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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
ANN-MARIE HADZIMA賀安莉Foreign Languages and LiteraturesComposition; Business English; and Group Dynamics
BENNETT YU-HSIANG FU傅友祥Foreign Languages and LiteraturesAsian North American Studies; Contemporary American Literature; Quebecois Studies; Race/Ethnicity Studies and Multiculturalism; Canadian Literature
CHI-SHE LI李紀舍Foreign Languages and LiteraturesNovel; Cultural Globalization; Literary Theory
CHIA-CHIEN CHANG張嘉倩Foreign Languages and LiteraturesTranslation; Teaching English as a Foreign Language; Interpretation; Second Language Acquisition
CHIA-JE JERRY WENG翁家傑Foreign Languages and LiteraturesBritish Romantic Literature
CHIEH CHIEN簡潔Foreign Languages and LiteraturesGerman Linguistic & Comparative Literature; German Literature
CHIEN-CHUN LIN林倩君Foreign Languages and LiteraturesComparative Literature; German Linguistics; Design of German Learning Website; German Literature
CHIH-CHUNG SHEN沈志中Foreign Languages and LiteraturesFrench culture; Psychoanalysis; French philosophy; Psychopatholgy
CHIN-JUNG CHIU邱錦榮Foreign Languages and LiteraturesComparative Literature; Drama; Shakespeare
CHRISTIAN HEIN漢駿緯Foreign Languages and Literatures20-Century Modern Literature; Comparative Literature; Literary Theory
CHUN-YEN CHEN陳春燕Foreign Languages and LiteraturesWord and image studies; Postcolonial studies; New media studies; Literary theory; Contemporary Anglophone literature
CHUN-YI SHIH施純宜Foreign Languages and LiteraturesBlack Comedy; Dramatic Theories; Contemporary British Drama
CHUNG-JEN CHEN陳重仁Foreign Languages and LiteraturesMedicine and Literature; Cultural and Literary Theories; Victorian Novel; Contemporary British Novel
DUNCAN DONALD CHESNEY齊東耿Foreign Languages and Literaturesliterary theory; film studies; Modernism; comparative literature
EMILIE CHEIX謝艾米Foreign Languages and LiteraturesTeaching French as a Foreign Language; Technologies de l'information et de la communication pour l'éducation (TICE); Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
GILES WITTON-DAVIES朱杰佑Foreign Languages and Literaturesoral fluency; teaching children English; oral proficiency and testing; errors
GRACE CHEN-HSIU KUO郭貞秀Foreign Languages and Literatures
GUY BEAUREGARD柏逸嘉Foreign Languages and LiteraturesAsian American studies; Postcolonial studies; Canadian studies
HAN-WEI TAO陶漢威Foreign Languages and Literatures法國象徵主義; 法國十九世紀詩歌
HENG-TSUNG HUANG黃恆綜Foreign Languages and LiteraturesQuantitative Research Methods; Language Testing; Computer-Assisted Language Teaching and Learning; Second Language Acquisition
HSIANG-I LIN林湘漪Foreign Languages and LiteraturesFrench Pronunciation / Intonation; French as a Foreign Language
HSIAO-HUNG CHANG張小虹Foreign Languages and LiteraturesFeminism; Literature & Cultural Studies
HSIEN-HAO LIAO廖咸浩Foreign Languages and Literaturespostcolonial theories; globalization and transnationalism; film studies; Deleuze; posthumanism; Modern Taiwan literature and culture; Comparative Poetics; Contemporary fiction; Hongloumeng studies; Cultural policy; Anglo-American poetry; psychoanayhlytical theories
HSIN-YING LI李欣穎Translation and Interpretation; Foreign Languages and LiteraturesAmerican Realism
HSIU-CHIH TSAI蔡秀枝Foreign Languages and Literaturesurban studies; literary theory; theory of space; intertextual analysis; narratology; semiotics
