterials; Applied electromagnetics; Antennas
CHIEN-KAI WANG王建凱 Mechanical Engineering Mechanics of fluid-structure interaction; Biomicromechanics; Microfluidics & Bio atomic force microscopy; Mechanics of engineering design
CHIEN-KANG HUANG黃乾綱 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Information retrieval and Web search; Data mining; Bioinformatics
CHIH-CHEN HSIEH謝之真 Chemical Engineering Single DNA molecule gene mapping; Computer simulations of DNA/polymer behavior in complex flows; DNA dynamics in nanofluidic devices
CHIH-HSUAN CHEN陳志軒 Mechanical Engineering Heat treatment of metals; Properties of shape memory alloys; Body martensite phase transformation; Shape memory alloy foil strip
CHIH-HUNG CHEN陳志鴻 Applied Mechanics Nonlinear Dynamics; Fracture Dynamics; Dendrite Formation
CHIH-HUNG WANG王志弘 Building and Planning Urban cultural study; Culture governance; Mobility studies; Nature governance; Space & social theory
CHIH-JEN LIN林智仁 Computer Science and Information Engineering  Industrial Engineering  Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics  Networking and Multimedia Data Mining; Machine Learning; Optimization
CHIH-KUNG LEE李世光 Electronics Engineering  Applied Mechanics  Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering 光電與壓電系統); 奈米光學研究暨超精密光學加工機的研製(微機電與奈米系統); 光壓電複合材; 光壓電結構控制(光機電系統設計製造與精密量測; 科技管理; 光學式與電化學生醫感應器(生物晶片系統); 光場技術研究暨光場相機應用(數位全像攝影術)
CHIH-TING LIN林致廷 Electronics Engineering  Electrical Engineering  Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics  Applied Mechanics Bio/MEMS hybrid technology; Nano-Micro fabrication technology and application; and Nanobiotechnology
CHIH-YUAN CHU朱致遠 Civil Engineering Pedestrian Simulation; Transportation Infrastructure Life-cycle Management; Urban Transportation Planning; Logistics Management; Public Transit Planning and Operation
CHII-WANN LIN林啟萬 Electrical Engineering  Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics  Biomedical Engineering  Applied Mechanics 
CHIN-CHOU CHU朱錦洲 Applied Mechanics 微流混合系統; 環境流體力學; 生物體泳動與飛行力學; 生醫流體力學
CHIN-LUNG KUO郭錦龍 Materials Science and Engineering Structures and properties of dielectric materials in microelectronic devices; Doping effect on graphene via the dielectric substrates; Design and development of the Si-based anode for Li- ion batteries; Defect formation and diffusion in gate dielectric materials
CHING-I HUANG黃慶怡 Polymer Science and Engineering Polymer Structure Analysis; Computer Simulations of the Polymer Phase Transition; Scattering Technology; Polymer Physics
CHOU CHIA-CHING周佳靚 Applied Mechanics Atomic Scale Modeling; Mechanobiology; Clinical Decision Support; Bioinformatics.; Computational Mechanics and Materials; Research interests: Computational Mechanics and Materials,Biomechanics; Multi-scale/Multi-physicsModeling
CHOW-SHING SHIN單秋成 Mechanical Engineering Damage of Composite Material; Fatigue of Material; Failure Analysis; Optical Fiber Sensors
CHU-CHEN CHUEH闕居振 Chemical Engineering Organic/Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Semiconductors
CHUIN-SHAN CHEN陳俊杉 Center of Innovation and Synergy for Intelligent Home and Living Technology (iNSIGHT)  Civil Engineering Computational Fracture Mechanics; E-learning for Engineering Education; Software Development; Multiscale Modeling of Nanostructured Materials
CHUN-HWAY HSUEH薛承輝 Materials Science and Engineering Metallic glasses; Nanoindentation; Analytical modeling
CHUN-TI CHANG張鈞棣 Mechanical Engineering interfacial phenomena; free surface waves; instabilities of liquids & viscoelastic materials
CHUN-WEI CHEN陳俊維 Materials Science and Engineering Graphene and Novel 2D atomically layered materials; Novel Energy Materials and Devices
CHUN-YEON LIN林峻永 Mechanical Engineering system dynamics and modeling; Mechatronics and automation
CHUNG-CHE CHOU周中哲 Civil Engineering Earthquake-Resistant Design; and Test of Structures; Seismic Assessment and Rehabilitation of Structure; Analysis; Post-tensioned Precast Concrete Bridges and Steel Buildings; Field Blast Test for Structures; Earthquake Engineering
CHUNG-HSIEN KUO郭重顯 Mechanical Engineering autonomous systems; novel soft robot design; hybrid robot design combining rigid and soft machines; computer vision and visual servoing; autonomous manipulation with AI approaches; advanced control systems
CHUNG-HSIN LU呂宗昕 Chemical Engineering Characterization of Electronic and Electro-Optical Properties; Nanosized Electronic and Electro-Optical Materials; Thin-Film Processing of Electronic and Electro-Optical Ceramics
CHUNG-JEN LU盧中仁 Mechanical Engineering Modal Testing; Nonlinear Vibration; Contact Mechanics; Thermoelastic Analysis
CHUNG-MING CHEN陳中明 Biomedical Engineering Medical imaging; Computer assisted diagnosis; Microarray analysis; Protein structure analysis
CHUNG-WEN LAN藍崇文 Chemical Engineering Electronic Materials Processing; CFD and High Performance Computing; Crystal Growth Technology
DA-MING WANG王大銘 Chemical Engineering Membrane Separation Technology; Molecular Simulation; Tissue Engineering
