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120102008年臺灣史研究的回顧與展望TSUI-LIEN CHEN journal article
2199987年有關明代研究論文目錄JO-LAN YI journal article
320188個你不可不知的國際關係議題 = International relation王世宗主編 Book
42007A Chinese physician: Wang Ji and the "stone mountain medical case histories"CHIA-FENG CHANG journal article00
52000A General Review on the History of Chinese Medicine in China and Taiwan, 1919-1999CHANG, Chia-Feng conference paper
62003A New Interpretation of an Ancient Object: the National Palace Museum's Yung-tse Academy Kuei VesselYA-HWEI HSU journal article
72017Altered resting-state EEG complexity in children with tourette syndrome: A preliminary studyWEN-CHIN WENG ; CHIA-FENG CHANG ; Wong, L.C.; JUI-HSIANG LIN ªL·ç²» ; WANG-TSO LEE ; Shieh, J.-S.journal article44
82004Amitié féminine et écriture épistolaire au XVIIIe siècle秦曼儀 thesis
92007An Anthropological Approach to the Jesuit China Mission in the Early Modern Period: Christian Devotional Materials in a Cross-Cultural Context陳慧宏 conference paper
102002Anti-Buddhism and Intellectual Conditions in Sixth and Seventh Century China陳弱水 Book Section
112011Antiquarian Trends in the Dynastic Revival of the Southern Song許雅惠 journal article00
122013Antiquaries and Politics: Antiquarian Culture of the Northern Song, 960-1127YA-HWEI HSU book-chapter
132013Antiquities, Ritual Reform, and the Shaping of New Taste at Huizong's CourtYA-HWEI HSU journal article
142008Aristotelianism in Multiple Discourses of the Seventeenth-Century Jesuit China Missions: An Epistemological Attempt or a Geoculture?陳慧宏 conference paper
151996Aspects of smallpox and its significance in Chinese historyCHIA-FENG CHANG dissertation
162006Between heimat and nation : Japanese colonial education and the origins of "Taiwanese Consciousness"Wan-Yao Chou Book Section
172010Between tortoise and mirrorChia-Fu Sung Thesis
181999“Body, Desire and Disease – A Case of Taidu in Traditional Chinese Medicine”張嘉鳳; CHANG, Chia-Feng conference paper
192004Book of Sage and the Constancy of Tian Li (Cosmic Texture/Vein):Basic Premises of Zhu Xi's Interpretation of the ClassicsWu, Chan-Liang journal article00
202013Book review of Maria Effinger / Cornelia Logemann / Ulrich Pfisterer (eds), Götterbilder und Götzendiener in der Frühen Neuzeit. Europas Blick auf fremde ReligionenYIH-FEN HUA journal article
211990The British Debate on the French Revolution: Edmund Burke and his criticsYang, Su-hsien thesis
221997British Position in Central Asia and the Defence of India: Lord Salisbury’s Policy王世宗 journal article
232001Cezanne: la serie de Chateau NoirCHIAO-MEI LIU book
241997The Chinese Idea: A Study in Chinese Thought, Politics, and Intellectual History of Capitalism, 1895-1923王遠義 thesis
252009Chinese Perception of European Perspective: A Jesuit Case in the Seventeenth CenturyHui-Hung Chen journal article32
262014A Chinese Treatise Attributed to Xu Gaungqi (1615): How the Jesuits in China Defined ‘Sacred Images’Chen, Hui-Hung Book Section
272009Chinese Walls in Time and Space: A Multidisciplinary PerspectiveRoger Des Forges; Thomas Burkman; Liu Chiao-mei ; Haun Saussybook
282011Color and Culture: Mondrian and the Call to Order in Postwar ParisCHIAO-MEI LIU journal article00
292000“Conceptions of 'Contagion' in the Seventh Century China”張嘉鳳; CHANG, Chia-Feng conference paper
301998The Conference of Berlin and British ‘New’ Imperialism, 1884-85Wang, Shih-tsung report
311998The Conference Of Berlin And British "New" Imperialism, 1884-85王世宗 journal article
322006A Cross-Cultural Transformation of Western Vision in the Jesuit China Missions of the Early Modern Period陳慧宏 conference paper
331996Culture as Identity during the T'ang-Sung Transition: The Ch'ing-ho Ts'uis and Po-ling Ts'uis陳弱水 journal article
342008Das Konzept der "Lebenspforte" (mingmen) Während der Jin-, Yuan- und Ming- ZeitCHIA-FENG CHANG journal article
351987The dawn of Neo-Confucianism:Liu Tsung-Yuan and the intellectual changes in T'ang China, 773-819Jo-shui Chen Thesis
362007Die Entwicklung der Vorstellung von der Lebenspforte (mingmen) während der Jin (1115 - 1234), Yuan (1271 - 1368) und Ming (1368 - 1644) ZeitCHIA-FENG CHANG journal article
372014Diploma of a High-Priestess of the Association of Dionysiac ArtistsRUEY-LIN CHANG book-chapter
382011Disease and Its Impact on Politics, Diplomacy and the Military: The Case of Smallpox and the Manchus (1613-1795)CHIA-FENG CHANG book-chapter
392002Disease and Its Impact on Politics, Diplomacy and the Military: The Case of Smallpox and the Manchus (1613-1795)CHIA-FENG CHANG journal article
402000Dispersing the Foetal Toxin of the Body – Conceptions of Smallpox Aetiology in Pre-modern ChinaCHIA-FENG CHANG book-chapter
411994Edmund Burke on the Origins of the French RevolutionYang, Su-Hsien journal article
421995Empress Wu and Proto-Feminist Sentiments in T'ang ChinaChen, Jo-Shui book chapter
432004Encounters in Peoples, Religions, and Sciences: Jesuit Visual Culture in Seventeenth Century China陳慧宏 thesis
