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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHENG-HENG CHANG張正衡AnthropologyCommunity Studies; Material Culture; Cultural Heritage; Globalization; Japanese Society; Museology
CHIH-HUA CHIANG江芝華AnthropologyLithic Analysis; Spatial Analysis; Taiwan Archaeology; Household Archaeology; Social Archaeology; Feminist Archeology
DAVID JOEL COHEN高德AnthropologyPaleolithic-Neolithic Transition in East Asia; Origins of Agriculture; Chinese Archaeology
KAI-SHYH LIN林開世AnthropologyFormation of National and Ethnic Groups; Historical Anthropology; Cultural Theory; Han Chinese Society
LU Hsin-yi呂欣怡AnthropologyCommunity Studies; Environmental Anthropology; Anthropology of Tourism; Han Chinese Society
MAA-LING CHEN陳瑪玲AnthropologyArchaeology; Spatial Analysis; Dietary Habits of Prehistoric People; Social Systems; Settlement Patterns; Archaeological Theories; Ceramic Archaeology
MEI-HSIA WANG王梅霞AnthropologySocial Anthropology; Gender Studies; Religious Anthropology; Taiwanese Ethnic Studies; Economic Anthropology
MU-CHUN WU吳牧錞AnthropologyLandscape Archeology; Digital Anthropology
SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH謝世忠AnthropologyFourth World Discourse; Ainu Ethnography; Interpretive Anthropology; Taiwan Aboriginal Culture; Thai Studies; Methods and Theories in Ethnohistory; Developmental Anthropology Religion and Ritual; Theory of Ethnicity; Ethnology of the Chinese Southwest; Ethnology of Southeast Asia; Anthropology of Tourism
SU-MEI LO羅素玫AnthropologyCultural Anthropology; Ritual Study; Comparative Research on Austronesian People in Taiwan and South-east Asia
WEI-PING LIN林瑋嬪AnthropologyHan Chinese studies; Kinship Studies; Religious Anthropology
YU-PEI CHEN陳有貝AnthropologyThe History of Archeology; Taiwanese Archeology; Eastern Asian Archeology
YUAN-CHAO TUNG童元昭AnthropologyIntermarriage and Adoption; Immigration Studies; In Taiwan, she focuses on the Pingtung area, especially the peoples living in the mountains along the Pingtung Plain; Oceania Ethnography; Culture and Identity; Food