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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
BIH-YAW JIN金必耀 Chemistry Quantum Molecular Processes in Condensed Matter; Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Organic Materials; Designing Molecular Sculptures with Mathematical Beading (; Quantum Chemical Investigation of Molecular Device; Theoretical Study of Electronic Processes in Conjugated Organic Molecular and Polymeric Systems
CHANG-MING JIANG姜昌明 Chemistry Photoelectrochemistry; Transition metal oxides & nitrides; Time-resolved spectroscopy
CHAO-TSEN CHEN陳昭岑 Chemistry DNA Alkylating Agents/Protein Affinity Probes; Fluorescent Molecular Sensors; Molecular Switches; Self-Assembled Nanostructures
CHE-CHEN CHANG張哲政 Chemistry Synthesis, Characterization and Chemical Reactions of Nanomaterials; Preparation and Characterization of Semiconductor Energy Devices; Development and Applications of UHV Surface Analysis Methods; Properties and Catalytic Reactions of Materials Surfaces
CHENG-CHIH HSU徐丞志 Chemistry Biological and Medical Mass Spectrometry Imaging and Analysis; Ambient Ionization Mass Spectrometry; Mass-omics of Human Microbiota
CHI-HOW PENG彭之皓 Chemistry Studies of lanthanide-lanthanide interaction and lanthanide-transition metal bonds; Application and mechanism study of cobalt complexes mediated radical polymerization and organic compound mediated radical polymerization; Design and synthesis of organometallic complexes or organic compounds for the mediation of the controlled/living polymerization; Synthesis and characterization of Lanthanide-metal string complexes; Synthesis of block copolymers and their applications in surfactants, emulsifiers, strengtheners, adhesives, and so on
CHIH-KAI LIN林至闓 Chemistry Fermi Resonance and Anharmonic Vibrational Spectra; Molecular Spectra of N-contained Heterocyclic Aromatic Compounds; Defect Centers in Nanodiamonds
CHING-WEN CHIU邱靜雯 Natural Science and Sustainable Research Promotion and Engagement Center, Chemistry Division  Chemistry Boron Containing Polymers; Dicationic Group 13 Compounds; Multidentate Carbenes; Stable Organic Free Radicals
CHUN-CHUNG CHAN陳振中 Chemistry Structural Elucidation of Proteins in Aggregated Forms; Applications of High Resolution Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance; Mechanism of Biomineralization at the Molecular Level; Fabrication of Biomaterials
CHUN-HSIEN CHEN陳俊顯 Instrumentation Center  Chemistry Surface Modification and Characterization; Molecular Electronics; Electrochemistry; Scanning Probe Microscopy; Liquid-solid Interfacial Phenomena
CHUN-YI,DAVID LU陸駿逸 Chemistry Defect Motion and Rheology of the Smectic Liquid Crystals; AC Dielectric Spectrum of the Polyelectrolyte Solutions; Block-copolymer Self-assembling Mesophases
Chung-Han Chu朱忠瀚 Chemistry Synthesis and evaluation of NRPs; Antibacterial and anticancer drug discovery; Bioactivity screening of natural products; Nonribosomal peptide (NRP) structure prediction
CHUNG-YUAN MOU牟中原 Center for Condensed Matter Sciences  Chemistry Statistical mechanics: Supercooled water; Heterogeneous Catalysis; Biomedical applications of Mesoporous Silica; Application to nanoaperture molecular sieve
HAO MING CHEN陳浩銘 Chemistry Liquid/solid interfacial study; (Photo)electrochemistry for artificial photosynthesis; In situ measurements through X-ray spectroscopy; In situ/Operando methodology development; Catalytic chemistry
HSIU-WEI CHENG鄭修偉 Chemistry Kinetics of single molecule within confined space.; Corrosion resistance and catalysis properties of high entropy alloys.; Charging kinetics at ionic liquid/electrode interface.; Molecular level understanding of Antigen recognition mechanism.
