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120162012年屏東滿州八保祭典紀實:歷史與權力面向的探討林開世 Journal Article
22014《21世紀的家:台灣的家何去何從?》特約書評導言林瑋嬪 journal article
32012823馬祖人為土地上街頭:網路與社會運動初探林瑋嬪 ; 王惇蕙journal article
42007Academic Pan-Thaism vs. Lao Academic Nationalism: Toward a Perspective of Understandings Tai-speaking World in Mainland Southeast AsiaHsieh, Shih-chung 
52013The advent and spread of early pottery in East Asia: New considerations and new dates for the world’s earliest ceramic vesselsCohen, David J. journal article
62002An Ethnographic World Formulated:On Yih-fu Ruey’s Academic Construction of Minority Histories and Cultures in South ChinaSHIH-CHUNG HSIEH 
72011The Application of ArcGIS to Examine the Presence of Prehistoric HousesChih-Hua Chiang conference paper
82015Archaeological Heritage in the Tainan Science Park of TaiwanTsang Cheng-hwa; Li Kuang-ti; Cohen, David J.(Tans.) book
92005Are They Still Buddhist Women? On Tai-Lue Female Immigrants in TaiwanHsieh, Shih-chung 
102005Becoming a Part of Island Nation?—on Southeast Asian Elements in Contemporary TaiwanHsieh, Shih-chung 
112007Book Review on Merit and the Millennium: Routine and Crisis in the Ritual Lives of the Lahu PeopleHsieh, Shih Chung 
122015Book Review: "Food and Wine Tourism: Integrating Food, Travel and Territory"SU-MEI LO journal article
132018Book Reviews: Politics in Color and Concrete: Socialist Materialities and the Middle Class in HungaryCHENG-HENG CHANG Journal article
142010Book Reviews: The Lady of Linshui: A Chinese Female Cult. Brigitte BaptandierWEI-PING LIN journal article
151994The Changing Chinese Ethnicity in French PolynesiaTung, Yuan-Chao 
162011Children's Dreamland': Constructing national identity through a children's festival in post-authoritarian TaiwanHSIN-YI LU journal article
172004Children’s Dreamland: Festivals and Memory Work of the National Childhood in TaiwanHSIN-YI LU Conference Paper
181991China’s earliest rice agriculture remainsWenming Yan; Cohen, David J.(Tans.) journal article
192008Chinese "Kinship" Reconsidered: Personhood and the House in Rural Taiwan林瑋嬪 
202004The Chinese in Tahiti,Encyclopedia of Diasporas: Immigrant and Refugee Cultures Around the World童元昭 
211997Colonial Modernity and Its Gendered Aspect – Constructing "New Women" in Colonial TaiwanHSIN-YI LU Conference Paper
222001Community and Identity in a Dayan Village, TaiwanWang, Mei-Hsia 
231999Community in ContextHSIN-YI LU Conference Paper
242009Comparative Analysis of Taiwanese and Japanese Rescue ArchaeologyChih-Hua Chiang conference paper
252006The conceptualization of god through icon in Taiwan: personification and localization林瑋嬪 
262008Conceptualizing Gods through Statues: A Study of Personalization and Localization in TaiwanWEI-PING LIN journal article
272014Connecting Connecting the Past to the Present~the Roles of Archaeological Collection in the University MuseumChih-Hua Chiang conference paper
282001The construction of an archaeological chronology for the history of the Shang Dynasty of early Bronze Age ChinaJigen Tang; Cohen, David J.(Tans.) journal article
292013The contested landscapes in Taiwan: the stories of two national museumsChih-Hua Chiang conference paper
302008Continuity and Discontinuity in the Culture System: Spatial Constitution of Kaushi, South Paiwan and Paiwan Group, in Different Times and Different placesMAA-LING CHEN 
312009Cooking Oil to Purify Houses (zhuyou jingwu): a Dialogue between Religious Studies and AnthropologyLin, Wei-Ping 
322000Crafting Locality in the Global Village: Culture Workers in a Taiwanese RegionHSIN-YI LU Conference Paper
331999Creating a Better Future: Vernacular Architecture, Place Making, and the Politics of regional difference in I-lan, TaiwanHSIN-YI LU Conference Paper
342009Creating a historical site for our communityKai-Shih Lin Conference Paper
352018Critical role of climate change in plant selection and millet domestication in North ChinaDAVID JOEL COHEN journal article32
362012Cultural Mechanisms of Folk Environmentalism in TaiwanHSIN-YI LU Conference Paper
372006The Earliest Austronesian and their movement inside Taiwan: settlement patterns and possible forcing factor劉益昌; 江芝華(譯) book
