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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
AI-CHUN PANG逄愛君 Communication Engineering  Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia Design and analysis of Personal Communications Services (PCS) networks, Voice over IP (VoIP) networks, Mobile Computing and Performance Modeling, Wireless Internet
AN-CHI WEI魏安祺 Electrical Engineering  Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics 
AN-YEU(ANDY) WU吳安宇 Electronics Engineering  Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics  Electrical Engineering  Intel-NTU Connected Context Computing Center communication integrated circuits; signal processing; VLSI/CAD
BING-YU CHEN陳炳宇 Stanley Wang D-School@NTU  Information Management  Networking and Multimedia Computer Graphics; Image Processing; Multimedia Systems; Human-Computer Interaction
BORCHING SU蘇柏青 Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering Signal processing for communications
CHAO-HSIN WU吳肇欣 Photonics and Optoelectronics  Electronics Engineering  Program in Semiconductor Device, Material, and Hetero-integration  Electrical Engineering III-V and 2D material MOSFET; High-speed opto/electronic devices; Photonic integrated circuits; Optical Interconnect; Power electronics; Light-emitting transistors and transistor lasers
CHAR-DIR CHUNG鐘嘉德 Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering  MediaTek-NTU Research Center Spread Spectrum Communications; Communication System and Theory; Wireless Communications
CHE LIN林澤 Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering  Master's Program in Smart Medicine and Health Informatics (SMARTMHI) Data Science; Medical AI; Optimization Theory; FinTech; Systems Biology; Deep Learning
CHEE-WEE LIU劉致為 Photonics and Optoelectronics  Center for Condensed Matter Sciences  Electronics Engineering  Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics  Electrical Engineering  MediaTek-NTU Research Center Ge FETs; IGZO TFT; Device/process modeling; solar cells; Ge/Si/Sn CVD
CHEN HO-LIN陳和麟 Electrical Engineering Algorithm Design; Molecular Computing; Algorithmic Game Theory
CHENG-FU CHOU周承復 Computer and Information Networking Center  Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia Peer-to-Peer Computing; Distributed Multimedia Information Systems; Performance Evaluation Theory; Wireless Mesh Networks; Wireless and Sensor Networks
CHENG-WEI CHEN陳政維 Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics  Electrical Engineering model predictive control; Control and mechatronics; signal processing; medical robotics; computer vision
CHENG-YUAN LIOU劉長遠 Computer Science and Information Engineering Neural Networks; Computational Cognitive Processes
CHI-KUANG SUN孫啟光 Photonics and Optoelectronics  Electrical Engineering  Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics Ultra-high bandwidth optoelectronics and THz photonics; Femtosecond Optics, ultrafast phenomena, nano ultrasonics; Noninvasive optical microscopy and manipulation for biomedicine
CHI-SHENG SHIH施吉昇 Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia  Intel-NTU Connected Context Computing Center  MediaTek-NTU Research Center Real-Time Systems, Scheduling Theory, Resource Management, Embedded Systems
CHIA-HSIANG YANG楊家驤 Electronics Engineering  Electrical Engineering Digital Communication IC; Biomedical VLSI Signal Processing
CHIA-LIN YANG楊佳玲 Electronics Engineering  Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia  MediaTek-NTU Research Center High Performance Processor Architecture; Low-power Embedded System; Storage System for Big Data
CHIEN-CHUNG LIN林建中 Electrical Engineering Novel photonic devices; Colloidal Quantum Dot related optoelectronics
CHIEN-MO LI李建模 Electronics Engineering  Electrical Engineering  MediaTek-NTU Research Center IR-drop aware testing; Fault Diagnosis; VLSI Testing and DFT; Parallel ATPG
CHIH-CHUNG YANG楊志忠 Photonics and Optoelectronics  Electrical Engineering MBE growth of CdZnMgO compounds for light-emitting device fabrication; Material and optical characterizations of InGaN and ZnO nano-structures; MOCVD growth of InGaN/GaN quantum well and other nano-structures; MBE growth of GaN nanostructures and indium-rich InGaN for solar cell fabrication; Nitride-based photonic crystals and surface plasmonics for enhancing light-emission efficiency; Fabrications of white-light light-emitting diodes; Bio-photonics – optical coherence tomography
CHIH-HUNG LIU劉智弘 Electrical Engineering Algorithms; Computational Geometry; Algorithmic Aspects of Machine Learning
CHIH-I WU吳志毅 Photonics and Optoelectronics  Electrical Engineering Semiconductor Device and Physics; Organic LED; Surface and interface science
CHIH-JEN LIN林智仁 Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics  Industrial Engineering  Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia Data Mining; Machine Learning; Optimization
