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120041626年西班牙入侵台灣的「正當化」鮑曉鷗 ; Borao Mateo, José Eugeniojournal article
22008The 17th century fortress of Quelang: past, present and futureBorao, Jose Eugenio journal article
31998《1947高砂百合》與《尤利西斯》的歷史想像與書寫LI-LING TSENG journal article00
420051987 年以來台灣後殖民小說劉亮雅 journal article
520051987年以來台灣後殖民小說劉亮雅 conference paper
619991999-2002 Nan-Yi High School English Textbooks, volumes 1-5Hadzima, Anne-Marie book
72007A Chinese Sinthome: Chan, Modern Subject and Politico-Semioticizing Dream of the Red ChamberHSIEN-HAO LIAO journal article
82016A Place to Learn?GUY BEAUREGARD journal article
92005A Review on Contrastive Rhetoric: A Useful Tool in Order to Improve Our Students’ Written Discursive Competence in EFLPABLO DEZA BLANCO conference paper
101993The aborigines of Northern Taiwan According to the XVIIth Spanish SourcesBorao, Jose Eugenio journal article
111998About PronunciationChung, Karen Steffen journal article
122009Address form shifts in interpreted Q&A sessionsMICHELLE Min-chia WU ; CHIA-CHIEN CHANG journal article78
132014Aesthetic Education and Sympathetic ImaginationDUNCAN DONALD CHESNEY journal article
142009Africa, Asian, and America in Dialogue: Teaching Ng?g? wa?Thiong'o's Decolonising the Mind: The Politics of Language in African?Literature in Taiwan and in CanadaBennett Yu-Hsiang Fu book
152001After Obasan; Kogawa Criticism and Its FuturesGUY BEAUREGARD journal article
162009After Redress: A Conversation with Roy MikiGUY BEAUREGARD journal article
172008Alfred D?blins Berlin Alexanderplatz als negativer? BildungsromanChristian Hein journal article
182008Almost Propaganda but Not Quite: Identity, Modernity and (Re)constructions of the Native in Two Recent Taiwanese DocumentariesLiao, Hsien-hao book
192014An Aesthetic Education in the Era of Globalization: A ForumGUY BEAUREGARD journal article
202015An Alternative Peace Process: Violence and Reconciliation in Marie Jones's PlaysWEI H. KAO book-chapter
212007An Analysis of Standardization in Chinese to English Translations of Patent AbstractsTsai, Yvonne Conference paper
222015Análisis de los dispositivos de elipsis y sustitución en las noticias de sucesos de periodistas españoles y estudiantes taiwaneses de ELEPABLO DEZA BLANCO journal article
232000Anxiety of Empire: Carthage in Turner吳雅鳳 journal article
241999Anxiety of Empire: Carthage in Turner.Wu, Ya-feng conference paper
251999Apocalypse in Turner.Wu, Ya-feng conference paper
262000Arcadia and Carthage in Turner吳雅鳳 book
272007The Archery of Wisdom in the Stream of Life: ’Wisdom’ in the ’Four Books’ with Zhu Xi’s Reflections""Thompson, Kirill Ole journal article
282005Aristocracy and Modernism: Signs of Aristocracy in Marcel Proust's A la recherche du temps perduDUNCAN DONALD CHESNEY journal article
292000Armadas, socorros y comercio. Las comunicaciones entre Taiwan y las Filipinas (1626-1642)Borao, Jose Eugenio journal article
302007The arrival of the Spanish galleons in Manila from the Pacific Ocean and their departure along the Kuroshio Stream (16 and 17 centuries)Borao, Jose Eugenio journal article
312007The Art of Marriage: Taking the Woman Artist as Wife in A Hazard of New FortunesHSIN-YING LI Conference Paper
322007Asian American Studies, Asian Canadian QuestionsGUY BEAUREGARD journal article
332008Asian Canadian Studies: Unfinished ProjectsGUY BEAUREGARD journal article
342009Assigning the Reader’s Space—Interplay of the Verbal and the Visual in the Alice BooksMOU-LAN WONG conference paper
352003At the Intersection of the Global and the Local: Representations of Male Homosexuality in Fictions by Pai Hsien-yung, Li Ang, Chu Tien-wen, and Chi Ta-weiLiou, Liang-ya journal article
362000At the Intersection of the Global and the Local: Representations of Male Homosexuality in Fictions by Pai Hsien-yung, Li Ang, Chu Tien-wen, and Chi Ta-wei劉亮雅 conference paper
372006The Avant-garde that Cannot Identify the Establishment: Modern Chinese Poetry as Worship of Modernity廖咸浩 conference paper
382008Awakening, Memory, and Reconciliation in Anne Devlin's Belfast TrilogyWEI H. KAO journal article
392006Back to Future via Dadaocheng: De-Modernizing and Decolonizing the History of Taipei廖咸浩 conference paper
402009Barely Life: The Slave, the Black Body, and Representations of the (In)humanHsiao, Li-chun book
412011Beckett's Silences and Late ModernityDUNCAN DONALD CHESNEY journal article
422012Beckett, Minimalism, and the Question of PostmodernismDUNCAN DONALD CHESNEY journal article
432014Beckett’s Worldly InheritorsDUNCAN DONALD CHESNEY journal article
442000Becoming Cyborgian: Postmodernism and Nationalism in Contemporary TaiwanLiao, Hsien-Hao ; HSIEN-HAO LIAO book
452008Becoming “Modern”: Sex, Chineseness, Diasporic/ Transnational Consicousness in Lust/CautionLiao, Hsien-hao conference paper
462015Being Barefoot as the Absolutely Beautiful: Moral Creativity Regained and Empowered through Perceiving Milkmaids Painted and Retouched by Peter Paul RubensChien, Jui-Pi journal article00
471992Beliefs about Language Learning and Learning Strategy Use:A Study of College Students of English in Taiwan楊乃冬 book
482015Between emotion, imagination and cognition: Play as a hybrid neuro-evolutionary concept in bridging Saussure, Hegel and Alexander von HumboldtChien, Jui-Pi journal article11