382014Early Complex Societies in Northern ChinaDAVID JOEL COHEN ; Robert E. Murowchick; Colin Renfrew; Paul Bahnbook chapter00
392012Early Pottery at 20,000 Years Ago in Xianrendong Cave, ChinaDAVID JOEL COHEN journal article120106
402008Economy of Hope: Community Cultural Industry in TaiwanHSIN-YI LU Conference Paper
412008Embodied Memories and Enacted Ritual Materials—Possessing the Past in Making and Remaking Saisiyat Identity in Taiwan胡家瑜 
422010Empowerment and Entrepreneurship of Hakka Women in TaiwanHSIN-YI LU Conference Paper
432008Environmental Bubble and Menu-Directed Traveling Plan: On Daily Food-Way among Western Tourists in LaosHsieh, Shih-chung 
441996Environmental change in the Tarim oases as seen through archeological discoveriesCan Hou; Cohen, David J.(Tans.) journal article
452017Environmental reconstruction and dating of Shizitan 29, Shanxi Province: An early microblade site in north ChinaDAVID JOEL COHEN journal article1311
462005Epilogue: China and the history of world civilizationsKwang-chih Chang; Cohen, David J.(Tans.) book chapter
471992Ethnic Change of the Sipsong Panna DaiSHIH-CHUNG HSIEH ; Hsieh, Shih-Chung 
481995Ethnic Change of the Sipsong Panna DaiSHIH-CHUNG HSIEH 
491987Ethnic Contacts, Stigmatized Identity, and Pan-Taiwan Aboriginalism:A Study on Ethnic Change of Taiwan AboriginesSHIH-CHUNG HSIEH ; Hsieh, Shih-Chung 
501990Ethnic:Political Adaptaiton and Ethic Change of the Sipsong Panna Dai:An Ethnohistorical AnalysisSHIH-CHUNG HSIEH ; Hsieh, Shih-Chung 
512007Fa-amu(to feed): Adopting Children and Becoming Tahitian?童元昭 
522019Film Reviews: The Maribor UprisingsHSIN-YI LU Journal Article
532009From Place of Origin to Treasure Trove: Migration and Images of Homeland in Taiwan.Lin, Wei-Ping 
542006From Resistance to Development: Transformation of Environmentalism in Post-Authoritarianist TaiwanHSIN-YI LU Conference Paper
552008From Spatial Analysis Approach to Interpret Social System: A Case Study on Kaushi, a Paiwan ethnic group in TaiwanMAA-LING CHEN 
561999The frontier expansion of the Qing Empire: the case of Kavalan subprefecture in nineteenth-century TaiwanKai-Shih Lin thesis
572009Gender, Economy, and Empowerment: Women Micro-Entrepreneurs in a Hakka CommunityHSIN-YI LU Conference Paper
582011Gendered Patterns of Work: Gendered Patterns of Work in Micro-entrepreneurship: A Case Study of Women Business Owners in Taiwan’s Hakka SocietyHSIN-YI LU Conference Paper
592011Ghost Mother Wants a Son-in-law: Person, Place, and Human Greed in TaiwanLin, Wei-Ping 
602014Haunted Landscapes and magical relics: Coping with Unruly Pastsin Southern TaiwanKai-Shih Lin Conference Paper
611994Hmong/ 苗族的生存機制:力量再生的傳統與傳統力量的再生SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH ; Hsieh, Shih-Chung 
622012Holy House: a Case Study from TaiwanChih-Hua Chiang conference paper
632015“Houses” in the Wansan Society, Neolithic TaiwanCHIH-HUA CHIANG journal article10
641999Imagined Nation, Real Community: When the State Project of Community Making Contests the Real Politics of a CommunityHSIN-YI LU Conference Paper
652008Imagining Homeland: From Place of Origin to Treasure Trove林瑋嬪 
662004Imagining Women, Imagining Modernity: Constructing ‘New Women’ in Colonial TaiwanHSIN-YI LU Book Chapter
672011Interpreting social differentiation by examining the house and settlement patterns and the flow of resources: A case study of Pai-wan slate house settlements in Southern TaiwanMAA-LING CHEN journal article20
682010Interpreting the social meaning of different shapes of house structures by examining the flow of resources: A case study of saqacengalj at the southern tip of taiwanMAA-LING CHEN journal article22
692001Introduction: K. C. Chang and Chinese archaeology todayCohen, David J. ; Robert E. Murowchickjournal article
702007The Invention of Ethnicity and Culture: a Comparative Study on the Atayal and the Truku in Taiwan王梅霞 
712013An investigation of tombs of the Song and Wei states at the Panmiao site, Shangqiu, Henan唐際根(Tang Jigen); 高天麟(Gao Tianlin); 張長壽(Zhang Changshou); 李永迪(Li Yung-ti); 冷健(Leng Jian); Robert E. Murowchick; Cohen, David J. book chapter