DAR-ZEN CHEN陳達仁 Mechanical Engineering  Industrial Engineering Robotics design and synthesis of geared mechanisms
DUN-YEN KANG康敦彥 Chemical Engineering membrane pervaporation; MOF membranes; membrane gas separations
DUU-JONG LEE李篤中 Chemical Engineering Enhanced phase-change heat transfer; Biomass resource & utilization; Biological macro- and micro-reactors
FALIN CHEN陳發林 Applied Mechanics 多孔介質流力; 捷運隧道通風; 流體穩定學; 合金凝固學; 燃料電池
FENG-CHENG YANG楊烽正 Industrial Engineering Techniques of system planning, control, management and simulation related; Decision supported system; Scatter continuous optimization techniques; Soft Computing; System modeling and Simulation techniques
FENG-YU TSAI蔡豐羽 Materials Science and Engineering Fabrication and Applications of functionalnanostructures; Nano-laminated thin-films by atomic layer deposition; Organic and flexible electronics
FORNG-CHEN CHIU邱逢琛 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Marine System Development
FU-CHENG WANG王富正 Mechanical Engineering  Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics Robust control; Biomedical Engineering; Suspension control; Embedded systems; Inerter research; System integration and control; Fuel cell systems
FU-LING YANG楊馥菱 Mechanical Engineering Geophysical flows modeling; and related engineering flow problems; Multi-scale flow physics; Rheology of solid-liquid flows; transport phenomena
FU-SHAN JAW趙福杉 Biomedical Engineering 微計算機; 電子電路; 信號處理; 神經生物
FU-SHU JENG鄭富書 Civil Engineering Engineering Geology; Numerical Analysis; Rock Mechanics
FUH-KUO CHEN陳復國 Mechanical Engineering Metal forming; CAE; Materials processing; Finite element analysis; Tooling design
GRACE PEN-HSIU CHAO趙本秀 Biomedical Engineering Bioreactor development; Physical regulation of cells and tissue; Orthopaedic tissue engineering; Cell-microenvironment interaction
GUEY-SHENG LIOU劉貴生 Polymer Science and Engineering Optical Polymers; Specialty Chemical Technology for Semiconductors
GWO-FONG LIN林國峰 Civil Engineering Artificial Neural Network; Hydroinformatics; Computational Hydraulics; Risk and Reliability Analysis; Stochastic Hydrology and Hydraulics
HAN-PANG HUANG黃漢邦 Mechanical Engineering  Industrial Engineering  Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics prosthetics; robotics; Control and system dynamics; computer-integrated manufacturing; fuzzy and neural control
HAO-CHE HO何昊哲 Civil Engineering Hydraulic Modeling; Non-Intrusive Measurement Techniques in Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics; Hydrodynamics; Sediment-Flow Interaction; Sedimentation Processes
HAO-MING HSIAO蕭浩明 Mechanical Engineering Biomedical Engineering; Medical Device Clinical Behavior; Catheter and Stent Technology; Advanced Medical Device
HERNG-DAR BIH畢恆達 Building and Planning Gender and Space; Qualitative Research Method; Environmental Psychology; Street Art
HERNG-HUA CHANG張恆華 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Biometrics and Bioinformatics; Medical Image Processing; Computational Neuroscience; Charged Fluid Modeling; Geometric Deformable Modeling
HONG-KI HONG洪宏基 Civil Engineering Boundary Element Method; Sound & Vibration; Structural Mechanics
HONG-REN JIANG江宏仁 Applied Mechanics active matter; non-equilibrium physics; Bio/soft matter
HONG-YUAN LEE李鴻源 Civil Engineering Mechanics of Sediment Transport; Fluid Mechanics; River Hydraulics
HONG-YUEH LO羅弘岳 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Environmental Fluid Mechanics; Tsunami; Coastal Engineering
HORN-JIUNN SHEEN沈弘俊 Applied Mechanics 微型化氣體分析晶片開發; 微幫浦與微混合器之設計與開發; 奈米生物分子光學感測; 微懸臂樑生物感測器; 低雷諾數流場運動球體與壁面運動分析; 高效能流式細胞儀
HSI-HENG DAI戴璽恆 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering 
HSIANG-KUANG LIANG梁祥光 Biomedical Engineering Radiobiology; Imaging analysis of malignant brain tumors; Transdisciplinary research collaboration for cancer treatment; Medical physics; Local delivery system of anticancer agents
HSIEH-CHEN TSAI蔡協澄 Mechanical Engineering Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine; Computational Fluid Dynamaic; Aerodynamics; PDE-Constrained Optimization
HSIEN-SHUN LIAO廖先順 Mechanical Engineering Atomic force microscopy (AFM); Sub-surface imaging; Cellular mechanical properties; Precise positioning; Molecular self-assembly
HSIEN-YEH CHEN陳賢燁 Chemical Engineering Biointerface Engineering; Vapor-Based Functional Polymer Coating
HSIN-CHIH LIN林新智 Materials Science and Engineering Fe-based shape memory alloys; High performance Mg and Al light alloys; Thin films and surface coatings; Delay fracture of boron-based ultra-high-strength steels
HSIN-FU HUANG黃信富 Mechanical Engineering magneto/electro rheology; electrostatics and hazards; non-Newtonian flows and rheology; electrokinetics; electrohydrodynamics; flow electrification; suspension flows; ferrohydrodynamics
HSIN-HAOU HUANG黃心豪 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering 
HSIN-HSIN TUNG童心欣 Environmental Engineering Disinfection and disinfection byproducts; biotechnology in environmental engineering; Microbial ecology and metabolic response from micropollutant exposure
