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12006〈1996-2005年佛教哲學論文的學術回顧及其展望:以《國際佛教研究學會期刊》和《東西哲學》為主要依據〉蔡耀明 ; YAO-MING TSAI journal article
3200620世紀日本荀子研究回顧(Ⅰ)佐藤將之 journal article
4200620世紀日本荀子研究回顧(Ⅱ)佐藤將之 journal article
52016A Critical Comparison of Natural Deduction SystemsDUEN-MIN DENG journal article00
61997“A Projectivist Conception of Existence”楊金穆 ; CHIN-MU YANG journal article
72015A Ragbag of Odds and Ends? Argument Structure and Philosophical Coherence in Zhuangzi 26WIM DE REU book-chapter00
82004A Virtuous RulerHSEI-YUNG HSU journal article
92006Aesthetic Aspects of Persons in Kant, Schiller, and WittgensteinCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL other0
102002Aesthetic Aspects on Persons in Kant, Schiller, and WittgensteinCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL journal article
112002Aesthetic Aspects on Persons in Kant, Schiller, and WittgensteinCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL book-chapter
122010Aesthetics and Morality in Kant and Confucius. A Second StepCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL book-chapter
132016Aesthetics and Rule FollowingCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL book-chapter
142008An Introduction to Kant's Aesthetics: Core Concepts and ProblemsCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL book90
151998Are all human beings persons?Sun,J. Conference Paper
161998Are all human beings persons? Is cloning a challenge for human dignity?孫效智 Conference Paper
172000Aristotle's Criticism of Plato's RepublicHSEI-YUNG HSU journal article
182013Art and Imagination in MathematicsCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL book-chapter
192008Away from Kant: Critique of Critical Philosophy in Hegel’s “Spirit of Christianity and Its FateYang, Chih-Sheng conference paper
202006Beauty in Kant and Confucius: A first stepCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL journal article03
212001Beauty, Genius, and Mathematics. Why Did Kant Change His Mind?CHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL journal article
222009Bedeutungserlebnis and Lebensgefühl in Kant and Wittgenstein: Responsibility and the FutureCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL book-chapter
232009'Bedeutungserlebnis' and 'Lebensgefühl' in Kant and Wittgenstein. Responsibility and the FutureCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL journal article
242003Between Foundation and Convention: Carnap’s Evolution between Schlick and Neurath in the Vienna Circle苑舉正 journal article
252015Body ownership and experiential ownership in the self-touching illusionCaleb LIANG journal article45
262018Body ownership and the four-hand illusionCaleb LIANG journal article49
272009A Buddhist Definition of Life: From the Perspective of Philosophy of Life蔡耀明 conference paper
282009A Buddhist Perspective on the Abiding-Places: An Alternative Geophilosophy蔡耀明 conference paper
292011Buddhist Worldview Responding to Multiple Worldviews in the Contemporary World蔡耀明 conference paper
302005Carpentry Metaphors in Early Chinese DiscourseDe Reu, Wim conference paper
312015Chinese Gestures, Forms of Life, and RelativismCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL book-chapter
322015Chinese Gestures, Forms of Life, and RelativismCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL journal article
332007Chinese Language, Chinese Mind?CHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL book-chapter
342017Chinese Perspectives on Free WillCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL book-chapter
352009Chinese Ways of WordsCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL book-chapter
362006Chuang-tzu in Terms of Relativism or Not: An Exercise in Comparing FrameworksDe Reu, Wim conference paper
372008Classics for an Emerging World: Japanese Uniqueness and Dilemma佐藤將之 conference paper
381993Classification of All Parabolic Subgroup Schemes of a Reductive Linear Algebraic Group over an Algebraically Closed Field of Positive CharacteristicCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL journal article160
391990Classification of all parabolic subgroup schemes of a semisimple linear algebraic group over an algebraically closed field of positive characteristicCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL dissertation
402007Coming into existence through languageYang, Chin-Mu conference paper
412005The Concept of Eternity in Early Chinese PhilosophySato Masayuki conference paper
422006Conceptualism and Phenomenal CharacterCaleb LIANG conference paper
432007Conceptualism and Phenomenal CharacterCaleb LIANG ; Liang, C.Y.journal article00
442003The Confucian Quest for Order: the origin and formation of the political thought of Xun ZiSato, Masayuki book
452001Confucian State and Society of Li: A Study on the Political Thought of Xun ZiSato, Masayuki thesis
462000Confucius and act-centered moralityHSEI-YUNG HSU journal article45
472018Confucius Veneration in Inoue Enryo’s Thought and ActivitiesSato, Masayuki Journal Article
482016“Contextualizing Plato,” Book Review of Capra, A., Plato's Four MusesI.-K. Jeng journal article00
492018Counterfactual Reasoning and Explanatory RelationsDeng, Duen-min journal article0
502007Cross-Domain Mapping and Merging in the Laozi: Language Views as Illustration.De Reu, Wim conference paper
512009Darwin演化論之後的人觀RONG-LIN WANG journal article
522000Das Problem der Subjektiven Allgemeingültigkeit des Geschmacksurteils bei KantCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL book
532012Das Problem des Freien Willens und die Ausnahmestellung Wittgensteins. Zwei Anmerkungen zu Gottfried Gabriel zu Geltung und GeneseCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL journal article
542002Das Verhaltnis des kategorischen Imperatives und des Gewissens bei FichteWEN-BERNG PONG book
551996De Relatie tussen keuze en kracht in de Analecten [The Relation between Choice and Power in the Analects]WIM DE REU dissertation
562006Der Begriff der intellektuellen Anschauung von Fichte und Mou ZongsanWEN-BERNG PONG conference paper
572005The Development and Conceptual Structure of a Theory of ‘Non-verbal Rule’ in Early Chinese Political DiscourseSato Masayuki conference paper
582012Did Xunzi’s Theory of Human Nature Provide the Foundation for the Political Thought of Han Fei?Sato, Masayuki Book Section
592012Do negative judgments of taste have a priori grounds in Kant?CHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL journal article12
601989Do Value Terms Have Two Kinds of Meaning?HUO-WANG LIN journal article00
612008The Doctrine of Seeing the Tath?gata in the Diamond Sutra蔡耀明 book
622013Does Thought Happen in the Brain?CHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL book-chapter
632015Epicurus on Politics and AtaraxiaHSEI-YUNG HSU conference paper
642007Ethical Considerations regarding Sensual Desires on the Path to Enlightenment: A Philosophical Inquiry based on the 12th Assembly of the Sutras of the Perfection of Wisdom蔡耀明 conference paper