442012EpilogueJo-Shui Chen ; Dorothy Ko; Angela Ki Che Leung; Robin YatesBook Section
452005A European Distinction of Chinese Characteristics: the Style Question in Seventeenth-Century Jesuit China Missions陳慧宏 conference paper
462016Facing the Grand Design: Manet’s Tuileries Garden and Childhood PlayCHIAO-MEI LIU journal article
472016Fiscalité et propriété foncière dans le nome hermopolitain au iie s.à partir de trois rouleaux fiscaux d’époque romaine conservés à la BNU de Strasbourg (P. Stras. 901- 903)RUEY-LIN CHANG book-chapter
482012Five Dynasties and Ten KingdomsCHENG-HUA FANG journal article00
492006From Ordinary Martyrs to Worthy Mothers: the Expanding Paradigm of Female Virtue in Ming-Qing Dynastic HistoriesJO-LAN YI conference paper
502005From Party Spirit to Imperial Thinking: The Gladstone Government and the Execution of the Berlin Treaty, 1880-1881王世宗 journal article
512014Gender and Sericulture Ritual Practice in Sixteenth-Century ChinaJO-LAN YI journal article02
521997Ghiberti und das all'antica-Problem: Studien zu den Reliefs am Taufbrunnen im Baptisterium zu SienaYIH-FEN HUA dissertation
532010Giulio Aleni e la Prospettiva in CinaChen, Hui-Hung Book Section
542011Granary AccountRUEY-LIN CHANG book-chapter
552003Han YuJo-Shui Chen Book Section
562006"Han Yu", in Donald Borchert, ed. Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2nd edition陳弱水 journal article
572011Hiring Soldiers to Protect the People: Song Dynasty Arguments Justifying the Use of Mercenary ArmiesCHENG-HUA FANG journal article
582000Historicity, Tradition, Praxis and Tao: A Comparison of the World Views of Zhang Xuecheng and Modern Philosophical HermeneuticsCHAN-LIANG WU book-chapter
591995Historicity, Tradition, Praxis and Tao:A Comparison of The World Views of Zhang Xuecheng and Philosophical HermeneuticsWu, Chan-Liang conference paper
602004The Human Body as a Universe: Understanding Heaven by Visualization and Sensibility in Jesuit Cartography in China陳慧宏 conference paper
612007The Human Body as a Universe: Understanding Heaven by Visualization and Sensibility in Jesuit Cartography in China陳慧宏 journal article
622011Il corpo umano come l'universo: comprendere il Cielo attraverso la raffigurazione e le percesione nella cartografia gesuitica in CinaChen, Hui-Hung Book Section
632008Image and Soul: A Research on Jesuit Vision in Seventeenth-Century China陳慧宏 journal article
642002Imperial Liberalism or Liberal Imperialism: British Policy in Egypt, 1893-94王世宗 journal article
652008In Search of the Core Value of Life: Confucianism and the Perplexity of Modern SocietyCHAN-LIANG WU book-chapter
662008An Investigation into the Relationship between Salons Women and Print Culture in 18th-Century Paris: The Publishing Images of Madame de Lamber as a Case-Study秦曼儀 conference paper
671996The Kominka Movement in Taiwan and Korea: Comparisons and InterpretationsWan-yao Chou Book Section
681991The 'kominka' movement: Taiwan under wartime Japan, 1937-1945Wan-yao Chou Thesis
692003La lettre d'amite sous l'Ancien Regime: normes et usages秦曼儀 conference paper
701997Legends, Rituals and Disease - Variolation during the Seventeenth and Nineteenth Centuries ChinaChia-Feng Chang conference paper
711996Les lettres de Manon Phlipon à Sophie Cannet : contribution à l'histoire de l'amitié au XVIIIe秦曼儀 thesis
722003Li AoJo-Shui Chen Book Section
732006"Li Ao", in Donald Borchert, ed. Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2nd edition陳弱水 journal article
741990Liang Su (753-793) and Traditions in Medieval ChinaChen, Jo-Shui conference paper
752010List of NamesRUEY-LIN CHANG book-chapter
761992Liu Tsung-yuan and Intellectual Change in T'ang Chian, 773-819陳弱水 book
772012Local Politics and the Canonization of a God: Lord Yang (<i>Yang fujun</i>) in Late Qing Wenzhou (1840–67)SHIH-CHIEH LO journal article31
781994Lord Salisbury and Nationality in the East王世宗 thesis
792019Lord Salisbury and Nationality in the East: Viewing Imperialism in its Proper PerspectiveShih-tsung Wang Book
801997Lord Salisbury and the Governance of India王世宗 journal article
811996Lord Salisbury and the Justification of the British Position in Egypt王世宗 journal article
822014Manet’s Child Portraits and Childhood of the Bourgeoisie in Mid-Nineteenth Century ParisCHIAO-MEI LIU journal article00
832003Mapping out a Liberal Programme of Imperialism: The Liberal Party on the Eastern Question and British Policy in the Berlin Congress and beyondWang, Shih-tsung report
842003Mapping out a Liberal Programme of Imperialism: The Liberal Party on the Eastern Question and British Policy in the Berlin Congress and beyond王世宗 journal article
852005Military Families and the Southern Song Court—The Lu CaseCHENG-HUA FANG book-chapter
862003Military Families and the Southern Song Court—The Lu CaseCHENG-HUA FANG journal article
872015Most Natural Illusion: Manet’s Portraits of Girls and the Role of MotherhoodCHIAO-MEI LIU journal article00
881998Neoromantischer Konfuzinismus und Anti-Rationalismus in China zur Zeit der Vierten-Mai-BewegungCHAN-LIANG WU book-chapter