721997Kinship and the concept of the house in a Taiwanese villageWEI-PING LIN dissertation
732007Lacking of Sufficient Institutional Support for Physicians in Confrontation with the Challenge Derived from the Public Health System ReformHSIN-YI LU Conference Paper
742008Local History through Popular Religion: Place, People and Their Narratives林瑋嬪 
752009Local History through Popular Religion: Place, People and Their Narratives in TaiwanWEI-PING LIN journal article
761999Localizing the National Past: Historical Practices in a Taiwanese Old TownHSIN-YI LU Conference Paper
772014Mapping Prehistoric Building Structures by Visualizing Archaeological Data and Applying Spatial Statistics: a Case Study from TaiwanChih-Hua Chiang ; Yi-Chang Liubook chapter
782012Mapping Prehistoric Building Structures by Visualizing Archaeological Data and Applying Spatial Statistics: a Case Study from TaiwanChih-Hua Chiang ; Yi-Chang Liubook chapter
792015Materializing Magic Power: Chinese Popular Religion in Villages and CitiesWEI-PING LIN journal article
802003Microblades, pottery, and the nature and chronology of the Palaeolithic-Neolithic transition in ChinaCohen, David J. journal article
812019Micromorphological analysis of the deposits at the early pottery Xianrendong cave site, China: formation processes and site use in the Late PleistocenePatania, I.; Goldberg, P.; Cohen, D.J. ; Wu, X.; Zhang, C.; Bar-Yosef, O.journal article00
822009Migration and the Imaginations of Homeland in Taiwan.Lin, Wei-Ping 
832014The Neolithic of Southern ChinaDAVID JOEL COHEN ; Colin Renfrew; Paul Bahnbook chapter00
842002New perspectives on the transition to agriculture in ChinaCohen, David J. book chapter
851993On One-Generation Identity and Un-Organized Ethnicity:A Study of Baiyi in TaiwanSHIH-CHUNG HSIEH ; Hsieh, Shih-Chung 
861998The origins of domesticated cereals and the Pleistocene-Holocene transition in East AsiaCohen, David J. journal article
872016Outburst flood at 1920 BCE supports historicity of China{\\textquoteright}s Great Flood and the Xia dynastyDAVID JOEL COHEN journal article4242
882004Owning Cultural Souvenirs: Museumification at Home and Authenticated Materials.(擁有文物—居家博物館化與物品的真實性想像)SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH 
892005Panel discussant for “Culture and Social Movements in East Asia”HSIN-YI LU Conference Paper
902009Panel discussion on "Culture and Business: Reconfiguring Boundaries and Reproducing Relations"Lin, Wei-Ping 
912005The People With-in and With-out:Constructing a Pan-Lue World in Seattle AreaHsieh, Shih-chung 
922006Physicochemical Compositional Analysis on Ceramics:A Case Study in Kenting, TaiwanMAA-LING CHEN journal article12
932010Pilgrimage as Bridge:Transcending Peripheralization in the De-militarized Islands between Taiwan and ChinaLin, Wei-Ping 
942010Pilgrimage as Bridge:Transcending Peripheralization in the De-militarized Islands between Taiwan and China.Lin, Wei-Ping conference paper
952009Place and Environmental Movement in Houjin, KaohsiungHSIN-YI LU journal article00
962002The Politics of Locality: Making a Nation of Communities in TaiwanHSIN-YI LU Book
97-Possible relationships between Taiwan and the Southern Ryukyu Islands during the early Neolithic periodChih-Hua Chiang book chapter
982015Prehistoric relationships between Taiwan and the Southern Ryukyu IslandsChih-Hua Chiang conference paper
991996A preliminary analysis of the archeological cultures of the Bronze Age in the region of XinjiangBinghua Wang; Cohen, David J.(Tans.) journal article
1002010A Professionalism Survey of Medical Students in TaiwanHSIN-YI LU Journal Article
1012016The projectile points at the Wansan site, Neolithic TaiwanChih-Hua Chiang conference paper
1022014Public archaeology in TaiwanChih-Hua Chiang conference paper
103-Quintessential Cultural Relics Unearthed at the Tainan Science ParkTsang Cheng-hwa; Li Kuang-ti; Cohen, David J.(Tans.) book
1042009Radiocarbon dating of charcoal and bone collagen associated with early pottery at Yuchanyan Cave, Hunan Province, ChinaDAVID JOEL COHEN journal article111100
1052019Re-thinking the evolution of microblade technology in East Asia: Techno-functional understanding of the lithic assemblage from Shizitan 29 (Shanxi, China)Song, Yanhua; Grimaldi, Stefano; Santaniello, Fabio; Cohen, David J. ; Shi, Jinming; Bar-Yosef, Oferjournal article11