652012Ethics and Relativism in WittgensteinCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL journal article
662012Ethics and Relativism in WittgensteinCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL book-chapter
672003Ethics and Zhuangzi: Awareness, freedom, and autonomyCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL journal article99
682009Ethics Vindicated. Kant's Transcendental Legitimation of Moral Discourse, by Ermanno Bencivenga.CHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL journal article00
692000The Evolutionary Change of Pre-Qin Conceptual Terms and their Incorporation into Xunzi’s ThoughtSato, Masayuki Book Section
702009The Examination of Abiding-places and Inclusivism Toward Different Worldviews from the Worldview of One Dharma-dhātu: The Ideas of Co-arising and Mutual Accomplishment in the Anūnatvâpūrṇatva-nirdeśa蔡耀明 conference paper
712017Exclusive disjunctivism–Presentness without simultaneity in special relativityHSIEN-CHIEH NIHEL JHOU journal article11
722006Existence is a predicate: A Davidsonian account of existence and predication, A Symposium on Body, Cognition and MeaningYang, Chin-Mu conference paper
732002Experience and Rational External ConstraintCaleb LIANG ; 梁益堉 journal article
742007Explaining the Laozi in Terms of Cross-Domain MappingDe Reu, Wim conference paper
752013Exploration of Mo-ist Business Ethical ThoughtHSIEN CHUNG LEE book-chapter
762010The Extension of Vienna Circle Protocol Sentences Debates: A Comparative Study of W. Quine and P. Feyerabend苑舉正; JEU-JENQ YUANN conference proceedings
772007Frege and the rise of formal logicYang, Chin-Mu conference paper
782009From the “Non-abiding Mind” to the “Abiding of the Mind-Body Complex:” A Buddhist Solution to the so-called Mind-Body Problem蔡耀明 conference paper
792007G?del’s incompleteness theorems and resolution of anti-realismYang, Chin-Mu conference paper
802006Gemeinsinn und das Schöne als Symbol des Sittlichen (Common Sense and Beauty as Symbol of Morality)CHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL book-chapter
812002Guest editor's introductionWIM DE REU journal article
822002Guest-editor’s Introduction, Doubting of the Doubting of AntiquityDe Reu, Wim journal article
831993���G�פΨ��P�L���� journal article
842008Hegel’s Critique on Chinese Philosophy.Yang, Chih-Sheng conference paper
851994Heiligt die Gute Absicht ein Schlechtes Mittel? Die Kontroverse uber Teleologie und Deontologie in der Moralbegrundung unter Besonderer Berucksichtigung von Josef Fuchs und Robert SpaemanHSIAO-CHIH SUN book
862002Henry Allison: Kant's Theory of Taste, A Reading of the Critique of Aesthetic Judgment. Cambridge University PressCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL book-review
872009Higher-order thought and pathological self: the case of somatoparaphreniaCaleb, Liang ; Caleb LIANG ; Lane, Timothyjournal article015
882011How Is “Real Abiding” Possibly Founded on Non-abiding?: A Philosophical Inquiry Mainly Based on the Vimalakīrti-nirdeśa蔡耀明 conference paper
892010How Pictorial is Chinese? And Does it Matter?CHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL journal article
902010How Pictorial is Chinese? And Does it Matter?CHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL book-chapter
912010How to throw a pot: The centrality of the potter's wheel in the ZhuangziWIM DE REU journal article44
922010How to Throw a Pot: The Centrality of the Potter’s Wheel in the ZhuangziDe Reu, Wim journal article
932007I. Lakatos, A Methodologist of Research Programmes or A Philosopher of Political Practices?苑舉正 journal article
942011The Idea of Man in Buddhist Medicine: A Philosophical Inquiry based on the Vimalakīrti-nirdeśa-sūtra蔡耀明 conference paper
952009The Idea to Rule the World: The Mohist Impact of "Jian 兼" on the XunziSato, Masayuki ; Paul van ElsJournal Article
961997The Immortality of the Soul in Greek Mythology and Its Rationalization苑舉正 journal article
972009The Impossible Nude: Chinese Art and Western Aesthetics(review)CHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL journal article00
982011In Response to Diversified Religions in Modern Times: Buddhist Doctrine of Religious InclusivismYAO-MING TSAI journal article
992014Inspirations from Kant. Essays, by Leslie StevensonCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL journal article00
1002007Instructional Guidance concerning “Residing Places of the Present Life, “Cyclic Existence” and “Multiple Paths of Life Cultivation蔡耀明 conference paper
1012002Intention-Sensitive or -Irrelevant Ethics孫效智 Conference Paper
1022005Intention-Sensitive vs. Intention-Irrelevant EthicsHSIAO-CHIH SUN conference paper
1032004Internalist Representationalism and the Veil of Perception,Experience and AnalysisCaleb LIANG conference paper
1042005An Introduction to Kant’s Aesthetics: Core Concepts and ProblemsChristian, Helmut Wenzel book
1052015Introduction: The Methodological Issues for the Chinese Philosophy towards the WorldHSIEN CHUNG LEE journal article
1062013Is Natural Selection a Population-Level Causal Process?RONG-LIN WANG other00
1071998Is the Mind in Mencius' Philosophy Self-sufficient for Moral CultivationWING-WAH CHAN journal article
1081997Is the Mind in Mencius' Philosophy Self-sufficient for Moral Cultivation?陳榮華 conference paper
1092001Is the Mind in Mencius' Philosophy Self-sufficient for Moral Cultivation?陳榮華 journal article
1102010Isolation and involvement: Wilhelm Von Humboldt, François Jullien, and moreCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL journal article80
1112008Jean Ladrière on Science and Theology and Their Mediation by PhilosophyJ.-J. Yuann journal article00
1122001Kann aus einem Urteil über das Angenehme ein Geschmacksurteil, ähnlich wie aus einem Wahrnehmungsurteil ein Erfahrungsurteil werden?CHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL other00
1132008Kant and the historical turn: Philosophy as critical interpretationCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL journal article00
1141999Kant finds nothing ugly?CHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL journal article
1152009Kant's Aesthetics. Overview and Recent LiteratureCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL journal article
1162009Kant's Aesthetics: Overview and Recent LiteratureCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL journal article00
1172017Knowledge and logos in Plato's SophistI.-K. Jeng thesis
1182003Knowledge, Belief, and the A PrioriCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL book-chapter
1192003Knowledge, Belief, and the A PrioriCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL journal article
1202004Kripke's Contingent A Priori: The Meter-Stick ExampleCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL book-chapter
1212003Kritiek op iedereen (Criticizing Everyone)WIM DE REU book-chapter
1222014Language as an instrument of soteriological transformation from the madhyamaka perspectiveYAO-MING TSAI journal article00
1231999Laozi sixiang de shiguan tese (The characteristics of a court historian in Laozi's thought) (review)WIM DE REU journal article00