HUAN-TSUNG CHANG張煥宗 Chemistry Capillary Electrophoresis; Green Chemistry; Synthesis and Bioanalytical Applications of Nanomaterials; Nanomaterials Based Energy Technology
HUNG-WEN LI李弘文 Chemistry Single-molecule biochemistry; Molecular biophysics; Protein-DNA interactions; Nano-bioscience
JEFFREY M. FARRELL方頡睿 Chemistry Organic materials for (opto)electronic and catalytic applications in next-generation clean energy technologies; Development of new synthetic methods for novel π-conjugated compounds embedded with heteroatoms and non-six-membered rings; Experimental investigations of unprecedented geometric and electronic structures on fundamental properties and reactivity
JIM-MIN FANG方俊民 Chemistry Natural Product Chemistry; New Synthetic Methods; Biomolecular Recognition; Drug Discovery
JUI-LIN SHE佘瑞琳 Chemistry Teaching and Evaluation of Chemistry Laboratory; Chemical Education; Multi-media Teaching in Chemistry Experiments
JYE-SHANE YANG楊吉水 Chemistry Synthesis and Photoluminescent Behavior of Fluorescent Protein Chromophores and Derivatives; Molecular Design, Synthesis, and Structure-Property Relationships of Organic Electronic Materials; Molecular Self-assembly and Sensing; Photochemical and Electrochemical Molecular Switches and Molecular Machines
KEN-TSUNG WONG汪根欉 Chemistry Synthesis and Molecular Design of Organic Materials for Optoelectronic Applications; Organic Nano Materials
KIEN-VOON KONG江建文 Chemistry Chemistry of metals in biosensing and bioimaging; Chemistry of metals in nanomedicine
LEE-CHIANG LO羅禮強 Chemistry Development of Fluorous Reagents for Synthetic Applications; Development of Molecular Tools for Proteomics
MAN-KIT LEUNG梁文傑 Chemistry Organic Electrochromism; OLED and PLED; Organic Photovoltaics; Functional Polymers; Electropolymerization
PI-TAI CHOU周必泰 Chemistry  Center for Emerging Material and Advanced Devices Solar Energy and OLEDs Relevant Research; Semiconductor and Metal Nanomaterials in Optoelectronics; Molecular Design, Synthesis and Applications; Molecular Spectroscopy and Ultrafast Chemical Phenomena
RICHARD PING CHENG陳平 Chemistry Protein Electrostatics; Application of Fluoro-amino Acids; Effect of Side Chain Lengths; Non-natural Amino Acid Synthesis; Bioorganic Chemistry
RU-SHI LIU劉如熹 Chemistry Used in the light of biochemical medicine nanomaterials heat transfer; Applied to the light-emitting diode light fluorescent material transfer; Applied to the light switch to electric energy of lithium ion secondary batteries, fuel cells and water splitting materials
SHENG-HSIEN CHIU邱勝賢 Chemistry Development of Supramolecular Polymeric Materials and New Interlocked Molecules; Design and Syntheses of New Molecular Recognition Systems; Carbon Nanotube, Surface and Cyclodextrin Chemistry; Design and Construct Nano-Scale Molecular Electronic Devices
SHIE-MING PENG彭旭明 Chemistry Nano-Material Science; Inorganic Chemistry; Crystallography
SHIUH-TZUNG LIU劉緒宗 Chemistry Ligand Design and Investigation; Organic and Organometallic Chemistry; Catalysis; N-Heterocyclic Carbenes
SOO-FIN CHENG鄭淑芬 Chemistry Synthesis and Preparation of New Materials, Especially for the Utilization in Catalysis, Photo-Catalysis, Fuel Cell and Sensor; Instrumental Analysis and Spectroscopy for Characterization of New Materials; Solid Catalysts in Synthesis of Fine Chemicals and Sustainable Energies; Synthesis and Applications of Nano-Porous and Nano-Composite Materials
TIEN-YAU LUH陸天堯 Chemistry Biomimmetic Macromolecules and Biomimmetic Systems; Synergies between Organic Chemistry and Polymer Chemistry
TSUNG-SHING WANG王宗興 Chemistry Host-Pathogen Interactions; Development of New Antibiotics and Antibacterial Agents; Bacterial Virulence Factors; Design of New Functional Reagents to Study Biological Problems
WEI-SSU LIAO廖尉斯 Chemistry Biosensor and Molecular Device Design; Bench-top Nanomaterial Fabrication; On-Chip Separation Platform Build-up; Material Interface Characterization
Woo-Jin Yoo柳玗珍 Chemistry Asymmetric Synthesis; Transition Metal Catalysis
YI-TSU CHAN詹益慈 Natural Science and Sustainable Research Promotion and Engagement Center  Chemistry Design and Synthesis of Functional Polymers; Construction and Mass Analysis of Metallo-supramolecules
YING-CHIH LIN林英智 Chemistry Cyclization of Enyne by Organometallic Complexes; Organometallic Chemistry; Application of NMR; Metal Cyclopropenyl and Azirinyl Complexes
YIT-TSONG CHEN陳逸聰 Chemistry Catalytic synthesis and architectural design of morphology, structure, and composition of one- and two-dimensional nanomaterials on multiple functional devices for optoelectronic and biosensing applications; Applying nanowire field-effect transistors as a biosensor to study protein-protein interaction, extracellular ionic fluctuation, cellular exo-endocytosis, and neuron-neuron interaction
YUAN-CHUNG CHENG鄭原忠 Chemistry Multiscale Modeling of Molecular Optical or Electronic Devices; Excited-state Molecular Dynamics and Photochemistry; Development of Theoretical Tools for Quantum Dynamics in Condensed-phase Molecular Systems; Electronic Structures and Photophysics of Novel Nanomaterials; Energy and Electron Transfer in Photosynthetic Pigment-protein Complexes and Super-complexes; Theories for Time-Resolved Multidimensional Optical Spectroscopy