HSING-CHENG HSI席行正 Environmental Engineering Remediation of contaminated soils containing multipollutants; Measurement of mercury and methylmercury in environmental media and biomarkers; Synthesis of porous and nanostructural adsorbents and catalysts for multipollutant (Hg/SOx/NOx/PCDD) control; Speciation and Distribution of heavy metal in environmental media
HSIU-PO KUO郭修伯 Chemical Engineering Simulation of Granular and Multi-phase Flows; Particle Technology; Fluidization Engineering
HSIU-YU YU游琇伃 Chemical Engineering Predictive theoretical modeling of complex systems
HSUEN-LI CHEN陳學禮 Materials Science and Engineering Nanoimprint, nanostructured optical thin film, and nanoantenna; Light harvesting and light extraction; Eco-friendly devices and sensors; Ultrahigh-sensitivity photodetectors module, LED and 3D-IC packages
HSYUE-JEN HSIEH謝學真 Chemical Engineering Animal Cell Culture Engineering; Enzyme Technology; Modulation of Endothelial Cell Function by Shear Flow
HUAN-JANG KEH葛煥彰 Chemical Engineering Locomotion of Colloidal Particles
HUI-PING TSERNG曾惠斌 Civil Engineering Construction Estimating & Scheduling; Construction Automation & Robotics; Project Performance Evaluation
HUNG-WEI YEN顏鴻威 Materials Science and Engineering New Generation BCC-HCP Duplex Titanium Alloys; 3D Atom Probe Microscopy; High Speed Rolling; Reversed Transformation in Iron-Based Alloys
HWAI-SHEN LIU劉懷勝 Chemical Engineering Bioprocess Engineering; Higee System
HWONG-WEN MA馬鴻文 Environmental Engineering Strategic Environmental Assessment; Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management; Sustainable Resource Management; Industrial Ecology; Circular Economy
I-CHI CHAN詹益齊 Civil Engineering Water waves; Coastal engineering; Coastal hazards
I-Chung Cheng鄭憶中 Mechanical Engineering Nanomechanics of single crystals and amorphous metals; Synthesis and characterization of cobalt materials.; Synthesis and characterization of Nano-structured materials including nanoporous/ nanocrystalline/ nanotwin metals; Isotropic and Anisotropic Silicon oxide removal mechanism; Corrosion behavior and thermal stability of nano-structured materials; Conformal Metal-Silicide formation mechanism
I-HSUAN HONG洪一薰 Industrial Engineering  Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics Robust Optimization Theory; Reverse Supply Chain System; Game theory with applications
I-LUNG CHIEN錢義隆 Chemical Engineering Design and Control of Chemical Processes
I-YUN HSIEH謝依芸 Civil Engineering 成本效益分析與環境政策; 能源工程與經濟; 永續轉型管理; 生命週期評估; 車輛排放模擬與預測
JACOB JE-CHIAN LIN林之謙 Civil Engineering 工程管控; 電腦視覺; 精實營建; 建築資訊模型
JAKEY BLUE藍俊宏 Industrial Engineering Manifold Learning; Advanced Process/Equipment Control; Time Series Analysis and Demand Planning; Statistical Machine Learning
JAU-HORNG CHEN陳昭宏 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Power Amplifiers; Predistortion Technique
JAW-LIN WANG王兆麟 Medical Device and Imaging  Biomedical Engineering Orthopedic Surgery Instrument and Implantation; Computer Aided Surgery Technology; Medical Imaging Processing and Analysis; Spine Biomechanics
JEFFREY CHI-SHENG WU吳紀聖 Chemical Engineering Catalysis and Reaction Engineering
Jeffrey Daniel Ward吳哲夫 Chemical Engineering Operation and control of processes with continuous crystallization; Process intensification; Operation of batch crystallizers
JEN-HWA GUO郭振華 Ocean Center  Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Navigation of solar powered an autonomous surface vehicle fleet; Human robot dialogue for social interaction; Sensing & control of biomimetic underwater robots
JEN-JER JAW趙鍵哲 Civil Engineering Geo-spatial data Acquisition and Analysis; Photogrammetry; Errors Theory
JEN-JIA LIN林楨家 Global Change Research Center  Building and Planning  Geography land use and transportation; built environment and children development; built environment and health
JEN-SAN CHEN陳振山 Mechanical Engineering Linear and Nonlinear Elasticity, Linear and Nonlinear Vibration, Stability of Elastic Structures
JEN-YU HAN韓仁毓 Civil Engineering Time-variant Terrestrial Reference Frames; Satellite Geodesy; Adjustment and Analysis of Survey Network; Deformation Analysis
JER-REN YANG楊哲人 Materials Science and Engineering Substructures of lenticular martensite in AISI 440C steel film, and nanoantenna; Multiple InGaN/GaN quantum (MQW) well investigation; HAADFimaging for (Ti, Mo)C nano-carbides in advanced steels; HRTEM imaging for Nano carbideferrite matrix
JERRY CHENG-CHE HSU徐振哲 Chemical Engineering Plasma Science and Application
JIA-HAN LI李佳翰 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering computational optoelectronics; optimization; nanophotonics and nanoelectronics; optical engineering
JIA-YANG JUANG莊嘉揚 Mechanical Engineering Biomechanics; Thin-film materials; Vibration and dynamic systems; Surfaces and interfaces; Advanced materials and structures
JIA-YUSH YEN顏家鈺 Mechanical Engineering  Biomedical Engineering Robust control; Sensitivity analysis; Computer peripherals; Precision system modeling and control
JIAN-YE CHING卿建業 Civil Engineering Spatial variability; Reliability-based design; Random fields; Soil properties; Site characterization; Geotechnical engineering