492019Beyond Borders: Mary Robinson’s Discourses of LoveYI-CHENG WENG 
502017Bildungskrise: PISA and the German Educational CrisisWOLFGANG GEORG ODENDAHL journal article
512007The Black Body and Representations of the (In)humanHsiao, Li-chun journal article00
522016Blattdolmetschen als Möglichkeit zur Integration von Dolmetschertraining in den MittelstufenunterrichtWOLFGANG GEORG ODENDAHL journal article
532009Blazoning the Paired Tableaux: The Mysteries of Udolpho and The MonkWu, Ya-feng journal article
542015Blind Spots in Itô Jinsai's Account of the "Zhongyong (Chûyô)"KIRILL OLE THOMPSON journal article00
552015Blogs as a learning and assessment instrument for English-speaking performanceHENG-TSUNG HUANG journal article24
562017Book review of The Oxford History of the Novel in English. Volume 2: English and British Fiction 1750-1820, ed. by Peter Garside and Karen O��Brien (Oxford University Press, 2015)YI-CHENG WENG book-review
572011Bridging the Textual Space: Corresponding Illustrations in Dickens’s Christmas BooksMOU-LAN WONG conference paper
582007Byron and Psychoanalytic Criticism: WernerSHE-RU KAO book
592004Byron’s Cain: A Disqualified Champion of JusticeKao, She-Ru 
602011Can Saussure's orangery manuscripts shed new light on biosemiotics?Jui-Pi Chien journal article11
612014Cancer-associated fibroblasts regulate the plasticity of lung cancer stemness via paracrine signallingChen, W.-J.; CHAO-CHI HO ; Chang, Y.-L.; Chen, H.-Y.; Lin, C.-A.; THAI-YEN LING ; SUNG-LIANG YU ; Yuan, S.-S.; Louisa Chen, Y.-J.; Lin, C.-Y.; SZU-HUA PAN ; Elizabeth Chou, H.-Y.; Chang, G.-C.; WEI-CHENG CHU ; Lee, Y.-M.; Lee, J.-Y.; Lee, P.-J.; Li, K.-C.; Chen, H.-W.; PAN-CHYR YANG journal article140138
622012CAT, TM und MTPE. Die Rolle computerunterstützter Übersetzung in der Übersetzer-AusbildungWOLFGANG GEORG ODENDAHL journal article
632007Chapter 3-The French Reception of Jakob von Uexk?ll’s Umwelt: A Regional Variation of Global SemioticsChien, Jui-Pi book
642004ChengyuHSIANG-I LIN conference paper
652006Chengyus : expressions classiques, expressions modernesHSIANG-I LIN journal article
662007Chiaroscuro of Sensibility: the Baroque Aesthetics of The Monk.Wu, Ya-feng conference paper
671993China. Del feudalismo al estado modernoBorao, Jose Eugenio conference paper
681983Chinese Fiction: A Generic Appraisal張惠娟 journal article
691998Chinese Percepcions of the Spaniards in the Philippines: The Massacre of 1603Borao, Jose Eugenio journal article
702008A Chinese Sinthome: Chan, Modern Subject, and Politico-Semioticizing Dream of the Red Chamber.Liao, Hsien-hao conference paper10
711994The Chinese Utopia:Problems & VisionsChang, Hui-Chuan conference paper
722016Christina Rossetti: The Romance of IntermedialityMOU-LAN WONG conference paper
731989City of Cats & Anti-Utopia:A Generic InvestigationChang, Hui-Chuan journal article
742015CLIL-Projekt zur chinesischen Untertitelung deutscher Kurzfilme als Mittel zur MotivationsförderungWOLFGANG GEORG ODENDAHL book-chapter
752016Collaborative translation and collaborative learning in a translation classroomTsai, Yvonne Conference paper
762014‘Colonial Interpretations in the Late Eighteenth Century: Elizabeth Hamilton’s Feminist Construction of the East’YI-CHENG WENG conference paper
772003Communication as Agent of Peace: What Communication Studies Can Do for Peace StudiesTheresa Der Lan Yeh journal article
78-A Comparative Study of the Journey Motif in Moby-Dick and Song of Myself張惠娟 thesis
792013Comparing the effects of test anxiety on independent and integrated speaking test performanceHENG-TSUNG HUANG journal article100
802011Comparison of prosodic properties of intonation in beijing Mandarin and Taiwan Mandarin.CHEN-HSIU KUO journal article00
812012Comparison of speaking fundamental frequency in English and MandarinCHEN-HSIU KUO journal article4836
822010Comparison of Speaking Fundamental Frequency in English and MandarinCHEN-HSIU KUO book
832000ComposiciónBorao, Jose Eugenio book
842000Composicion鮑曉鷗 book
852007Concepto y estudios de Interlengua en ELE: Del dicho al hecho hay un gran trechodeza blanco, pablo ; PABLO DEZA BLANCO journal article
862008Concepto y estudios de interlengua: por sus hechos los conoceréisPABLO DEZA BLANCO conference paper
872005Conectores contraargumentativos en las noticias de sucesos de periodistas españoles y estudiantes taiwaneses de ELE. Algunas aportaciones desde la Retórica ContrastivaPABLO DEZA BLANCO conference paper
882006Confucian Perspectives on War and TerrorismKirill Ole Thompson book
891996Consideraciones en torno a la imagen de Koxinga vertida por Victorio Ricci en OccidenteBorao, Jose Eugenio journal article
902015Contemporary irish theatre: Transnational practicesWEI H. KAO book00
912011Corinne Enacting Archaeology: Mme de Staël’s Volcano Lover.Wu, Ya-feng conference paper
922012Corinne’s Tarantella: Germaine de Staël’s Performance of Cultural AuthorityWu, Ya-feng journal article
932009A Corpus Study of Chinese and English Patent LanguageTsai, Yvonne Conference paper
942008The Corruption of Slaves into Tyrants’: Toussaint, Haiti, and the Writing of Postcolonial TraumaHsiao, Li-chun journal article