HUI-CHUAN CHANG張惠娟Foreign Languages and LiteraturesUtopian literature
HUNG-CHIUNG LI李鴻瓊Foreign Languages and LiteraturesRenaissance Literature; Taiwan Literature; Literary and Cultural Theories; Modernism
JANETTE YUVIENCO俞燕妮Foreign Languages and LiteraturesEducational Technology and ELT
JIA-LING HSU胥嘉陵Foreign Languages and LiteraturesSociolinguistics; TESL
JOSE EUGENIO BORAO鮑曉鷗Foreign Languages and LiteraturesSpanish Culture
JUDY WAI KEI KWONG鄺慧琪Foreign Languages and LiteraturesTESOL訓練; 英語教學
JUI-PI CHIEN簡瑞碧Foreign Languages and LiteraturesComparative Literature; History and Philosophy of Science; Semiotics; Comparative Arts
KAREN STEFFEN CHUNG史嘉琳Foreign Languages and LiteraturesGeneral and Chinese Linguistics; Morphology; Phonetics; Pronunciation/Intonation
KIRILL OLE THOMPSON唐格理Foreign Languages and LiteraturesChinese Philosophy; Ethics; Philosophy and Literature; Comparative Philosophy; Thomas Gray's poetry; Analytic Philosophy; History of Philosophy; Logic; Existentialism
LI-CHUN HSIAO蕭立君Foreign Languages and LiteraturesLacanian psychoanalysis; critical theory; Postcolonial theory; Caribbean postcolonial literatures
LI-LING TSENG曾麗玲Foreign Languages and LiteraturesTwentieth-Century English Literature; Modern British Fiction; Joyce studies; Beckett studies
LIANG-YA LIOU劉亮雅Foreign Languages and LiteraturesContemporary Taiwanese Fiction; Lesbian/Gay/Queer Theory and Fiction; Twentieth-Century English and American Literature; Feminist Theory and Fiction
LUIS RONCERO MAYOR龍本善Foreign Languages and LiteraturesEarly Chinese Taoism & Chinese-Spanish translation
MICHAEL KEEVAK奇邁可Foreign Languages and LiteraturesComparative Literature; Renaissance & Baroque; Europe and East Asia 1500-1900
MICHAEL PATRICK MCGLYNN孟克禮Foreign Languages and LiteraturesMedieval Studies; Comparative Literature; Medieval Languages
MICHELLE Min-chia WU吳敏嘉Foreign Languages and Literatures中英會議口譯 Conference Interpreting; 中英筆譯 Translation
MING-TSANG YANG楊明蒼Foreign Languages and LiteraturesMedieval Studies; Early Travel Literature
MOU-LAN WONG王沐嵐Foreign Languages and LiteraturesVictorian Visual Culture; Victorian Nonsense; Paratext
NAE-DONG YANG楊乃冬Foreign Languages and LiteraturesSecond language cquisition; Web-based language learning and teaching; Teaching English as a foreign language; Language learning strategies: research and instruction
PABLO DEZA BLANCO白保羅Foreign Languages and Literatures  Linguistics; Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language.; Education (Didactics); Second Language Acquisition
PAO-HSIANG WANG王寶祥Foreign Languages and LiteraturesTurn-of-the-Century European Drama; History of Opera; British and American Contemporary Theater; Jewish Studies
PATRICIA NGUYEN阮綺霞Foreign Languages and LiteraturesPhilosophy
PUERTAS HERRERO曼紐爾Foreign Languages and LiteraturesSlave Narratives; World Literature; Nineteenth-Century American Literature; Teaching Writing; Childhood Studies; Disability Studies and the Medical Humanities; Transnational Approaches to American Literature
SHAN-SHAN WANG王珊珊Foreign Languages and LiteraturesAustronesian Linguistics; Morphology; Historical Linguistics; Field Methods; Syntax
SHAN-YUN HUANG黃山耘Foreign Languages and LiteraturesModernist Literature; Irish Studies; James Joyce; Postcolonial Literatures
SHE-RU KAO高瑟濡Foreign Languages and LiteraturesByron; Romanticism
SHIAO-YING SHEN沈曉茵Foreign Languages and LiteraturesDrama; Cinema