892015A new illustrated history of TaiwanWan-yao Chou ; Carole Plackitt; Tim CaseyBook
902004One Example of Visual Material in the Comparative Framework of China and the Overseas: the Fa?ade of the Church of St. Paul in Macao陳慧宏 conference paper
912000Parliament and Empire: British Policy in Egypt, 1882-1885王世宗 journal article
921999Parliament and Empire: British Policy in Egypt, 1882-85Wang, Shih-tsung report
932014Petition ?RUEY-LIN CHANG book-chapter
942016Philosophy of the Source of Life and its Non-Enlightenment Tendency in Late Qing China: Focusing on Kang Youwei and Tan SitongWu, Chan-Liang journal article
952017“A Philosophy of Toys”: Manet’s Child Play and Domestic SpacesCHIAO-MEI LIU journal article
962010Piet Mondrian’s Pluralism and Early Twentieth-Century ParisCHIAO-MEI LIU journal article; journal article00
972009Power structures and cultural identities in imperial China : civil and military power from Late Tang to Early Song Dynasties (A.D. 875-1063)CHENG-HUA FANG book
982001Power structures and cultural identities in imperial China: Civil and military power from late Tang to early Song dynasties (A.D. 875-1063)CHENG-HUA FANG dissertation
992005The Price of Orthodoxy: Issues of Legitimacy in the Later Liang and Later Tang方震華 journal article
1002005Proclaiming a Protectorate over Uganda: The Liberal Party and Late Victorian Empire, 1892-95Wang, Shih-tsung report
1012007Proclaiming a Protectorate over Uganda: The Liberal Party and Late Victorian Empire, 1892-95王世宗 journal article
1021995'Public Virtue' and Cultural Modernization in Chinese Societies: Some ReflectionsJo-Shui Chen Book Section
1032009Publishing and reading the female friendship correspondence in works of fiction: the woman writer’s sharing of sensitivity with the reader-friend in 18th-century France秦曼儀 Conference Paper
1042005Purifying the World: A Political Discourse in the Late Han, Interpretation and Intellectual Change: Chinese Hermeneutics in Historical Perspective, edited by Ching-I TuHUAI-CHEN KAN book
1052014ReceiptsRUEY-LIN CHANG book-chapter
1062008Recording the “Nameless”: The Treatment of Females in Late Imperial Chinese Women’s BiographiesJO-LAN YI conference paper
1071993Renaming oneself a true Japanese : one aspect of the Kominka movement, 1940-1945周婉窈 Book Section
1081994[Replay to Professor Charles Hartman]Jo-Shui Chen Journal Article
1092012Review of A Jesuit in the Forbidden City: Matteo Ricci 1552-1610, by R. Po-chia HsiaHUI-HUNG CHEN journal article0
1101992Review of Arthur Waldron, The Great Wall of China: From History to Myth (Cambridge University Press, 1990)陳弱水 journal article
1111990Review of Charles Hartman, Han Yu and the T'ang Search for Unity (Princeton University Press, 1986)陳弱水 journal article
1122013Review of Europe in China-China in Europe: Mission as a Vehicle to Intercultural Dialogue, ed. Paul WidmerHUI-HUNG CHEN journal article0
1132015Review of Home and the world: editing the "Glorious Ming" in woodblock-printed books of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, by Yuming HeHUI-HUNG CHEN journal article00
1141994Review of Hoyt Tillman, Confucian Discourses and Chu Hsi's Ascendancy (University of Hawaii Press, 1992)陳弱水 journal article
1152007Review of Journey to the East: The Jesuit Mission to China, 1579-1724, by Liam Matthew Brockey陳慧宏 journal article00
1161991Review of Kidder Smith, Jr., et al., Sung Uses of the I Ching (Princeton University Press, 1990)陳弱水 journal article
1172011Review of P. Heilporn, Thèbes et ses taxes. Recherches sur la fiscalité en Égypte romaine. (Ostraca de Strasbou rg II), Paris, 2009RUEY-LIN CHANG journal article
1182004Review of Reform in the Balance: The Defense of Literary Culture in mid-Tang China. By Anthony DeBlasi. Albany: State University of New York Press, 2002.陳弱水 journal article
1191993Review of T.H. Barrett, Li Ao: Buddhist, Taoist or Neo-Confucian? (Oxford University Press, 1992)陳弱水 journal article
1202013Review of The Jesuit Mission to New France: A New Interpretation in the Light of the Earlier Jesuit Experience in Japan, by Takao AbeHUI-HUNG CHEN journal article00
1212010Review of The Missionary Strategies of the Jesuits in Ethiopia (1555-1632) , by Leonardo CohenHUI-HUNG CHEN journal article0
1222015Review of The Virgin Mary and Catholic Identities in Chinese History, by Jeremy ClarkeChen, Hui-Hung Journal Article
1232012Revival of Antiquity outside China? –A Preliminary Study of the “Archaistic Style” in Sino-Korean Artifacts from the Twelfth to the Fifteenth Century許雅惠 journal article00
1241996Revolution and Progress: Nineteenth-Century Europe王世宗 journal article
1251999"Rilievo" in Malerei und Bildhauerkunst der FrühneuzeitYIH-FEN HUA dissertation
1262019Savage World, Immortal Island: The colonial gaze and colonial taste of Penglai riceSHAO-LI LU book chapter0
1271996Scramble for China: Lord Salisbury and British Policy in the Far East王世宗 journal article