CHIH-KUNG LEE李世光 Applied Mechanics  Electronics Engineering  Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering 光電與壓電系統); 奈米光學研究暨超精密光學加工機的研製(微機電與奈米系統); 光壓電複合材; 光壓電結構控制(光機電系統設計製造與精密量測; 科技管理; 光學式與電化學生醫感應器(生物晶片系統); 光場技術研究暨光場相機應用(數位全像攝影術)
CHIH-TING LIN林致廷 Applied Mechanics  Electronics Engineering  Electrical Engineering  Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics Bio/MEMS hybrid technology; Nano-Micro fabrication technology and application; and Nanobiotechnology
CHIH-WEN HSUEH薛智文 FinTech Center  Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia Real-Time Systems, Embedded Systems, Real-Time Operating Systems, Intelligent Systems
CHIH-WEN LIU劉志文 Electrical Engineering Power Systems; Magnetic Field Guided Capsule Endoscope; Electric Machine
CHII-WANN LIN林啟萬 Applied Mechanics  Biomedical Engineering  Electrical Engineering  Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics 
CHIN-LAUNG LEI雷欽隆 Electrical Engineering  Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia Network Security; Internet Technologies; Distributed Computing; Cryptography; Operating Systems
CHING-FUH LIN林清富 Photonics and Optoelectronics  Electronics Engineering  Electrical Engineering Quantum-dot/quantum well laser diodes; Organic-inorganic composite solar cells; Organic-inorganic composite light sources; Si-based photonics: Nano-size waveguide, modulator, light sources
CHING-JAN CHEN陳景然 Electronics Engineering  Electrical Engineering Power IC; Power Electronics
CHING-RAY CHANG張慶瑞 Electronics Engineering  Applied Physics  Physics  Center for Quantum Science and Engineering (CQSE) Magnetism Theory
CHIOU-SHANN FUH傅楸善 Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics  Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia  Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics Digital Camera; Digital Image Processing; Computer Vision
CHU-SONG CHEN陳祝嵩 Computer Science and Information Engineering Multimedia Understanding; Image Processing; Big Data Analysis; Medical Image Processing; Computer Vision; Machine Learning; Deep Learning
CHUN-HSING LI李俊興 Program in Integrated Circuit Design and Automation  Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering THz biomedical and security imaging systems; Millimeter-wave and THz heterogeneous system integration by system-on-package (SoP); Low-loss millimeter-wave and THz transistion structures; High-efficiency and broadband THz antennas; High-efficiency multiband RF energy harvester; RF, millimeter-wave, and terahertz (THz) integrated circuits and systems; THz FMCW radar
CHUN-LIN LIU劉俊麟 Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering Statistical Signal Processing; Digital Signal Processing; Array Signal Processing; Sparse Array
CHUN-TING CHOU周俊廷 Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering ultra wide band (UWB) wireless personal area network; medium access control; wireless network protocol design; cognitive radio networks
CHUNG-CHIH WU吳忠幟 Office of Research and Development  Electrical Engineering flat panel displays; nano science and technologies; Organic semiconductors and optoelectronics; oxide semiconductors and devices; flexible and transparent TFTs
CHUNG-PING CHEN陳中平 Electronics Engineering  Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics  Electrical Engineering VLSI CAD; Microprocessor Design; RF Mix/Signal Circuit Design
CHUNG-TSE WU吳宗澤 Electrical Engineering RF/mmWave Circuits, mmWave IC Design, Radar Sensors; Electromagnetics Metamaterials; Antennas
CHUNG-WEI LIN林忠緯 Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia System Design Methodology; Model-Based Design; Cyber-Physical Systems; Security; Intelligent Vehicles
CHUNG-YANG HUANG黃鐘揚 Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics  Electrical Engineering  Electronics Engineering design for verifiability; design verification for SoCs; and constraint satisfaction problems in electronic design automation (EDA) area; design automation and optimization
DAN-YU CHEN陳德玉 Electrical Engineering EMI; Power IC; Power Electronics
DING-WEI HUANG黃定洧 Electrical Engineering  Photonics and Optoelectronics Integrated Photonic Devices and Systems: Silicon-based Integrated Optic Devices, Optical Communications; Lighting Applications: Light Sources Emitted from Operative Field, Scenario Lighting; Display Technology: Color and Image Science, Visual Perception
ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG莊曜宇 Center for Biotechnology  Genome and Systems Biology Degree Program  Electrical Engineering  Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics Biochip, Next-Generation Sequencing; Radiation Biology; Cancer Biology; Bioinformatics
FA-HSUAN LIN林發暄 Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics Magnetoencephalography (MEG); Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI); Connectivity
FANG-JING WU巫芳璟 Computer Science and Information Engineering Internet of Smart Things; Edge Computing; Distributed Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence; Pervasive Intelligence; Wireless Networks; Cyber-Physical Systems; Mobile Computing; Privacy-preserving Techniques