1061996Reading the Colonial Past – The Ambiguity of Self-identity in Taiwanese Colonial LiteratureHSIN-YI LU Conference Paper
1072005Really Need a Temple?—The Lue as Flexible BuddhistsHsieh, Shih-chung 
1082008Reconstructing Prehistoric Social OrganizationChih-Hua Chiang conference paper
1092010Reconstructing Prehistoric Social Organization, a Case Study From the Wansan site, Neolithic TaiwanChih-Hua Chiang thesis
1102005Reflections on the Studies of Overseas Chinese in the Pacific童元昭 ; 童元昭 
1112007Representation of Taiwanese Aboriginal Art/Artifacts: Entangled Images of Colonization and Modernization,in Yuko Kikuchi ed’s. Refracted Modernity: Visual Culture and Identity in Colonial TaiwanHu, Chia-yu 
1122017Response to Comments on “Outburst flood at 1920 BCE supports historicity of China’s Great Flood and the Xia dynasty.DAVID JOEL COHEN journal article33
1132007Rethinking religious change: deities, place, and people in Taiwan林瑋嬪 
1142014The Sacred Houses in Neolithic Wansan SocietyChih-Hua Chiang ; Yi-Chang Liubook chapter
1152014The Sacred Houses in Neolithic Wansan SocietyChih-Hua Chiang ; Yi-Chang Liubook chapter
1162005Saqacengalj 聚落模式與形貌:一個舊社的考古學研究MAA-LING CHEN ; Chen, Maa-ling journal article
1172010The Scared Houses: a Case Study from the Wansan SocietyChih-Hua Chiang conference paper
1182001Searching for Shang’s beginnings: Great City Shang, City Song, and collaborative archaeology in Shangqiu, HenanRobert E. Murowchick; Cohen, David J. journal article
1192008Settlement Patterns at Saqacengalj, A Slate House Settlement in Southern TaiwanChen, Maa Ling 
1202008Settlement patterns at Saqacengalj, a slate house settlement in Southern TaiwanMAA-LING CHEN journal article
1211990Sipsong Panna:西雙版納王國八百年謝世忠; Hsieh, Shih-Chung 
1222011Son of Man or Son of God? Spirit Medium in Chinese Popular ReligionLin, Wei-Ping 
1232011Son of Man or Son of God? Spirit Medium in Chinese Popular Religion.Lin, Wei-Ping 
1242013The Advent and Spread of Early Pottery in East Asia: New Dates and New Considerations for the World's Earliest Ceramic VesselsDAVID JOEL COHEN journal article
1252011The beginnings of agriculture in china: A multiregional viewDAVID JOEL COHEN journal article6862
1262016The emergence of pottery in China: Recent dating of two early pottery cave sites in South ChinaDAVID JOEL COHEN journal article96
1271994The Political Participation of the Chinese in French PolynesiaYUAN-CHAO TUNG journal article00
1282008The Reinvention of Ethnicity and Culture: A Comparative Study on the Atayal and the Truku in TaiwanMEI-HSIA WANG ; Wang, M.H.journal article00
1292010The sweet and the bitter of drips: Modernity, postcoloniality, and coffee culture in TaiwanCHENG-HENG CHANG journal article10
1302012Thicker than Blood: Migration, Kinship, and an Urban Shrine in Northern Taiwan.林瑋嬪 
1312013Tjaquvuquvulj的散與聚:跨部落集體性的多重再現YUAN-CHAO TUNG journal article
1321992Tourism, Formulation of Cultural Tradition, and Ethnicity:A Study of Daiyan Identity of the Wulai AtayalSHIH-CHUNG HSIEH ; Hsieh, Shih-Chung 
1332011Transformation of Folk Environmentalism in TaiwanHSIN-YI LU Conference Paper
1342007Using Intellectual Property Rights to Protect Indigenous Cultures: Critique on the Recent Development in TaiwanKAI-SHYH LIN journal article00
1352006Using Intellectual Property Rights to Protect Indigenous Cultures: Critique on the Recent Development in TaiwanKai-Shih Lin Conference Paper
1362014Virtual Recentralization: Pilgrimage as Social Imaginary in the Demilitarized Islands between China and TaiwanWEI-PING LIN journal article
1372010Virtual Recentralization: Pilgrimage in the Demilitarized Islands between China and Taiwan.Lin, Wei-Ping 
1382012Were bamboo tools made in prehistoric Southeast Asia? An experimental view from South ChinaDAVID JOEL COHEN journal article5347
1391998What Dating Results Imply: Redefining the Separation of OLP Phase III and Phase IV, and the Potential Relationship between OLP PhaseII and Phase III.MAA-LING CHEN 
1402009Why Build a Temple? The Materialization of Community Ideals in the Mazu Islands, TaiwanLin, Wei-Ping 