1242009Les arguments anti-réalistes de Duhem sont-ils probants ?RONG-LIN WANG journal article
1252002The Limitations of Engaging in the Origin-Discourse on Mahayana蔡耀明 conference paper
1262009Low-cost farmed shrimp shells could remove arsenic from solutions kineticallyCHIA-PIN CHIO ; Chio, Chia-Pin ; Lin, Ming-Chao ; Liao, Chung-Min journal article2221
1272017Lumping and Grounding: A Critical Defence of Premise Semantics for CounterfactualsDUEN-MIN DENG journal article
1282016Mathematics and Aesthetics in Kantian PerspectivesCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL book-chapter
1292005Meaning and Time: History and the Fregean Third RealmCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL book-chapter
1302005Meaning and Time: History and the Fregean Third RealmCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL journal article
1312016Metaphysical Naturalism and the Ignorance of Categorical PropertiesLOK-CHI CHAN thesis
1322017Montesquieu's Political Analysis of the Woman Problem in the Persian LettersI.-K. Jeng journal article00
1331993A Natural Modal SystemYang, Chin-Mu book
1342007A Naturalistic Approach of Scientific Methodology: A Comparative Study of O. Neurath and P. Feyerabend苑舉正 journal article
1352019A new cosmological argument from groundingDUEN-MIN DENG journal article00
1362002Noël Carroll: Philosophy of Art. A Contemporary Introduction. Routledge 1999CHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL book-review
1372011On Certain Confucian Accounts of the Moral Status of Human EmbryosSun, H. C. Conference Paper
1382007On Certain Confucian Accounts of the Moral Status of Human EmbryosSun, H.C. Conference Paper
1392009On Certain Confucian Accounts of the Moral Status of Human Embryos孫效智 Conference Paper
1402007On Certain Confucian Accounts of the Moral Status of Human Embryos孫效智 journal article
1412008On Hacking's Approach to Styles of Scientific ThinkingRONG-LIN WANG journal article
1422011On Justifying the Choice of Mahā-yāna among Multiple Paths in Buddhist Teachings: Based on the Prajñāpāramitā-Sūtras蔡耀明 conference paper
1432016On the Alleged Knowledge of Metaphysical ModalityDUEN-MIN DENG journal article00
1441997On the chow ring of a flagCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL journal article00
1451982On the Criteria of TruthYang, Chin-Mu book
1462002On the Moral Irrelevance of Intention = 論意圖的道德無關性HSIAO-CHIH SUN journal article00
1471994On the structure of nonreduced parabolic subgroup-schemesCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL other00
1482011On Wittgenstein on CertaintyCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL book-chapter
1492011On Wittgenstein on CertaintyCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL journal article
1502010On Wittgenstein's notion of meaning-blindness: Its subjective, objective and aesthetic aspectsCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL journal article22
1512006Perception and Demonstrative ConceptsCaleb LIANG conference paper
1522005Perception and Demonstrative ConceptsCaleb LIANG conference paper
1532017Perception in Kant, McDowell, and BurgeCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL book-chapter
1542014Perceptual Anti-Individualism and Vision ScienceCaleb LIANG ; Liang, C.journal article00
1552006Perceptual Content and Demonstrative ConceptsCaleb LIANG conference paper
1562008Perceptual Phenomenology and Direct RealismCaleb LIANG journal article
1572007Perceptual Phenomenology and Direct RealismCaleb LIANG conference paper
1582006Perceptual Phenomenology and the Problem of PerceptionCaleb LIANG conference paper
1592004Phenomenal Character and the Myth of the GivenCaleb LIANG conference paper
1602006Phenomenal Character and the Myth of the GivenCaleb Liang journal article00
1612017Phenomenology of Embodied Intersubjectivity: From Zhuangzi to SchmitzCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL book-chapter
1622010Philosophical Reflections on Sentient Beings’ Abiding-Places and Abiding in Reality As-it-is concerning Cyclic Transmigration蔡耀明 conference paper
1632010The Philosophical Significance of Deliberative Democracy in East Asian STS Studies苑舉正; JEU-JENQ YUANN conference proceedings
1642008Philosophy Emerging from CultureWEN-BERNG PONG conference paper
1652017Plato’s Sophist on the Goodness of TruthI.-K. Jeng journal article00
1662014Pluralism and the Scientific Realism/ Antirealism DebateRONG-LIN WANG journal article
1672006Pottery Wheels and Related Artisan Tool Metaphors in Early Chinese ThoughtDe Reu, Wim conference paper
1682007Proper Names as Quantifiers: A Neo-Fregean Account of the Sense of NamesYang, Chin-Mu ; CHIN-MU YANG journal article
1692008Quine on Modality, Monthly Review of Philosophy and CultureCHIN-MU YANG journal article
1702008‘Quine on Modality’, Monthly Review of Philosophy and Culture楊金穆 journal article
1711989R. M. Hare on UniversalizabilityHUO-WANG LIN journal article
1721993Rationality of G/P for a non-reduced parabolic subgroup-scheme PCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL journal article
1732008De re modality and the merely possibleYang, Chin-Mu conference paper
1742007The realistic characteristics of Tarski’s semantics and the rise of anti-realismYang, Chin-Mu conference paper
1752008The realistic characteristics of Tarski’s semantics and the rise of anti-realismYang, Chin-Mu conference paper
1762010A Reflection on Buddhist Approaches to the Mind-Body Relationship蔡耀明 conference paper
1771999Reivew of Laozi sixiang de shiguan tese" (老子思想的史官特色, The Characteristics of a Court Historian in Laozi’s Thought)"De Reu, Wim journal article
1781996De Relatie tussen keuze en kracht in de Analecten, (The Relation between Choice and Power in the Analects)魏家豪 book
1792013Relativismus?, Critique of Marie-Luisa Frick, 'Relativismus und Menschenrechte'CHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL journal article
1802011Religious Diversity as a New Argument from Non-beliefLOK-CHI CHAN thesis
1812008A Review of Historical Ontology苑舉正; JEU-JENQ YUANN journal article
1822017Reviving the Transient Present in a Relativistic Universe: A Novel ApproachHSIEN-CHIEH NIHEL JHOU thesis
1832010Réalisme et anti-réalisme dans la philosophie des sciences contemporaineRONG-LIN WANG dissertation
1842005Right has to be Right: Why Hegel Presents His Ethics in a Philosophy of Right楊植勝 journal article
1852006Right Words Seem To Be Wrong: Neglected Paradoxes in Early Chinese Philosophical TextsWim De Reu journal article
1862006Right words seem wrong: Neglected paradoxes in early Chinese philosophical textsWIM DE REU journal article32
1872004Right Words Seem Wrong: Neglected Paradoxes in Early Chinese Writings.魏家豪 book
1882004Right Words Seem Wrong: Neglected Paradoxes in Early Chinese Writings. Doctoral DissertationDe Reu, Wim book
1892004Right Words Seem Wrong: Neglected Paradoxes in Early ChineseWritingsWIM DE REU dissertation
1902002Robert Greenberg: Kant's Theory of A Priori Knowledge, Penn State Press, 2001CHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL book-review