FARN WANG王凡 Electronics Engineering  Electrical Engineering Verification Automation; Software Testing
FEI-PEI LAI賴飛羆 Electrical Engineering  Computer Science and Information Engineering  Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics Low Power SOC Design; Medical Information System
FENG-LI LIAN連豊力 Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics  Electrical Engineering Networked Control Systems; Multi-Agent Dynamical Systems; Robot Motion Planning; Intelligent Vehicle and Transportation System; Real-Time Spatial Perception and Localization
GEN-HUEY CHEN陳健輝 Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia Computer Algorithms; Graph Theory and Combinatorial Optimization; Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing
GONG-RU LIN林恭如 Electrical Engineering  Photonics and Optoelectronics All-Optical Communication Data Processing; Visible Lighting Communication; Microwave Photonics; Si Nanophotonics; Femtosecond Fiber Lasers
GUO-DUNG JOHN SU蘇國棟 Photonics and Optoelectronics  Electrical Engineering Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS); Optical system designs in free from surfaces; Optical communication devices
HAO-CHUNG CHENG鄭皓中 Electrical Engineering Quantum information processing; Quantum machine learning; Quantum communication
HAO-HSIUNG LIN林浩雄 Photonics and Optoelectronics  Electronics Engineering  Electrical Engineering Compound semiconductor materials and devices based on molecular beam epitaxy
HAO-LI LIU劉浩澧 Electrical Engineering therapeutic ultrasound; medical electronics; Biosystem control; medical imaging
HEN-WAI TSAO曹恒偉 Electronics Engineering  Communication Engineering Signal Processing Techniques for Communication / Biomedical Systems; Low Power Circuits and Systems; Fiber Optic Communication Systems
HOANG-YAN LIN林晃巖 Photonics and Optoelectronics  Electrical Engineering Image technology; Display technology (projection, back-light, 3D); Micro-optical components for display application
HOMER H. CHEN陳宏銘 Communication Engineering  Electrical Engineering  Networking and Multimedia Music data mining; Multimedia signal processing; Computational photography and display
HSI-TSENG CHOU周錫增 Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering High-Gain/Smart Antenna Technologies; High-Frequency EM Numerical Techniques; Advanced Electromagnetic Theories; Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves
Hsiang-Chieh Lee李翔傑 Photonics and Optoelectronics  Electrical Engineering Fiber Optics; Biomedical Optics; Optics Design
HSIAO-CHUN HUANG黃筱鈞 Electronics Engineering  Molecular and Cellular Biology  Life Science 系統生物學; 細胞分裂
HSIAO-WEN CHUNG鍾孝文 Electrical Engineering  Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics Biomedical magnetic resonance imaging
HSIN-CHIA LU盧信嘉 Electronics Engineering  Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic design; RF IC; IC Packaging Characterization
HSIN-HSI CHEN陳信希 Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia Information Retrieval and Extraction; Natural Language Processing; Web Mining
HSIN-MU TSAI蔡欣穆 Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia  Intel-NTU Connected Context Computing Center Vehicular and Mobile Ad Hoc Networks; Wireless Channel Measurements; Wireless Sensor Networks; Vehicular Wireless Communications; and Network Security
HSIN-SHU CHEN陳信樹 Electronics Engineering  Electrical Engineering PWM Modulator; CMOS Data Converters; High-Speed I/O Circuit; High-Speed/Low-Power Analog/Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit Design
HSIN-YU LEE李心予 Center for Biotechnology  Electrical Engineering  Life Science  Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics 分子生物學; 細胞生物學; 內分泌學
HSU-CHUN HSIAO蕭旭君 FinTech Center  Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia  Intel-NTU Connected Context Computing Center network security; applied cryptography; highly available future networks
HSU-CHUN YEN顏嗣鈞 Electrical Engineering  Computer Science and Information Engineering Formal Verification; Graph Drawing and Information Visualization; Automata Theory and Formal Languages
HSUAN-JUNG SU蘇炫榮 Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering  MediaTek-NTU Research Center Wireless Communications
HSUAN-TIEN LIN林軒田 Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia Information Theory; Data Mining; Machine Learning
HUEI WANG王暉 Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering Microwave Device Modeling and Analysis; Psssive Microwave Element Analysis and Design; Monolithic Microwave/Millimeter-wave Integrated Circuit-Design
HUI-RU JIANG江蕙如 Electronics Engineering  Electrical Engineering 
HUNG-HSIANG CHENG鄭鴻祥 Center for Condensed Matter Sciences  Electronics Engineering Optic electronic properties of Semiconductor Physics, Nano fabrication, Molecular Beam Epitaxy.