952000Crisis of Identity of German Jews in fin-de-siècle Vienna: Operas and Plays by Hofmannsthal, Schnitzler, Zemlinsky, and SchrekerPAO-HSIANG WANG journal article
962008Cultural Hybridization in Maxine Hong Kingston's Tripmaster Monkey:?His Fake BookBennett Yu-Hsiang Fu journal article
972001Cultural Studies in Taiwan劉亮雅 conference paper
982004Cultural Studies in Taiwan.Liou, Liang-ya book
991993Cultural/Sexual/Theatrical Ambivalence in M. ButterflyChang, Hsiao-Hung journal article
1002002D'une approche canonique dans la Traduction Automatique fran ccedil;ais-chinois : application dans le domaine des expressions fig eacute;esHSIANG-I LIN conference paper
1012009De-hyphenating Self and Trans-ing Other in Fred Wah's Diamond GrillBennett Yu-Hsiang Fu book
1022008Der Künstler am Scheideweg. Das Bild des Künstlers in der deutschen Erzählkunst seit der RomantikCHIEN-CHUN LIN book
1032009Der webunterstützte Deutschunterricht: Bericht von einem Forschungsprojekt der Nationalen Taiwan UniversitätCHIEN-CHUN LIN journal article
1042003The Desire to Feed or the Desire to Be Fed?: The Entangled Relation Between Bloom and the Maternal Figure in UlyssesTsung-huei Huang journal article
1052018Discovering La muerte ocultada: Exploration on the Evolution of the Romance in the Sephardic DiasporaWEN-YUAN CHANG journal article00
1061992Disputes over Identity: The Five Debates in the History of Modern Taiwan LiteratureLiao, Hsien-hao conference paper
1072004Disrupted Narratives: O'Connor's Feminine GrotesqueHsiu-chih Tsai journal article
1082009Divinity on the Implacable and Immemorial Earth: Dialectics of Pregnancy in Light in AugustCHUNG-JEN CHEN journal article
1092001Do They Know It's Wrong? A Study of Errors and Self-Correction in Oral InteractionGILES WITTON-DAVIES journal article
1102010Domination, Resistance, and Anglo-Irish Landlordism in The Servants and the SnowWEI H. KAO book
1112001The Dominican missionaries en Taiwan, 1626-1642Borao, Jose Eugenio conference paper
1121998Don't Go Gentle into That Good Night: The New Cultural Discourse of the Taiwan AboriginesLiao, Hsien-hao conference paper
1131998Dreaming Out Stories to the Wind: Thomas Grays Early Verse and Thought"唐格理 book
1142008Dystopic Here, Utopic There: Spatial Dialectics in SKY Lee's?Disappearing Moon Caf?Bennett Yu-Hsiang Fu journal article
1152010E-portfolio-based language learning and assessmentHENG-TSUNG HUANG journal article
1162006Eclecticism and the Literary Discourse Formation in Early 1920s: the case of the Literary AssociationMa Yiu Man conference paper
1172005Ecological Utopia: A Study of Three Literary Utopias in the 1970sHui-chuan Chang journal article
1182006Ecological Utopia: Visions and ProblemsChang, Hui-chuan conference paper
1192007Ekphrasis: the Common Impulse of Hemans and Landon.Wu, Ya-feng conference paper
1202003El Cartero: Ficción, realidad histórica e intertextualidad fílmicaSHU-YING CHANG journal article
1211992El encuentro de dos mundos en Isla HermosaBorao, Jose Eugenio conference paper
1221989El impacto de la Guerra Civil en la Economia del Valles Occidental (1936-1939)鮑曉鷗 book
1232017El Quijote te ayuda a mejorar tu espanol en clase de ELEPABLO DEZA BLANCO conference paper
1242005El uso de los conectores temporales en las noticias de sucesos escritas por periodistas españoles (PE) y estudiantes taiwaneses (AT) de ELEPABLO DEZA BLANCO conference paper
1252007El uso de mecanismos de cohesión léxica en los periodistas españoles: metonímias, oposiciones, hiperónimos, hipónimosPABLO DEZA BLANCO conference paper
1262008Elementos configurativos del texto: los mecanismos de cohesión léxica (I)PABLO DEZA BLANCO journal article
1272003Emerging Nation, Debatable Canon(s): Some Facts in Irish Short Story Anthologies Inland and Overseas in the Early Twentieth CenturyWEI H. KAO journal article
1281998En-/Dis-Abling Dialogism and Irish Nationalism in "Cyclops"LI-LING TSENG journal article
1292012Enabling Narrative: Didacticism in Jane West's "A Gossip's Story" and "A Tale of the Times"YI-CHENG WENG journal article
1302016Enacting Repulsive Bodies in Djuna Barnes’s The DovePAO-HSIANG WANG journal article00
1312013English Mixing in Advertising in Taiwan: A Study of English-Literate Readers' AttitudesJIA-LING HSU journal article
1321994Englishization and language change in modern Chinese in TaiwanJIA-LING HSU journal article50
1332004An Ergative View of Thao Syntax王珊珊 book
1342004An ergative view of Thao syntax. Ph.D. dissertation, University of Hawai‘i at M?noa, Honolulu. (389pp. + xx)Wang, Shanshan book
1351996España y China, 1927-1967Borao, Jose Eugenio book
1361994Espana y China, 1927-1967鮑曉鷗 book
1372005Essential Investment [經濟學人之投資智典]梁欣榮 book
1381997Estudiando cultura espa ntilde;ola con La Verbena de la PalomaBorao, Jose Eugenio conference paper
1392008The Evolution of the English CurriculumLeung Yanwing conference paper
1402015Examining Patent Translation from a Paratextual PerspectiveTsai, Yvonne journal article
1412015Examining Patent Translation from a Paratextual Perspective蔡毓芬(Yvonne Tsai) Journal Article
1422010Examining the practice of a reading-to-speak test task: Anxiety and experience of EFL studentsHENG-TSUNG HUANG journal article76
1432009Exile, Cunning, Silence: Trajectory of Art of Exile from Joyce's Ulysses to Beckett's TrilogyLI-LING TSENG journal article