1412017Why Build a Temple? The Materialization of New Community Ideals in the Demilitarized Islands between China and TaiwanWEI-PING LIN journal article
1422009Why Build a Temple? The Predicament and Breakthrough of Community Development Project in Mazu IslandsLin, Wei-Ping 
1432008一個法案保護了什麼?林開世 Journal Article00
1442002一個考古學的實驗室─墾丁江芝華 report
1452014不需對話的族群分類-寮國北部的「人民」與「國家」SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH journal article
1462011世界文化遺產中的人物:馬六甲找鄭和SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH journal article
1471989中國族群政治現象研究策略試析:以「傣泐」為例的探討謝世忠; SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH ; Hsieh, Shih-Chung 
1481992中國族群現象:一個人類學族群政治的分析取向謝世忠; SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH ; Hsieh, Shih-Chung 
1492012丸山遺址江芝華 other
1501981五德里歷史沿革謝世忠; SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH 
1512012交織著堅持與落寞:當代應用人類學的微燭和巨光SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH journal article
1522000人觀、空間實踐與治病儀式:以一個台灣西南農村為例林瑋嬪 journal article
1542012人類学と道教研究の対話--台湾における除穢儀式の事例から林瑋嬪 ; WEI-PING LIN journal article
1552000人類學應是什麼?—當代人類學的學院自評與民間反人類 學論述SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH 
1561990人類學研究:慶祝芮逸夫教授九秩華誕論文集謝世忠 ; 孫寶鋼
1571991人類學與人權 (上)謝世忠; SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH 
1581991人類學與人權 (下)謝世忠; SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH 
1592010人類學與人權的糾葛: 美國人類學會對人權立場的改變林開世 Conference Paper
1612003人類學與歷史學的對話林開世 Conference Paper
1622003人類學與歷史學的對話?一點反省與建議KAI-SHYH LIN journal article00
1632010人類學與道教研究的對話:以「煮油」除穢儀式為例WEI-PING LIN ; 林瑋嬪 journal article00
1642006人類學門赴澳洲、斐濟及夏威夷考察訪問童元昭 report
1652016什麼是「人類學的田野工作」?知識情境與倫理立場的反省林開世 journal article
1662015仙姑、台商與廟宇經理人:新時代的廈門土地公廟張文玉; 林瑋嬪 journal article
1671991以淚相伴:悼念人類學家芮逸夫教授謝世忠; SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH ; Hsieh, Shih-Chung 
1681981伍德聚落的街鎮結構與實質環境。 15:76-79陳瑪玲 ; MAA-LING CHEN 
1701993傣氻:西雙版納的族群現象謝世忠 ; SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH ; Hsieh, Shih-Chung 
1711990傣泰關係千年史謝世忠; Hsieh, Shih-Chung 
1722006傳統、創新或再現? 從卑南阿美人的年度週期儀式之持續與轉換談儀式體系與地方社會及歷史的互動過程羅素玫 ; SU-MEI LO 
1732000傳統與新傳統的現身:當代原住民的工藝體現SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH 
1741982儸儸族的初步研究:一個人類學與史學觀點的綜合探討SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH ; 謝世忠 ; Hsieh, Shih-Chung 
1751994「內部殖民主義」與「對內自決」的對立:泰國國族:國家建構過程中的北部山地族群謝世忠; Hsieh, Shih-Chung 
1772010典藏民族誌影片社區放映之過程與意義:以排灣族《內文社五年祭》影片為例YUAN-CHAO TUNG journal article
1782003「凡堅固者皆將煙消雲散」:評柯志明《番頭家:清代臺灣族群政治與熟番地權》KAI-SHYH LIN journal article
1792007区域•结构•秩序: 历史学与人类学的对话包弼德; 孫衛國; 鄭振滿; 梁洪生; 王明珂; 韓明士; 蕭鳳霞; 丁荷生; 林瑋嬪 ; 顧坤惠; 劉平; 劉穎; 張玄芝journal article
1802008南島社會的物質與記憶王梅霞 ; MEI-HSIA WANG 
1812003南庄地區開發與賽夏族群邊界問題的再檢視胡家瑜 ; 林欣宜; Hu, Chia-Yu ; Lin, Hsin-Yijournal article
1821993南詔、泰族與雲南故國:當代中泰國族主義的競爭過程謝世忠; SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH ; Hsieh, Shih-Chung 
1832008博厄斯的文化相對觀林開世 Book Chapter
1842007博物館、人類學與原住民展示─歷史過程中文化再現場域的轉形變化胡家瑜 ; 胡家瑜 
1852006博物館、人類學與臺灣原住民展示──歷史過程中文化再現場域的轉形變化胡家瑜 journal article
1862016博物館、思想與社會行動呂欣怡 Journal Article
1912005博覽會與台灣原住民─殖民時期的展示政治與「他者」意象胡家瑜 ; 胡家瑜 
1921992原住民、人類學家與「漢族-中國」文化 (上)謝世忠; SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH 
1931992原住民、人類學家與「漢族-中國」文化 (下)謝世忠; SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH 
1942004原味民族誌甘甘濃濃《臺灣原住民漢語文學選集》評論之二:〈散文卷〉SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH 
1952003古老故事的再生與新時代原住民文化SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH 
1962002台南平原聚落性質的探討(I)林瑋嬪 report
1972004台南平原聚落性質的探討(II):以學甲十三庄祭祀體系為例林瑋嬪 report
1982007台灣北部地區考古遺址出土陶片的稻米矽酸體分析陳有貝 report
2002005台灣廟宇的發展:從一個地方庄廟的神明信仰、企業化經營以及國家文化政策談起林瑋嬪 journal article
2012003台灣東海岸岩蔭與洞穴史前遺址的調查與研究(II)陳有貝 report
2022003台灣漢人的神像:談神如何具象林瑋嬪 journal article
2032001史前的台灣與琉球群島關係研究陳有貝 report
2042007史前臺灣的兩縊型網墜與投網技術陳有貝 journal article
2062000「國家與東台灣發展史」:一些回應與提問林開世 Journal Article00
2072002「國族—國家」、共同體、及其解構—-評泰國與中國少數族群的人類學研究SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH 
2092000國立台灣大學人類學系五十週年系慶學術研討會特刊導言SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH 
2102007國立臺灣大學深化臺灣研究核心典藏數位化計畫-臺灣大學人類學系學術資料數位典藏計畫謝世忠 report
2112011土地、社群、信仰:解析俗民環境論述呂欣怡 Conference Paper
2122016土地、社群、信仰:解析俗民環境論述呂欣怡 Journal Article