HUNG-YI LEE李宏毅 Computer Science and Information Engineering  Master's Program in Smart Medicine and Health Informatics (SMARTMHI)  Networking and Multimedia  Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics  Intel-NTU Connected Context Computing Center  Communication Engineering  Electrical Engineering Speech Recognition; Spoken Language Understanding; Machine Learning
HUNG-YU WEI魏宏宇 Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering wireless sensor networks and machine-to-machine communications; cross-layer design and optimization for wireless multimedia networking; game theoretical models for communications and networking; mobile and wireless networking
HUNG-YUN HSIEH謝宏昀 Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering wireless ad hoc networks; machine-to-machine communications; next-generation communication systems; cognitive radio networks
I-CHUN CHENG陳奕君 Photonics and Optoelectronics  Electrical Engineering Dye-sensitized solar cells; Transparent metal oxide semiconductor thin-film devices and technology; Flexible electronics and optoelectronics
I-HSIANG WANG王奕翔 Electrical Engineering  MediaTek-NTU Research Center wireless communication networks; and coding theory; information theory
JA-LING WU吳家麟 Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia Digital Signal Processing, Data Compression, Multimedia System, Error-Correcting Codes
JAMES-B KUO郭正邦 Electrical Engineering CMOS Device Modeling; Low-Voltage VLSI Circuits
JEAN-FU KIANG江簡富 Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering Electromagnetic applications: Antennas, Array and signal processing, Propagation, Remote sensing, Electromagnetic compatibility, Numerical modeling, Solar cell, Metamaterials, Microwave circuits
JENN-GWO HWU胡振國 Electronics Engineering  Electrical Engineering Si MOS Devices; Rapid Thermal Processing-RTP; Ultra-thin Gate Oxide Processes; Uniformity Analysis and Stress Control; Si MOS Solar Cell and Photo Sensors; Novel Si-based Devices
JIAN-JANG HUANG黃建璋 Photonics and Optoelectronics  Electrical Engineering Nanorods, nanorod light emitting devices, nanorod electronics; Solid state lighting : light emitting diodes, light emitting nanocrystals; ZnO based light emtting diodes and photodetectors; ZnO based thin film transistors
JIAN-JIUN DING丁建均 Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering Digital Image Processing; Digital Signal Processing
JIE-HONG JIANG江介宏 Electronics Engineering  Electrical Engineering Formal Verification; Quantum Computation; Computation Models of Biochemical Systems; Logic and System Synthesis
JIEH HSIANG項潔 Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia Logic in Computer Science; Automated Deduction; Digital Libraries and Archives
JIUN-HAW LEE李君浩 Photonics and Optoelectronics  Electrical Engineering  Office of International Affairs Organic light-emitting device; Display technologies
JIUN-LANG HUANG黃俊郎 Electronics Engineering  Program in Integrated Circuit Design and Automation  Electrical Engineering VLSI System Design-for-Test; Fault tolerant design; Low power testing
JIUN-YUN LI李峻霣 Electronics Engineering  Electrical Engineering quantum tunneling physics and device applications (tunneling diodes and FETs); SiGe(Sn) semiconductor epitaxy, device physics and applications (ultra-fast transistors and lasers); physics in two-dimensional electron system; Nano-transistors and post-CMOS devices
JONATHAN LEE李允中 Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia service-oriented computing; and software engineering with computational intelligence; Software engineering
JRI LEE李致毅 Electronics Engineering  Electrical Engineering and data converters; High-speed wireless and wireline transceivers; phase-locked loops
JU-HONG LEE李枝宏 Electrical Engineering  Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics Signal Processing for Smart Antennas and Wireless Communications; Biomedical Signal Processing; Digital Image Processing; Digital Signal Processing
JUI-CHE TSAI蔡睿哲 Photonics and Optoelectronics  Electrical Engineering MEMS technologies; Optical MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems); Biophotonics
JYH-HORNG CHEN陳志宏 Biomedical Engineering  Electrical Engineering  Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics Molecular imaging; Medical Engineering; Functional MRI; Man Machine interface; Magnetic Resonance Image
JYH-SHING JANG張智星 Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics  FinTech Center  Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia Multimedia Information Retrieval; Speech Recognition and Synthesis; Music Analysis and Retrieval
KATHERINE ANN KIM金藝璘 Electrical Engineering 
KUEN-YU TSAI蔡坤諭 Electronics Engineering  Electrical Engineering Convex optimization and its engineering applications; Nanoscale detection and control systems; Multiobjective-robust-optimal control; Nanoscale integrated-circuit design for manufacturability and invariability; System identification; Nanolithography process, equipment, and software technologies