1442006Exile, Cunning, Silence: Trajectory of Art of Exile in Joyce’s Ulysses and Beckett’s TrilogyTseng, Li-ling conference paper
1451998Exploring a new role for teachers: Promoting learner autonomyNAE-DONG YANG journal article
1462016Exploring strategy use in L2 speaking assessmentHENG-TSUNG HUANG journal article54
1472013Exploring the utility of a video-based online EFL discussion forumHENG-TSUNG HUANG journal article105
1481994Extremo Oriente en la eacute;poca de la universalizaci oacute;n. Siglo XVIBorao, Jose Eugenio conference paper
1492004Fake Logos, Fake Theory, Fake GlobalizationChang, Hsiao-hung journal article
1501992Falstaff-Hal Relation Ship: Role DynamicsChin-jung Chiu journal article
1512014Fashionable yet strategic similarities: Diego Velázquez's creative consciousness seen through Saussurean-Hegelian composite approachChien, Jui-Pi journal article00
1522008Fathers of the Nation: Masters, Democracy, and TaiwanLi, Hung-chiung conference paper
1532010Fearful realty: "The ghostly rental" and "his apparition"HSIN-YING LI journal article
1542009Fearful Realty: Three American Haunted House Stories. Translating Risk: Literary Mediation in New ContextsHSIN-YING LI Conference Paper
1552001The Feeling Subject and the Sexless Garden: Seduction and Flight in Dream of the Red Chamber廖咸浩 conference paper
1562007Female Sexuality: Its Allurement and Repression in Geling Yan’s ‘White Snake’Tsai Hsiu chih journal article
1571992The Feminist Utopian Prototype in The DispossessedChang, Hui-Chuan journal article
1581994Feminist Utopias as an Alternative Canon: Strategies & DilemmasChang, H.C. journal article
1591998First, Second, and Third: An Epistemological Reflection on Comparative Methodology through Reviewing Tim-hung Ku 古添洪, Jihao Shixue 記號詩學 [Semiotics of Poetry] and Karl H. Kao 高辛勇,Xingmingxue yu xushi lilun 形名學與敘事理論 [Semiotics and Narratology].”李鴻瓊 journal article
1602013Five Minutes of The Lion King: Popular Culture and Critical ReadingMOU-LAN WONG other
1612014Focus on context: Narratives from East AsiaNAE-DONG YANG journal article87
1621996For Love or Money: Courtship and Class Conflict in Howells' The Rise of Silas Lapham'HSIN-YING LI journal article01
1632011Foreign Language Needs Analysis for Conference Interpreting TraineesMICHELLE Min-chia WU ; CHIA-CHIEN CHANG journal article
1642007The Formation of an Irish Literary Canon in the Mid-Twentieth Century.Kao, Wei H. book
1652007Forty Years of American Literary Studies in TaiwanLi, Hsin-ying. book
1662004Forty Years of American Literary Studies in TaiwanHSIN-YING LI Journal Article
1672005Forty Years of English Literary Studies in TaiwanHSIN-YING LI Conference Paper
1682004Forward to Globalization: Identity, Modernity and Nativism in Contemporary TaiwanLiao, Hsien-Hao book
1692000Forward To globalization: Identity, Modernity, and Nativism in Contemporary TaiwanLiao, Hsien-Hao conference paper
1701983Four Tales of the Supernatural: An Inquiry張惠娟 journal article
1712006From Animals to Humans: Uexküll's Umwelt as Read by Lacan and CanguilhemChien, Jui-Pi journal article
1721995From Central Kingdom to Orphan of Asia:The Transformation of Identity in Modern Taiwanese Literature in the Five Major L_TTS.DATELiao, Hsien-hao journal article
1732004Funeral Rites in Pastoral NovelsWEN-YUAN CHANG journal article00
1742016Garden of Converging Paths: Interactive Narratives in Global Geek CultureMOU-LAN WONG conference paper
1752001Gender Crossing and Decadence in Taiwanese Fiction at the 'Fin de Siecle'劉亮雅 conference paper
1761999Gender Crossing and Decadence in Taiwanese Fiction at the 'Fin de Siecle': The Instances of Li Ang, Chu Tien-wen, Chiu Miao-jin, and Cheng Ying-shu劉亮雅 conference paper
1772000Gender Crossing and Decadence in Taiwanese Fiction at the ‘Fin de Siecle': The Instances of Li Ang, Chu Tien-wen, Chiu Miao-jin, and Cheng Ying-shuLiou, Liang-ya journal article
1781997Gender Crossing in Tripmaster Monkey張小虹 journal article
1792009Generations of Re-generations: Re-creating Wonderland through Text, Illustrations, and the Reader’s HandsMOU-LAN WONG other
1802000Genre and Gender Ambiguities in Shakespeare's Young Man SonnetsMing Tsang Yang journal article
1812008Genuine Forgeries: Linguistic and Political (De-)Mystification in ‘EumaeusTseng, Li-ling conference paper
1822006Gesture, Idioms and Language TeachingHSIANG-I LIN conference paper
1832005Ghost-writing: Trauma and Queer Performativity in Taiwanese Lesbian FictionLiou, Liang-ya journal article
1842003The Gift that Always Reaches Its Destination?: The Economy of Gift in Ulysses黃宗慧 journal article
1852012A Glance at the Relation between Saussure and Aesthetics.Chien, Jui-Pi journal article00
1862008Glocalization and english mixing in advertising in Taiwan: Its discourse domains, linguistic patterns, cultural constraints, localized creativity, and socio-psychological effectsBhatia, Tej K.; JIA-LING HSU ; Jia-Ling, Hsu journal article130
1872011Gothic Crossings: Medieval to PostmodernHSIN-YING LI Book
1882011Gothic Crossings:Medieval to PostmodernYA-FENG WU journal article00
1891998Grammatica, Signification and Piers Plowman楊明蒼 journal article
1902018Hacia una retorica intracultural: el uso de los conectores aditivos en las noticias de accidentes de trafico en los diarios espanoles y mexicanosPABLO DEZA BLANCO journal article00