2132005「地方」的位置與移位:一個宜蘭村子的宗教與社會界限林開世 Conference Paper
2142001地方性的建構與再現呂欣怡 Journal Article
2152014地方文化的再創造:從社區總體營造到社區文化產業呂欣怡 Book Chapter
2162011地方文化的再創造:從社區總體營造到社區文化產業呂欣怡 Conference Paper
2172010墮入凡間的烏托邦呂欣怡 Journal Article00
2181987墾丁國家公園考古民族調查報告黃士強; 陳有貝 ; 顏學誠 
2192006大坌坑的生業模式探討──陶片矽酸體分析方法的嘗試陳有貝 journal article
2212004大洋洲社會:同源而多樣的文化童元昭 ; 童元昭 
2222012大溪地唐餐/Maa tinito的在地性YUAN-CHAO TUNG journal article
2232010太平洋島嶼世界童元昭 ; 童元昭 learning-object
2242007「太魯閣族」族群文化的再創造王梅霞 ; MEI-HSIA WANG 
2252006太魯閣族族群文化的再創造王梅霞 ; MEI-HSIA WANG 
2262011如何說出三千年前的故事:考古田野中的過去與現在江芝華 other
2272003如古香如今痛 疼疼原生命—《台灣原住民漢語文學選集》評論之一:〈詩歌卷〉SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH 
2282004妳(你)我她(他)的故事—《台灣原住民漢語文學選集》評論之三:〈小說卷〉SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH 
2291991學術觀光與人類學田野倫理謝世忠; SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH 
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2311990官定民族與自然族群在中國謝世忠; Hsieh, Shih-Chung 
2321990定義「傣族」:西雙版納傣氻人的形象謝世忠; Hsieh, Shih-Chung 
2332013宜蘭線丸山遺址內部空間配置初探:地理資訊系統的運用CHIH-HUA CHIANG journal article00
2342017宜蘭縣丸山遺址1998年發掘整理報告江芝華 ; 劉益昌; 邱水金; 李貞瑩report
2352010客家地方社區的發展策略研究:以內灣及九讚頭為例呂欣怡 Book Chapter
2362011客家微型創業婦女的勞動初探:以橫山鄉為例呂欣怡 Journal Article
2372008客家性的兩種地方實踐─以橫山鄉九讚頭及內灣社區為例呂欣怡 ; 蔡世群Conference Paper
2382008客家文化的創新與再造─以新竹縣內灣聚落為例呂欣怡 Conference Paper
2392010客家觀光發展中的婦女微型創業者:以橫山鄉為例呂欣怡 Conference Paper
2402005家園觀光與族群變遷:居台緬泰非漢軍眷的回鄉歷程(1/2)謝世忠 report
2412008家屋、階序與身體:印尼峇里島烏布地區的家屋與空間建構羅素玫 ; SU-MEI LO 
2422008寮國北部Tai-Lue人族群性的內質與外現:兩個鎮區的比較 (新制多年期第1年)謝世忠 report
2432001將國家形成視為一種文化過程:一些初步的研究構想林開世 Conference Paper
2442008專題前言:從一場在部落的口試說起呂欣怡 ; 林徐達; 郭佩宜Journal Article00
2452015對台灣人類學界族群建構研究的檢討:一個建構論的觀點林開世 Book Chapter
2462017導言網路‧人類學(二):個案分析林瑋嬪 journal article
2472012導論教學做為公共人類學場域呂欣怡 Journal Article00
2482000導論與評論:透釋「傳統」SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH 
2492014導讀: 「博物館與文化資產的人類學視野」林開世 Book Chapter
2502001少年婚、文化、與傳統力量—一個花蓮太魯閣部落的例子SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH 
2521990山地文化的塑模:一個文化多重詮釋體系的建構謝世忠 ; SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH ; Hsieh, Shih-Chung report
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2572013工農協作的環境運動呂欣怡 Journal Article
2581990市場現象與族群政治謝世忠; Hsieh, Shih-Chung 
2592009希望經濟學:社區文化產業再思考呂欣怡 Conference Paper
2602012平埔意象與物質文化收藏──歷史軌跡中文化交互作用的投射胡家瑜 book
2632015建廟成佛:屏東滿州八保祭典的形成與發展林開世 Conference Paper
2641994形式資源的操控與競爭:非漢族群政治運動的生成條件謝世忠; SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH ; Hsieh, Shih-Chung 
2652003從gaga的多義性看泰雅族的社會性質王梅霞 journal article00
2662014從waya看資本主義的轉化過程︰一個賽德克部落的經濟變遷王梅霞 journal article
2672009從「交換」看族群互動與文化再創造︰日治初期苗栗地區泰雅族的研究王梅霞 journal article00
2682007從「交換」看資本主義的轉化過程:大安溪流域泰雅族北勢群的研究 (新制多年期第1年)王梅霞 report
2692006從二國際學術會議 (SAA & WAC) 看世界考古學研究發展的趨勢與尋思台灣考古學未來發展陳瑪玲 ; MAA-LING CHEN 
2702016從人骨和獸骨之骨膠原碳與氮穩定同位素組成看圓山文化人的攝食特徵李政益; 陳瑪玲 ; 林立虹 ; 王珮玲 ; 林秀嫚; 羅清華 ; 蔡錫圭journal article12
2712012從傳統中解套:考古家的新使命江芝華 journal article
2732014「從史前琉球到現代沖繩:島嶼的過去與現在」專號導言陳有貝 ; 趙綺芳journal article
2742007從地方庄廟到代天府:在思考臺灣漢人的「宗教變遷」 (新制多年期第1年)林瑋嬪 report
2752014從文化人類學觀點談「正常」與「殘障」。抱殘守缺--殘障研究讀本呂欣怡 Book Chapter
2762009從文化人類學觀點談正常與殘障呂欣怡 Book Chapter
2771993從族群意識研究的學理基礎談起謝世忠; SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH 
2781990從森林王國到禿嶺荒山:西雙版納的生態危機謝世忠; SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH ; Hsieh, Shih-Chung 
2792005從歷史國家到國族國家—跨國境泰語系Lue族群的政治思維SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH 
2802007從治病儀式看泰雅族與太魯閣族的情緒展演王梅霞 ; MEI-HSIA WANG 
2812009從移動的空間到轉變的地景─對於賽夏社會變動性與穩定性的另類思考胡家瑜 book
2822013從頭人家系到斯卡羅族: 重新出土的族群?林開世 Conference Paper
2832016從頭人家系到斯卡羅族:重新出土的族群?林開世 Book Chapter
2842007性別、儀式與文化的再創造王梅霞 ; MEI-HSIA WANG 
2852005「性別」如何作為一套文化表徵:試論性別人類學的幾個發展方向王梅霞 ; MEI-HSIA WANG 
2862005性別區辨、階序與社會:都蘭阿美族的小米週期儀式羅素玫 journal article00
2892008想像故鄉: 從出生地到藏寶庫林瑋嬪 
2902011愈多倫理愈好?對學術倫理委員會爭議的檢討林開世 Journal Article00
2912016技術選擇取徑再探陶器製作體系: 以臺北盆地幾個史前文化為例陳瑪玲 ; 陳珮瑜; 林宜羚journal article
2922013挖?不挖?江芝華 other
2932012「挫敗」、「歧視」與「控訴」的永續言說:北海道愛努族人的第四世界參與SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH journal article
2941994改土歸流的重新詮釋謝世忠; SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH 
2952007數位典藏國家型科技計畫 台灣大學典藏數位化計畫-臺灣大學人類學系典藏文物數位化計畫(子計畫五) 5/5謝世忠 report
2962003數位典藏國家型科技計畫---臺灣大學典藏數位化計畫─子計畫五:臺灣大學人類學系典藏文物數位化計畫謝世忠 report