KUN-MAO CHAO趙坤茂 Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia  Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics Algorithms; Computational Biology and Bioinformatics; Software Tools
KUN-YOU LIN林坤佑 Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering Microwave and Millimeter-wave Integrated Circuits; RF
KUNG-BIN SUNG宋孔彬 Electrical Engineering  Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics Biophotonics; Biomedical engineering
LI-CHEN FU傅立成 Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics  Electrical Engineering  Computer Science and Information Engineering Smart Home; Advanced Vision Applications; Intelligent Robotics; Virtual Reality; Evolutionary Computation and Application
LIANG-GEE CHEN陳良基 Networking and Multimedia  Electrical Engineering  Electronics Engineering DSP IC Design; Video Signal Processing; Bio-Signal Processing
LIANG-HUNG LU呂良鴻 Electronics Engineering  Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering RF/Microwave Integrated Circuits; Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits
LIN-SHAN LEE李琳山 Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics  Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering  Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia  MediaTek-NTU Research Center Computer Processing of Speech Signals
LON A. WANG王倫 Photonics and Optoelectronics  Electrical Engineering Lithography and Nano-Imprint: generation of large-area micro/nano-structures on planar or curved substrates, application for IC and EO; Fiber Gratings: design, fabrication, measurement, and application; Miniaturized Optical Fiber Devices: communication, and sensing; Fiber Sources: navigation grade superfluorescence fiber source, multi-wavelength fiber source, and polarized fiber source
LUNG-HAN PENG彭隆瀚 Photonics and Optoelectronics  Electrical Engineering Nanocrystal based phase change memory devices; Nitride based nanowire and nanocrystal light emitting diodes and transistors; Integration of Ge-based nanowire transistor with Si technology; Ferroelectric nonlinear photonics for laser and display applications
LUNG-PAN CHENG鄭龍磻 Computer Science and Information Engineering Augmented Reality/Virtual reality; Haptics Feedback; Human-Computer Interaction
MAO-CHAO LIN林茂昭 Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering  MediaTek-NTU Research Center error-correction codes and its applications to communications
MIKE YEN-YANG CHEN陳彥仰 Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia  MediaTek-NTU Research Center Cloud Computing; Ubiquitous Computing; Mobile Computing; Human-Computer Interaction
MING OUHYOUNG歐陽明 Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia  MediaTek-NTU Research Center Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, Graphical User Interface; Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality
MING-HUA MAO毛明華 Photonics and Optoelectronics  Electronics Engineering  Electrical Engineering Nano-photonic devices; quantum-dot lasers; microcavities; photonic crystals
MING-JANG CHIU邱銘章 Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics  Neurology-NTUH  Neurology Cognitive Neuroscience and Dementia; Neurophysiology
MING-SUI LEE李明穗 Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia Multimedia Image Processing, Ditigal Image Mosaicking and Compression, Signal Processing
MING-SYAN CHEN陳銘憲 Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering  Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia Digital Home Technology; Database System; Data Mining; Multimedia Networking
MINGHWEI HONG洪銘輝 Center for Condensed Matter Sciences  Physics  Electronics Engineering  Applied Physics Nano-electronics in III-V, GaN, and Ge MOS for science and technologies beyond 5 nm node Si CMOS
NIEN-TSU HUANG黃念祖 Electrical Engineering  Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics Bio-MEMS; Optical-MEMS; Micro/Nano Fabrication Techniques; Cell Manipulation in Microenvironment; Bio-sensing; Microfluidics
Oyang, Yen-Jen歐陽彥正 Center for Systems Biology  Genome and Systems Biology Degree Program  Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia  Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics Knowledge Engineering; Bioinformatics; Machine Learning
PAI-CHI LI李百祺 Electrical Engineering  Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics Biomedical Engineering; Ultrasound Imaging; Signal Processing
PAN-CHYR YANG楊泮池 Internal Medicine-NTUH  Oncology  Internal Medicine  Clinical Medicine  Clinical Pharmacy  Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics Cancer Biology and Molecular Biology; Medical Ultrasound; Lung Cancer Genomics and Precision Medicine; Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine; Internal Medicine
PANGFENG LIU劉邦鋒 Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia Algorithm Design; Parallel Processing
PEI-YUAN WU吳沛遠 Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering Smart Manufacturing; Estimation Theory; Active Authentication; Machine Learning