JIAN-ZHANG CHEN陳建彰 Applied Mechanics Laser treatment on materials; Plasma materials processing technology; Oxide electronic materials and devices; Dye sensitized solar cells; Smart materials
JIANG-JEN LIN林江珍 Polymer Science and Engineering Nanomaterials and Nanostructures; Self-assembly; New Anti-microbial Mechanism; Polymeric Dispersants-Synthesis and Function
JIASHING YU游佳欣 Chemical Engineering Stem Cells; Tissue Engineering; Biomaterials
JIING-YUN YOU游景雲 Civil Engineering Water resources economics and policy; Operational research approach; Stochastic hydrology and its use in water resources systems; Hydroinformatics; Decision making process
JING-FA TSAI蔡進發 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Ship motion; Catamaran with lifting foils; Development of autonomous underwater vehicle; Ship maneuvering; Hydrodynamics of submerged body; Drag reduction techniques of ship; Hydrodynamics of two-phase nozzle
JING-TANG YANG楊鏡堂 Center for Biotechnology  Mechanical Engineering  Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Energy and Combustion; Biomechanics and Biomimetic Engineering; Microfluidics and Biofluidics; Jet Propulsion
JIUNN-SHYANG CHIOU邱俊翔 Civil Engineering Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering; Soil-Structure Interaction; Seismic Design of Foundations; Foundation Engineering
JYH-HORNG CHEN陳志宏 Electrical Engineering  Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics  Biomedical Engineering Molecular imaging; Medical Engineering; Functional MRI; Man Machine interface; Magnetic Resonance Image
JYH-JONE LEE李志中 Mechanical Engineering Mechanism and Machine Design; Machine Dynamics; Kinematics; Robotics
JYH-PING HSU徐治平 Polymer Science and Engineering  Chemical Engineering Colloid and Surface Science
Kai-Tung (KT) Ma馬開東 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Mooring system; Ship structure; Codes and Conducts; Structural reliability; Ocean engineering; Operation and maintenance; Structural fatigue
KANG LI李綱 Mechanical Engineering Solar Energy Systems; Intelligent Electric Vehicles; Active Structural Control; Vehicle Dynamics & Control
KEH-CHYANG(ERIC) LEE李克強 Chemical Engineering Polymeric Fluid Mechanics
KEH-CHYUAN TSAI蔡克銓 Civil Engineering Structural Dynamics; Earthquake Resistance Design; Steel Structure
KEVIN CHIA-WEN WU吳嘉文 Chemical Engineering Biomedical applications (drug delivery system, 3D culture of stem cells); Energy applications (biofuels from cellulose and microalgae); Photo-electronic applications (dye-sensitized solar cells and super-capacitors); Nanoporous materials (metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), mesoporous materials)
KO-FEI LIU劉格非 Civil Engineering Environmental Fluid Mechanics; Debris Flow; Wave Dynamics
KUAN-LUN HSU徐冠倫 Mechanical Engineering Kinematics of Mechanisms
KUAN-MING LI李貫銘 Mechanical Engineering  Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics Metal forming; Micro-lubrication; Cutting process monitoring
KUANG-CHONG WU吳光鐘 Applied Mechanics Anisotropic Elasticity; Fracture Mechanics; Mechanics of Materials
KUANG-YUH HUANG黃光裕 Mechanical Engineering Biomedical Engineering; Precision Engineering; Development of Actuators and Sensors
KUEI-YUAN CHAN詹魁元 Stanley Wang D-School@NTU  Mechanical Engineering  Industrial Engineering  Office of Academic Affairs Design; . Policy decision-making under uncertainty; Reliability analysis; Optimization; Data-driven design
KUNG-YEN LEE李坤彥 Energy Research Center  Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Wide bandgap semiconductor materials; Renewable energy; Power electronics; High power devices
KUO-CHING CHEN陳國慶 Applied Mechanics 顆粒氣體; 磁性流體力學; 顆粒微連續體力學
KUO-CHUAN HO何國川 Chemical Engineering  Polymer Science and Engineering Electrochromic Materials and Devices
KUO-CHUN CHANG張國鎮 Civil Engineering Dynamic Structural Tests; Passive Structural Control; Earthquake Resistance Design
KUO-HSIN YANG楊國鑫 Civil Engineering Geo-Environmental and Geo-Disaster Engineering; Slope Stability and Earth Retaining Structures; Geotechnical Engineering Modeling; Application of Geosynthetics
KUO-LONG PAN潘國隆 Mechanical Engineering Computational fluid dynamics; Propulsion; Fluid physics; Combustion and energy
KUO-LUN TUNG童國倫 Center for Biotechnology  Chemical Engineering Membrane Filtration Mechanism and Membrane Module Design; Inorganic Membrane Fabrication; Multi-scale Simulation
KWEI-LONG HUANG黃奎隆 Industrial Engineering Optimization theory; Supply chain management; Applications and algorithms of Scheduling
LAN-SHIANG HUANG黃蘭翔 Building and Planning  Art History History of Taiwanese Architecture; History of Asian Metropolise; History of Taiwanese Metropolis; History of Asian Architecture
LEE-YIH WANG王立義 Center for Condensed Matter Sciences  Polymer Science and Engineering Conjugated polymers, hyper-branched polymers, organic optoelectronic devices.
LI XU許麗 Mechanical Engineering Flexible Devices; Energy System; Laser Assisted Material Processing at Micro and Nano Scales; Photovoltaic Technology (Solar Cells etc.)