SHIN-YING HUANG黃馨瑩Foreign Languages and Literatures英語教學
SHU-YING CHANG張淑英Foreign Languages and LiteraturesLatin-American Literature; Spanish; Spanish Literature; Chinese-Spanish Translation
SOLOGUB OLGA索奧加Foreign Languages and LiteraturesRussian as a Foreign Language; structural and cognitive linguistics; Stylististics; Lingvodidactics
Tai-Chun Ho何泰鈞Foreign Languages and Literatures維多利亞文學與文化、十九世紀英國戰爭詩、丁尼生、男性研究
TAI-FEN CHIANG姜台芬Foreign Languages and LiteraturesBiblical Hermeneutics
THERESA DER-LAN YEH葉德蘭Foreign Languages and LiteraturesSpeech Communication
TIEN-YI CHAO趙恬儀Foreign Languages and Literaturesfantasy and sci-fi literature; translation (En-TC and TC-En); seventeenth-century intellectual history and occult philosophy; seventeenth-century literature; comparative studies; women's literature; Japanese ACG and popular culture
TSUNG-HUEI HSIUNG熊宗慧Foreign Languages and Literatures俄國語言; 俄國文化; 斯拉夫文學概論與電影賞析; 俄國歷史教學; 俄國文學
TSUNG-HUEI HUANG黃宗慧Foreign Languages and LiteraturesJoycean Study; Psychoanalysis
TZE-CHIN TSAI蔡自青Foreign Languages and LiteraturesConference Interpretation; SI and C
VASILEIOS VAGIOS范吉歐Foreign Languages and LiteraturesGreek Literature; Linguistics
VIVIENNE RUTH WESTBROOK魏思博Foreign Languages and LiteraturesRenaissance Literature
WAN-YU LIN林婉瑜Foreign Languages and Literatures
WEI H. KAO高維泓Foreign Languages and LiteraturesIrish Drama; Post-colonial Studies; Modern and Contemporary Irish Literature
WEI-CHENG CHU朱偉誠Foreign Languages and LiteraturesPostcolonial Theory; Queer Theory; Lesbian and Gay Studies; Colonial Discourse Analysis; 19th- and 20th-Century English and American Literature
WEI-LING CHEN陳維玲Foreign Languages and LiteraturesFrench Realist Fiction in the Nineteenth Century
WEN-HSIEN HSU許文僊Foreign Languages and LiteraturesBilingual Education; TESOL; Second Language Acquisition
WEN-YUAN CHANG張雯媛Foreign Languages and LiteraturesSpanish Pastoral Novel
WOLFGANG GEORG ODENDAHL吳沃剛Foreign Languages and LiteraturesTeaching German as a foreign language; German Interpretation
YA-FENG WU吳雅鳳Foreign Languages and LiteraturesGothic fiction; Women's Literature; British Romanticism; Art history; hybrids; dance
YA-SHIH Sophia LIU劉雅詩Foreign Languages and LiteraturesMiddle English literature
YAN-WING LEUNG梁欣榮Foreign Languages and LiteraturesAmerican Literature; Chinese-English translation; Bibliography & Textual Criticism
YEN-FEN LIAO廖彥棻Foreign Languages and LiteraturesApplied Linguistics-Second Language Assessment
YI-CHENG WENG翁怡錚Foreign Languages and Literatures十八世紀英國文學、早期浪漫女性作家、文學和法國大革命、女性書寫、十八世紀末和十九世紀初小說
YI-JU WU吳宜儒Foreign Languages and Literatures語料庫語言學; 語言社會化; 電腦輔助語言教學; 應用語言學; 英語教學; 英文寫作; 專業英文
yihsin hsu許以心Foreign Languages and LiteraturesSeventeenth- and eighteenth-century English literature; Shakespeare
YIU-MAN MA馬耀民Foreign Languages and LiteraturesComparative Literature; Modern Chinese Literature
YONG-HWAY HIS奚永慧Foreign Languages and LiteraturesEarly American Literature; ESL Writing
YOWYU LIN林祐瑜Foreign Languages and LiteraturesStatstics and Experimental Designs; Psycholinguistics; Sentence Comprehension
YU-HSIU LIU劉毓秀Foreign Languages and LiteraturesFeminism; Literary Criticism
YUNG-CHAO LIAO廖勇超Foreign Languages and LiteraturesGender/Sexuality Studies; Cultural Studies; Joyce Studies
ZHAO-MING GAO高照明Foreign Languages and LiteraturesIntelligent Computer-Assisted Learning; Computational Linguistics; Computer-Assisted Translation