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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHING-WEN WU吳勤文 Japanese Language and Literature Japanese Modern Literature; Comparative Literature
CHIOU-ERL JU朱秋而 Japanese Language and Literature Chinese-Japanese Comparative Poetry Studies
HSIN-HUI LIN林欣慧 Japanese Language and Literature Japanese Literature of Heian period
HUI-CHUN LIN林慧君 Japanese Language and Literature Japanese Linguistics; Studies on Japanese Vocabulary & Grammar
JAU-SHIN CHEN陳昭心 Japanese Language and Literature Modern Japanese Grammar
JING-HUEI TSAU曹景惠 Japanese Language and Literature Medieval Japanese Literature; Chinese-Japanese Comparative Literature
LI-PING LIN林立萍 Japanese Language and Literature Study of Japanese Vocabulary
MIKI HATTORI服部美貴 Japanese Language and Literature Language Learning; Language Acquisition
MING-TZU CHEN陳明姿 Japanese Language and Literature Modern Japanese Literature; Japanese Literature of Heian period; Chinese-Japanese Comparative Literature
SE-CHUN HUNG洪瑟君 Japanese Language and Literature Comparative Literature; Early Modern Japanese Literature
SHIHMIN TIEN田世民 Japanese Language and Literature History of East-Asian Comparative Thoughts; History of Japanese Cultural Thoughts
SHING-CHING SHYU徐興慶 Japanese Language and Literature Sino-Japanese Cultural History; Sino-Japanese Communication History; History of Modern Japanese Thoughts
SHU-WEN FAN范淑文 Japanese Language and Literature Early Modern Japanese Literature (Studies on Natsume Sōseki)
TOSHITAKA KAMEDA龜田俊和 Japanese Language and Literature Japanese History
YU-HAN HUANG黃鈺涵 Japanese Language and Literature Japanese-Language Education; Japanese Linguistcs