2972012「文化動起來」:賽德克族文化產業的研究MEI-HSIA WANG journal article
2982007文化的再現與族群認同—都蘭阿美族的例子羅素玫 ; SU-MEI LO 
2992010文化認同、生態衝突與族群關係:由阿美族都蘭部落的傳統領域論述談起SU-MEI LO journal article00
3002008文化認同、生態觀光與族群關係:由阿美族都蘭部落的傳統領域論述談起羅素玫 ; SU-MEI LO 
3022013《 「文明」之路》書評導言林瑋嬪 journal article; journal article
3032012「文明之路」一書與人類學的當代研究林開世 Conference Paper
3042000文明研究傳統下的社群林開世 Conference Paper
3052002文明研究傳統下的社群: 南亞研究對漢人研究的啟示林開世 Book Chapter
3072018新自由主義國家?一些理論上的爭辯林開世 Conference Paper
3082002方志再現了什麼?─以葛瑪蘭廳志為例林開世 Conference Paper
3092007方志的呈現與再現-以《噶瑪蘭廳志》為例KAI-SHYH LIN journal article
3102009方志的體例與章法的權力意義:傳統與現代間的斷裂林開世 Journal Article00
3112006「族」是什麼?—人類群體的多類組合SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH 
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3142004族群人類學的宏觀探索—臺灣原住民論集(Macro-Viewpoints of Anthropology of Ethnicity.)謝世忠 ; SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH 
3152012族群建構與被建構的族群:人類學對台灣族群形成研究的貢獻林開世 Conference Paper
3162015《日常生活中的當代宗教:宗教的個人化與關係性存有》特約書評專欄林瑋嬪 journal article
3172012日常飲食、節日聚餐與祭祖供品:印尼峇里島華人的家鄉、跨文化飲食與認同SU-MEI LO journal article
3182009時空旅行過後的民族學資料:國立臺灣大學人類學系所藏之海南島黎族物像SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH journal article
3202007書評《動盪的圍龍屋:一個客家宗族的城市化遭遇與文化抗爭》呂欣怡 Journal Article
3222016有法無人憐的考古遺址江芝華 other
3232014「服貿」作為建置客家中國主義的前鋒:傳統客家世界主義與新興臺灣本土認同的危機SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH journal article
3242012村子和社區的公共事務:國家如何在地方被建構?林開世 Conference Paper
3252015東亞現代性中的社區研究張正衡 journal article
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3291978楔子林開世 Journal Article00
3302004標本採集收藏與帝國發展:以臺大大洋洲民族學標本為例童元昭 journal article
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3422003「民族生態人」之勢體系的建構—評亞榮隆‧撒可努著《走風的人:我的獵人父親》SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH 
3431987民族誌道德與人類學家的困境:以臺灣原住民運動的研究為例謝世忠; SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH ; Hsieh, Shih-Chung 
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3452015永遠的伯楨林開世 ; 林瑋嬪 ; 江芝華 journal article
3462012江西仙人洞遺址兩萬年前陶器的年代研究Cohen, David J. journal article
3482014法律之前人人平等,當代國家應當保障同志婚姻林開世 Book Chapter
3492006泰雅族王梅霞 ; 王梅霞 ; MEI-HSIA WANG 
3502008泰雅族巫醫的文獻探討王梅霞 ; MEI-HSIA WANG 
3522000「淡水河溯源」數位博物館(二)─人類學文物分類研究與資料庫之建置謝世忠 report
3532012湖南道縣玉蟾岩遺址早期陶器及其地層堆積的碳十四年代研究Cohen, David J. journal article
3542001漢人「親屬」概念重探:以一個台灣西南農村為例林瑋嬪 journal article
3552012漢人民間信仰與物質文化: 人類學的觀點林瑋嬪 
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3581991火樹銀花耀通宵: 鹽水蜂炮儀式分析WEI-PING LIN dissertation
3612013為何要建廟?從廟宇興建的物質化過程探討馬祖社群再造WEI-PING LIN journal article
3632011父後七日與台灣的喪禮林開世 Journal Article00
3642013物物驚心江芝華 other
3652018特約書評導言林開世 Journal Article00
3661996理論與方法學在一考古研究中的作用—以一研究計劃為例。陳瑪玲 ; MAA-LING CHEN 
3672014琉球列島與台灣史前關係的再研究:從古代地理意識之角度陳有貝 journal article
3682002琉球列島與台灣史前關係研究陳有貝 text
3692004生、養與移民的轉化:大溪地的收養研究(1/2)童元昭 report
3702005生、養與移民的轉化:大溪地的收養研究(2/2)童元昭 report
3712006由《考古人類學刊》看考古學在臺灣的歷史留痕陳瑪玲 journal article
3722008界定狩獵—泰雅與太魯閣族的山林行走SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH 
3731981略論「中國民族史」的研究謝世忠; SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH 
3742007異、色、毒—北東南亞山地族群的觀光圖像SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH 
3752017當代「族群現象」的在地運作與矛盾:恆春半島滿州地區的初步考察林開世 Conference Paper
3762018當代「族群現象」的在地運作與矛盾:恆春半島滿州地區的考察林開世 Book Chapter
3771996當代台灣原住民的顯形文化及其與國家文化的關係:兩個社區的比較分析(I)謝世忠 report
3781997當代台灣原住民的顯形文化及其與國家文化的關係:兩個社區的比較分析(II)謝世忠 report
3792004眷愛與忽略—《台灣原住民漢語文學選集》評論之一:〈評論卷〉SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH 
3802004眷愛與忽略—《臺灣原住民漢語文學選集》評論之一:〈評論卷〉SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH 
3812008知識、權力與田野實踐/知識的回歸呂欣怡 ; 林徐達Journal Article00
3822009矮靈祭與賽夏社會的建構胡家瑜 book
3842007「社區」的本體與方法:對於台灣當代社區研究的人類學省思呂欣怡 Conference Paper
3851991祖家與卑南族宗教變遷林瑋嬪 ; WEI-PING LIN journal article
3872008移動的身體:一個繞境儀式的分析林開世 Conference Paper
3882009移動的身體:一個繞境儀式的分析林開世 book chapter
3892016第81屆美國考古學年會會議紀行江芝華 journal article
3901990第四世界的建構:原住民世界的契機與危機謝世忠; SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH ; Hsieh, Shih-Chung 
3912009「經歷巨變:戰火下的島嶼及其未來」專號導言林瑋嬪 journal article
3922016網路‧人類學:網路、社群與想像林瑋嬪 journal article
3942016線上馬祖:網路社群與地方想像林瑋嬪 journal article
3972014考古學家的社會想像江芝華 other
3982008考古學的家屋社會研究CHIH-HUA CHIANG journal article00
3992015考古學的教學研究在台大江芝華 journal article
4002016考古學與原住民:Kennewick Man的新發現江芝華 other