1912010Robert R. Clewis: The Kantian Sublime and the Revelation of Freedom. CUPCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL book-review
1922005The role of truth in theory of existenceYang, Chin-Mu conference paper
1932004Ruth Garrett Millikan: On Clear and Confused Ideas, An Essay about Substance Concepts. CUPCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL book-review
1941997Searching for the Origins of Mahayana and Moving toward a Better Understanding of Early Mahayana蔡耀明 book
1951998Searching for the Origins of Mahayana and Moving toward a Better Understanding of Early Mahayana蔡耀明 
1962007Seeing as an Interface for Spiritual Cultivation towards an Open Path of life: A Philosophical Inquiry based on the Diamond Sutra蔡耀明 conference paper
1972008Sola Scriptura and Sola Experientia: A Methodological Analogy between Religion and ScienceJ.-J. Yuann journal article00
1982011Soteriological Unfolding of the Mind, Body and Abiding-Places in the “Samanta-mukha-parivarta” of the Lotus Sutra蔡耀明 conference paper
1992009Sprachphilosophische Bedenken zur Rede von kulturellen Universalien, Critique of Christoph Antweiler, ‘Universalien im Kontext kultureller Vielfalt'CHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL journal article
2002016Structural Models for Williamson’s Modal EpistemologyDUEN-MIN DENG book-chapter00
2012012Studies of the Han Feizi in China, Taiwan, and JapanSato, Masayuki Book Section
2022009Tarski的形式語意學與反實在論的崛起CHIN-MU YANG book-chapter
2032008Taski’s semantics and the rise of anti-realismCHIN-MU YANG conference paper
2042010The Ethics of Confucius and Aristotle: Mirrors of Virtue (review)CHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL journal article00
2052007The Harmony of the SoulHSEI-YUNG HSU journal article00
2061998The Jump of a Frog. An Interpretation of a Haiku by BashoCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL book-chapter
2072013The Notion of Justice in the Early Greek PhilosophyHSEI-YUNG HSU conference paper
2082001The Notion of Sophrosune in Plato's RepublicHSEI-YUNG HSU journal article
2091988The Revolt against Traditional Ethical TheoriesHUO-WANG LIN book
2102017The sense of 1PP-location contributes to shaping the perceived self-location together with the sense of body-locationCaleb LIANG journal article23
2112009Theory of Individuality of Tang Chun-yiWEN-BERNG PONG journal article
2122006Thinking about Knowing, by Jay RosenbergCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL journal article00
2132004Towards a Naturalistic Conception of Existence, 2004 Symposium on Neo- Pragmatism, held at NaikangYang, Chin-Mu conference paper
2142008Transcendental Philosophy and Mind-Body ReductionismCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL journal article
2152008Transcendental Philosophy and Mind-Body ReductionismCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL book-chapter
2162006Truth and existence in fictionYang, Chin-Mu conference paper
2172005Truth in virtual realityYang, Chin-Mu conference paper
2182011Urteil (Judgment)CHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL book-chapter
2192010The View of Person and the Meaning of Life苑舉正; JEU-JENQ YUANN journal article
2202015Visual Perception and the Origin of ObjectivityCaleb LIANG journal article
2212004Where after all are the Meanings? A Defense of Internalism. Searle versus PutnamCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL journal article
2222004Where after all are the Meanings? A Defense of Internalism. Searle versus PutnamCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL book-chapter
2231999WILL KYMLICKA的自由主義多元文化論林火旺 report
2242016Wittgenstein and Free WillCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL book-chapter
2252007Wittgenstein and Kant on Judgments of Taste: Situations versus FacultiesCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL journal article
2262007Wittgenstein and Kant on Judgments of Taste: Situations versus FacultiesCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL book-chapter
2272003Xunzi:de persoon en zijn werk Helem en aarde verenigen zich door rituelen, Een bloemlezing uit her werk van de Chinese wijsgeer XunziSato, Masayuki ; Paul van ElsBook Section
2281990�º��״��M�ƭ�h�L���� journal article
2291992���Ҫ��D�w�۹���L���� journal article
2301998�ڸs�t���P���|���qHUO-WANG LIN journal article
2312012칸트 미학 : 『판단력 비판』의 주요 개념들과 문제들CHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL book
2322004パネルディスカッション 出土資料と中国学研究 (特集号「戦国楚簡と中国思想史研究」)佐藤將之 ; 谷中, 信一; 大西, 克也journal article
2332002一個佛學教育願景的勾勒與實現:以華梵大學東方人文思想研究所為例蔡耀明 conference paper
2342005一個沒有固定方法的方法論:論「典範知識」中的「默會成分」苑舉正 conference paper
2352016一場心學與理學的當代對話——國際中國哲學學會第十九屆國際會議側記陳志強 journal article
2362015一念陷溺-唐君毅與陽明學者「惡」的理論研究陳志強 journal article
2372005一支火鉗劃下的科學哲學分野:析論維根斯坦與波普的差異苑舉正 conference paper
2382009一法界的世界觀、住地考察、包容說:以《不增不減經》為依據的共生同成理念蔡耀明 ; YAO-MING TSAI journal article
2392004《三國史記》的政治思想與金富軾的孟學詮釋佐藤將之 conference paper
2402013「上以禮神明」:《管子.君臣》與《荀子》之禮治思想佐藤將之 Journal Article
2412008上博楚簡與先秦思想淺野裕一著; 佐藤將之監譯 Book
2422006「不二中道」學說相關導航概念的詮釋進路──以佛法解開生命世界的全面實相在思惟的導引為詮釋線索蔡耀明 journal article
2432006「不二中道」學說相關導航概念的詮釋進路以佛法解開生命世界的全面實相在思惟的導引為詮釋線索YAO-MING TSAI journal article00
2442006「不二中道」學說相關導航概念的詮釋進路:以佛法解開生命世界的全面實相在思惟的導引為詮釋線索蔡耀明 ; YAO-MING TSAI journal article
2452006〈「不二中道」學說相關導航概念的詮釋進路:以佛法解開生命世界的全面實相在思惟的導引為詮釋線索〉蔡耀明 ; YAO-MING TSAI journal article
2462006不二中道做為佛法解開生命世界的全面實相在思惟的導引蔡耀明 conference paper
2472009《不增不減經》與《勝鬘夫人經》的如來藏學說之探討蔡耀明 conference paper
2482011专业伦理与工作的意义HUO-WANG LIN journal article
2492004中国思想史研究における国際交流への覚書-『戦国楚簡と中国思想史研究』特集号によせて-佐藤將之 journal article
2502005中国思想研究の国際化における青年學者交流の意義:「出土資料と先秦思想研究:青年国際研討會」開催に寄せて佐藤將之 conference paper
2512005中国思想研究分野における若手研究者国際化への戦略と方法--「出土資料と先秦思想」青年学者国際シンポジウムを企画運営して佐藤將之 journal article00
2522005中國出土古文獻與戰國文字之研究福田哲之著; 佐藤將之 ; 王綉雯合譯Book
2532005中國古代「變化」觀念之演變暨其思想意義佐藤將之 journal article
2542011中國古代哲學導論佐藤將之 ; 佐藤將之 learning-object
2552008中國古代哲學的工具之比喻:以圓規、曲尺與陶鈞等為例 (約西元前500年-100年) (新制多年期第1年)魏家豪 report
2562008中國古代哲學的工具之比喻:以圓規、曲尺與陶鈞等為例 (約西元前500年-100年) (新制多年期第2年)魏家豪 report
2572005中國古代思想中「誠」概念之形成和展開佐藤將之 conference paper
2582004中國古代思想家們對「一」的探求赤塚忠; 佐藤將之譯 ; 朱湘鈺譯Journal Article
2592008中國古代政治哲學的非語言統治術佐藤將之 conference paper
2602010中國古代的「忠」論研究佐藤將之 Book
2612004中國古代的「非語言」統治術:「誠」概念的形成與意義佐藤將之 conference paper
2622003中國哲學中“推理”思維的特性HSIEN CHUNG LEE journal article00
2632013中國哲學人文精神的直覺方法HSIEN CHUNG LEE book-chapter
2642007中國哲學史教材教法析論HSIEN CHUNG LEE journal article00
2651998中國哲學的方法問題HSIEN CHUNG LEE journal article
2662008中國哲學研究方法之探析HSIEN CHUNG LEE journal article
2672007中國哲學研究方法之省思HSIEN CHUNG LEE journal article00
2682018中國大陸、臺灣、日本的《韓非子》研究佐藤將之 Journal Article
2692005中國思想研究分野における若手研究者國際化への戰略と方法佐藤將之 journal article
2702007中國思想研究者な國際的學術活動を有意義に行なうための中國語取得について佐藤將之 conference paper
2712008中國思想與日本思想史之間:荻生徂徠思想中荀學因素研究的萌芽與挫折佐藤將之 conference paper
2722008中國政治思想在日本的研究發展概況佐藤將之 conference paper
2731979中國知識分子的憂患意識HUO-WANG LIN journal article
2742001中國科學的定義及其哲學意涵苑舉正 journal article
2752013主編的話HSIAO-CHIH SUN journal article