1282011The Script of Imagination: The Album Etchings to Rexroth by Brice MardenCHIAO-MEI LIU journal article
1292015Sectarian Cult, Religion Family and Local Society: The Case Study of Yao Wen-yu Family of Qingyuan County, Zhejiang from Late 17th to Mid-19th Century羅士傑 ; 羅士傑 journal article; journal article00
1301998Simile, Communication and Human Nature: Towards an Understanding of the Dialogues between Mencius and Kao-TzuChia-fu Sung Journal Article
1312007Social Hierarchy, Gender and Institutions: Sources Relating to Women in Chinese Standard HistoriesJO-LAN YI conference paper
1322008St. Martha的形象與悲謹會宗教運動花亦芬 ; YIH-FEN HUA journal article
1331995Strategies of Dealing with Smallpox in the Qing Imperial FamilyCHIA-FENG CHANG conference paper
1342009The study of traditional Chinese history and the future of history study in TaiwanRuoshui Chen Journal Article00
1351986T. H. Barrett, Li Ao:Buddhist, Taoist or Neo-Confucian﹖Oxford University Press, London Oriental Series Volume 39, 1992Chen, Jo-Shui journal article
1362016Taiwan under Japanese rule (1895–1945)Chou Wan-Yao Book Section
1371996The Cosmo-Ontological View of Becoming in Ancient Chinese TaoismCHAN-LIANG WU journal article
1382008The Debate over Formats of Writing Women’s Biographies in Qing ChinaJO-LAN YI conference paper
1392004The Dilemma of Recruiting Military Talent through Literary Approaches:the Military Examination and Military Academy in Song China方震華 journal article
1402005The Heroization of Childhood in ManetCHIAO-MEI LIU conference paper
1412007The Human Body as a Universe: Understanding Heaven by Visualization and Sensibility in Jesuit Cartography in ChinaChen, Hui-Hung journal article65
1422007The localization of the cowpox vaccination in early nineteenth-century ChinaCHIA-FENG CHANG journal article
1432010The Order of Local Things: Popular Politics and Religion in Modern Wenzhou, 1840–1940SHIH-CHIEH LO dissertation
1442001“The Origins of Childhood Disease in Medieval China”張嘉鳳; CHANG, Chia-Feng conference paper
1452012The Oxyrhynchus Papyri. LXXVIII, Graeco - Roman memoirs 99RUEY-LIN CHANG book
1462004Un certificat d'enregistrement de blé annonaire: P. Berol. inv. 16056 (BGU XVII 2679) + P. Strasb. inv. gr. 468RUEY-LIN CHANG journal article00
1472014Un dossier fiscal hermopolitain d'époque romaine : conservé à la Bibliothèque nationale et universitaire de Strasbourg : P. Strasb. inv. gr. 897-898, 903-905, 939-968, 982-1000, 1010-1013, 1918-1929 : édition, commentaire et traduction (P. Stras. 901-903)RUEY-LIN CHANG book
1482005Urkunden aus HermupolisRUEY-LIN CHANG book
1492013VariolationCHIA-FENG CHANG book-chapter
1501998Variolation, Vaccination and Medical Theory in Nineteenth Century ChinaChia-Feng Chang conference paper
1512004Visualization as a Spiritual Practice: A Jesuit Meditation in Late-Ming Society陳慧宏 conference paper
1521993Western Rationalism and the Chinese Mind: Counter-Enlightenment and Philosophy of Life in China, 1915-27吳展良 dissertation
1532006Women Biographies in the Ming-Qing Dynastic HistoriesJO-LAN YI conference paper
1542001"Women's Question' in Modern China: A Comparison Between Elisabeth J. Croll and Tani E. BarlowJO-LAN YI journal article
1552013Women's Rights and Historiography during China's Revolutionary EraJO-LAN YI journal article
1562006"Wong Chong", in Donald Borchert, ed. Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2nd edition陳弱水 journal article
1572003Writing and historical research陳弱水 journal article
1582005Writing on the Wall: Brice Marden's Chinese Work and ModernismCHIAO-MEI LIU conference paper
1592007Writing on the Wall: Brice Marden’s Chinese Work and ModernismCHIAO-MEI LIU journal article00
1602009Writing on the Wall: Brice Marden’s Chinese Work and ModernismCHIAO-MEI LIU book
1612003대만──아름다운 섬 슬픈 역사 (臺灣歷史圖說. 韓文版)周婉窈 ; 孫準植; 申美貞譯book
1622010ギリシア語パピルス断片の再構成--ストラスブール大学所蔵ローマ期の徴税関連三巻子本RUEY-LIN CHANG journal article
1632008シンポジウム歴史和解のために周婉窈 Newspaper Article
1642004デジタルア—カイブと東洋學——中央研究院歷史語言研究所の經驗から陳弱水 journal article
1651997一九三0年代中國的糧食運銷組織SHAO-LI LU journal article
1661997一九三0年代中國的糧食運銷組織SHAO-LI LU journal article0
1671999一九八0年以來宋代政治史中文論著回顧CHENG-HUA FANG journal article
1681998一九四九年前的陳寅恪--學術淵源與治學大要陳弱水 Journal Article
1691998一九四九年前的陳寅恪:學術淵源與治學大要陳弱水 Book Section
1702006一五八二年美麗島船難餘生記周婉窈 Book Section
1712015一八九五年臺灣政權轉換之際的大嵙崁社會李文良 Journal Article
1722003一部全球凡人的歷史(書評)王世宗 Newspaper Article
1731978丁文江-一個中國科學家的畫像楊肅献 journal article
1742002三姑六婆 : 明代婦女與社會的探索衣若蘭 book
1752006三姑六婆 : 明代婦女與社會的探索JO-LAN YI book
1761997三層埔的土地拓殖過程與業主權取得 : 一個隘墾區的拓殖史研究 (1790-1925)李文良 Book Section
1771996三民主義青年團與戰後臺灣TSUI-LIEN CHEN journal article
1782006上帝也在細節裡!宋家復 Journal Article
1792008不容易之抉擇:從柏克(E. Burke)思想看近代中國思想史上的保守與激進王遠義 report
1802003「世代」概念和日本殖民統治時期臺灣史的研究周婉窈 journal article
1812012世界史研究在台灣的論壇:「台灣世界史學術發表會計畫」紀要楊肅献 Journal Article
1822006世界文史研究的新工具 — 三個「線上資料庫」介紹楊肅? journal article
1832011中原與域外 : 慶祝張廣達教授八十嵩壽研討會論文集SHAO-LI LU book
1842004中国における日本人軍事顧問団・軍事教官(1898-1918)TIEN-KUN YANG dissertation
1852004「中國」與近代西方社會思想Gregory Blue著; 宋家復譯 Book Section
1861991中國中古士族與國家的關係HUAI-CHEN KAN journal article