402-考古學走入民間江芝華 journal article
4032006考古學陶器化學成分分析方法的運用:以墾丁地區為例陳瑪玲 ; MAA-LING CHEN 
4042015考古遺址與工程:台灣遺址悲歌江芝華 other
4052008聚落間陶器紋飾的變異與意義-以墾丁鵝鑾鼻二和三/四文化期的陶器為例陳瑪玲 ; MAA-LING CHEN 
4062010臨水夫人:一個漢人女性的儀式WEI-PING LIN journal article
4072004自己人研究自己的族誌林開世 Conference Paper
4092012臺灣南島民族玻璃珠飾品的跨文化分析比較:對於形式、價值與物質性的一些思考胡家瑜 journal article
4102007臺灣南島民族的社會文化變遷王梅霞 ; MEI-HSIA WANG 
4112007臺灣大學數位典藏創新發展應用基礎計畫-人類學深化研究與推廣教育應用計畫—泰雅族、阿美族與卑南族社區與公共參與MEI-HSIA WANG ; 王梅霞 report
4122007臺灣大學深化台灣研究核心典藏數位化計畫-臺灣大學人類學系學術資料數位典藏計畫謝世忠 report
4132004臺灣廟宇的發展:從一個地方庄廟的 神明信仰、企業化經營以及國家文化政策的影響談起林瑋嬪 text
4142002臺灣文化生態地圖─人類學文化地圖博物館之建置-子計畫(二)謝世忠 report
4152003臺灣漢人的神像:談神如何具象WEI-PING LIN journal article
4172012芭樂工商時間:丸山考古營江芝華 other
4181990芮氏民族史的性質及其方法理論建構法則:兼論中國地區族群歷史過程的研究謝世忠; Hsieh, Shih-Chung 
4191993芮老師走了:悼念人類學家芮逸夫教授謝世忠; SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH ; Hsieh, Shih-Chung 
4202002花蓮縣芳寮遺址的調查與試掘陳有貝 text
4212012菜單泡圈與新殖民者:寮國西方客的鄉愁觀光SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH journal article00
4222012菜單泡圈與新殖民者:寮國西方客的鄉愁觀光謝世忠; Hsieh, S.C.; 謝世忠 journal article
4232000血緣或地緣?台灣漢人的家、聚落與大陸的故鄉林瑋嬪 journal article
4242007補助人文及社會科學研究圖書計畫規劃主題:聚落考古學 (新制多年期第1年)陳瑪玲 report
4252004西方殖民勢力對大洋洲的入侵林開世 Journal Article00
4261990觀光文化、金黃色城市與傣族象徵謝世忠; Hsieh, Shih-Chung 
4271992觀光活動、文化傳統的塑模、與族群意識:烏來泰雅族 Daiyan 認同的個案研究謝世忠; SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH ; Hsieh, Shih-Chung 
4282009觀光產業與地方性形構:以橫山鄉內灣地區為例呂欣怡 Journal Article
4291993觀光過程與「傳統」論述:原住民的文化意識SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH ; 謝世忠; Hsieh, Shih-Chung 
4301978訪劉斌雄先生-親屬田野林開世 Journal Article00
4322002認同的機制與族群意識的能動性:桃園「雲南村」非漢裔村民的自我建構(1/2)謝世忠 ; Hsieh, Shih-Chung report
4332003認同的機制與族群意識的能動性:桃園「雲南村」非漢裔村民的自我建構(2/2)謝世忠 report
4341987認同的污名:臺灣原住民的族群變遷SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH 
4352006認識、理解與建構──《考古人類學刊》的半世紀原住民研究謝世忠; Hsieh, S.C.; 謝世忠 journal article
4362006認識、理解與建構-《考古人類學刊》的半世紀原住民研究SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH journal article00
4372006誰決定我們是誰?──原住民的遷徙與改變林開世 Journal Article
4382010課堂作為田野呂欣怡 Journal Article00
4392010課堂如田野:以導論與通識課程做為公共人類學實踐呂欣怡 Conference Paper
4402012課堂如田野:以導論課程作為公共人類學實踐場域HSIN-YI LU journal article
4422011賽德克巴萊觀後感林開世 Journal Article00
4442005跨地域連結中的台灣漢人聚落:談新文化形式的創造(1/2)林瑋嬪 report
4452011跨界的人類學訓練劉紹華; 呂欣怡 Journal Article00
4471976轉系人語林開世 Journal Article00
4491996農村經濟發展與社會階層的變遷(I)童元昭 report
4501997農村經濟發展與社會階層的變遷(II)童元昭 report
4512002遺址內部空間分析--船帆石遺址MAA-LING CHEN ; 陳瑪玲 
4522009邊陲島嶼再中心化:馬祖進香的探討林瑋嬪 journal article00
4532003邵人飄零—日月潭畔的情怨與生死SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH 
4542000都蘭阿美人的掃墓節:一個社會文化的變遷與轉換之探討SU-MEI LO journal article00
4551986釋「西南夷」:中國漢晉六朝時期對西南地區諸族國的觀念謝世忠; SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH ; Hsieh, Shih-Chung 
4562006「重識」車里軍民宣慰使司與「發現」Sipsong Panna王國:兼論「新土司知識」的效能SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH 
4572010銀幕上的人類學家WEI-PING LIN other
4582012閱讀有關19世紀恆春地區人群記載的文獻的初步反省林開世 Conference Paper
4592015關於一個社會的想像:全新的帢塔胡予克社會江芝華 book chapter
4602006阿美族的年齡組織是一個男性組織嗎? 性別區辨與成年的定義羅素玫 ; SU-MEI LO 
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4622008阿美族的稻作文化與儀式羅素玫 ; SU-MEI LO 
4632001陳奇祿教授與文化史研究的方法理論SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH 
4642007雅美/達悟與海中游類:一個「非孤嶼」原住族群的多視角「魚觀」SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH 
4652008雙邊繼承與性別等位—大陸東南亞「泰語系—南傳佛教」的文化基質(Bilateral Inheritance and Sexual Equality: on Cultural Base in Tai-Buddhist Communities in Mainland Southeast Asia.)謝世忠 
4662012離散的收藏與拼接的記憶──從臺灣原住民藏品資料跨國連結的二個例子談起胡家瑜 journal article
4672011非物質文化遺產與臺灣原住民儀式─對於遺產政治與文化傳承的一些反思胡家瑜 book
4682005頑石、瑰石、臺灣石—從民族誌電影《石頭夢》談起SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH 
4692003風景的形成和文明的建立:十九世紀宜蘭的個案KAI-SHYH LIN journal article
4702007風水作為一種空間的實踐:一個人類學的反思KAI-SHYH LIN journal article
4722009食物符碼與儀式行動─從賽夏社會關係的建構到時間連結的體現胡家瑜 journal article
4732007食物與性別研究──以阿美族的小米為例羅素玫 ; SU-MEI LO 
4752013馬祖莒光花蛤節: 邊境島嶼如何探索未來WEI-PING LIN journal article
4762004高士石板屋舊社家屋與聚落型態復原研究(I)陳瑪玲 report
4772013鬚髯的能與藝:北海道愛努族的兩性和儀式SHIH-CHUNG HSIEH journal article
4782011「鬼母找女婿」:鬼、三片壁、與貪婪的研究林瑋嬪 journal article00
4791999鵝鑾鼻III-IV期文化相的聚落模式與系統MAA-LING CHEN ; 陳瑪玲 
4802013黃應貴《 「文明」之路》一書的評論林開世 journal article
4812017黃應貴「地方社會」評論集:特約書評導言(一)林瑋嬪 journal article