PHONE LIN林風 Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics  Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia Wireless Internet; Performance Modeling; Design and Analysis of PCS Networks
PING-CHENG YEH葉丙成 Stanley Wang D-School@NTU  Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering  Computer Science and Information Engineering Online Education System Design; Wireless Networks; Wireless Communications; Molecular Communications
PO-LING KUO郭柏齡 Electrical Engineering  Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics Biomechanics; Tissue engineering; Mechanobiology; Biophysics; Medical ultrasound
POLLY HUANG黃寶儀 Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering  Networking and Multimedia Sensor Network; Internet Measurement and Analysis; Multimedia Networking
PU-JEN CHENG鄭卜壬 Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia Information Retrieval; Web Mining; Multimedia Databases
REN-CHYUAN LUO羅仁權 International Center of Excellence on Intelligent Robotics and Automation Research (NTU-iCeiRA)  Electrical Engineering Visual Servo Feedback Control Systems; Intelligent Mechatronics Systems; 3D printing and Rapid Prototyping for Advanced Manufacturing Automation Systems; Sensor-controlled Intelligent Robot system--- Medical Robot( e.g. surgical robotics,minimum invasive surgery etc.), Service Robot, Autonomous Mobile Robot, Humanoid Robot, Security Robot, Home Education and Entertainment Companion Robot; Multisensor Fusion and Integration for Intelligent Systems
RUEY-BEEI WU吳瑞北 Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering  MediaTek-NTU Research Center Electronic Packaging; Computational Electromagnetics; Microwave Circuit Design
RUEY-FENG CHANG張瑞峰 Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics  Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia  Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics Image/Video Processing; Medical Image Computer-Aided Diagnosis; Multimedia Systems and Communication
SAO-JIE CHEN陳少傑 Electrical Engineering System-on-Chip Hardware-Software Co-Design; Network-on-Chip Design, and RF IC Design
SEE-MAY PHOONG馮世邁 Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering signal processing for communications; Synchronisation and estimation problems in broadband communications
SHANG-TSE CHEN陳尚澤 Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics  Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia  Master's Program in Smart Medicine and Health Informatics (SMARTMHI) Machine Learning||Security||Algorithmic Game Theory||Data Mining
SHAO-HUA SUN孫紹華 Electrical Engineering Reinforcement Learning; Machine Learning; Robot Learning; Program Synthesis
SHAO-YI CHIEN簡韶逸 Electronics Engineering  Electrical Engineering  Intel-NTU Connected Context Computing Center  Networking and Multimedia  MediaTek-NTU Research Center Multimedia Signal Processing; SoC Design Methodology; Multimedia VLSI Design
SHAU-GANG MAO毛紹綱 Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering RF Front-End Circuit Design; Metamaterial; Antenna
SHEN-IUAN LIU劉深淵 Electronics Engineering  Electrical Engineering  MediaTek-NTU Research Center Analogl and mixed-signal integrated circuits and systems
SHENG-DE WANG王勝德 Electrical Engineering  Computer Science and Information Engineering Internet and Grid Computing; Network and Distributed Computing; Embedded Systems
SHENG-LUNG HUANG黃升龍 Photonics and Optoelectronics  Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics  Electrical Engineering Cellular-resolution biophotonics imaging; Cancer detection and segmentation; Growth of crystal fibers for lasers and medical applications
SHI-CHUNG CHANG張時中 Electrical Engineering  Industrial Engineering  Communication Engineering Game Theory; e-Commerce; System Control and Optimization; Network Management and Control; Operation Scheduling
SHIH-CHUN LIN林士駿 Electrical Engineering coding; cyber-physical security for AIoT; Information theory
SHIH-HAO HUNG洪士灝 Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia  MediaTek-NTU Research Center Design of Embedded Systems; Co-Optimization of Applications and Architectures; Commercial Servers and Applications; Computer Performance Characterization and Optimization; Computer Architecture and Parallel Computing
Shih-Wei LI黎士瑋 Computer Science and Information Engineering 
SHIH-WEI LIAO廖世偉 Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia  MediaTek-NTU Research Center and Big Data Systems; Android Platforms; Mobile Computing; Compilers and Low-Level Virtual Machines; Data Center Optimizations
SHIH-YUAN CHEN陳士元 Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering microwave and millimeter-wave circuits; Antennas
SHOEI-SHEN WANG王水深 Surgery  Surgery-NTUH  Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics Valvular Heart Disease Surgery; Vascular Surgery including Aortic Surgery, Varicose Vein Surgery, Peripheral Arterial Occlusive Disease Surgery; Coronary Artery Disease Surgery; Surgery for Heart Failure including Heart Transplantation, Ventricular Assist Device; Cardiovascular Surgery
