OrgUnit's Researchers

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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHEN SU-MAY SHEIH陳書梅Library and Information ScienceReading Psychology; Bibliotherapy; User Study; Management Psychology; Library Management; Public Libraries
CHI-SHIOU LIN林奇秀Library and Information ScienceScholarly Communication; Social Informatics; Government Information; Reading Study; Archives Science Study
HSUEH-HUA CHEN陳雪華Library and Information ScienceLibrary Technical Services; Knowledge Management; Digital Preservation; Information Sources & Services; Library Science; Information Organization; E-Publishing
KUANG-HUA CHEN陳光華Library and Information Science; LibrarySystem Evaluation; Informetrics; Digital Preservation; Big Data; Information Science; Information Retrieval; Digital Libraries
MU-HSUAN HUANG黃慕萱Library and Information SciencePatent Information & Patent Searching; Library & Information Science; Informetrics; Information Retrieval; Indexing & Abstracting; Information Behavior
MUH-CHYUN TANG唐牧群Library and Information Science; LibrarySocial Network; Performance Evaluation; Scholarly Communication; Reading Study
SHAN-JU LIN CHANG林珊如Library and Information ScienceE-Reading; Library & Information Science; Knowledge Management; Qualitative Methods; Information Sources & Services; User Studies; Information Behavior; Digital Libraries
SZU-CHIA LO羅思嘉Library and Information ScienceBibliometrics; Reader Behavior Research; Information Organization; Library Use and Evaluation
TIEN-I TSAI蔡天怡Library and Information ScienceInformation Sources & Services; Information Literacy; Information Behavior
TUNG-MOU YANG楊東謀Library and Information ScienceDigital Divide; Informatics / Information Study; Information Policy; Electronic Government; Development of Communication & Technology Skills
Wei Jeng鄭瑋Library and Information Scienceopen science; Research data; scholarly communication; academic social media
WEIJANE LIN林維真Library and Information ScienceE-Reading; E-Learning; Human-Computer Interaction
WEN-CHIN LAN藍文欽Library and Information ScienceChinese Bibliography; Information Organization; History of Books
YU-WEI CHANG張郁蔚Library and Information ScienceCataloging & Classification; Bibliometrics; Collection Development; Information Sources & Services; Archives Research