2762015二十一世紀における『荀子』思想研究の意義と展望佐藤將之 ; サトウ, マサユキjournal article
2771999二十一世紀台灣社會的論理課題與方向孫效智 Conference Paper
2782003二十一世紀臺灣社會的倫理課題與方向HSIAO-CHIH SUN journal article
2811999二階概念與二階邏輯的模型楊金穆 report
2821998二階邏輯之模型(II-II)楊金穆 report
2831997二階邏輯之模型(Ⅰ)楊金穆 report
2842018井上円了の思想と行動における孔子への崇尊佐藤將之 Journal Article
2852012井上円了思想における中国哲学の位置佐藤將之 ; サトウ, マサユキ; MASAYUKI SATO journal article
2861998亞理斯多德看政治:理想與現實之間的折衝苑舉正 journal article
2871994亞里士多德《政治學》對國家的目的論界定與經驗性分析CHIH-SHENG YANG journal article00
2881993人在周易思想中的價值HSIEN CHUNG LEE journal article00
2892006人性善惡與天人分合-孟、荀心性論說之型態及其意義PING-KUN CHEN journal article00
2902000人格建構與生命教育孫效智 Conference Paper
2912001人格建構與生命教育孫效智 Conference Paper
2922009人生三問HSIAO-CHIH SUN journal article
2932012人的主體性:論牟宗三對聖經思想的一項批評梁益堉 ; 史甄陶 book chapter
2942006人類胚胎之形上與道德地位孫效智 Conference Paper
2952007人類胚胎之形上與道德地位HSIAO-CHIH SUN journal article00
2962007人類胚胎之形上與道德地位孫效智 journal article00
2972007人類胚胎之形上與道德地位孫效智 journal article00
2982007什麼是社會學?N. Elias; 鄭義愷譯 book
2991997代理孕母的倫理與法律問題孫效智 journal article
3002012以《雜阿含經》為依據探討「解開而認知世人」與「出離而超脫人世」在條理的一貫YAO-MING TSAI journal article00
3012011以心身安頓為著眼對「住地」的哲學檢視:做為佛教住地學說的奠基工程蔡耀明 journal article
3022008以生命教育為核心的通識教育孫效智 journal article
3032000以禪修來趣入佛法:評介«Being, Nobody, Going Nowhere: Meditations on the Buddhist Path» by Ayya KhemaYAO-MING TSAI journal article
3042013以般若空觀解明無明與萬有YAO-MING TSAI journal article
3052008以菩提道的進展駕馭「感官欲望」所營造的倫理思考:以《大般若經‧第十二會‧淨戒波羅蜜多分》為依據YAO-MING TSAI journal article
3062008以菩提道的進展駕馭「感官欲望」所營造的倫理思考:以《大般若經.第十二會.淨戒波羅蜜多分》為依據蔡耀明 ; YAO-MING TSAI journal article
3072016伊比鳩魯的政治寂靜主義?─回應西塞羅的批判徐學庸 journal article
3082016伊比鳩魯的政治寂靜主義?-回應西塞羅的批判HSEI-YUNG HSU journal article
3092004伊比鳩魯論「正義」HSEI-YUNG HSU journal article
3102008「住地無自性」與「心身何所安頓的尋求」:以《大般若經.第四會》為主要依據的生命哲學反思蔡耀明 conference paper
3112003佛學人物--從經典直探宗教內涵YAO-MING TSAI journal article
3122005佛學專業所講究的外文學術資訊關聯的思考與著手的方法蔡耀明 conference paper
3142006佛學建構的出路:佛教的定慧之學與如來藏的理路蔡耀明 book
3152006《佛學建構的出路:佛教的定慧之學與如來藏的理路》蔡耀明 book
3162006「佛學概論」課程之研發蔡耀明 conference paper
3172013佛教「八解脫」之解脫學理的探究YAO-MING TSAI journal article
3182010佛教住地學說在心身安頓的學理基礎蔡耀明 conference paper
3192010佛教住地學說在心身安頓的學理基礎蔡耀明 journal article
3202014佛教哲學研究用在生命探索YAO-MING TSAI journal article
3212006佛教的環境倫理觀蔡耀明 conference paper
3222006佛教的環境倫理觀蔡耀明 book
3232006佛教的研究方法與學術資訊蔡耀明 book
3242006《佛教的研究方法與學術資訊》蔡耀明 book
3252001《佛教相關博碩士論文提要彙編(1963-2000)》評介YAO-MING TSAI journal article
3262001佛教研究方法學緒論蔡耀明 conference paper
3272003佛教研究的進展程序在操作步驟的釐定蔡耀明 journal article
3282011佛教禪修做為心身安頓:以基礎觀念與關鍵概念為線索蔡耀明 conference paper
3302008佛教關於生存環境的共生倫理思考:以《大般若經》為依據(Buddhist Approach to Symbiotic Ethics of the Living World based on the S?tras of the Perfection of Wisdom)蔡耀明 conference paper
3312004佛說不增不減經「眾生界不增不減」的修學義理:由眾生界、法界、法身到如來藏的理路開展蔡耀明 conference paper
3322009作為共生理念之基礎價值的荀子「禮」概念佐藤將之 Book Section
3331999依據「法」在西方字源的意義說明黑格爾的「法哲學」作為一門倫理學CHIH-SHENG YANG journal article
3342001個人與社群之間的衝突苑舉正 journal article
3351998個人與社群之間的連結苑舉正 journal article
3361995「倫理」與「民主」之關係探究HSIEN CHUNG LEE journal article
3371999《倫理學》林火旺 ; HUO-WANG LIN book
3381997《倫理學》林火旺 ; HUO-WANG LIN book
3391996倫理學教學、教材與教學效果報告孫效智 Conference Paper
3402000倫理情境與類推思維探析HSIEN CHUNG LEE journal article00
3412005傅柯說真話M. Foucault; 鄭義愷譯 book
3422015傳統思想的現代重構與轉化--以墨、荀為例 = The Modern Reconstruction and Transformation of Traditional Thought Through the Examples of Mo Zi and Xun ZiHSIEN CHUNG LEE journal article0
3432010僧肇的實相哲學-以〈不真空論〉為主要典據的義理論述PING-KUN CHEN journal article
3442010僧肇與吉藏的實相哲學PING-KUN CHEN dissertation
3451982儒家憂患意識的內涵與傳承HUO-WANG LIN journal article
3461995儒家的倫理思想和自由主義HUO-WANG LIN journal article
3472003先秦儒、法政治理論的綜合與分歧之研究 : 以荀子與韓非為中心佐藤將之 report
3481993先秦哲學方法論HSIEN CHUNG LEE journal article00
3492005先秦戰國中後期政治概念理論化過程之研究:以稷下學為發展契機佐藤將之 report
3502004先秦稷下思想的兩種統合 :《荀子》與《呂氏春秋》政治哲學的比較研究佐藤將之 report
3512005先秦道家禮樂思想研究MING-CHAO LIN dissertation
3522005先秦道家禮樂思想研究林明照 thesis
3532017先秦邏輯史研究方法探析 = A Probe into the Research Methods of the History of Logic in the Pre-Qin PeriodLee, HC journal article0
3542010《入楞伽經》的心身不二的實相學說:從排除障礙的一面著手蔡耀明 journal article
3551996兩種道德判斷——論道德善惡與道德對錯的區分孫效智 Conference Paper
3561996兩種道德判斷—論「道德善惡」與「道德正誤」的區分HSIAO-CHIH SUN journal article
3572004公共理性的功能及其限制HUO-WANG LIN journal article00
3582004公共理性的功能及其限制林火旺 report
3591995公孫龍子HSIEN CHUNG LEE journal article00
3601993公民意識與社會正義HUO-WANG LIN journal article
3611994公民意識與社會正義--兼論傳播媒體的社會責任HUO-WANG LIN journal article
3621999公民社會與法治教育苑舉正 journal article
3631998典範社會學的限制苑舉正 journal article
3642009兼愛與利害HSIEN CHUNG LEE journal article
3651998判定《阿含經》部派歸屬牽涉的難題蔡耀明 ; YAO-MING TSAI journal article
3662001勾勒佛學教育願景--以華梵大學東方人文思想研究所為例YAO-MING TSAI journal article
3672000印度之旅掛明燈:評介歐塔微歐.帕茲(Octavio Paz)著,《在印度的微光中:諾貝爾桂冠詩人帕茲的心靈之旅》(In Light of India)YAO-MING TSAI journal article
3682016參於天地之治 : 荀子禮治政治思想的起源與構造佐藤將之 Book
3691996反思的出路 : 呂格爾之「我在詮釋學」和「文本詮釋學」RONG-LIN WANG dissertation
3702004古希臘倫理思想的特色-評包利民《生命與邏各斯-希臘倫理思想史論》一書HSEI-YUNG HSU journal article00
3712016古希臘正義觀 : 荷馬至亞里斯多德的倫理價值及政治理想 = The ancient Greek concept of justice : the moral values and political ideals from Homer to AristotleHSEI-YUNG HSU book
3722016古希臘正義觀:從荷馬至亞里斯多德的倫理價值及政治理想徐學庸 ; 徐學庸 book
3732013台灣天主教會的困境、挑戰與願景——信德年的省思孫效智 Conference Paper
3742013台灣天主教會的困境、挑戰與願景——信德年的省思孫效智 Conference Paper
3752004台灣推動生命教育之概況HSIAO-CHIH SUN conference paper
3762009台灣生命教育的挑戰與願景孫效智 Conference Paper
3772009台灣生命教育的挑戰與願景孫效智 journal article
3782000吉爾吉特(Gilgit)梵文佛典寫本的出土與佛教研究蔡耀明 journal article
3792008吉藏《中觀論疏》所開「實相」法門之義蘊PING-KUN CHEN journal article00
3802011同性性行為的道德判斷與論證孫效智 journal article
3812011同性性行為的道德判斷與論證-評陳尚仁〈同性性行為的道德評價〉一文HSIAO-CHIH SUN journal article
3822016《呂氏春秋》和《荀子》 對「人類國家」構想之探析: 以其「人」觀與「群」論為切入點佐藤將之 ; Sato, Masayuki journal article
3832017《呂氏春秋》和《荀子》「類」與「染」之相應思想佐藤將之 Journal Article00
3842018『呂氏春秋』と『荀子』の人間観と群論に見える世界国家の構想佐藤將之 Journal Article
3851997[周來祥著]《論中國古典美學》CHIH-SHENG YANG journal article
3861987哈伯瑪斯(Jurgen Habermas)YAO-MING TSAI journal article
3871990哈曼(Gilbert Harman)的道德相對論HUO-WANG LIN journal article
3881990哈曼的道德相對論林火旺 ; Lin, H.W.journal article
3891998「哲學、生死與宗教」國際學術研討會--靈魂不滅與宗教理性化苑舉正; JEU-JENQ YUANN journal article
3901997哲學反省下的解放宗教苑舉正 journal article
3912007哲學學門熱門及前瞻學術研議題調查計畫成果報告CHIN-MU YANG ; JEU-JENQ YUANN ; YAO-MING TSAI ; WIM DE REU journal article
3921995哲學學門現況與發展研討會林火旺 report
3932014哲學教育所面對的困難與挑戰--以臺灣高等教育為例苑舉正; 朱建民; 葉海煙; 林維杰; JEU-JENQ YUANN journal article
3942008哲學概論杜保瑞 ; BAU-RUEI DUH ; 陳榮華 book
3952002哲學概論孫效智等著 book
3962010哲學概論苑舉正 ; 苑舉正 learning-object
3972008哲學概論陳榮華 ; 杜保瑞 book
3982005「哲學概論」需要什麼樣的教科書?苑舉正 journal article
3992000哲學與心靈治療苑舉正; JEU-JENQ YUANN book section
4002004哲學與文化:生命教育專題 (第三六四期)孫效智主編 book
4011999哲學與歷史中的城邦苑舉正 journal article
4022010哲思之樂 : 乾癟的思考還是熱切的生活?R. C. Solomon; 鄭義愷譯 book
4032008唐君毅論「個體的自我」彭文本 ; WEN-BERNG PONG conference paper
4042011四個角色的理論-西塞羅《論義務》I, 105-125HSEI-YUNG HSU journal article00
4052008回顧第十三期主題「通識教育與經典教育」葉國良; 徐興慶; 陳弱水; 苑舉正; JEU-JENQ YUANN journal article
4062000因材施教與教學上的人我分際:以《論語》、《阿含經》、和《大般若經》為根據蔡耀明 journal article
4072011因果關係的推論需要多少證據的支持?RONG-LIN WANG journal article00
4082008国際化時代における日本の中國思想研究と若手研究者の生き残り戦略 (国際学術シンポジウム 日本の中國哲學思想研究--現状と展望)佐藤將之 journal article
4092007國家社稷存亡之道德:春秋、戰國早期「忠」和「忠信」概念之意義佐藤將之 journal article00
4112006國科會人文學研究中心九十五年度「人文社會科學史料典籍研讀計畫」佛典研讀會:佛典導讀與佛教研究方法蔡耀明 ; 蔡耀明 