LI-CHIANG LIN林立強 Chemical Engineering Molecular Simulations; Gas Adsorption and Separation; Membrane Separation; Nanoporous Materials
LI-JEN CHEN陳立仁 Chemical Engineering Wetting Transition in Surfactant Systems; Molecular Simulations
LI-LING HUANG黃麗玲 Building and Planning Asian City development Comparative Research; Social Housing; Livable City 
LI-PEI PENG彭立沛 Bio-industry Communication and Development  Building and Planning community development; multi-stakeholder engagement; network governance; regional planning; cultural landscape conservation; cultural ecosystem services
LI-PEN WANG汪立本 Civil Engineering 碎形與空間統計多尺度資料融合; 都市水災模擬及預測; 遙測技術在氣象水文之應用; 序率降雨模擬及預測
LI-SHENG WANG王立昇 Applied Mechanics Navigation and Control; Nonlinear Systems; Dynamics and control; Analytic Mechanics; Space Dynamics
LIANG-CHIA CHEN陳亮嘉 Mechanical Engineering  Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics automated optical inspection; light mechanical and electrical automation system design and integration; machine vision and image calculations; Precision measurement
LIANG-CHIH CHEN陳良治 Building and Planning Industrial Upgrading of Late-developed Countries; Regional Economic Development; Economical Geography; Rural Studies
LIANG-JENQ LEU呂良正 Civil Engineering Structural Optimization; Computational Mechanics; Nonlinear Analysis & Design of Structures
Lin, Win-Li林文澧 Biomedical Engineering Image-guided ultrasound nanodrug; Biomedical ultrasonics; Image-guided ultrasound tumor thermal therapy; delivery and release; Biomedical physics; Radiation physics for medicine and biology
Lin, Feng-Huei林峰輝 Biomedical Engineering Regenerative Medicine; Nanomedicine; Biomaterials; Tissue Engineering
LING CHAO趙玲 Chemical Engineering Phase Transformation Phenomena of Bio-membranes; Cell Membrane Mimic Biochips
MAO-HSIUNG CHIANG江茂雄 Energy Research Center  Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Opto-Mechatronic system; Automatic control; Mechatronic control of large wind turbines; Servo vision control; Advanced fluid power servo control
MAO-KUEN KUO郭茂坤 Applied Mechanics Nanooptics, Plasmonics; Dynamic Fracture Mechanics; Elastodynamics
MEEI-LING LIN林美聆 Civil Engineering Debris Flow; Slope Stability; Soil Dynamics; Ground Settlement Analysis
MEI-JIAU HUANG黃美嬌 Mechanical Engineering Computational Thermal Fluid Science; Turbulence Theory; Thermoelectric Science
MENG-SHIUN TSAI蔡孟勳 Mechanical Engineering Structural vibration Dynamics and Control; Cutting dynmaics; Dynamic analysis for machine tools; CNC motion control; Control of robotic arms; Motro drive design
MIIN-JANG CHEN陳敏璋 Materials Science and Engineering Advanced ALD Technology; Nanoscale Transistors; ALD-assisted Photonics; Nanoplasmonics and Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS)
MIN-JAY KANG康旻杰 Building and Planning Culture Ecotonal ; Public Art; Urban Settlement & Landscape; Urban Design; Urban Conservation
MING-CHANG LU呂明璋 Mechanical Engineering Solar-Thermal Energy Conversion and Storage; Micro/Nanoscale Phase-Change Heat Transfer; Electronics Cooling; Micro/Nanoscale Solid-State Heat Transfer
MING-HAN LIAO廖洺漢 Mechanical Engineering electromechanical systems; Nano-technology; semiconductor manufacturing equipment; optoelectronic component design; Nanoscale strained silicon technology
MING-JIUM SHIEH謝銘鈞 School of Medicine  Biomedical Engineering  Oncology-NTUH Inflammatory bowel disease; Colitis-associated cancer; Colorectal cancer
MING-LANG LIN林銘郎 Civil Engineering Geotechnical Engineering; Engineering Geology; Rock Mechanics
NAE-LIH WU吳乃立 Chemical Engineering Li-ion battery and Supercapacitors; Synthesis and Characterization of Nanocrystalline Metal and Oxide Particles
NAN-YOU LU盧南佑 Mechanical Engineering Wind Energy Engineering; Structural Dynamics; Wind Turbine Simulation
ON LEI KWOK郭安妮 Civil Engineering ground motion characterization and site response analysis; Geotechnical earthquake engineering including soil dynamics
PAI-HUI HSU徐百輝 Civil Engineering Image Processing; Remote Sensing; Disaster Monitoring and Management; Wavelet Theory; Geographic Information System
PEI-CHUN LIN林沛群 Mechanical Engineering  Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics Locomotion; Mechatronic Systems; Control; Gait Analysis; Mechanical Design; Sensor Applications; Bio-materials; System Integration
PEI-LING LIU劉佩玲 Center of Innovation and Synergy for Intelligent Home and Living Technology (iNSIGHT)  Applied Mechanics Nondestructive Testing; Intelligent Living Technology; Structural Reliability
PEI-TE CHIUEH闕蓓德 Environmental Engineering Evaluation of Environmentally Friendly Materials; Watershed Management
PEI-ZEN CHANG張培仁 Applied Mechanics 超導體力學; 電磁機械系統; 微機電系統
PING-HEI CHEN陳炳煇 Mechanical Engineering Thermal and Fluid Control in MEMS; Biochips; Diamond film wafer; MEMS; and Packaging for optical devices and IC; Nanotechnology
PO-JEN SHIH施博仁 Biomedical Engineering Biomechanical wave propagation; Biomedical signal analysis and identification; Ophthalmological biomechanics
RAY-I CHANG張瑞益 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering wireless sensor networks; data mining; multimedia networking