SHOU-DE LIN林守德 Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics  FinTech Center  Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia Machine Discovery, Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Natural Language Process, Artificial Intelligence, Social Network Analysis
SHYH-KANG JENG鄭士康 Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics  Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering  Networking and Multimedia Design of Antennas and Circuits for Wireless Communications; Artificial Intelligence and Multimedia; Music Signal Processing
SI-CHEN LEE李嗣涔 Photonics and Optoelectronics  Electronics Engineering  TSMC-NTU Joint Research Center Amorphous and Poly-Si Thin Film Transistor; Quantum Dot Light Emitting Device and Photodetector
SNOW H. TSENG曾雪峰 Photonics and Optoelectronics  Electrical Engineering Determine the microscopic origin of macroscopic scattered light of tissue optics; Explore new possibilities of nanophotonics and novel optical material using FDTD, PSTD, and Monte Carlo simulations
SOO-CHANG PEI貝蘇章 Photonics and Optoelectronics  Networking and Multimedia The Study of Digital Signal and Image Processing
SY-YEN KUO郭斯彥 Electronics Engineering  Electrical Engineering  Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia  Center for Quantum Science and Engineering (CQSE) Mobile computing and networks; SoC design verification; dependable distributed systems; quantum computing and Communication
TAH HSIUNG CHU瞿大雄 Electrical Engineering microwaves
TAI-CHENG LEE李泰成 Electronics Engineering  Electrical Engineering  MediaTek-NTU Research Center Analog/Mixed-Signal Circuit Design; RFIC Design and PLL Systems
TEI-WEI KUO郭大維 Electronics Engineering  Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia  MediaTek-NTU Research Center Flash Memory; Embedded Systems; Storage Systems; Real-Time Systems; Operating Systems
THIERRY BLU戴邇立 Electrical Engineering fMRI; MRI; EEG; Computed Tomography; Fluorescence Microscopy
TIAN-LI YU于天立 Electrical Engineering Artificial Intelligence; Evolutionary Computation; Genetic Algorithms; Machine Learning
TIAN-WEI HUANG黃天偉 Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering High-Speed Digital Signal Integrity Design; IEEE 802 standard; RFIC Design
TSUNG-HSIEN LIN林宗賢 Electronics Engineering  Electrical Engineering  MediaTek-NTU Research Center RF/Analog/Mixed-Signal IC Design; Transceiver Circuit Design; Sensor Interface Circuit Design
TSUNG-NAN LIN林宗男 Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering Distributed Multimedia Systems; Video/Image Processing; Wireless Multimedia; Network Communication; P2P
TSUNG-TE LIU劉宗德 Electronics Engineering  Electrical Engineering Biomedical and Communication Electronics; Integrated Circuit and System Design
TUNG-LIN YANG楊東霖 Electrical Engineering  Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics Superresolution Imaging; Cell and Molecular Biology
TZI-DAR CHIUEH闕志達 Electronics Engineering  Graduate School of Advanced Technology  Electrical Engineering  MediaTek-NTU Research Center mobile communicaiton signal processing; baseband communication IC design
TZONG-LIN WU吳宗霖 Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering Chip-Package-PCB Co-Design for Signal/Power Integrity; 3-D IC/Interposer Electrical Analysis and Modeling; Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC); Microwave Circuit Design
TZU-HSUAN CHANG張子璿 Electronics Engineering  Electrical Engineering Renewable Electronics; Nano Polymer Assembly; 2D materials; Heterogeneous Electronics; Flexible and Wearable Electronics
TZU-YU LIU劉子毓 Electrical Engineering Computational Biology; Machine Learning
VITA PI-HO HU胡璧合 Program in Semiconductor Device, Material, and Hetero-integration  Electrical Engineering Ferroelectric FET, memory and circuits for ultra-low power and neuromorphic applications; Monolithic 3D IC and system-technology co-optimization; Silicon, Ge, III-V, and 2D materials based nano-electronics; Low power and high performance SRAM design
WANJIUN LIAO廖婉君 Office of the Vice President  Electrical Engineering  Institute of Statistics and Data Science  Communication Engineering  Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia and cloud-aware datacenter networking; Wireless multimedia networking; green communications; on-line social networks
WEI-CHUNG HSU徐慰中 Computer Science and Information Engineering  MediaTek-NTU Research Center Optimizing Compilers; High Performance Computer Architectures; Virtual Machines; Dynamic Binary Optimization Systems
WEI-ZEN SUN孫維仁 Medical Device and Imaging  Anesthesiology  Anesthesiology-NTUH  Brain and Mind Sciences  Oncology-NTUH  Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics chronic non-malignant pain management; neuralgia; consultation for narcotic drug long term use
WEN-CHAU WU吳文超 Medical Device and Imaging  Master's Program in Smart Medicine and Health Informatics (SMARTMHI)  Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics  Radiology Magnetic Resonance Imaging; Machine Learning in Medicine; Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging; Perfusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Arterial Spin Labeling and Contrast-Based Methods; Biomedical Signal and Image Processing