1912000Happy Ending: Identity, Nativism, and Postmodernism in Contemporary TaiwanLiao, Hsien-Hao conference paper
1922003Happy Ending: Nativism, Modernity, and Postmodernism in the Third WorldLiao, Hsien-Hao book
1932019A Hazard of New Professions: Mrs. Mandel and the Business of ClassHSIN-YING LI Journal Article
1942007The Healing of Trauma in Anne Devlin’s After Easter: Female Experiences and the Nationalistic HistoriographyKao, Wei H book
1952005Heat and Pleasure down under: Holy Smoke and Its ChallengesShiao-Ying Shen journal article
1962007Heidegger Auf Dem Holzweg Ph?nomenologie einer philosophischen Liaison mit dem NationalsozialismusChristian Hein journal article
1971994Hierarchy of Immanence: Chu Hsi's Pattern of ThoughtKIRILL OLE THOMPSON journal article00
1981995Hiromi Goto's Chorus of Mushrooms and the Politics of Writing the DiasporaGUY BEAUREGARD journal article
1992001The Historical Imagination in the Age of Globalization: Historical Fictions by Toni Morrison, Thomas Pynchon, Wang Anyi and Zhu Tianxin李紀舍 book
2002013‘History and Fiction: Representing History in Elizabeth Hamilton’s novels’YI-CHENG WENG conference paper
2012014Home and John F. Kennedy in Tom Murphy's Conversations on a HomecomingWEI H. KAO journal article
2022006Homosexuality and the Nation: Theorizing the Op-positionality朱偉誠 journal article
2031994How to Rejuvenate Ethics:Suggestions from Chu HsisThompson, Kirill-Ole journal article
2042008How to set up a student exchange program between Taiwan and the U.KLeung Yanwing conference paper
2052013How Will the World End? Posthumanist Vision and Re-connection with Life in Cyclonopedia and Hotel Western Xia via The Possibility of an IslandHSIEN-HAO LIAO journal article
2061993Hsiang woHSIEN-HAO LIAO journal article
2072014Humans among the Other Animals: Planetarity, Responsibility, and Fiction in Disgrace and Wolf TotemDUNCAN DONALD CHESNEY journal article
2081993Hybrid Women:Gender Parody and Cultural MimicryChang, Hsiao-Hung conference paper
2091992I Am not What I Am':Identity and Sexual Doubleness in Twelfth NightChang, Hsiao-Hung conference paper
2102011Ignoring that there was a corpse': The Foiled Gothic in Tess of the d'UrbervillesWu, Ya-feng book
2112005IKao, Wei Hnclusions and Exclusions of the Irish Literary Canon in the Mid-Twentieth CenturyKao, Wei H book
2122002The Impact of Gender on Graduate Students’ Communication Concerns in Their Academic Interactions with Advisors葉德蘭 ; Yeh, D.L.journal article
2132010Implementing electronic speaking portfolios: Perceptions of EFL students: ColloquiumHENG-TSUNG HUANG journal article129
2142009An Impossible Encounter between Lacan, Lu Xun, and Chen Shui-bian: A Psychoanalysis of Taiwan and Its DiscontentsLi, Hung-chiung journal article
2152010The Impossible Time of Utopia.Li, Hung-chiung conference paper
2162008In Determining the Quality of Technical TranslationTsai, Yvonne Conference paper
2172004Inclusions and Exclusions of the Irish Literary Canon in the mid-twentieth CenturyKao, Wei H. book
2182008Indigenous Culture under Taiwanese Modernity: Cultural Translation in Tian Yage's Short StoriesLiou, Liang-ya conference paper
2192017Individuelle Noten aus kollaborativer ArbeitWOLFGANG GEORG ODENDAHL journal article
2202004The Indivisible Globe, the Indissoluble Nation: Universality, Postcoloniality, and Nationalism in the Age of GlobalizationHsiao, Li-chun book
2212009Inside Out the Cage aux Folles: Abject Sexualities in Lydia Kwa's This Place Called Absence.Bennett Yu-Hsiang Fu book
2222003Integrating portfolios into learning-strategy-based instruction for EFL college studentsNAE-DONG YANG journal article
2232017Intercultural rhetoric: Use of the additive connectors in Spanish and Argentinian traffic-accident news,Retorica intercultural: Uso de los conectores aditivos en las noticias de accidentes de traficos en los diarios Espanoles y ArgentinosPABLO DEZA BLANCO journal article
2242008The Intersection of Classical Literature and Cultural Studies: The Case of HongloumengLiao, Hsien-hao conference paper
2251994Interview with Darko Suvin張惠娟 ; 廖朝陽 ; Chang, H.C.; Liao, C.Y.journal article
2261998An interviewing study of college students’ English learning strategy useYang, Nae-Dong journal article
2272014Interwoven Temporalities: Reading Madeleine Thien's Dogs at the PerimeterGUY BEAUREGARD journal article
2282010Intonation in Tongan.CHEN-HSIU KUO journal article00
2292018Intralingual Translation of Patent Claims in Taiwan and China: A Corpus-based Comparison of Collocations and Word Use何艷娟(Yan-juan He); 蔡毓芬(Yvonne Tsai) journalArticle
2302008Irish Pride and Disgrace in Recent Films: Ken Loach and Paul GreengrassWEI H. KAO journal article
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6482008商務英語會話奚永慧 book
6492000問金庸情是何物:禮物、信物、證物張小虹 book
6502001喬叟《卓勞士與葵西妲》中之「翻譯」詩學楊明蒼 report
6512014單元 10.全球化與文化新形勢 - 廖咸浩HSIEN-HAO LIAO journal article00
6522012四十周年專輯結語──定位與連接:作為思想資源的台灣比較文學朱偉誠 ; Chu, W.C.journal article
6532005四百年來吉訶德的臉張淑英 ; Chang, S.Y.journal article
6542000國內研究所之師生互動溝通研究葉德蘭 report
6552001國族寓言與同性戀轉喻學朱偉誠 report
6562007國族寓言霸權下的同志國:當代台灣文學中的同性戀與國家朱偉誠 journal article
6572009國科會補助人文及社會科學研究圖書計畫規劃主題:抒情詩研究吳雅鳳 report