4122006國際化時代における日本の中国思想研究の現状と若手研究者の生き残り戦略佐藤將之 conference paper
4132006國際學術交流推進の方法としてのプロジエクト佐藤將之 journal article
4142013圣人与道德运气HUO-WANG LIN journal article
4152014在照顧之愛與病痛之苦間擺盪的生死倫理——論天主教有關植物人停止餵食餵水的觀點孫效智 Conference Paper
4162015在照顧之愛與病痛之苦間擺盪的生死倫理-論天主教有關植物人停止人工餵食餵水的觀點HSIAO-CHIH SUN journal article00
4172009基本倫理學林火旺 ; HUO-WANG LIN book
4182003基督信仰與哲學理性在倫理議題上的交互平衡孫效智 Conference Paper
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4382002《大般若經‧第十五會》的禪修教授:兼及於《首楞嚴三昧經》蔡耀明 report
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4631983孟子人性論之現象學解析(下)陳榮華 journal article00
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5022005座談会 日本の中国思想研究者が国際舞台に出るために--「出土資料と先秦思想」青年学者国際シンポジウムに参加して佐藤將之 ; 佐野, 大介; 井上, 了journal article
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5422000從災後心靈重建談生命教育孫效智 journal article
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5451982從現象學論智的直覺與物自身 (下)WING-WAH CHAN journal article
5461982從現象學論智的直覺與物自身(上)陳榮華 journal article
5471982從現象學論智的直覺與物自身(下)陳榮華 journal article
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5612009心身課題在佛學界的哲學觸角與學術回顧蔡耀明 journal article
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5692010愚昧的尊嚴?HSIAO-CHIH SUN journal article00
5702009愚昧的尊嚴?孫效智 Conference Paper
5712002愛情享樂主義的貧困─黑格爾「精神現象學」論歌德「浮士德」的意識型態CHIH-SHENG YANG journal article
5722002愛情享樂主義的貧困-黑格爾「精神現象學」論歌德「浮士德」的意識形態楊植勝 journal article
5732015愛的理性化─黑格爾哲學的理性與基督宗教的博愛楊植勝 journal article00
5742008感同身受與同理心HSIAO-CHIH SUN journal article
5752007感官欲望擺在菩提道的倫理思考:以《摩訶止觀》和《大般若經‧第十二會‧淨戒波羅蜜多分》為主要依據的哲學探究蔡耀明 conference paper
5762007感官欲望擺在菩提道的倫理思考:以《摩訶止觀》和《大般若經.第十二會.淨戒波羅蜜多分》為主要依據的哲學探究蔡耀明 conference paper
5772002「慧解脫」與「般若波羅蜜多」的銜接和差異:用以看待解脫道和菩提道的關聯的一道樞紐蔡耀明 ; YAO-MING TSAI journal article
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5802002我應當作什麼?苑舉正; JEU-JENQ YUANN book section
5812007戰國中期的「忠」論之展開與荀子的王道政治思想佐藤將之 conference paper
5822007戰國後期「忠」論的展開與《韓非子》之回應佐藤將之 conference paper
5832010戰國早期的「非語言」統治思想以及其與「誠」概念之結合佐藤將之 journal article
5842009戰國時代「忠信」概念的發展與王道思想的成立佐藤將之 Journal Article
5852008戰國時代「忠信」概念的發展與王道思想的成立佐藤將之 conference paper
5862009戰國時代「誠」概念的形成與意義--以《孟子》、《莊子》、《呂氏春秋》為中心佐藤將之 Book Section
5872005戰國時代「誠」概念的形成與意義:以《孟子》、《莊子》、《呂氏春秋》為中心佐藤將之 journal article00
5882016戰國時期「忠」與「忠信」概念之展開:以「擬似血緣」、「對鬼神的『孝』」以及「潛在君德」為思想特點佐藤將之 Journal Article
5892004戰國楚簡研究淺野裕一; 佐藤將之監譯 book
5902006戰國楚簡與秦簡之思想史硏究湯淺邦弘著; 佐藤將之監譯 Book
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5932009打開生命的16封信 : 給自己一份成長的禮物孫效智等著 Book
5942003批判即理性的哲學態度:阿格西從衝突中學習苑舉正 journal article
5952008抉擇佛教所施設的多樣的修行道路之基本原則:以《大般若經.第四會、第十六會》為依據蔡耀明 conference paper
5961982拉圖理型論的知識論、價值論和形上學之意義(下)陳榮華 journal article
5972006拉菲爾密碼-梵諦岡簽署室的濕壁畫《樞德》與柏拉圖的對話錄《國家》楊植勝 ; CHIH-SHENG YANG conference paper
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5992002指示詞DTHAT的量化分析楊金穆 report
6002006掌握「變化」的道德:荀子「誠」概念的結構佐藤將之 conference paper
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6021997政客與特權-評民進黨陳師孟和新黨「家變」HUO-WANG LIN journal article
6032001政治自由主義與公共理性林火旺 report
6052000文化差異與容忍限度林火旺 report
6062005文獻學方法及其在佛教研究的若干成果與反思蔡耀明 conference paper
6072005文獻學方法及其在佛教研究的若干成果與反思蔡耀明 ; YAO-MING TSAI journal article
6081998族群差異與社會正義林火旺 ; Lin, H.W.journal article
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6102005日本二十世紀荀子研究的回顧佐藤將之 book chapter
6112008日本明治前半時期之《荀子》「性惡論」論佐藤將之 conference paper
6122006日本汉学国际化のための海外シンポジウムの理念と方法「出土简帛文献と中国古代学术」国际学术研讨会を企画‧运营して (上)佐藤將之 Journal Article
6132006日本汉学国际化のための海外シンポジウムの理念と方法「出土简帛文献と中国古代学术」国际学术研讨会を企画‧运营して (下)佐藤將之 Journal Article
6142008日本近代《荀子》研究之「性惡論」論佐藤將之 conference paper
6152010日本近代墨學研究之崛起與中日學者之墨荀思想關係論探析佐藤將之 Journal Article
6162015晚明王學中『惡』的理論陳志強 thesis
6172018晚明王學原惡論陳志強 book
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6192004普通高級中學「生命教育類」選修課課程綱要孫效智 book
6202007普通高級中學生命教育科課程綱要HSIAO-CHIH SUN book
6212007普通高級中學生命教育科課程綱要孫效智 book
6222003書評:周云之《名辯學論》HSIEN CHUNG LEE journal article00
6232006書評:李哲賢:《荀子之名學析論》HSIEN CHUNG LEE journal article
6242013最佳說明推論如何證成?:以達爾文《物種源始》中的論證作為案例研究RONG-LIN WANG journal article
6252018最美的姿態說再見:病人自主權利法的內涵與實踐孫效智 Book
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6271982柏拉圖理型論的知識論、價值論和形上學之意義WING-WAH CHAN journal article
6281982柏拉圖理型論的知識論、價值論和形上學之意義(上)陳榮華 journal article
6292007梵文與梵文佛典網路資源的整合與建構蔡耀明 report
6302013楊簡的覺悟經驗與神秘主義陳志強 journal article
6311987業報緣起與成就無上智慧——以阿含.般若為線索而連貫之蔡耀明 book
6322003檢視多元文化論與批判理性論的共通性苑舉正 journal article00
6332004歌詠生命的旋律─九年一貫生命教育教案HSIAO-CHIH SUN book
6342004歌詠生命的旋律─九年一貫生命教育教案孫效智 book
6352004歌詠生命的旋律─高中職生命教育教案HSIAO-CHIH SUN book
6362004歌詠生命的旋律─高中職生命教育教案孫效智 book
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6422003波普.阿格西.費若本及其他--與阿格西[Joseph Agassi]教授對談苑舉正; JEU-JENQ YUANN journal article
6432006海德格CHIN-MU YANG book
6442006海德格HUO-WANG LIN book
6452008海德格 <<存有與時間>> 的本真與非本真存在陳榮華 journal article
6462008海德格 <<存有與時間>> 的本真與非本真存在陳榮華 journal article
6471985海德格 《存有與時間》的詮釋學現象學與真理判準陳榮華 conference paper
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6512003海德格〈存有與時間〉闡釋陳榮華 book
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6532008海德格《存有與時間》的本真與非本真存在陳榮華 journal article
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6551986海德格《存有與時間》的詮釋學現象學與真理判準陳榮華 conference paper
6562007海德格《存有與時間》與人本主義陳榮華 conference paper
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6582003海德格「存有與時間」的Dasein是一個人本主義的概念(humanistic concept)嗎?WING-WAH CHAN journal article
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6602006海德格「存有與時間」闡釋 (再版)WING-WAH CHAN book
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6621992海德格哲學:思考與存有陳榮華 book
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6642000海德格哲學的詮釋學陳榮華 journal article
6651992海德格哲學:思考與存有陳榮華 book
6662008海德格在世存有( In-der-Welt-sein)與先秦儒家的天人合一陳榮華 journal article
6672008海德格在世存有(In-der-Welt-sein)與先秦儒家的天人合一WING-WAH CHAN journal article
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6692006海德格的在世存有與先秦儒家的天人合一陳榮華 conference paper
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6712004海德格與高達美的時間概念WING-WAH CHAN journal article00
6722004海德格與高達美的時間概念陳榮華 report
6732004海德格與高達美的時間概念陳榮華 ; Chan, Wing-Wah journal article00
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6761989海德格論Logos三條進路陳榮華 ; Chan, W.W.journal article
6771989海德格論Logos的三條進路WING-WAH CHAN journal article
6781990海德格論思考WING-WAH CHAN journal article
6792000海德格論思考陳榮華 journal article
6801992海德格論技術WING-WAH CHAN journal article
6812000海德格論技術 (Technik)陳榮華 journal article
6822006涅槃之研究-以漢譯“阿含”經典為範圍PING-KUN CHEN journal article
6832009消失的現代性 : 全球化的文化向度A. Appadurai; 鄭義愷譯 book
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6862009漸凍人氣切的倫理與法律問題HSIAO-CHIH SUN journal article00
6872005無「忠信」的國家不能生存:春秋戰國時代早期「忠」和「忠信」概念的意義佐藤將之 conference paper
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6892006「無知即德行」:蘇格拉底與盧梭的兩種德行觀苑舉正 conference paper
6902007「無知的理解」:蘇格拉底的盧梭的兩種德行觀苑舉正 journal article00
6912012牟宗三疏解儒家人性論之探討孫效智 Book
6921988牟宗三疏解儒家人性論之探討孫效智 thesis
6932004物理理論的目標在於保全現象嗎?RONG-LIN WANG dissertation
6942002猶太基督宗教倫理與動機自律孫效智 journal article
6952015王船山莊學中「相天」說的倫理意義林明照 journal article00
6962001王陽明道德判斷理論的詮釋及批判陳榮華 conference paper
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6981988現象學的窮途末路(2):純粹意識YAO-MING TSAI journal article
