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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHAN-LIANG WU吳展良 History Song Dynasty Neo-Confucianism and Intellectual History; Modern and Contemporary Chinese Intellectual History; Modern and Contemporary Western Intellectual History
CHENG-HUA FANG方震華 History Song Dynasty History
CHENG-HUA HAN韓承樺 History Intellectual and Cultural History of Modern China; History of Knowledge; History of Modern China
CHIA-FENG CHANG張嘉鳳 History History of Chinese Astronomy; History of Chinese Medicine
CHIA-FU SUNG宋家復 History Sung Historiography; Chinese Intellectual History; Contemporary Historical Theories
CHIAO-MEI LIU劉巧楣 History book illustrations; History of Modern Art; art historiography; Cultural history of childhood
HSIN-JU YEN顏杏如 History History of Taiwan; Social and Cultural History of Japanese Colonies; Migration and Diaspora in the Japanese Empire
HUAI-CHEN KAN甘懷真 History Interpretation of the Confucian Cannon in East Asia;  Li-Zhi in Ancient China; Medieval Chinese Cultural History
HUI-HUNG CHEN陳慧宏 History Jesuit Studies; Cultural Encounters between China and the West; Early Modern Europe; Christianity and World History
HUNG-CHUNG YEN閻鴻中 History Scholarship and Intellectual History of the Qin and Han Dynasties; History of Ancient Chinese Historiography; History of Ancient Chinese Ethics
JO-LAN YI衣若蘭 History History of Ming and Qing Dynasty Society and Culture; Chinese Women's History
JO-SHUI CHEN陳弱水 History Chinese intellectual history; History of medieval China
KUAN-FEI CHEN陳冠妃 History Socio-economic History of Taiwan; Urban History; Heritage Studies
MAN-YI CHIN秦曼儀 History European Social and Cultural History from the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth Century; The French AnnalesSchool; The History of the Culture of Writing in Modern France; Western Women's History
MASATO HASEGAWA長谷川正人 History The Sino-Korean Relationship During Ming and Qing Dynasties; History of Ming and Qing Dynasties
SHAO-LI LU呂紹理 History History of Taiwan during the Japanese colonial period; Urban history of Modern Taiwan; Modern Chinese socio-economic history
SHIH-CHIEH LO羅士傑 History Modern Chinese History; Historical Anthropology; Popular Religion and Local Politics
SU-HSIEN YANG楊肅献 History History of the French Revolution; Modern British History; Modern European History; History of the Enlightenment
TSUI-LIEN CHEN陳翠蓮 History Political history of Taiwan; Taiwan history under Japanese rule
WAN-YAO CHOU周婉窈 History History of Taiwan During the Japanese Colonial Period; Qing Dynasty Women's History
WEN-LIANG LEE李文良 History Taiwanese History
YA-HWEI HSU許雅惠 History Chinese material culture; Art and archaeology in Bronze-Age China; Song-dynasty antiquarianism
YANG FU傅揚 History Chinese Political Culture before the 10th Century; Approaches to Intellectual History; Intellectual and Cultural History of China
YIH-FEN HUA花亦芬 History German Cultural History; Cultural History of the Renaissance; European History of Religion, Culture and Art
YUAN-YI WANG王遠義 History Modern Chinese Revolutionary History; Modern European Intellectual History; Modern and Contemporary Chinese Intellectual History