6582007國科會補助外文學者參與國際學會年會-補助出席美國研究學會(American Studies Association, ASA)2006年會蔡秀枝 report
6592003在全球化與在地化的交錯之中:白先勇、李昂、朱天文和紀大偉小說中的男同性戀呈現劉亮雅 journal article
6602002在巨人的陰影底下,想像風車:全球化、殖民主義與英語教學廖咸浩 conference paper
6612008〈在我之前是誰打這兒經過?:〈遊岩〉中穩固性與流動性的辯證〉曾麗玲 journal article
6622002在最壞與最好的時代:《中外文學》三十週年有感HSIEN-HAO LIAO journal article00
6632002在百貨公司遇見狼張小虹 book
6642006在神性與人性間游移︰凱特‧歐布萊恩作品裡的異鄉人高維泓 journal article
6652004在聖薩爾瓦多城鎮的生活鮑曉鷗 report
6661992在解構與解體之間徘徊:臺灣現代小說中「中國身分」的轉變HSIEN-HAO LIAO journal article00
6672000在詩的迷宮裡:語言、消費、空間性與美國前衛詩廖咸浩 conference paper
6682000地域意識的呈現:康斯德堡與克萊爾吳雅鳳 report
6692001城市文本與空間閱讀蔡秀枝 journal article
6702006城市是件花衣裳張小虹 journal article
6712007外文學門規劃研究推動計畫 (新制多年期第1年)張小虹 report
6722006外文系學生在口語故事敘述中所使用之過去式的變化GILES WITTON-DAVIES journal article
6732006多層次整體與陰性結構──讀史賓色《仙后》第三與第四卷李鴻瓊 ; 廖朝陽 thesis
6741999多篇關於精神分析翻譯與討論的短文沈志中 journal article
6752004大一英文與語言學習策略楊乃冬 book
6762004大學中之精神分析研究沈志中 conference paper
6772009大學外語科系的中譯英教學:翻譯教學與英語教學的交會點CHIA-CHIEN CHANG journal article
6782006大陸電影:第五代之後沈曉茵 journal article
6792002天上飛的與地上爬的:美國九一一事件的文化思考張小虹 journal article
6802014奇幻與歷史交會時隱藏的創傷:重探《貝武夫》屠龍詩篇YA-SHIH Sophia LIU journal article
6811997女人、性別與(後)殖民主義:佛斯特的《印度之旅》中的性別與種族政治劉亮雅 report
6821998女人、性別與(抵)殖民主義:佛斯特的《印度之旅》中的性別與種族政治劉亮雅 journal article
6832010女性主義文學批評/後殖民主義邱貴芬; 蕭立君 book
6841998女性主體、荒謬困境與女性書寫:成英姝的《公主徹夜未眠》劉亮雅 journal article
6852001女性主體、荒謬困境與女性書寫:成英姝的《公主徹夜未眠》劉亮雅 book chapter
6862007女性在科學科技領域所用之抗拒論述策略(WR44)葉德蘭 report
6872016'女性的政治參與--以英國十八世紀女性作家夏綠蒂·史密斯為例'YI-CHENG WENG journal article
6882007女性科幻與後人類想像 (新制多年期第1年)張惠娟 report
6892007女性科幻與後人類想像 (新制多年期第2年)張惠娟 report
6902000女性電腦叛客的性別/族群論述:策略與困頓張惠娟 journal article
6911999女性電腦叛客研究(1/2)張惠娟 report
6922000女性電腦叛客研究(2/2)張惠娟 report
6932016如何延遲世界末日?:經《一座島嶼的可能性》窺看《風暴之書》與《西夏旅館》中的後人類視域及重返生命之途廖咸浩 journal article
6942008娛樂審查大人:喬‧歐騰及其黑色喜劇施純宜 journal article
6952006孕育新的女性主義/國家主義:汀馞蕾珂‧渥騰貝克之《破曉》中的生育議題施純宜 journal article
6962012學生選修翻譯課程的學習動機探討蔡毓芬(Yvonne Tsai) ; 蔡自青(Amanda Tsai)Journal Article00
6972005家、國、情感:英國浪漫時期女作家的多重難題吳雅鳳 report
6982002專輯并言-進步日本的再認識HSIEN-HAO LIAO journal article
6991997專輯弁言LI-LING TSENG journal article00
7001997專輯弁言:衍異性與性別劉亮雅 book
7012002專輯弁言-死生如來去,夢幻映真實SHU-YING CHANG journal article
7021995尋父之悲情與弒父之必要:世紀末台灣的父╱權廖咸浩 journal article
7032000對以語言學習策略訓練為輔的大一英文課之系統化研究楊乃冬 report
7042008導讀吳雅鳳 book
7052006小組活動和課堂參與是否有助於英語口語能力的增進許文僊 report
7062014小酒館裡,萬種風情唱情歌-關於「卡巴萊」(Cabaret)PAO-HSIANG WANG journal article
7072010少數族裔,多元視角:談當代愛爾蘭劇場的全球化劇場WEI H. KAO book-chapter
7082004"尤利西斯"與"莫洛伊"遷徙藝術的政治性曾麗玲 report
7092005"尤利西斯"與"馬隆逝矣"的遷徙藝術曾麗玲 report
7102001〈尤利西斯〉─之文本政治(III-I)曾麗玲 report
7111996山色空濛雨亦奇: 烏扥邦研究近貌張惠娟 journal article
7122003〈巴城落日〉二首梁欣榮 book
7132002巴爾札克筆下追求完美藝術家之宿命Chen, Wei-ling journal article
7142003巴特《S/Z》中的轉向與閱讀策略蔡秀枝 journal article
7152011巴黎長境頭:侯孝賢與《紅氣球》張小虹 journal article
7161996帕斯的時間觀張淑英 journal article
7172006帝國的新衣張小虹 journal article
7182000平路《百齡箋》中的性別、書寫與記憶劉亮雅 conference paper
7192001平路《百齡箋》中的性別、書寫與記憶劉亮雅 book chapter
7202006幻想與無意識尚‧拉普朗虛; 尚-柏騰‧彭大歷斯; 賽基.勒克萊; 沈志中 book
7212002幽冥《海上花》:表面美學與時間褶襉張小虹 journal article
7222000建構家園:康斯德柏與克萊爾吳雅鳳 ; YA-FENG WU journal article
7232004建構批判性的跨(國)文化流動研究─論近代世界主義的歷史流變:西方二十世紀之交大都會世界主義與當代「全球化世界主義」 (1/3)李紀舍 report
7242005建構批判性的跨(國)文化流動研究─論近代世界主義的歷史流變:西方二十世紀之交大都會世界主義與當代「全球化世界主義」 (2/3)李紀舍 report
7252000建立同志“國”?朝向一個性異議政體的烏托邦想像朱偉誠  journal article
7262015弁言李鴻瓊 ; 邱彥彬  journal article
7272001引起「東方主義」焦慮的《金寶貝》邱錦榮 journal article
7281999張愛玲的世紀末愛情劉亮雅 conference paper
7292001張愛玲的世紀末愛情劉亮雅 book chapter
7302018形象轉向:談十九世紀中期《家庭天使》的女性想像YI-CHENG WENG 
7312006影像與帝國-視覺文化的簡易系譜吳雅鳳 book
7322001《彼爾士農夫》中的朝聖詩學與在地書寫楊明蒼 journal article
7332014往房間的旅程:塔可夫斯基《潛行者》中的時空體熊宗慧 journal article
7342000後殖民狀況下的男性建構:當代英國文本相關研究朱偉誠 report
7351993後現代/女人: 權力、慾望與性別表演張小虹 book
7362001後現代奇機︰手機召喚、幻聽偏執與商品拜物張小虹 journal article
7372013後現代的戲耍或後人文的倫理?以卡茨的臆/異想世界為例黃宗慧 ; Huang, T.H.journal article
7381980後現代與女性主義之糾葛:試論當代女性烏托邦小說張惠娟 journal article
7392004後現代與後殖民:1987年以來的台灣女性小說 (1/3)劉亮雅 conference paper
7402005後現代與後殖民:1987年以來的台灣小說劉亮雅 conference paper
7412006後現代與後殖民:解嚴以來台灣小說專論劉亮雅 book
7422007後現代與後殖民:論解嚴以來的台灣小說劉亮雅 book
7432004後現代,還是後殖民?:《微醺彩妝》中的景觀、歷史書寫以及跨國與本土的辯証劉亮雅 journal article
7442002從《尤利西斯》中的死亡與失落試論主體與魅影/病徵的抗衡黃宗慧 report
7452006從「correspondances」到「Objective Correlative」:初探中國三、四十年代「現代主義」詩論之形成Ma Yiu Man conference paper
7462007從「眼睭」到「筋骨」──台灣檳榔西施的交換實踐李鴻瓊 conference paper
7472000從中英平行語料庫自動擷取雙語詞彙知識高照明 report
7481999從女性烏扥邦到女性電腦叛克: 兼論皮兒西張惠娟 journal article
7492007從巴赫汀「嘉年華理論」閱讀托爾金的《魔戒》: 哈比人的英雄主義Tai-Chun Ho journal article
7501995從後結構主義觀探討美國早期清教徒詩人愛德華.泰勒《靜思》系列中的類型釋義手法梁欣榮; Leung, Yan-Wing report
7511993從後結構主義觀探討美國早期清教徒詩人愛德華勒”靜思”系列中的套型手法梁欣榮 report
7521997從拉崗到民族主義李鴻瓊 journal article
7532002從文學研究到文化研究-《中外文學》三十週年系列座談之一從《美麗境界》與《艾蜜莉的異想世界》看真實、異想與再現HSIEN-HAO LIAO journal article
7542008從殖民到移民-拉丁美洲人民的美國夢/魘電影《北方》啟示錄/路張淑英 conference paper
7551995從現代詩到MTV中"視覺"的流變廖咸浩 report
7562007從精神分析之鏡╱外看動物他者 (新制多年期第1年)黃宗慧 report
7571997從精神分析有關壓抑與禁忌之理論看台灣當前性文化與性論述劉毓秀 report
7582000從見鯨不是鯨,到見鯨又是鯨─淺談《白鯨記》李欣穎 Conference Paper
7592006從頹敗之城到豐饒之都:淺談《攻殼機動隊》二部曲中亞洲城市影像的文化轉譯/義廖勇超 journal article
7602010從高級到優級:中英口譯學生英語學習課程的設計與實施CHIA-CHIEN CHANG journal article
7612010從高級到優級:中英口譯學生英語學習課程的設計與實施MICHELLE Min-chia WU ; CHIA-CHIEN CHANG journal article
7622004德希達談「論宗教」姜台芬 journal article
7632015德語陳述句句法結構解析林倩君 journal article
7642007志異遷徙-從中古到現代吳雅鳳 report
7652001性、笑話、潛意識:從精神分析的觀點看淫穢笑話的愉悅 /踰越性黃宗慧 journal article
7661994性別, 身體與意識型態:當代女性劇場之研究張小虹 report