WEN-CHIN CHEN陳文進 Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics  Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia Algorithms; Database System; Multimedia System
WEN-HUANG CHENG鄭文皇 Computer Science and Information Engineering Multimedia; Artificial Intelligence; FinTech; Digital Transformation; Machine Learning
WING-KIT CHOI蔡永傑 Photonics and Optoelectronics  Electrical Engineering Wide viewing angle technologies; Transflective TFT-LCDs; Fast response time technologies; Novel liquid crystal electro-optic effects
WINSTON HSU徐宏民 Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia  MediaTek-NTU Research Center Large-Scale Photo/Video Retrieval and Mining, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Realizing Advanced Research towards Business Deliverables
YAO-WEN CHANG張耀文 Electronics Engineering  Electrical Engineering  Computer Science and Information Engineering  Center for Information and Electronics Technologies  MediaTek-NTU Research Center Design for Manufacturability; Electronic Design Automation; Design Automatin for Biochips; Physical Design for Nanometer Ics
YAOW-MING CHEN陳耀銘 Electrical Engineering Renewable Energy; Power Electronics
YEAN-WOEI KIANG江衍偉 Photonics and Optoelectronics  Electrical Engineering Electromagnetic simulation of electro-optical devices; Biomedical imaging
YEN-HUAN LI李彥寰 Institute of Statistics and Data Science  Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia optimization; Machine learning; high-dimensional statistics; quantum information
YI-CHANG LU盧奕璋 Electronics Engineering  Electrical Engineering Digital VLSI circuit and system design; High performance computing and hardware accelerators
YI-CHENG LIN林怡成 Photonics and Optoelectronics  Electrical Engineering  MediaTek-NTU Research Center Multi-Antenna Design and System Integration; Antenna Theory and Technology; Mircrowave Circuit Design
YI-HSUAN YANG楊奕軒 Electrical Engineering Machine learning; Music information research; Music generation; Artificial intelligence
YI-JAN EMERY CHEN陳怡然 Electronics Engineering  Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering System-in-Package (SiP); RFIC; Power Management IC; Digital Signal Processing; LCD Driver / LED Driver IC; RF Power Amplifier
YI-PING HUNG洪一平 Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia  Intel-NTU Connected Context Computing Center  MediaTek-NTU Research Center Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing, Virtual reality, Multimedia Technology and Human-Computer Interaction
YIH-PENG CHIOU邱奕鵬 Photonics and Optoelectronics  Electrical Engineering Light extraction enhancement of LED, display, and solar cell devices; Device and system modeling of integrated optics and optical communications; Computer aid design (CAD) tools for optoelectronics; Photonic crystals, left-handed materials, and other electromagnetic meta-materials
YING-JAY YANG楊英杰 Electrical Engineering Semiconductor Mmaterials/Devices
YU-CHIANG WANG王鈺強 Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics  FinTech Center  Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering Artificial Intelligence; Computer Vision; Machine Learning
YU-HSIANG CHENG鄭宇翔 Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering Terahertz spectroscopy
YUAN-YIH HSU許源浴 Electrical Engineering Wind energy generation; Applications of power electronics to power industry
YUFENG JANE TSENG曾宇鳳 Pharmacy  Genome and Systems Biology Degree Program  Computer Science and Information Engineering  Neurobiology and Cognitive Science Center  Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics  Master's Program in Smart Medicine and Health Informatics (SMARTMHI) Toxicology; Cheminformatics; Health Informatics; Bioinformatics; Computational Chemistry
YUH-DAUH LYUU呂育道 Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia  Finance Parallel Computation; Theory of Computation; Financial Computation
YUH-RENN WU吳育任 Photonics and Optoelectronics  Electrical Engineering high power nitride based HEMTs; InGaN quantum well and quantum dot LEDs; nano structure LED; Ferroelectronics
YUN-NUNG CHEN陳縕儂 FinTech Center  Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia 對話系統; 自然語言處理; 語言理解; 機器智慧
YUNG-JEN HSU許永真 Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics  Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia  Intel-NTU Connected Context Computing Center Service Oriented Computing; Intelligent Multi-Agent Systems; Data Mining; Web Technology
YUNG-YAW CHEN陳永耀 FinTech Center  Electrical Engineering and hyperthermia treatment planning; intelligent control; precision servo control; fuzzy logic
YUNG-YU CHUANG莊永裕 Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia  MediaTek-NTU Research Center Computer Graphics; and Multimedia Systems; Digital Visual Effects; Computer Vision
ZSEHONG TSAI蔡志宏 Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering Broadband Internet; Network Planning & Management; Performance Analysis