6991988現象學的窮途末路(3):原始的生活世界YAO-MING TSAI journal article
7001988現象學的窮途末路(4):虛無的吶喊YAO-MING TSAI journal article
7012013《理想國篇》譯注與詮釋HSEI-YUNG HSU book
7022009《理想國篇》譯注與詮釋HSEI-YUNG HSU book
7031990甚深緣起的諦觀YAO-MING TSAI journal article
7042000生命?育的理論與實務孫效智等作 ; 林思伶主編Book
7052008生命之目的與生命之意義的佛教哲學解析(Purpose in Life and Meaning of Life: A Philosophical Analysis of Buddhist Notions)蔡耀明 conference paper
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7072008生命哲學之課題範疇與論題舉隅:由形上學、心態哲學、和知識學的取角所形成的課題範疇蔡耀明 journal article
7082011生命意義之佛教哲學的反思蔡耀明 ; YAO-MING TSAI journal article
7092006生命教育之困境與推動策略HSIAO-CHIH SUN book
7102002生命教育之困境與推動策略孫效智 Conference Paper
7112006生命教育之困境與推動策略孫效智; 孫效智 book
7122002生命教育之推動困境與內涵建構策略HSIAO-CHIH SUN journal article
7132002生命教育之推動困境與內涵建構策略孫效智 Conference Paper
7142017生命教育校園文化推動模式孫效智 Conference Paper
7152014生命教育核心素養的建構與十二年國教課綱的發展孫效智 Conference Paper
7162015生命教育核心素養的建構與十二年國教課綱的發展HSIAO-CHIH SUN journal article
7172016生命教育核心素養與臺灣十二年國教孫效智 Conference Paper
7182002生命教育的倫理學基礎HSIAO-CHIH SUN journal article
7192001生命教育的倫理學基礎孫效智 journal article
7202000生命教育的內涵與哲學基礎孫效智 Conference Paper
7212001生命教育的內涵與實施孫效智 journal article
7222002生命教育的困境與展望孫效智 journal article
7232008生命教育的挑戰與願景HSIAO-CHIH SUN conference paper
7242013生命教育與十二年國民基本教育孫效智 Conference Paper
7252007生命教育與大學生通識人文素養HSIAO-CHIH SUN conference paper
7262006生命教育與大學通識課程HSIAO-CHIH SUN conference paper
7272005生命教育與大學通識課程HSIAO-CHIH SUN conference paper
7282000生命智慧與道德教育孫效智 journal article
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7312009生死大哉問孫效智 Conference Paper
7321999生死尊嚴與生命智慧孫效智 journal article
7332004生殖性人類複製在二十一世紀的倫理與法律意涵孫效智; 孫效智 report
7342004生殖性人類複製的倫理意涵—安全風險與人格唯一性的觀點HSIAO-CHIH SUN conference paper
7352004生殖性人類複製的安全風險與人格唯一性問題孫效智 conference paper
7362005生殖性人類複製的安全風險與個體獨特性問題 = Ethical Issues of Safety and Individuality in Reproductive Human CloningHSIAO-CHIH SUN ; 孫效智 journal article00
7372001生物科技的「既興奮又害怕」苑舉正 journal article00
7382006用柏拉圖的《國家》解拉斐爾的《樞德》—一個哲學對藝術的詮釋楊植勝 ; CHIH-SHENG YANG conference paper
7391997由三乘施設論菩薩正性離生蔡耀明 journal article
7401983當代思想家評介:胡塞爾﹝Edmund Husserl﹞的現象學WING-WAH CHAN journal article
7411983當代思想家評介:英格頓﹝Roman Ingarden﹞的現象學邏輯WING-WAH CHAN journal article
7422005當代日本學者對〈中庸〉思想研究之回顧佐藤將之 conference paper
7432003當前台灣社會的重大生命課題與願景孫效智 Conference Paper
7442004當前台灣社會的重大生命課題與願景孫效智 Conference Paper
7452004當前台灣社會的重大生命課題與願景HSIAO-CHIH SUN journal article00
7461996當前政治倫理的重建--失序與調適HUO-WANG LIN journal article
7471999當宗教與道德相遇孫效智 book
7482011當康德與死後捐贈器官規則相遇──道德規則究竟能多具普遍性呢? 以DDR作為「不可殺人」禁令的一個特定規則為例 (Wenn Kant der “Tote-Spender-Regel” begegnet w?re── Wie universal k?nnen moralische Regeln sein?)孫效智 Conference Paper
7492017《病人自主權利法》評釋孫效智 Journal Article
7502016《病人自主權利法》面面觀孫效智 Journal Article
7512019病人自主權利法擴充特殊拒絕醫療權之必要性孫效智 journal article
7522013盧嘉勒與台灣生命教育孫效智 Conference Paper
7532013盧嘉勒與臺灣生命教育HSIAO-CHIH SUN journal article
7542002盧梭思想在近代中國政治的意涵苑舉正 journal article
7552008盧梭政治哲學中的倫理基礎苑舉正 conference paper
7562002盧梭:自然、不平等與個人權利苑舉正; JEU-JENQ YUANN book section
7572008直接實在論與知覺問題 (新制多年期第1年)梁益堉 report
7582008直接實在論與知覺問題 (新制多年期第2年)梁益堉 report
7591993省籍情結與社會主義HUO-WANG LIN journal article
7601995《真理與方法》中「正確理解」的問題RONG-LIN WANG journal article00
7612005知其不知的弔詭-論近代知識論的優先性問題楊植勝 ; CHIH-SHENG YANG conference paper
7622016知見空言-羅念菴論「學者」之過陳志強 journal article
7632011知識、信念與真:從Davidson 到WilliamsonCHIN-MU YANG journal article
7642003「研究方法」課程的規劃理念蔡耀明 ; YAO-MING TSAI journal article
7652011「確實安住」如何可能置基於「無住」?:以《說無垢稱經》為主要依據的「安住」之哲學探究蔡耀明 journal article
7662007社會科學哲學研究報告苑舉正; JEU-JENQ YUANN book section
7671999神律倫理與自律倫理HSIAO-CHIH SUN journal article
7682012禪修為著眼的眾生觀:以《華嚴經.十定品》為依據YAO-MING TSAI journal article00
7692011科學傳播、風險與懷疑論苑舉正; JEU-JENQ YUANN book section
7702002科學哲學苑舉正 book chapter
7712002科學與文化之間的辯證關係苑舉正; JEU-JENQ YUANN book section
7721999科技社會中的「新魔咒」苑舉正 journal article
7732013《米諾篇》《費多篇》譯注HSEI-YUNG HSU book
7742015米諾篇》《費多篇》譯注HSEI-YUNG HSU book
7752003紀念羅爾斯座談會座談記錄HUO-WANG LIN journal article00
7761992結果論及其批判HUO-WANG LIN journal article00
7772011經典之現代意義與應用苑舉正; JEU-JENQ YUANN journal article
7782013綜合中的統合:《呂氏春秋》的「理」與「理義」概念探析佐藤將之 Journal Article
7792004維根斯坦哲學對後實證科學哲學發展的影響苑舉正 journal article
7802005網路上的梵文與梵文佛典資源蔡耀明 conference paper
7812008総合討論 日本の中国思想研究は次の半世紀を生き残れるか? (国際学術シンポジウム 日本の中國哲學思想研究--現状と展望)佐藤將之 ; 木島, 史雄; 湯城, 吉信journal article
7822006羅爾斯林火旺 ; HUO-WANG LIN book
7831993羅爾斯[John Rawls]的自由主義與人的理想HUO-WANG LIN journal article
7841998《羅爾斯正義論》林火旺 ; HUO-WANG LIN book
7852006羅素、維根斯坦楊金穆 ; CHIN-MU YANG book
7862016羅逖的脈絡重整與高達美的視域融合陳榮華 journal article00
7872015羅逖的詮釋學概念及其困境:從高達美的觀點WING-WAH CHAN journal article
7882004美、天才和数学:为什么康德改了主意?CHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL journal article
7892008美好人生的必要條件--對道德教育的一些看法HUO-WANG LIN journal article
7902014《老子河上公章句》治身與治國關係之思辨模式析論MING-CHAO LIN journal article
7912007職業としての國思想研究—「ワーキングプア」化する若手研究者佐藤將之 journal article
7922018職業倫理教育:論有意義的工作吳澤玫; TSE-MEI WU book chapter
7932008胚胎幹細胞研究政策之倫理意涵 (新制多年期第1年)孫效智 report
7941984胡塞爾之認識意識的方法WING-WAH CHAN journal article
7951984胡塞爾哲學的世界概念陳榮華 ; WING-WAH CHAN journal article
7961983胡塞爾自我學(Egologies)研究──從笛卡兒的「我思」到胡塞爾的意識陳榮華 book
7971983胡塞爾自我學(Egology)研究──從笛卡兒的「我思」到胡塞爾的意識WING-WAH CHAN dissertation
7982006臨濟義玄與洞山良价的禪法通義PING-KUN CHEN journal article
7992008臨終者的孤寂N. Elias; 鄭義愷譯 book
8001996自然演繹系統中否定之推衍規則楊金穆 ; Yang, S.C.Mjournal article
8011996自由主義HUO-WANG LIN journal article
8022010自由主義林火旺 ; 林火旺 learning-object
8031994自由主義、民主政治與公民教育HUO-WANG LIN journal article
8042000自由主義可否包容多元文化論?林火旺 journal article
8051994自由主義的公民教育HUO-WANG LIN journal article00
8061995自由主義的自由的挑戰--若爾斯[John Rawls]的正義理論裡自由的優先性及其批評CHIH-SHENG YANG journal article
8071995自由主義社會與公民道德HUO-WANG LIN journal article00
8081997自由主義與公民意識: 理論與實務林火旺 report
8091992自由主義與政治中立HUO-WANG LIN journal article
8101986自由主義與社會正義林火旺 ; HUO-WANG LIN book
8111993自由主義與社會正義林火旺 ; HUO-WANG LIN book
8122008自由與自然之間的過渡:蓋爾(Paul Guyer)對康德哲學系統的詮釋彭文本 report
8132010臺大學生的生活筆記 : 靈修六原則孫效智 ; 臺大學生合著Book
8142009臺灣生命教育的挑戰與願景HSIAO-CHIH SUN journal article
8152002與他者的關係─倫理學HSIAO-CHIH SUN book chapter
8162003與阿格西教授對談苑舉正 journal article
8172001般若波羅蜜多教學與嚴淨佛土:內在建構之道的佛教進路論文集蔡耀明 book
8182013《般若經》的般若波羅蜜多教學的有情觀與有情轉化YAO-MING TSAI journal article
8192009船山莊學中的以莊釋儒MING-CHAO LIN journal article
8202006良知的辯證彭文本 ; WEN-BERNG PONG conference paper
8212008良知的辯證-康德、費希特、牟宗三的理論比較研究WEN-BERNG PONG journal article00
8222016艾斯曲婁斯的正義觀HSEI-YUNG HSU journal article
8232004英雄的變質-黑格爾《精神現象學》對個人理想主義的批判楊植勝 ; CHIH-SHENG YANG conference paper
8242013荀子 : 禮治思想的淵源與戰國諸子之研究佐藤將之 Book
8252013《荀子》「理」概念探析:呈現人類文明的秩序佐藤將之 Journal Article
8262008《荀子》與《呂氏春秋》的「忠」和「忠信」論之展開與其思想意義佐藤將之 conference paper
8272007荀子哲學研究之解構與建構:以中日學者之嘗試與「誠」概念之探討為線索佐藤將之 journal article00
8282014荀子尚賢與管理思想探析HSIEN CHUNG LEE journal article
8292006荀子從《管子》接受了什麼?—《管子》禮治思想的結構與特色佐藤將之 conference paper
8302005荀子政治思想中的「誠」:從非語言統治之角度的詮釋佐藤將之 conference paper
8312015荀學與荀子思想研究 : 評析.前景.構想佐藤將之 Book
8322007《莊子》論處世的兩難困境與因應之道MING-CHAO LIN journal article00
8331999莊子的形上學及思考方式WING-WAH CHAN book-chapter
8342000莊子的語言思想析探魏家豪 book
8351990莊子齊物觀初探(一)蔡耀明 journal article00
8362000萊布尼茲的「個別實體」HSEI-YUNG HSU journal article00
8371998[葉海煙]《老莊哲學新論》MING-CHAO LIN journal article
8381993葛達瑪[Hans-Georg Gadamer]的藝術哲學:欣賞與瞭解WING-WAH CHAN journal article