7671994性別、身體與意識型態:當代西方女性劇場與社會變革張小虹 ; 黃素卿  journal article
7681996性別的文化建構─從佛洛伊德看性與性別特質的建構(Ⅱ)劉毓秀 report
7691995「性別的文化建構」─從佛洛伊德看性與性別特質的建構(I)劉毓秀 report
7701995性別的美學/政治:西方女性主義文學批評與當代台灣文學研究張小虹 report
7711995性別越界:女性主義文學理論與批評張小虹 book
7721998性帝國主義張小虹 book
7732007性意識與文學趙恬儀 ; 祁壽華; 林建忠journal article
7741996性與認同政治:台灣的同性戀論述(II-I)張小虹 report
7751998性與認同政治:臺灣的同性戀論述(II-II)張小虹 report
7761998性/別研究讀本張小虹 book
7772000怪胎喉嚨:歌劇皇后的變聲幻象張小虹 book
7782000怪胎家庭羅曼史張小虹 book
7791998怪胎家庭羅曼史:《河流》中的慾望場景張小虹 journal article
7801998怪胎陰陽變:楊照、紀大偉、成英姝與洪凌小說裡男變女變性人想像劉亮雅 journal article
7812001怪胎陰陽變:楊照、紀大偉、成英姝與洪凌小說裡男變女變性人想像劉亮雅 conference paper
7822016恍惚、暗黑、倫理學:一場身體的跨界對談廖咸浩 ; 楊儒賓; 龔卓軍; Liao, H.H.; Yang, R.B.; Gong, J.J.journal article
7831995悟無、悟吾、悟無吾-論貝克特五○年代戲劇風格LI-LING TSENG journal article00
7842001情色世紀末 (代序)劉亮雅 conference paper
7852001情色世紀末:小說、性別、文化、美學劉亮雅 book
7862004愚人金:《富賈滄桑》中的股市投資李欣穎 journal article00
7871997愛慾、性別與書寫:邱妙津的女同性戀小說劉亮雅 journal article
7881998愛慾、性別與書寫:邱妙津的女同性戀小說劉亮雅 book chapter
7892000愛慾、性別與書寫:邱妙津的女同性戀書寫劉亮雅 conference paper
7901999愛慾在香港:黃碧雲《烈女圖》中的女性與香港主體劉亮雅 conference paper
7912001愛慾在香港:黃碧雲《烈女圖》中的女性與香港主體劉亮雅 book chapter
7922009愛的不可能任務:《色∣戒》中的性-政治-歷史張小虹 journal article
7932007愛美有理、奢華無罪?:從台灣社會的皮草時尚風談自戀、誘惑與享受黃宗慧 journal article
7941995《愛與解構:當代台灣文學評論與文化觀察》廖咸浩 book
7951996慾望新地圖:性別.同志學張小虹 book
7961998慾望更衣室(自序)劉亮雅 conference paper
7971998慾望更衣室:情色小說的政治與美學劉亮雅 book
7982013應用AHP探討公共圖書館推廣電子書閱讀服務決策因素林維真 ; 黃?瑩 journal article00
7992001我不要,但我沒有:創傷、文本性、現代情欲廖咸浩 conference paper
8002006我們都似台灣人張小虹 journal article
8012012我夫/父為君:論雷亞孟《布魯特》中的皇室婚姻與家庭觀YA-SHIH Sophia LIU book-chapter
8022007戲劇典律的顛覆與重構:以二十世紀末之愛爾蘭劇場為例(I)WEI H. KAO ; 高維泓 report
8032001戲虐人生:沙奇的短篇小說楊明蒼 book
8042013「所有的惡臭都是疾病」:論迪更斯《荒涼山莊》的衛生論述與道德經濟CHUNG-JEN CHEN journal article
8052017托瑪斯·曼筆下走上不歸途的頹廢藝術家林倩君 journal article
8062005「扭斷天鵝的脖子」:異國情調和本土化-拉丁美洲現代主義到後現代主義的轉折張淑英 conference paper
8072014批評的常識/常識的批評:理論、常識與改革蕭立君 ; Hsiao, L.C.journal article
8081990扼殺LI-LING TSENG journal article00
8092018找回失去的亞特蘭提斯: 從德國浪漫主義晚期小說《金罐》溯源「魔幻寫實」書寫林倩君 journal article
8102007找尋禮物的理論:馬歇.牟斯與牟斯式禮物經濟CHUNG-JEN CHEN journal article
8112002抓現代性的小辮子:歪讀《阿Q正傳》張小虹 journal article
8122004抗爭運動之外:試論反全球化的文化與訓育面李紀舍 ; 黃宗儀 book
8132004拉丁美洲後爆炸時期之小說與電影(1980-2000)張淑英 report
8142002拉丁美洲後現代文學之東方與中國符號─以波赫士, 帕斯和薩爾度為例(II-II)張淑英 report
8151999拉丁美洲現代主義文學中的中國張淑英 conference paper
8162000拉丁美洲現代主義文學中的中國張淑英 journal article
8172003拉丁美洲現代小說與電影張淑英 ; Chang, Luisa Shu-Yingreport
8182005挪用認同:歷史、清教論述與早期美國認同奚永慧 journal article
8192012「掃黃」:美國白奴敘事下的華裔女性身影HSIN-YING LI journal article
8202011探討國際間政府單位及業界所採用的翻譯品質評量方式蔡毓芬 Book Chapter
8212014探討德語教學網站的構件與運用林倩君 journal article
8222003插畫家的肖像:〈真品〉的美學與倫理李欣穎 journal article
8232005搞定會議英文:梁欣榮 book
8242006搬演精神分析:皮藍代羅的兩齣經典劇作邱錦榮 journal article
8251997摩理森的《摯愛》中的(重新)記憶和語言劉亮雅 conference paper
8261996摩理森的《摯愛》中的(重新)記憶和語言劉亮雅 report
8271996摩理森的《最藍的眼睛》裡的(白人)凝視、找人替罪與強暴劉亮雅 report
8282001摩登張愛玲:時尚意識與女性主體張小虹 report
8291998擺盪在現代與後現代之間:朱天文近期作品中的國族、世代、性別、情慾問題劉亮雅 conference paper
8301995擺盪在現代與後現代之間──朱天文近期作品中的國族、世代、性別、情慾問題劉亮雅 journal article
8311998擺盪在現代與後現代之間:朱天文近期作品中的國族、世代、性別、情慾問題劉亮雅 conference paper
832-改善翻譯課程學生英譯文可讀性研究蔡毓芬 journal article
8331998故入迷宮:紅樓夢的後現代狀況(II-I)廖咸浩 report
8341999故入迷宮:紅樓夢的後現代狀況(II-II)廖咸浩 report
8352003教導美國?教導文學?CHUNG-JEN CHEN journal article
8362007教育部中英文翻譯能力考試「逐步口譯」之命題原則、評分工具、程序及檢核建議書劉敏華; 陳子瑋; 張嘉倩 ; 林慶隆; 吳紹銓book
8372007教育部人文教育革新中綱計畫補助〈志異經典研讀讀書會〉吳雅鳳 report
8381998整合語言學習策略訓練於大一英文課程楊乃冬 report
8391996文化工業再探CHI-SHE LI journal article
8402006文化翻譯:後現代、後殖民與解嚴以來的台灣文學劉亮雅 journal article
8412007文字中的肢體語言:是可譯,孰不可譯?以法譯漢為例林湘漪 ; HSIANG-I LIN conference paper
8422001文學教學的橫向思考--從比較文化/跨文化角度出發張淑英 conference paper
8432005〈文山長恨曲〉詩二首梁欣榮 book
8441994文本裡有女人嗎? 閱讀《黃色壁紙》張小虹 journal article
8452004文脈中的外國意念:英國中古暨文藝復興文化一側面─中古英文歷史誌中的外國意念與國族認同(1/3)楊明蒼 report
8462005文脈中的外國意念:英國中古暨文藝復興文化一側面─中古英文歷史誌中的外國意念與國族認同(2/3)楊明蒼 report
8472007文藝復興圖像傳輸到中國:艾儒略(Aleni)案例研究鮑曉鷗 report
8482004文藝復興時期的女性:抗拒與反映魏思博 ; Viv, Westbrookreport
8492008斜眼觀天另有天: 文學現代性在台灣廖咸浩 book
8501998「新世界黑人」與「新世界女人」:被社會唾棄的蘇拉劉亮雅 conference paper
8512003新世界黑人與新世界女人:社會棄民蘇拉劉亮雅 journal article
8522002新世紀的喬伊斯:政治, 文本, 倫理─尤利西斯之文本政治(II-I)曾麗玲 report
8532004新世紀的喬伊斯:政治、文本、倫理─感官新樂園:從《尤利西斯》看身體政治與慾望經濟黃宗慧 report
8542002新世紀的喬伊斯:政治、文本、倫理─感官新樂園:從《尤利西斯》看身體政治與慾望經濟(II-I)黃宗慧 report
8552003新世紀的喬伊斯:政治,文本,倫理─尤利西斯之文本政治 (II-II)曾麗玲 report
8562007新世紀的省思:試論勒瑰恩的《轉機》張惠娟 journal article
8572007《新富的機運》和十九世紀美國女性藝術家李欣穎 report
8582002新舊交替:三本美國寫實小說中的新富階級李欣穎 Conference Paper
8591993方言的文學角色:三種後結構視角廖咸浩 conference paper
8601990方言的文學角色:三種後結構視角HSIEN-HAO LIAO journal article00
8612010施叔青《行過洛津》中的歷史書寫與鄉土想像劉亮雅 ; Liou, L.Y.journal article
8622003族群、記憶、主體性︰王童《紅柿子》專輯廖朝陽 ; 李鴻瓊 journal article
8632002《族群、記憶、主體性︰王童《紅柿子》專輯》廖朝陽 ; 李鴻瓊 ( 編 ) journal article
8642004日內瓦聖經與早期美國歷史書寫:美國國家認同源起奚永慧 report
8652002日常語言中的革命:語言現代化、全球化、民族主義、現代性傷痕廖咸浩 conference paper
8661979昆廷的浪漫性質:福克納《痴人狂喧》之一角色探討張惠娟 journal article
8671997易身通行劉亮雅 book
8682007映現/形塑性別的語言溝通葉德蘭 book
8692006是「跨越」,還是「回歸」?:閱讀「誤」譯馬耀民 journal article
8702005時尚現代性張小虹 book
8712013時尚的縐摺張小虹 journal article
8722003時尚.身體.現代性創傷(1/3)張小虹 report
8732004時尚.身體.現代性創傷(2/3)張小虹 report
8742005時尚.身體.現代性創傷(3/3)張小虹 report
8751996時間與藝術想像:論吳爾芙三部主要小說劉亮雅 journal article
8762001智慧型電腦輔助翻譯與教學─網路中英雙語語料庫對應句檢索系統之建構高照明 report
8772004暴力為轉換之徑:論歐康諾〈好人難尋〉蔡秀枝 journal article
8782011書寫/收藏火山:桑塔格的創傷城市吳雅鳳 conference paper
8792000最後的『自畫像』:愛欲、痛楚、國族-芙麗妲.卡蘿的《日記》呈現的心靈徵狀張淑英 conference paper
8802006會議口譯學生之外語需求分析張嘉倩 report
8811996有情與無情之間:中西成長小說的流變廖咸浩 conference paper