1871997中國中古時期君臣關係初探HUAI-CHEN KAN journal article00
1882002中國中古時期國家祭祀中之宗教觀念甘懷真 report
1891997中國中古時期禮儀書之研究甘懷真 report
1901995中國中古期「國家」的型態HUAI-CHEN KAN journal article
1911999中國中古郊祀禮研究甘懷真 report
1921991中國傳統天文的興起及其歷史功能CHIA-FENG CHANG dissertation
1932003中國古代「皇帝號」之研究甘懷真 report
1942003中國古代君臣間的敬禮及其經典詮釋HUAI-CHEN KAN journal article00
1952003中國古代君臣間的敬禮及其經典詮釋甘懷真 journal article
1962005中國古代天文對政治的影響──以漢相翟方進自殺為例CHIA-FENG CHANG book-chapter
1971990中國古代天文對政治的影響﹣﹣以漢相翟方進自殺為例CHIA-FENG CHANG journal article
1982008中國古代的周禮國家觀與《通典》甘懷真 ; HUAI-CHEN KAN book
1991998中國古代飲食禮儀之研究甘懷真 report
2002012中國史新論. 思想史分冊陳弱水主編 Book
2012008中國史是臺灣史的一部分?:論楊照的臺灣史意識型態構想宋家復 Journal Article
2022008「中國性」的歐洲解釋:耶穌會中國傳教區的「風格」問題初探 = A European Distinction of Chinese Characteristics: A Style Question in Seventeenth-Century Jesuit China Missions陳慧宏 journal article
2032001中國文化史(教科書)甘懷真 ; 簡杏如book
2042011中國歷史上「公」的觀念及其現代變形 : 一個類型的與整體的考察 (增訂版)陳弱水 Book Section
2052003中國歷史上「公」的觀念及其現代變形──一個類型的與整體的考察陳弱水 journal article
2062018中國歷史通釋王世宗 Book
2071995中國現代保守主義之起點:梁漱溟的生生思想及其對西方理性主義的批判(1915-23)CHAN-LIANG WU book-chapter
2082000中國現代學人的學術性格與思維方式論集吳展良 book
2091991中國的天文學張嘉鳳 report
2101995中國通史甘懷真 ; HUAI-CHEN KAN book
2111999中山橋歷史周婉窈 Journal Article
2122001中晚唐五代福建士人階層興起的幾點觀察陳弱水 journal article
2132015中晚唐文人與經學陳弱水 Journal Article
2142004中產階級的見證人:評介彼得.蓋伊(Peter Gay)著《史尼茨勒的世紀》楊肅献 Journal Article
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3082008台灣史上第一場「小人國」博覽會SHAO-LI LU 0
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3232005吉朋與《羅馬帝國衰亡史》楊肅献 report
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3382009唐代長安的宦官社群──特論其與軍人的關係陳弱水 Book Section
3392009唐代長安的宦官社群──特論其與軍人的關係陳弱水 Journal Article
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3462014單元 11.什麼是「朝代」?(上)HUAI-CHEN KAN journal article00
3472014單元 12.什麼是「朝代」?(下)HUAI-CHEN KAN journal article00
3482014單元 13.從天下到國家(上)HUAI-CHEN KAN journal article00
3492014單元 14.從天下到國家(下)HUAI-CHEN KAN journal article00
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3522014單元 3.歷史上的「中國」是國名嗎HUAI-CHEN KAN journal article00
3532014單元 4.天下政體(上)HUAI-CHEN KAN journal article00
3542014單元 5.天下政體(下)HUAI-CHEN KAN journal article00
3552014單元 6.皇帝制度是專制政體嗎?HUAI-CHEN KAN journal article00
3562014單元 7.東亞的冊封體制:中國作為世界帝國 (上)HUAI-CHEN KAN journal article00
3572014單元 8.東亞的冊封體制:中國作為世界帝國 (下)HUAI-CHEN KAN journal article00
3582014單元 9.農業帝國 (上)HUAI-CHEN KAN journal article00
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3712007圖像史料與圖像語言--從「東方三王朝拜聖嬰」談基督教圖像語意在中古與文藝復興時代的轉化花亦芬 journal article
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3792011地方神明如何平定叛亂? 楊府君和溫州地方政治 (1830-1860)SHIH-CHIEH LO conference proceeding
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3832015城隍神與近代溫州地方政治:以1949年黃式蘇當城隍為討論中心SHIH-CHIEH LO book-chapter
3842004域外藍鯨有夢思--記我所認識的嘉瑩師周婉窈 Journal Article
3852008墓誌中所見的唐代前期思想陳弱水 journal article
3862016外省人如何看臺灣(1945~1947)--抗日記憶與內戰因素TSUI-LIEN CHEN journal article
3871998「大中國」與「小台灣」的經濟矛盾--以資源委員會與台灣省行政長官公署的資源爭奪為例TSUI-LIEN CHEN book-chapter
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3892013大正民主與臺灣留日學生TSUI-LIEN CHEN journal article
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3912007「天下」觀念的再檢討甘懷真 ; HUAI-CHEN KAN book
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4032004女性入史:正史列女傳之編纂衣若蘭 ; JO-LAN YI conference paper
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4052011女性友誼通信小說的出版與閱讀:法國十八世紀女作家與讀者─友人的感性分享秦曼儀 Book Section
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4142003學生民族主義的昂揚楊肅献 Book Section
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4262003《宣和博古圖》的「間接」流傳-以元代賽因赤答忽墓出土的陶器與《紹熙州縣釋奠儀圖》為例YA-HWEI HSU journal article00
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4422002展示臺灣:一九○三年大阪內國勸業博覽會臺灣館之研究SHAO-LI LU journal article0
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4632011從《唐律》化外人規定看唐代國籍制度HUAI-CHEN KAN journal article
4642007從《封診式》、《奏讞書》和《春秋決獄》論經義在秦漢律令變革的作用閻鴻中 ; HUNG-CHUNG YEN conference paper
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4672008從「南支南洋」調查到南方共榮圈──以台灣拓殖株式會社在法屬中南半島的開發為例周婉窈 Book Section
4682006從「客仔」到「義民」:南臺灣屏東平原的土客關係李文良 conference paper
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4712018從人文主義史學到哲學的歷史-吉朋歷史書寫的近世歐洲史學脈絡楊肅献 Journal Article00
4722003從偏僻落後到斯文文明:評介亞瑟.赫曼(Arthur Herman)著《蘇格蘭人如何發明現代世界》楊肅献 Journal Article
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4842000從瓦撒利 (Vasari) 論「淺平浮雕」(rilievo schiacciato) 談東拿帖羅 (Donatello) 浮雕創作的特色花亦芬 journal article0
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4862015從螟蛉到螟害-進代臺灣的農業蟲害及其防治SHAO-LI LU journal article0
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5022000愛.善惡與公民倫理陳弱水 Journal Article
5032015我們為什麼反對課綱微調吳俊瑩; 周婉窈等著 Book
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5192003抵抗與屈從之外:以日治時期自治主義路線為主的探討TSUI-LIEN CHEN journal article00
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5212008推薦序:從環境史重新解讀全球化陳慧宏 Book Section
5222014揮別性別文化意識形態的二十一世紀史學新思維––瑞典國立歷史博物館怎麼做?YIH-FEN HUA other
5232005操行英雄立功差難-晉唐之間小兒醫學的成立與對小兒醫的態度張嘉鳳 journal article
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5292013文化交流研究入門介紹陳慧宏 Journal Article00