8391998葛達瑪詮釋學與中國哲學的詮釋陳榮華 ; WING-WAH CHAN book
8401996葛達瑪遊戲概念中的存有學WING-WAH CHAN journal article
8411998葛達瑪遊戲概念中的存有學陳榮華 journal article
8421994葛達瑪-真理與方法WING-WAH CHAN journal article00
8432008蒯因論模態CHIN-MU YANG journal article
8442002蘇菲的抉擇: 分割連體嬰的倫理難題孫效智; 孫效智 report
8452001蘇菲的抉擇?-分割連體嬰的倫理難題孫效智 journal article00
8462005處於邊緣情境中人類生命之形上與道德地位孫效智 report
8472005被遺忘的荀子研究:日本早期荀子研究評述佐藤將之 conference paper
8482008補助人文及社會科學研究圖書計畫規劃主題:國際佛教哲學研究專著 (新制多年期第1年)蔡耀明 report
8492007補助人文及社會科學研究圖書計畫規劃主題:國際佛教哲學研究專著 (新制多年期第2年)蔡耀明 report
8502007補助人文及社會科學研究圖書計畫規劃主題:日本哲學(1/2)佐藤將之 report
8512004複製倫理面面觀孫效智 journal article
8522004「複製倫理面面觀」再次回應孫效智 journal article
8531997複製科技的潘朵拉盒子:桃莉震撼下的倫理反省苑舉正 journal article
8542006西方四文化 : 當代政治,社會,藝術,人文的四大來源J. W. O'Malley; 鄭義愷譯 book
8551997西方社會困境與儒家家庭倫理HUO-WANG LIN journal article
8562006西洋哲學傳統WING-WAH CHAN book
8572015「『親民』『新民』之議」與儒學方法論的審思苑舉正; JEU-JENQ YUANN journal article
8582012觀看、反思與專凝-《莊子》哲學中的觀視性MING-CHAO LIN journal article00
8592008觀看做為導向生命出路的修行界面:以《大般若經.第九會.能斷金剛分》為主要依據的哲學探究蔡耀明 ; YAO-MING TSAI journal article
8602007觀看在於不停留在觀看的表面:佛教在觀看相貌的哲學思惟蔡耀明 conference paper
8612003解讀有關《首楞嚴三昧經》的四篇前序後記:以《首楞嚴三昧經》相關文獻的探討為背景蔡耀明 journal article
8621994評[Jurgen Habermas]《合法性危機》[Legitimation Crisis]CHIH-SHENG YANG journal article
8632001評介[香光尼眾佛學院圖書館編輯]《佛教相關博碩士論文提要彙編(1963-2000)》YAO-MING TSAI journal article
8641993評介《詭辯與邏輯名篇賞析》HSIEN CHUNG LEE journal article00
8652003評介鄔昆如教授《希臘哲學》HSEI-YUNG HSU journal article00
8662015評伯納德.所羅門著《論中國古代名家》HSIEN CHUNG LEE journal article
8671989評估高提也 (David Gauthier) 對道德的證成之解決林火旺 journal article
8681988評估高提也(David Gauthier)對道德的證成之解決HUO-WANG LIN journal article00
8692015評釋慧開法師著《生命是一種連續函數》(香海文化,2015)苑舉正; JEU-JENQ YUANN journal article
8702014評陳瑞麟著《認知與評價:科學理論與實驗的動力學》RONG-LIN WANG journal article
8712001試論中國科學哲學的可能性苑舉正; JEU-JENQ YUANN book section
8722011詮莊與反莊:李磎〈廣廢莊論〉中的莊學詮釋與批判MING-CHAO LIN journal article
8731993詮釋學循環:史萊瑪赫、海德格和高達美陳榮華 journal article
8742000詮釋學循環:史萊瑪赫、海德格和高達美WING-WAH CHAN journal article
8752001認識客觀性:實在論--反實在論之論爭與經驗內容性質之研究(博士論文)梁益堉 ; Caleb LIANG book
8762002語用的真之概念與語意詭論楊金穆 ; Yang, Chin-Mu report
8772000語言的轉向與意義理論──評《笛卡兒,拜拜》一書楊金穆 journal article
8782005語言的轉向與意義理論的變遷楊金穆 ; CHIN-MU YANG journal article
8792002《說無垢稱經.不二法門品》義理構造探析:背景篇蔡耀明 conference paper
8802011《說無垢稱經.觀有情品》梵文本解讀:以佛教所認知的有情為脈絡蔡耀明 conference paper
8812001談生命教育與社區營造HSIAO-CHIH SUN journal article
8822009論《荀子》禮與養生的關係MING-CHAO LIN journal article
8832005論《莊子》的「真」─集中於「心」、「性」層面的討論」MING-CHAO LIN book-chapter
8842009論「同」與「推」-先秦邏輯基本概念探析HSIEN CHUNG LEE book-chapter
8852009論「有無」並非合適的形上學概念:以《大乘入楞伽經》為依據蔡耀明 conference paper
8862009論「有無」並非適任的形上學概念:以《密嚴經》和《入楞伽經》為主要依據蔡耀明 journal article
8872010論人類胚胎道德地位的幾個儒家觀點孫效智 Conference Paper
8882006論佛教經典對於面對佛教多樣的修煉道路可行的基本原則:以《大般若經•第四會、第十六會》為依據蔡耀明 conference paper
8892011論儒家現實擁有判準理論與等差之愛原則的人類胚胎觀點HSIAO-CHIH SUN journal article00
8902007論友誼HSEI-YUNG HSU book
8912017論孔孟的過惡思想陳志強 Book Chapter
8922001論孟子的道德哲學是以人為本或以天為本?陳榮華 conference paper
8932017論巵言─《莊子》之共存與寫作 = On Goblet Words: Coexistence and Writing in the Zhuangzi魏家豪 ; Wim, D.R.; 魏家豪 journal article00
8942006論心與身的分別為二並非全面實相的反映:以《大乘入楞伽經》為依據蔡耀明 conference paper
8952006論心與身的分別為二基本上只是認知的投射:以《大乘入楞伽經》為依據蔡耀明 conference paper
8962003論意圖在行為道德判斷上的相關性與無關性孫效智 report
8971998論文內容摘要及關鍵詞之英譯RONG-LIN WANG journal article
8981988論朱王異同孫效智 journal article
8991987論朱陸異同與會通HSIAO-CHIH SUN journal article00
9002001論海德格與艾保林(G. Ebeling)之從語言與人的關係論人的本性陳榮華 journal article
9012001論海德格與艾保林(G. Ebeling)之從語言與人的關係論人的本性WING-WAH CHAN journal article00
9022004論牟宗三與費希特「智的直覺」之理論彭文本 ; WEN-BERNG PONG book
9032006論生死並非絕然二分的:「一切法不生不滅」的解明途徑之一,台灣科學與宗教學術對話系列座談會(系列三:生命)蔡耀明 conference paper
9041990論笛卡兒懷疑的普遍性CHIH-SHENG YANG journal article00
9051985論經驗證據之性質CHIN-MU YANG journal article00
9062013論羅森堡的達爾文式化約論RONG-LIN WANG journal article00
9072004論羅爾斯「對」的優先性吳澤玫 ; Wu, Tse-Mei thesis
9082008論羅爾斯的公共理性觀吳澤玫 journal article00
9092018論羅爾斯的穩定性論證吳澤玫; TSE-MEI WU journal article00
9102013論羅逖與高達美的教化哲學WING-WAH CHAN journal article
9112014論義務HSEI-YUNG HSU book
9122008論老年HSEI-YUNG HSU book
9132009論自然存有學態度:有必要繼續爭辯科學理論是否為真嗎?RONG-LIN WANG book-chapter
9142004論莊子的思考方式與中國文化的特性陳榮華 conference paper
9152018論萬物的本質Lucretius Carus, Titus; 徐學庸譯注 book
9162004論西方歷史中美學的二元性CHIH-SHENG YANG ; 楊植勝 journal article
9172011《論語》中「過」、「惡」、「罪」的思想陳志強 thesis
9181999論語中「言」與「德」的關係試論MING-CHAO LIN journal article
9192009論辨空間:接近死亡,擁抱生命HSIAO-CHIH SUN journal article
9202011論雄心-《論義務》I,61-92HSEI-YUNG HSU journal article
9212000論高達美詮釋學的文本與詮釋之統一性WING-WAH CHAN ; 陳榮華 journal article00
9222015諸佛如來誕生宣言之解讀與理解YAO-MING TSAI journal article
9232006謝勒的倫理學奠基:實質價值與位格的現象學倫理學鄭義愷 ; Jeng, I-Kai thesis
9242006「變化」的象徵化與秩序化:〈易傳〉的聖人與《荀子》的君王佐藤將之 conference paper
9252004費希特對於定言令式之演繹WEN-BERNG PONG journal article
9261999費耶若本的人道主義苑舉正 journal article
9272004赫德(Herder)在「後批判」(Metakritik)一書中對於康德知識論的批判WEN-BERNG PONG journal article
9282005超越「理性主義」與「相對主義」:阿格西與費耶阿的批判教育苑舉正 conference paper
9292013辯證法與現象學—黑格爾《精神現象學》的方法論問題楊植勝 journal article
9302013辯證法與現象學-黑格爾《精神現象學》的方法論問題CHIH-SHENG YANG journal article00
9311997迂迴與獲取--呂格爾的方法詮釋學RONG-LIN WANG journal article
9322000迎向專業的佛教研究蔡耀明 journal article
9331998近五十年臺灣墨學研究之省思HSIEN CHUNG LEE journal article
9342014〈迦旃延氏經〉(Kātyāyana-sūtra)梵漢對照及其不二中道學理YAO-MING TSAI journal article
9352008過去的婚姻讓我再次走向婚姻HSIAO-CHIH SUN journal article
9362006道德—幸福的必要條件林火旺 ; HUO-WANG LIN book
9372005道德實踐中的權衡問題HSIEN CHUNG LEE journal article00
9381999道德實踐的終極探問(2/2)孫效智; 孫效智 report
9391998道德實踐的終極探問(II-I)孫效智 report
9402014道德是天生的嗎?—喬依斯「道德先天論」辨析RONG-LIN WANG journal article
9411998道德自律與宗教信仰孫效智 Conference Paper
9422009道德與合理 : 西洋古代倫理議題硏究HSEI-YUNG HSU book
9431997道德與幸福之間孫效智 journal article
9441995道德論證問題在基本倫理學上的發展-目的論與義務論之爭HSIAO-CHIH SUN journal article00
9452006邁向一個整體論式的表述理論鄧敦民 ; Deng, Duen-Minthesis
9461999邏輯實證論中的實在論發展苑舉正 journal article
9472008邏輯實證論的發展與轉折在台灣苑舉正 conference paper
9482018郭店楚簡《忠信之道》的思想意義探析佐藤將之 Book Section
9492008郭象「獨化」論所呈現注《莊》的詮釋方向問題MING-CHAO LIN journal article
9502010關心靈魂HSEI-YUNG HSU journal article00
9512005關於《第二批判》的「理性事實學說」之兩種解讀方式WEN-BERNG PONG journal article
9521986關於「從科學與哲學之關係論哲學教育之重要性」CHIH-SHENG YANG journal article
9532000關於「蘇格拉底」對話錄與《理想國.第一卷》HSEI-YUNG HSU journal article00
9542007阿利森(Henry E. Allison)對康德自由理論的詮釋彭文本 report
9552002《阿含經》和《說無垢稱經》的不二法門初探蔡耀明 journal article
9562002《阿含經》的禪修在解脫道的多重功能:附記「色界四禪」的述句與禪定支蔡耀明 conference paper
9572002《阿含經》的禪修在解脫道的多重功能:附記「色界四禪」的述句與禪定支蔡耀明 journal article
9582015陽明與蕺山過惡思想的理論關聯-兼論「一滾說」的理論意涵陳志強 journal article
9592013「雜家」和「綜合」之思想意義--中日學者對《呂氏春秋》與《呂》-《荀》關係之研究評述佐藤將之 Journal Article
9601998靈魂不滅與宗教理性化苑舉正; JEU-JENQ YUANN book section
9612004靈魂的奧迪賽:柏拉圖《費多篇》HSEI-YUNG HSU book
9622012靈魂的旅程HSEI-YUNG HSU book-chapter
9631998面對差異:羅爾斯的政治自由主義及其限制林火旺 report
9642006預立醫療計畫之倫理與法律議題蔡甫昌; 潘恆嘉; 吳澤玫 ; 邱泰源; 黃天祥
9652006《首楞嚴三昧經》的禪定設計蔡耀明 ; YAO-MING TSAI journal article
9662006《首楞嚴三昧經》的禪定設計理念與生命安頓處所的抉擇蔡耀明 conference paper
9672004馬賽克與解馬賽克HUO-WANG LIN journal article
9682008高中「生命教育」課程綱要重點與特色HSIAO-CHIH SUN book
9692006高中「生命教育」課程綱要重點與特色孫效智 Conference Paper
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9722009高中生命教育與核心生命課題孫效智 Conference Paper
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9762006高達美CHIN-MU YANG book
9772006高達美HUO-WANG LIN book
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