REN-KAE SHIUE薛人愷 Materials Science and Engineering Titanium Brazing; Stress Simulations of Similar/Dissimilar Joints; Advanced Plate Heat Exchangers
RIH-TENG WU吳日騰 Civil Engineering Structural Health Monitoring; Artificial Intelligence; Big Data; Metamaterials; Earthquake Engineering
RU-JONG JENG鄭如忠 Polymer Science and Engineering Nano-scale Polymers; Opto-electronic Polymers; Organic/inorganic Hybrids
RUEY-LIN CHERN陳瑞琳 Applied Mechanics Nanophotonics, Artificial Materials; Photonic Crystals, Plasmonic Structures, Metamaterials
RUEY-SHAN GUO郭瑞祥 Taidah Entreprenuership Center  Business Administration  Industrial Engineering Statistical Quality Control; High - tech innovation model; Data mining and business intelligence information; Supply Chain Management
SEN-YEU YANG楊申語 Mechanical Engineering Polymer processing; metal forming
SHAN-HUI HSU徐善慧 Polymer Science and Engineering tissue engineering; polyurethane; nanomaterials; biomaterials
SHANA SMITH陳湘鳳 Mechanical Engineering Haptics technology; User-centered design; Green design; Kansei engineering; Assembly/ disassembly planning; Virtual reality; Human-computer interaction; Augmented reality
SHANG-HSIEN HSIEH謝尚賢 Civil Engineering Parallel And Distributed Computing; Object-Oriented Technology; Computational Mechanics
SHANG-LIEN LO駱尚廉 Environmental Engineering Environmental Economics Analysis; Environmental Mathematics; Soil and Groundwater Pollution; Water Quality Control; Water Supply and Sewage Engineering
Shang-Shu Shih施上粟 Civil Engineering Hydraulic efficiency estimation; River/environmental hydraluics; Eco-hydraluics/hydrology; Sediment transport routing
SHENG-DER CHAO趙聖德 Applied Mechanics Enhancement of biosensor efficiency using electrokinetic effects; Molecular dynamics simulations with ab initio intermolecular forces; Strong laser-matter interactions and nonlinear photoelectric effects; Molecularspectroscopy and chemical reactiondynamics
SHENGLIN CHANG張聖琳 Building and Planning  Stanley Wang D-School@NTU  Biodiversity Research Center  Master's Program in Biodiversity Cross-cultural identity; Culture landscape; Neovillage study; Area re-energize; P&D education
SHI-CHUNG CHANG張時中 Electrical Engineering  Industrial Engineering  Communication Engineering Game Theory; e-Commerce; System Control and Optimization; Network Management and Control; Operation Scheduling
SHI-MING LIN林世明 Medical Device and Imaging  Biomedical Engineering Medical sensing devices; Nanometer-scaled Medicine; Nano medical imaging; Optoelectronic Medicine
SHIANG-TAI LIN林祥泰 Chemical Engineering molecular simulation; statistical thermodynamics; computational chemistry; fluid phase equilibria; Molecular Simulation for Engineering Problems
SHIH-CHIN YANG楊士進 Mechanical Engineering Motor drive; Power electronics and renewable wind energy; Motor design
SHIH-HUANG TUNG童世煌 Polymer Science and Engineering Polymer structures; Self-assembly of amphiphiles; Rheology of complex fluids
SHIH-PING HO荷世平 Civil Engineering Construction Economics; Construction Management; Financial Management
SHIU-WU CHAU趙修武 Energy Research Center  Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering 
SHU-MEI HUANG黃舒楣 Building and Planning Geographies of Care; Gentrification Studies; Critical Heritagen; Transnational Urbanism; Comparative Research of Urban Regeneration in East Asian Cities; Carescapes
SHU-WEI CHANG張書瑋 Civil Engineering Computational Materials; Biomechanics; Atomic Scale Modeling; Multi-scale/Multi-physics Modeling; Collagen; Mechanobiology; Computational Mechanics
SHUN-HAN YANG楊舜涵 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Ship structure; Mooring system and power cable; Marine renewable energy; Offshore engineering; Coupled hydrodynamic and structural response analysis; Structural fatigue
SHYH-CHYANG LUO羅世強 Materials Science and Engineering Electron/Ion Conversion and Redox Phenomenon; Stimuli-Responsive Materials for Biomedical Applications; Conductive Biointerfaces
SHYH-JIANN HWANG黃世建 National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering  Civil Engineering Prestressed Concrete; Reinforced Concrete; Earthquake Resistance Design Evaluation; and Retrofitting of Reinforced Concrete Structures
SHYUE-KOONG CHANG張學孔 Civil Engineering Transportation Economics and Policy; Intelligent Transportation Systems (APTS, EPS); Public Transportation Planning and Operation; Bus Rapid Transit; Sustainable Transportation Policy and Planning; Transit-oriented Development
SIH-LI CHEN陳希立 Mechanical Engineering HVAC; Heat Transfer; Phase Change
STEPHEN JOHN PAYNE潘斯文 Applied Mechanics 
STEVEN SHENG-SHIH WANG王勝仕 Chemical Engineering Aggregation Phenomena and Protein Folding/Unfolding Behaviors; Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Modeling Approaches; Subjects of "Nanotechnology meeting Biotechnology"
SUNG-JAN LIN林頌然 Dermatology-NTUH  Dermatology  Biomedical Engineering Pigment and melanocyte; Regenerative biology and and stem cell; Tissue engineering; Biomedical optics; Hair follicle
SY-JYE GUO郭斯傑 Civil Engineering Construction Management; Construction Productivity & Automation; Risk and Decision Analysis