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5332005文明對話下的中國性與歐洲性HUAI-CHEN KAN ; 甘懷真 book
5342016文明的末世 : 歷史發展的終極困境王世宗 Book
5352004文武糾結的困境─宋代的武舉與武學CHENG-HUA FANG journal article00
5362000文藝復興時代歐洲女性感情生活的枷鎖花亦芬 journal article
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5392000新帝國主義與現代世界的興起王世宗 journal article
5402008旌表制度、傳記體例與女性史傳──論《清史稿.列女傳》賢母傳記之復興衣若蘭 journal article00
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5441989日據時代的臺灣議會設置請願運動周婉窈 book
5451990日據末期「國歌少年」的統治神話及其時代背景周婉窈 Journal Article
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5551999日本近代文化與教育中的社會倫理問題陳弱水 journal article
5562012日本陸軍士官學校的中國留學生──以第一至第十一期畢業生為中心的分析楊典錕 journal article00
5571999日本領臺初期的土匪蜂起與歸順——臺北盆地東南緣淺山地區的例子李文良 book chapter
5581999日本領臺初期的土匪蜂起與歸順——臺北盆地東南緣淺山地區的例子 -下-李文良 journal article
5591998日本領臺初期的土匪蜂起與歸順——臺北盆地東南緣淺山地區的例子-上-李文良 journal article
5601996日治初期臺灣林野經營之展開過程——以大嵙崁(桃園大溪)地區為中心李文良 journal article
5612000日治時代台灣公學校「修身」教科書之硏究(1910-1945)周婉窈 Book
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5642003日治時期臺灣公學校與國民學校國語讀本. 解說.總目次.索引吳文星; 周婉窈等編著 Book
5652011日治時期臺灣家族企業研究回顧SHAO-LI LU book-chapter
5662002日治時期臺灣廣播工業與收音機市場的形成(1928-1945)SHAO-LI LU journal article
5672002日治時期臺灣廣播工業與收音機市場的形成(1928-1945)SHAO-LI LU journal article0
5682002日治時期臺灣廣播工業與收音機市場的形成(一九二八∼一九四五)SHAO-LI LU journal article
5692002日治時期臺灣廣播工業與收音機市場的形成(一九二八∼一九四五)SHAO-LI LU journal article0
5702003日治時期臺灣旅遊活動與地理景象的建構SHAO-LI LU book-chapter
5712012日治時期臺灣旅遊活動與地理景象的建構SHAO-LI LU book-chapter
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5731996日治時期臺灣機械鐘錶市場的發展(1895-1945)SHAO-LI LU journal article
5741996日治時期臺灣機械鐘錶市場的發展(1895-1945)SHAO-LI LU journal article0
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5852006時間と規律:日本統治期台灣における近代的時間制度導入と生活リズムの變容SHAO-LI LU book
5862006時間と規律:日本統治期台灣における近代的時間制度導入と生活リズムの變容SHAO-LI LU book0
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5942001晚清臺灣的地方政府與社會——廣泰成墾號事件的觀察李文良 Book Section
5951996曖昧的臺灣人--日本殖民統治與近代民族國家之認同周婉窈 Journal Article
5961997曖昧的臺灣人──日本殖民統治與近代民族國家認同周婉窈 Book Section
5972008書籍史方法論的反省與實踐──馬爾坦和夏提埃對於書籍、閱讀及書寫文化史的研究秦曼儀 journal article
5982012書籍的秩序 : 歐洲的讀者、作者與圖書館(14-18世紀)Roger Chartier; 謝柏暉譯; 秦曼儀審訂 Book
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6292008東亞古代王權與地方祭祀制度:中日王權比較研究 (新制多年期第2年)甘懷真 report
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6501977梁漱溟與「東西文化及其哲學」陳弱水 Book Section
6512012梅蘭赫通為馬丁路德所寫的第一篇傳記-近代初期宗教史與史學史的考察YIH-FEN HUA journal article
6522009植民地主義の後遺症--台湾を中心に (特集 シンポジウム グローバル化時代の植民地主義とナショナリズム) -- (中国・台湾・在日)周婉窈 ; 李姵蓉譯journal article
6532009植民地都市台北における日本人の生活文化HSIN-JU YEN dissertation
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6562005正統王朝的代價―後梁與後唐的政權合理化問題CHENG-HUA FANG journal article00
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6612008歷史學門多年期研究計畫撰寫及相關問題陳弱水 Journal Article
6622008歷史學門東亞地區考察計畫陳弱水 report
6632007歷史學門規劃研究推動計畫(1/3)陳弱水 report
6642008歷史學門規劃研究推動計畫(2/3)陳弱水 report
6652007歷史學門調查計畫成果報告CHAN-LIANG WU journal article
6662008歷史正義的困境-族群議題與二二八論述TSUI-LIEN CHEN journal article
6672003歷史的統合與建構──日本帝國圈內臺灣、朝鮮和滿洲的「國史」教育周婉窈 journal article
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6692010歷史研究手冊的製作構想及其初步實踐陳弱水 Journal Article
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6771998水螺響起 : 日治時期臺灣社會的生活作息SHAO-LI LU book
6781998水螺響起 : 日治時期臺灣社會的生活作息SHAO-LI LU book0
6792002求將帥之法?─宋代的武學與武舉方震華 report
6801991江南道教流傳古代日本SHAO-LI LU journal article
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6852012海洋與殖民地臺灣論集周婉窈 Book
6862001海耶克 (HAYEK) 社會理論的思想源流:超越抑扭曲 B.MANDEVILLE 的思想?王遠義 report
6872003海行兮的年代──日本殖民統治末期臺灣史論集周婉窈 book
6881999淡新檔案の整理と出版李文良 journal article
6892003淺談第一期「國語」讀本插繪的臺灣人形象周婉窈 Journal Article
6902017清乾隆年間南臺灣的邊防整備與社會發展李文良 Journal Article
6912016清代南臺灣六堆的米穀生產與流通李文良 Journal Article
6922011清代南臺灣的移墾與「客家」社會(1680-1790)李文良 Book
6931997清代台灣溺女風俗試探衣若蘭 ; JO-LAN YI journal article
6942000清代台灣的地方菁英與地方社會 : 以同治年間的戴潮春事件為討論中心(1862-1868) = Local elites and local society in Ch'ing Taiwan : the case study of Dai Cho-Chun rebellion (1862-1868)SHIH-CHIEH LO dissertation
6951993清代桐城學者與婦女的極端道德行為周婉窈 journal article
6961995清代桐城學者與婦女的極端道德行為周婉窈 Book Section
6972005清代臺灣岸裡社的地權主張:以大甲溪南墾地為例李文良 journal article
6982007清代臺灣岸裡社的地權主張:以大甲溪南墾地為例李文良 Book Section
6992013清代臺灣朱一貴事件後的義民議敘 = The Granting Procedures of Yimin Status after the Outbreak of the Zhu Yigui Uprising in Qing Taiwan李文良 journal article
7002004清代臺灣熟番地權的形成過程:以岸裡社大甲溪南墾地地權為例李文良 conference paper
7012014清代臺灣的「港戶」及其水域權利 ──以臺江內海新灣二港為例 = Monopoly Merchants and Their Dominance over Waterways: A Case Study of Southwestern Taiwan Lagoons in the Qing Period李文良 journal article
7022004清代臺灣關係諭旨檔案彙編李文良等編 book
7032007清初入籍臺灣法規之政治過程及其歷史意義李文良 journal article
7041996清初的避痘與查痘制度CHIA-FENG CHANG journal article
7052003清初臺灣方志的「客家」書寫與社會相李文良 journal article
7062017清初臺灣方志的分野、山脈書寫與帝國意識形態李文良 Book Section
7072005《清史稿.列女傳》編纂之研究衣若蘭 report
7082018清嘉慶年間湖南苗疆的「均田屯勇」李文良 Journal Article
7092017清嘉慶年間蔡牽事件與臺灣府城社會的變化李文良 Journal Article00
7101996清康熙皇帝採用人痘法的原因與時間試探CHIA-FENG CHANG journal article
7112001清末學人的求道心態CHAN-LIANG WU journal article
7122003清末民初日本在華軍事顧問之研究(1898-1925)楊典錕 book