8821996本來無民族,何處找敵人?:勉廖朝陽「不懼和解、無需民族」HSIEN-HAO LIAO journal article00
8832005朱熹對《四書》裡‘智’的反思: 生命之流裡智慧之弋射之道唐格理 book
8842008《李爾王》的父女關係: 親子、老化、誘惑邱錦榮 book
8851992杜瓦特家族張淑英 book
8862004《杜瓦特家族》:小說到電影的暴力主題與國家寓言的延變〉張淑英 journal article
8872004《杜瓦特家族》:小說與影像藝術張淑英 journal article
8882007東亞多重現代性與反成長敘述:論三部華語電影李紀舍 ; 黃宗儀 journal article
8892007東方前衛/前衛東方:閱讀「跨國性」的多重視角廖咸浩 conference paper
8901986樂園神話與烏扥邦張惠娟 journal article
8912011欲知蒼生問鬼神:十九世紀後期的美國靈異小說李欣穎 Book Chapter
8922007歐康諾的身體舖坊:怪誕身體符號學 (新制多年期第1年)蔡秀枝 report
8932007歐康諾的身體舖坊:怪誕身體符號學 (新制多年期第2年)蔡秀枝 report
8942008此地逃花源,彼地桃花源:《殘月樓》中的空間辯證傅友祥 journal article
8952000歷史想像與寓言翻譯:巴瑞•安斯華的《道德劇》楊明蒼 book
8962002殖民與種族狀況性別/性相化之政治閱讀朱偉誠 report
8972002氤氳靉靆:精神分析「起源」問題初論沈志中 journal article
8981997水晶的誘惑:從視覺的流變看艾許貝里的〈凸鏡中的自畫像〉廖咸浩 conference paper
8991995水晶的誘惑:致命閱讀艾許貝里的《凸鏡中的自畫像》廖咸浩 conference paper
9001999水與火的交戰:透納的末世啟示YA-FENG WU journal article
9012001波特來爾愛說笑?論翻譯與文學機構馬耀民 journal article
9022002洛杉磯世紀末災變之戲劇再現與自然/文化斷層之交錯:以獨角戲《日暮洛城1992》及歌劇《觀頂見日》為例PAO-HSIANG WANG journal article00
9031996洪凌的《肢解異獸》與《異端吸血鬼列傳》中的情慾與性別劉亮雅 journal article
9041998洪凌的《肢解異獸》與《異端吸血鬼列傳》中的情慾與性別劉亮雅 conference paper
9052007流浪漢、夢想家、旅行者、思鄉人--西班牙黃金世紀、九八年代至二十世紀旅行文學的延變 (新制多年期第1年)張淑英 report
9062009流行/形天后瑪丹娜: 全球化下的瑪丹娜身體再造廖勇超 ; Liao, Y.C.journal article
9072015流變與空白:與廖朝陽談理論蕭立君 journal article
9082005流轉與凝望—藝術中的人與自然吳雅鳳 book
9092010浪漫主義吳雅鳳 book
9102007浪漫時期吳雅鳳 book
9112008浪漫風景中的女性:瑞德克麗芙與史蜜斯吳雅鳳 book
9122003〈浪跡蓬山意未休〉詩二首梁欣榮 book
9132015「浮華與浪蕩」:《國家習俗》中的名流文化HSIN-YING LI journal article
9142003消逝的天鵝張淑英 book
9151993淫說:紅樓夢「悲劇」的後現代沉思廖咸浩 journal article
9162012深入文學的桃花源李欣穎 Book Chapter
9171996深入迷宮:《紅樓夢》的迷離與流失廖咸浩 conference paper
9182007混雜與過渡:歐康諾〈凡興者必合〉中的城市空間蔡秀枝 journal article
9192006測量全球商品的飛行高度:從理論到電影,從字義到隱喻張小虹 book
9202003湯亭亭《女戰士》中的母女關係劉亮雅 journal article
9212007「漢」夜未可懼.何不持炬遊?:原住民的新文化論述廖咸浩 book
9222004漢英近義句翻譯檢索高照明 book
9232004漫漫移民路:從羅卓瑤探視移植華人的電影創作沈曉茵 report
9241998漫談西語旅行文學張淑英 conference paper
9251998漾素,驅力,後死亡主體:從葛黑瑪看科技與網路空間李鴻瓊 journal article
9262004澳洲電影中之女性情懷︰以《聖煙》探視千禧轉折沈曉茵 report
9271999火與水的交戰:透納的末世啟示吳雅鳳 conference paper
9281999火與水的交戰:透納的末世啟示吳雅鳳 journal article
9291999為死亡所籠罩的主體:論《迷園》中的語言、歷史與性李鴻瓊 journal article
9302005烏托邦與生態想像(1/2)張惠娟 report
9311999烹飪經驗與女性自我實現>─以<巧克力情人>和<春膳>為例張淑英 conference paper
9321999烹飪藝術與女性自我實現>─以<巧克力情人>和<春膳>為例張淑英 journal article
9331996無意義詩學:從前衛到後現代中美學和政治的糾結廖咸浩 report
9342004無法禁鈷的良知(導讀)李欣穎 Book Chapter
9352014無稽文學與風景畫:愛德華李爾之風景美學觀MOU-LAN WONG conference paper
9362011無關理論、無關愛李鴻瓊 journal article
9371993物質主義的叛變:從文學史、女性化、後現代之脈絡看夏宇的「陰性詩」廖咸浩 conference paper
9381996狐狸與自狼:空白與血緣的迷思HSIEN-HAO LIAO journal article
9392012猶太.美國.文學李欣穎 Book Chapter
9401993獨腳戲:《猴行者》中的性別越界張小虹 conference paper
9412015王位排除危機脈絡下的亨利六世:內戰悲歌中的雙重史觀與恐懼詩學yihsin hsu journal article
9422005〈王文興教授榮退題詩二首〉梁欣榮 book
9432002現代反烏托邦文學:察米雅欽與艾特伍德(II-I)張惠娟 report
9442003現代反烏托邦文學:察米雅欽與艾特伍德(II-II)張惠娟 report
9452004現代性的小腳:文化易界與日常生活踐履張小虹 book
9462007現代性的曲線張小虹 journal article
9472001現代性的空白-《家變》、《背海的人》前後上下之間LI-LING TSENG journal article00
9481995現代性-未竟之功LI-LING TSENG journal article00
9492018理性思辨與感官觸動的交織與衝突: 托瑪斯·曼《魂斷威尼斯》中的命運之旅林倩君 journal article
9502016理論的生續/生續的理論:與廖咸浩談理論蕭立君 ; Hsiao, L.C.journal article
9512004〈瑙西卡〉的明信片式解讀LI-LING TSENG ; 曾麗玲 journal article00
9522000〈瑙西卡〉與明信片的解讀曾麗玲 report
9532002生命在別處:傳統、全球化、殖民現代性廖咸浩 conference paper
9542005生態烏托邦──試論七○年代三本美國烏托邦小說張惠娟 journal article
9552002生枯起朽的魔幻-論《佩德羅.巴拉摩》的書寫SHU-YING CHANG journal article
9562005用餐 900 句典梁欣榮 book
9572004由和平權到和平的教育文化葉德蘭 conference paper
9581999由田園主題的變遷談透納的英國風景吳雅鳳 conference paper
9591998由田園主題的變遷談透納的英國風景吳雅鳳 ; YA-FENG WU journal article
9602009異夢爲何同床?:中文現代詩中現代主義詩學與國族再造的糾結HSIEN-HAO LIAO journal article
9612004異(譯)者的體驗:精神分析與翻譯(1/2)沈志中 report
9622005異(譯)者的體驗:精神分析與翻譯(2/2)沈志中 report
9632016當滑膛槍與武士刀心手相連:重探《傲慢與偏見與殭屍》中的雜揉政治與女性主體廖勇超 ; Liao, Y.C.journal article
9642011當科學家遇上蛇魔女: 以史坦貝克短篇故事〈蛇〉為起點 重省視覺中心主義之侷限黃宗慧 ; Huang, T.H.journal article
9652009瘖啞與傾聽:精神分析早期歷史研究沈志中 book
9661998(白先勇同志的)女人、怪胎、國族:一個家庭羅曼史的連接朱偉誠  journal article
9672000皮藍代羅的劇場:戲劇與精神分析的界面邱錦榮 journal article
9682004皮藍代羅:劇場的精神分析師邱錦榮 conference paper
9692001皮藍代羅:戲劇與心理分析邱錦榮 report
9702016盎格魯式全球化中的移居想像:論《克拉摩里森》與《米德爾馬契》中的物質文化李紀舍 ; Li, C.S.journal article
9712006盜亦有道乎?──《卡內基自傳》〉李欣穎 journal article
9721994盜版瑪丹娜:後現代擬仿與性別拷貝張小虹 journal article
9732002看.不見九二一:災難、創傷與視覺消費張小虹 journal article
9742006真實女人或創傷女人?:拉岡性分化公式與女性蕩力論之性別政治效力初探黃宗慧 journal article
9752008真理,不盡然:拉岡文獻研究(2/3)沈志中 report
9762007真理,不盡然:拉岡文獻研究(3/3)沈志中 report
9771991「眾聲喧嘩」與正文的口述性馬耀民 journal article
9782012《石匠玖德》:交叉的聖旅吳雅鳳 book
9791994祖母臉上的大蝙蝠:從鹿港到香港的施叔青張小虹 conference paper
9802003神經學與精神分析(上)沈志中 journal article00
9812004神經學與精神分析(下)沈志中 journal article00
9822005「福樓拜的憤怒」:論《包法利夫人》中的笨陳維玲 journal article
9831994《科幻》專號序(一)HSIEN-HAO LIAO journal article00
9841996種族、性別與再現:美國非裔女性小說劉亮雅 report
9851997種族與性別壓迫的悲劇:摩理森《最藍的眼睛》裡的(白人)凝視、找人替罪與強暴劉亮雅 conference paper
9862004種族/性相的身體與視覺性朱偉誠 report
9871990『空白的一頁』與女性創造力的種種議題HSIEN-HAO LIAO journal article
9882001站在宇宙中心凝視—浪漫詩人雪萊吳雅鳳 journal article
9892004《符號帝國》:重讀東方∕異文化 (II-II)蔡秀枝 report
9901989第十九號房HSIEN-HAO LIAO journal article
9912004精神分析中文翻譯的問題沈志中 conference paper
9922005精神分析對文化理論的介入I:真實─精神分析與性別研究之對話再探:以歇斯底里及戀物癖為例(1/3)黃宗慧 report
9932007精神分析對文化理論的介入I:真實-精神分析與性別研究之對話再探:以歇斯底里及戀物癖為例(3/3)黃宗慧 report
9942004精神分析與挪用莎翁:以李爾王為例邱錦榮 report
9952005精神分析與法國臨床心理學的建立:歷史回顧與探討沈志中 journal article
9962009精神分析辭彙劉紀蕙; 廖朝陽 ; 黃宗慧 ; 龔卓軍book
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