SZU-YUN LIN林偲妘 Civil Engineering Hazard risk analysis; Agent-based modeling of human behavior in disasters; Community sustainability and resilience; Distributed simulation of community response to disasters
TA-CHIH HSIAO蕭大智 Environmental Engineering Particulate Emissions Control Technologies; Monitoring and Testing of Particulate Matter Pollution in Atmosphere; Aerosols and Cloud Physics; Design and Development of Particle Measuring Instruments; Production and Characterization of Nanoparticles
TAI-TIEN WANG王泰典 Civil Engineering Tunnel Maintenance; Engineering geology; Tunnel Construction; Rock Mechanics
TE-CHENG SU蘇德徵 Materials Science and Engineering 結合固液二相耦合流變模型與臨場實驗觀察探索半固態合金變形機制
TIEN-PEN HSU許添本 Civil Engineering Traffic Engineering; Traffic Simulation & Control; Traffic Safety & Design
TIM-HAU LEE李天浩 Civil Engineering Stochastic Hydrology; Groundwater Hydrology; Hydrology Meteorology
TONY W. H. SHEU許文翰 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Simulation of dam break by moving particle method (MPS); Simulation of falling droplet on the free surface; Simulation of electrodynamic phenomena; Simulation of photonic crystal waveguide
TSUNG-YUEH LIN林宗岳 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Ship design; Model basin; Computational fluid dynamics; Geometric modeling; Ship hydrodynamics
TUNG-HAN CHUANG莊東漢 Materials Science and Engineering LT- SLID bonding for thermoelectric; Micro-solder ball for flip chip assembly; Ag-alloy wire for wire bonding
TUNG-WU LU呂東武 Biomedical Engineering Movement Analysis of functional activities; Rehabilitation exercises research; Integration of medical images and computer graphics assisted motion analysis; Movement Analysis of Sports
TUNG-YU WU吳東諭 Civil Engineering Collapse Behavior of Structures; Seismic Design of Steel Structures; Seismic Resilience of Buildings
TYNG LIU劉霆 Mechanical Engineering Mechanism Design and Analysis; Vehicle Engineering; Creativity and Engineering Education
TZE-HSIANG CHEN程子翔 Biomedical Engineering Medical image processing; Deep learning in medical imaging; PET/MR imaging
TZONG-LIN JAY SHIEH謝宗霖 Materials Science and Engineering Photocatalytic heterojunction assisted by ferroelectric polarization; Novel piezoelectric and ferroelectric devices; Multi-axial loading of ferroelectric single crystals; BNT-based lead-free ferroelectric ceramics
TZUYIN WU伍次寅 Mechanical Engineering Dynamical Systems; Fluid Mechanics; Computational Fluid Dynamics; Time Series Analysis
U LEI李雨 Applied Mechanics 微奈米尺度力學問題; 流體力學; 廣義介電泳
WAN-SHAN TSAI蔡宛珊 Civil Engineering Uncertainty Analysis; Environmental Hydraulics; Risk and Reliability Analysis; Sediment Transport
WEI-BOR TSAI蔡偉博 Chemical Engineering Biomaterials
WEI-CHANG LI李尉彰 Applied Mechanics Advanced Materials & Micro/Nanofabrication Technologies for High-Q MEMS; Integrated Micro/Nanoelectromechanical Resonators & Resonant Switches; Ultra-Low Power Sensing Technologies; Zero Quiescent Power Radio
WEI-FANG SU林唯芳 Materials Science and Engineering  Center for Condensed Matter Sciences Volatile organic compounds sensor; Study soft material morphology by scattering spectroscopy; Novel materials for biomedical applications; Plastic solar cell
WEI-HSING TUAN段維新 Materials Science and Engineering Processing of ceramics; Microstructure design of ceramic matrix composite; Bio-degradable bioceramic; Sintering theories and practices
WEI-JIUN SU蘇偉儁 Mechanical Engineering Mechatronics; Vibration; Design and Analysis of Dynamic Systems; Energy Harvesting
WEI-SHIEN HWANG黃維信 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Large-area organic solar cell efficiency; Electric impedance based bio-metrology; Bessel beam based optical instrument/machining; Piezoelectric systems engineering and development; Flexible electret loudspeaker
WEN-BIN LIAU廖文彬 Materials Science and Engineering Polymer blends; Metal Conducting Polymer Composites; Crystallization of Polymers; Conduction Polymers as sensors
WEN-CHANG CHEN陳文章 Chemical Engineering  Polymer Science and Engineering Synthesis, Characteristics, and Device Applications of Electronic Polymers、Preparation and characterization of optical polymers
WEN-CHENG J. WEI韋文誠 Materials Science and Engineering Long-term property of Bi-based electrolytes; Insulators of ultra-low thermal conductivity; Ionic ceramic materials for SOFCs; Glasses for sealing, interconnect and sintering
WEN-CHENG LIAO廖文正 Civil Engineering Reinforced Concrete; High Performance Concrete; Fiber Reinforced Concrete; Seismic Resistant RC Structure Design
WEN-FANG WU吳文方 Mechanical Engineering  Industrial Engineering Structural Integrity Assessment; Reliability Engineering; Solid Mechanics; Random Vibration; Risk Assessment and Management 
WEN-JONG WU吳文中 Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics  Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Wireless sensor network; The inkjet-printing technology
WEN-YIH TSENG曾文毅 Medical Device and Imaging  Biomedical Engineering  Brain and Mind Sciences  Medical Imaging-NTUH Radiation Physics; Diffusion Spectrum Imaging; Solid Mechanics; Imanging Analysis; Cardiovascular Imaging; Flow Mechanics; Cardiac MRI; Nuclear Medicine; Biophysics