7132005清末臺灣清賦事業與邊區社會的整編李文良 report
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7151999漢唐間對《孝經》的詮釋與應用閻鴻中 ; HUNG-CHUNG YEN conference paper
7162001漢宋之際小兒病因學研究張嘉鳳 report
7172012漢晉之際的名士思潮與玄學突破陳弱水 Book Section
7181998潮州的人文環境與市街拓展李文良 Book Section
7192004無政府主義概念史的分析王遠義 ; Wang, Yuan-Ieejournal article
7202014無政府主義概念史的分析王遠義 Book Section
7212003無聲亦有聲─評介呂芳上等編《無聲之聲:近代中國的婦女與國家(社會、文化)(1600-1950)》JO-LAN YI journal article
7222014焦竑與晚明新儒思想的重構錢新祖著; 宋家復譯 Book
7232003獨立蒼茫:辛亥革命前章太炎的激進思想及其烏托邦與反烏托邦性質王遠義 Book Section
7241999獨立蒼茫:辛亥革命前章太炎的激進思想及其烏托邦與反烏托邦性質王遠義 Book Section
7252009王弼政治觀的一個解釋陳弱水 Journal Article
7262008現代世界的形成 : 文明終極意義的探求王世宗 book
7272003現代世界的形成 : 文明終極意義的探求王世宗 book
7282000現代中國史學史上的陳寅恪──歷史解釋及相關問題陳弱水 Book Section
7292005現代中國思想變遷中的歷史主義王遠義 book chapter
7302009現代主義中的音樂性與中國元素CHIAO-MEI LIU journal article
7312005現代社會與東方思想吳展良 book chapter
7321992現行高中課本第二冊南宋與金代政治史部分檢討CHENG-HUA FANG journal article
7332002理性的限制:近代西方政治思想研究的一個途徑王遠義 report
7342008理想兵制的形塑:唐宋時期的兵農合一論方震華 conference paper
7351996理農學部——農學科簡介李文良 journal article
7362004瓦撒利如何書寫喬托時代的雕刻史?-以〈比薩諾父子傳〉為中心的考察花亦芬 journal article0
7371998生化之源與立命之門-金元明醫學中的「命門」試探CHIA-FENG CHANG journal article
7382008「田園之主」:清初臺灣的地方行政管理與社會 (新制多年期第1年)李文良 report
7391987略論唐代百官家廟HUAI-CHEN KAN journal article
7402002略論清同治年間臺灣戴潮春案與天地會之關係SHIH-CHIEH LO journal article
7412009番租、田底與管事--康熙下淡水社文書所見的臺灣鄉村社會李文良 Journal Article
7422018番語與手印:新港文書的清代歷史學研究李文良 Journal Article00
7432001“疾疫”與“相染”-以《諸病源候論》為中心試論魏晉至隋唐之間醫籍的疾病觀CHIA-FENG CHANG journal article00
7442011「疾疫」與「相染」──以《諸病源候論》為中心試論魏晉至隋唐之間醫籍的疾病觀CHIA-FENG CHANG book-chapter
7452005「疾疫」與「相染」──以《諸病源候論》為中心試論魏晉至隋唐之間醫籍的疾病觀CHIA-FENG CHANG book-chapter
7462013百年追求 : 臺灣民主運動的故事TSUI-LIEN CHEN book
7471996皇帝制度是否為專制﹖HUAI-CHEN KAN journal article
7482006皇帝與語言學家RUEY-LIN CHANG book
7492004皇權、禮儀與經典詮釋:中國古代政治史研究甘懷真 book
7502008真理論述——文明歷史的哲學啟示王世宗 book
7511992知識份子:開創性、改造性及其衝擊SHAO-LI LU book-chapter
7522004知識與美感不能兩全(書評)王世宗 Newspaper Article
7531996短促的二十世紀-析理英國左派史學泰斗霍布斯邦《極端的年代》(Eric J. Hobsbawm著,鄭明萱譯)楊肅献 Journal Article
7542007社團導向性醫學人文整合計畫—以陽明十字軍╱人文醫學營為中心之分析與成果評估張嘉鳳 report
7552014「祖國」的政治試煉:陳逸松、劉明與軍統局TSUI-LIEN CHEN journal article
7562006神的國度,人的畫筆——義大利宗教藝術的建立與開展YIH-FEN HUA book-chapter
7572014禮與中國人的「多層級錐形網絡存在意識」:以朱子學為中心CHAN-LIANG WU journal article
7582007科學、技術與醫學CHIA-FENG CHANG book-chapter
7592005秦漢的「天下」政體-以郊祀禮改革為中心HUAI-CHEN KAN journal article
7602014移民與地方神:以「菇神吳三公」分鄉台中新社的故事為例SHIH-CHIEH LO book-chapter
7612012立大清旗,奉萬歲牌:朱一貴事件時的「皇上萬歲聖旨牌」與地方社會李文良 Journal Article
7621982立法之道:荀墨韓三家法律思想要論陳弱水 Book Section
7632007章學誠「六經皆史」說新探HUNG-CHUNG YEN ; 閻鴻中 conference paper
7641992章學誠的歷史構想與比較硏究宋家復 thesis
7652016符契於聖人之心CHAN-LIANG WU journal article
7662011第三世紀辰王政權與東亞冊封體制HUAI-CHEN KAN journal article
7672011第二章、新生:民國40年前SHAO-LI LU book-chapter
7681995第二篇 中古--本土文化大革新陳弱水 Book Section
7692002第五屆立法院政治生態分析TSUI-LIEN CHEN journal article
7702006第四章 台灣軍政層面的責任TSUI-LIEN CHEN book-chapter
7712004第四章:看得見的手:商號公司結構、社會政治結構以及歐洲與亞洲的「資本主義」SHAO-LI LU book-chapter
7721994簡論關於塞尚(Cézanne)繪畫的研究CHIAO-MEI LIU journal article00
7732000細觀的雙眼,探索的心靈:文藝復興畫家達文西花亦芬 journal article
7742000細觀的雙眼,探索的心靈:文藝復興畫家達文西花亦芬 journal article
7752000細觀的雙眼,探索的心靈:文藝復興畫家達文西花亦芬 book-chapter
7762019絕對王權下的宮廷與貴族:拉侯什傅科公爵的《道德箴言錄》與其讀者秦曼儀 Book Section
7772015絕對王權下貴族的書寫與出版──拉侯什傅科公爵的《道德箴言錄》與巴黎菁英讀者秦曼儀 journal article
7781996綃山傳奇──賀雙卿研究之檢討與展望周婉窈 journal article
7792005綃山傳奇──賀雙卿研究之檢討與展望周婉窈 Book Section
7802003維多利亞:大英帝國的經營者王世宗 journal article
7812008緣起於江文也、緣起於曹永坤周婉窈 Book Section
7822008緣起於江文也、緣起於曹永坤周婉窈 Journal Article
7832007縱談《寒夜》的歷史與文學李喬; 周婉窈 ; 三木直大; 黃華昌journal article
7842014續修臺北市志. 卷九, 人物志. 政治與經濟篇TSUI-LIEN CHEN book
7852008罗马帝国衰亡叙事楊肅献 journal article
7861997美與死──日本領臺末期的戰爭語言周婉窈 Book Section
7872003義例、名教與實錄-劉知幾史學思想溯義閻鴻中 journal article00
7882004義利之辨:英國自由黨與柏林會議的推行,1878-1881(2/2)王世宗 report
7892007義大利文藝復興時代的文化 : 一本嘗試之作YIH-FEN HUA book
7902017義民與地方控制:雍正年間的山豬毛事件與下淡水營的成立李文良 Book Section
7911983翁同龢與戊戌維新蕭公權撰; 楊肅献譯 Book
7922005老眼驚看新世界:從《水竹居主人日記》看張麗俊的生活節奏與休閒娛樂SHAO-LI LU book-chapter
7932006耶穌不立文字,為什麼?-對台灣基督教文化的一些省思YIH-FEN HUA journal article
7942010耶穌會傳教士利瑪竇時代的視覺物像及傳播網絡陳慧宏 Journal Article00
7952008耶穌會在中國的視覺問題陳慧宏 report
7962006聖徒與醫治-從St. Anthony與St. Sebastian崇拜談西洋藝術史裡的“宗教與醫療”花亦芬 journal article0
7971998聯邦快遞 : 準時快遞全球的頂尖服務RUEY-LIN CHANG book
7982006職分與制度-錢賓四與中國政治史研究閻鴻中 ; 閻鴻中 journal article00
7992013自少及長──晉宋之間醫籍對小兒年齡之界定及其醫療意義CHIA-FENG CHANG book-chapter
8002001自由派的帝國主義:英國對埃政策,一八九三至一八九四王世宗 journal article
8012008《至大重修宣和博古圖錄》的版印特點與流傳-從中研院史語所藏品談起YA-HWEI HSU journal article
8022018臺北帝國大學南洋史學講座.專攻及其戰後遺緒(1928-1960)周婉窈 Journal Article00
8032010臺大歷史系與現代中國史學傳統(1950-1970)陳弱水 journal article
8041995臺灣人第一次的「國語」經驗──析論日治末期的日語運動及其問題周婉窈 journal article
8052007臺灣全志. 卷四, 政治志. 民意機關篇TSUI-LIEN CHEN book
8062003臺灣公學校制度、教科與教科書總說周婉窈 ; 許佩賢journal article
8072003臺灣公學校與國民學校國語讀本總解說──制度沿革、教科和教科書周婉窈 ; 許佩賢Book Section
8082004臺灣史料集成提要吳密察; 李文良 ; 林欣宜book
8092004臺灣史研究資源數位化的回顧與展望李文良 conference paper
8102011臺灣史開拓者 : 王世慶先生的人生之路周婉窈 Book
8112001「臺灣地區歷史學門研究成果撰寫計畫」,西洋史部「中古史」與「現代史」王世宗 Report
8121998臺灣地籍整理關係資料(2)--日本アジア經濟研究所《臺灣土地調查始末稿本》李文良 journal article
8131999臺灣地籍整理關係資料介紹(三) ——《鈴木三郎關係文書》李文良 journal article
8142003臺灣大學創校歷程李文良 journal article
