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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
BOR-WEN TSAI蔡博文 Geography volunteer geographic information(VGI); indigenous and community study; PPGIS
CHIH-HONG SUN孫志鴻 Geography sustainable development; spatial decision support system; disaster management; integrated watershed management
CHO-YING HUANG黃倬英 Geography terrestrial biogeochemistry; global ecology
JEHN-YIH JUANG莊振義 Geography micrometeorology and microclimatology; atmosphere-surface interactions; air pollution statistical and numerical modeling
JEN-JIA LIN林楨家 Geography  Global Change Research Center  Building and Planning land use and transportation; built environment and children development; built environment and health
JINN GUEY LAY賴進貴 Geography  Research Center of Climate Change and Sustainable Development (CCSD) spatial exploratory analysis; information technology and geographic education; old maps and historical GIS
JINN-YUH HSU徐進鈺 Geography studies on zoning; state and regional development; policy learning and mobility
JIUN CHUAN LIN林俊全 Geography land monitoring and evaluation; environmental management and assessment; landscape conservation and hazard study
JR-CHUAN HUANG黃誌川 Geography land sliding and sediment export; hydrological modeling and simulation; nitrogen cycling within watersheds
KUANG-CHI HUNG洪廣冀 Geography history of science; environmental history; science, technology, and society (STS)
MEI - HUI LI李美慧 Geography  Master's Program in Biodiversity river ecosystem health; environmental toxicology and biological monitoring; ecological effects of urbanization
Michelle Tsung Yi HUANG黃宗儀 Geography  Center for Population and Gender Studies emerging social subject; biopolitics and cultural governance; cultural identity; social/cultural text and discourse analysis
PO-YI HUNG洪伯邑 Geography Food and Agriculture; Development Studies; Landscape, Space and Place; Political Ecology
RAY Y. CHUANG莊昀叡 Geography Natural Hazards; Geodynamic Modeling; Tectonic Geodesy; Crustal Deformation
SHIUH-SHEN CHIEN簡旭伸 Geography  Climate Change and Sustainable Development Development Studies; China Studies; Geography of Globalization; Politial Economy of Urban and Regiona Development
SUE-CHING JOU周素卿 Geography  Climate Change and Sustainable Development  Research Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences (RIHSS) urban policy and governance; participatory river governance; urban regeneration and redevelopment
TZAI-HUNG WEN溫在弘 Geography spatiotemporal modeling of geographical diffusion; collective spatial behavior; medical geography and spatial epidemiology
TZU - HOW CHU朱子豪 Geography local development planning; spatial information; tourism/recreation; environmental management