Wen-Yueh Yu游文岳 Chemical Engineering 
Wen-Yuh Jywe覺文郁 Mechanical Engineering 
WHEI-MAY LEE李慧梅 Environmental Engineering Biological Aerosols; Indoor Air Cleaning Technology; Indoor Air Quality
WU-TING TSAI蔡武廷 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering micro-scale air-sea interaction
YA-LUN TSAI蔡亞倫 Civil Engineering Environmental Monitoring; Remote Sensing/Earth Observation; Satellite Image Analysis; Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR); Machine Learning
YAO-JOE YANG楊燿州 Mechanical Engineering sensor arrays; Design and fabrication of nano/micro-devices; optical communication devices; smart and sustainable mechatronic system; biomedical chips; MEMS EDA; MEMS/NEMS dynamics measurement techniques
YAO-YANG TSAI蔡曜陽 Mechanical Engineering  Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics μEDM and applications; Micromachining; nontraditional machining processes
YEE-PIEN YANG陽毅平 Mechanical Engineering Solid Mechanics; Dynamic & Control; Assistive Devices for the Disabled; Electromechanical System Design
YI-CHEUN YEH葉伊純 Polymer Science and Engineering Nanocomposites; Material and Biointerface; Functional Polymeric Materials; Nanomaterials; Biomaterials
YI-CHUNG SHU舒貽忠 Applied Mechanics Multiscale Materials Modeling; Vibration-Based Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Systems
YI-JU CHOU周逸儒 Applied Mechanics Computational fluid dynamics; Multiphase flow; Environmental fluid mechanics; High-performance computing; Coastal wave modeling; Sediment transport
YI-PEI LI李奕霈 Chemical Engineering .
YI-PIN LIN林逸彬 Environmental Engineering Water quality in the distribution system; Characterization of natural organic matter; Lead and copper pipe corrosion; Ozonation and advanced oxidation processes; Surface chemistry of mineral
YI-YOU HUANG黃義侑 Biomedical Engineering Drug delivery systems; The Application of liposomes; Biomaterials; Tissue Engineering
YIN-NAN HUANG黃尹男 Civil Engineering Seismic Risk Assessment of Nuclear Power Plants; Seismic Performance-Based Design of Buildings; Passive Structural Control
YIN-WEN CHAN詹穎雯 Civil Engineering Concrete Materials; Fiber Reinforced Composites; Fracture Mechanics
YING-CHIEH CHAN詹瀅潔 Civil Engineering Solar energy utilization in buildings; Building simulation and energy modeling; Occupant behavior; Sustainable Building Design; Daylighting and lighting controls; thermal and visual comfort; Building envelopes and commercial facades; Indoor environmental conditions
YING-CHIH LIAO廖英志 Chemical Engineering Synthesis of Functionalized Particles; Particle Dispersions & Ink Spreading; Printed Electronics
YIO-WHA SHAU邵耀華 Applied Mechanics 實驗流體力學; 醫學流體力學; 醫用超音波
YON-CHUN CHOU周雍強 Industrial Engineering Distribution Channels; Product Positioning; Supply Chains; Contract Design
Young, Tai-Horng楊台鴻 Biomedical Engineering Biomedical polymer; Tissue engineering; Regenerative medicine; Cell and Stem cell; Neuron cell culture; Nano-materials
Yu-Chen Ou歐昱辰 Civil Engineering Reinforced Concrete (RC) Structures; Earthquake Engineering
YU-CHIEH TING丁育頡 Environmental Engineering Atmospheric chemistry; Establishment the emission inventories of air pollution; Source apportionment of air pollution; Physico-chemical characterization of air pollution
YU-HSI HUANG黃育熙 Mechanical Engineering Interaction and Multiscale Mechanics; Vibration; Solid Mechanics; Experimental Mechanics; Signal Analysis and Processing; Actuators and Sensors; Piezoelectric Materials and Piezoelectricity
YU-HSIANG HSU許聿翔 Applied Mechanics 生物微機電; 藥物篩檢微系統; 生物晶片; 細胞力學; 定點照護微系統; 生物微流體
YU-HSIU LEE李宇修 Mechanical Engineering Precision mechatronics; modeling and motion control of mechanical systems; medical robotics; adaptive and learning control
YU-JANE SHENG諶玉真 Chemical Engineering Molecular simulations of the thermophysical properties of polymers and composites; Development of statistical mechanics-based equation of state for polyatomic molecules; Studies of the dynamical properties of polymers in dilute solutions
YU-NING GE葛宇甯 Office of General Affairs  Civil Engineering Laboratory Soil Testing; Soil Behavior; Constitutive Modeling
YU-TING HSU許聿廷 Civil Engineering  Office of Student Affairs Traveler behavior and traveler information system; Traffic and spatial network analysis; Transportation planning; Transportation system analysis; Evacuation planning and operation
YU-YING LAI賴育英 Polymer Science and Engineering catalytic polymerization methodology; polymer synthesis; quantum-chemical calculations on polymers; organic optoelectronics
YUEH-LIEN LEE李岳聯 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Protective Coatings; Surface treatment of metals; Microstructure materials; Corrosion and prevention of ocean structures; Electrochemistry
YULIA GALAGAN佳莉亞 Materials Science and Engineering 
YUNG-CHENG LAI賴勇成 Civil Engineering Transportation System Efficiency Analysis; Railway Transportation Engineering; Railway Operations and Control; Transportation Operations Management; Railway Safety; Intermodal Logistics