8152016臺灣戰後初期的「歷史清算」(1945-1947)陳翠蓮 journal article00
8162009臺灣政治史研究的新趨勢-從抵抗權力到解構權力TSUI-LIEN CHEN journal article
8172006臺灣文化的迂迴之旅──從蔡瑞月的舞蹈生涯談起周婉窈 Book Section
8181997臺灣時報東南亞資料目錄(一九0九-一九四五)周婉窈 ; 蔡宗憲編Book
8191997臺灣林野研究關係資料介紹——臺灣總督府《高等林野調查委員會公文類纂》李文良 journal article
8202009臺灣歷史圖說 增訂本周婉窈 Book
8212016臺灣歷史圖說. 三版周婉窈 Book
8221997臺灣歷史圖說──史前至一九四五年周婉窈 book
8232008臺灣歷史地理學與清代臺灣史研究-以南臺灣潮州開發史為個案的說明李文良 Book Section
8242002臺灣的國家認同研究近況TSUI-LIEN CHEN journal article
8252006臺灣社會生活史:研究回顧與展望SHAO-LI LU journal article
8262016臺灣社會運動的先驅:林呈祿先生TSUI-LIEN CHEN journal article
8272006臺灣總督府公文類纂研讀班通訊 : 第一期至第六期合訂本周婉窈 ; 鍾淑敏; 張茂霖編輯Book
8282009臺灣與日本的中學歷史教科書之比較HUAI-CHEN KAN journal article
8292011臺灣議會設置請願運動再探討周婉窈 Journal Article
8302013與帝國的腳步俱進──高橋鏡子的跨界、外地經驗與國家意識顏杏如 ; Yen, H.J.; 顏杏如 journal article
8312005"舊君"的經典詮釋——漢唐間的喪服禮與政治秩序甘懷真 book
8322002“舊君”的經典詮釋-漢唐間的喪服禮與政治秩序HUAI-CHEN KAN journal article
8332010舊題萬斯同416卷本《明史》<列女傳>研析JO-LAN YI journal article
8341998英國政治傳統中的「自由」觀念楊肅献 Journal Article
8351998英格蘭有啟蒙運動嗎﹖--歷史家論十八世紀的英國與啟蒙思想楊肅献 Journal Article
8361991「莎勇之鐘」的故事及其波瀾周婉窈 Journal Article
8371993莫內[Claude Monet]的筆觸與空間CHIAO-MEI LIU journal article
8382008菁英與群眾:文化協會、農民組合與台灣農民運動的關係TSUI-LIEN CHEN book-chapter
8391994華人社會文化現代化的幾點省思--以公德問題為主陳弱水 Journal Article
8401986董其昌與倣古畫論YIH-FEN HUA journal article
8412004蒸忤啼哭:中古時期小兒醫學之研究張嘉鳳 report
8422006藝術與宗教 : 義大利十四至十七世紀黃金時期繪畫特展YIH-FEN HUA book
8432006藝術與宗教——義大利十四至十七世紀黃金時期繪畫特展圖錄花亦芬 book
8442009融攝人生志業於史事考訂的大家:悼念黃彰健先生HUNG-CHUNG YEN journal article
8452003街庄行政與鄉土意識 : 南臺灣里港庄的個案研究(1895-1945)李文良 Book Section
8461999被遺忘的宮廷婦女-淺論明代公主的生活JO-LAN YI journal article
8472008補助人文及社會科學研究圖書計畫規劃主題:古代文明史 (新制多年期第1年)甘懷真 report
8482007補助人文及社會科學研究圖書計畫規劃主題:古代文明史 (新制多年期第2年)甘懷真 report
8492008補助人文及社會科學研究圖書計畫規劃主題:歐美近現代史I-近代歐洲社會史16-19世紀(1/2)楊肅献 report
8502007補助人文及社會科學研究圖書計畫規劃主題:西洋美術史(近現代歐美藝術與社會) (新制多年期第1年)劉巧楣 report
8512007補助人文及社會科學研究圖書計畫規劃主題:西洋美術史(近現代歐美藝術與社會) (新制多年期第2年)劉巧楣 report
8522007視覺感知•宗教經驗•性別言說-從宗教改革前後德意志視覺圖像對“耶穌寶血”的表達談起花亦芬 journal article0
8532006解讀許德輝《臺灣二二八事件反間工作報告書》TSUI-LIEN CHEN journal article
8542012設計新精神--兩次大戰之間的現代工藝與現代主義CHIAO-MEI LIU journal article
8552013評 Cong Ellen Zhang(張聰), 《轉變性的旅程: 宋代中國的旅遊與文化》宋家復 journal article
8562010評Patricia B. Ebrey, Accumulating Culture: The Collections of Emperor HuizongYA-HWEI HSU journal article
8572002評《中國現代思想的起源--超穩定結構與中國政治文化的演變》(第一卷),金觀濤 劉青峰合著王遠義 Journal Article
8581997評介Dorothy Ko, Teachers of the Inner Chambers: Women and Culture in Seventeenth-Century China周婉窈 journal article
8592001評介Giles Milton著,王國璋譯,《豆蔻的故事 — 香料如何改變世界歷史?》楊肅献 Journal Article
8601977評介余英時著<歷史與思想>陳弱水 Journal Article
8611979評介張灝著《梁啟超與中國思想之過渡》楊肅献 journal article
8621997評康樂著,《從西郊到南郊——國家祭典與北魏政治》陳弱水 journal article
8631993評李孝悌著《清末的下層社會啟蒙運動》楊肅献 Journal Article
8642006評:范家偉著《六朝隋唐醫學之傳承與整合》CHIA-FENG CHANG journal article
8651997試探唐代婦女與本家的關係陳弱水 journal article
8662001試探清代漢人地方菁英與地方社會--以同治年間戴潮春事件為中心SHIH-CHIEH LO journal article
8671990試析《黃老帛書》的理論體系閻鴻中 journal article00
8681978試評介瞿同祖著《清代地方政府》楊肅献 journal article
8691998試談電子文獻資料庫在歷史研究上的應用陳弱水 journal article
8702007試論利瑪竇時代耶穌會的視覺語言陳慧宏 journal article
8711989試論唐代對於違禮的處分﹣﹣以家廟禮為例HUAI-CHEN KAN journal article
8721987試論唐末民間變亂勢力之聚成——以阡能之亂為中心王世宗 journal article
8732010試論戰後臺灣關於霧社事件的詮釋周婉窈 Journal Article
8742006試論黃宗羲政治思想的歷史意義考──中西公私觀演變的一個比較王遠義 journal article
8751996詮釋的歷史與(歷)史的詮釋--章學誠「六經皆史」說的再理解宋家復 Journal Article
8762005誓不更娶—明代男子守貞初探衣若蘭 journal article
8772005說義三則陳弱水 book chapter
8782013誰のための戦争か-日記からみる台湾人知識人の戦争認識(1937-1945)TSUI-LIEN CHEN journal article
8792013誰不是文藝復興人文學者?YIH-FEN HUA journal article00
8802004誰決定歷史如何寫?CHAN-LIANG WU journal article
8811996談情說禮HUAI-CHEN KAN journal article
8822001談美國歷史科全國標準的一封信宋家復 Journal Article
8831978論「成色分兩說」闡釋之流變陳弱水 book
8841999論中唐古文運動的一個社會文化背景陳弱水 Book Section
8852015論史學史研究中的常識與想像:以《通鑑》編纂史料兩條解讀為例宋家復 Journal Article
8862010謝深山先生訪談錄TSUI-LIEN CHEN book
8872008變化的身體──晉唐之間的小兒變蒸理論張嘉鳳 book-chapter
8881995賈似道與襄樊之戰CHENG-HUA FANG journal article
8892009賓禮:論戰國秦漢的賓客與師友閻鴻中 conference paper
8902001跨越文藝復興女性畫像的格局-《蒙娜麗莎》的圖像源流與創新花亦芬 journal article00
8912007跨越文藝復興藝術家自畫像的格局--從杜勒的寓意版畫〈憂鬱〉談起花亦芬 journal article
8922002路漫漫其修遠兮--評江宜樺著《自由民主的理路》王遠義 Journal Article
8932012身分、文化與權力 : 士族研究新探HUAI-CHEN KAN book
8942006軍務與儒業的矛盾─衡山趙氏與晚宋統兵文官家族方震華 journal article
8952014轉機的錯失──南宋理宗即位與政局的紛擾方震華 journal article; journal article00
8962013近二十多年西周青銅禮器與金文研究之課題與檢討YA-HWEI HSU journal article
8972009近代中国における日本人軍事顧問.教官並びに特務機関の硏究 (1898-1945)TIEN-KUN YANG dissertation
8981980近代中國思想人物論 : 保守主義Charlotte Furth; 周陽山; 楊肅献編 Book
8991980近代中國思想人物論 : 晚淸思想張灝等著; 周陽山; 楊肅献編 Book
9001980近代中國思想人物論 : 民族主義李國祁等著; 周陽山; 楊肅献編 Book
9011980近代中國思想人物論 : 社會主義蕭公權等著; 周陽山; 楊肅献編 Book
9021980近代中國思想人物論︰自由主義Benjamin I. Schwartz; 周陽山; 楊肅献譯 Book
9031995近代廣東與東南亞的米糧貿易(1866-1931)SHAO-LI LU journal article
9042003近十年來中國的清代臺灣史研究李文良 journal article
9051997近十年兩岸明代婦女史研究評述(1986-1996)JO-LAN YI journal article
9061999近十年間鄉鎮志經濟篇的回顧與展望SHAO-LI LU book-chapter
9071992近四十年南宋末政治史中文論著研究CHENG-HUA FANG journal article
9081999近年有關明代研究博碩士論文摘要JO-LAN YI journal article
9091993追求完美的夢:儒家政治思想的烏托邦性格Chen, Jo-Shui conference paper
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