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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
BEN JONG DAO JOU周仲島Atmospheric SciencesMesoscale structure and dynamics of Typhoon and associated spiral rainbands; Mesoscale structure and dynamics of Mei-yu front and associated convective systems; Kinematic and precipitation structure of mesoscale convective systems in Taiwan area
CHENG-KU YU游政谷Atmospheric SciencesRadar-derived Precipitation and Their Hydrological Application; Development of Orographic Precipitation Diagnostic Estimate Model; Structure and Dynamics of Typhoon and Frontal Rainbands; Droplet Fall Speed Characteristics of Natural Rain; Orographic Precipitation; Urban Effects on Thunderstorm Activities; Diurnally and Topographically Forced Circulations and Precipitation
CHENG-SHANG LEE李清勝Center for Weather Climate and Disaster Research; Atmospheric SciencesTopographical effect on typhoon; Quantitative precipitation estimate for typhoon; Typhoon and Air Pollution; Environment influence on typhoon formation
CHIEN-MING WU吳健銘Atmospheric SciencesCloud-resolving model; Multi-scale modeling of moist convection; Physical parameterization for large-scale models
CHUN-CHIEH WU吳俊傑Atmospheric Sciences; Liberal Education SectionTyphoon Dynamics; Targeted observations, numerical modeling and data assimilation of Typhoons; Hurricane Dynamics; Quasi-balanced Dynamics
CHUNG-HSIUNG SUI隋中興Atmospheric SciencesAir-Sea interaction; Atmospheric Convection; Climate Dynamics; Tropical Meteorology
HUI-MING HUNG洪惠敏Atmospheric SciencesAtmosphric Chemistry; Aerosol Chemistry; Environmental Science
HUNG-CHI KUO郭鴻基Center for Weather Climate and Disaster Research; Atmospheric SciencesTyphoon and Vortex Dynamics; Atmospheric & Oceanic Fluid Dynamics; Mathematical Modeling and Scientific Computing; Two-Dimensional Turbulence
I-I LIN林依依Atmospheric SciencesPolar Remote Sensing; Microwave Remote Sensing; Ocean Colour Remote Sensing; Atmosphere and Ocean Remote Sensing
JEN-PING CHEN陳正平Atmospheric SciencesCloud microphysics and chemistry; Air pollution and atmospheric chemistry; Aerosol microphysics and chemistry
LU MONG-MING盧孟明Atmospheric SciencesAsian-Australian monsoon climate; Climate data analysis and application; Weather and climate extremes; Tropical cyclone long-range prediction; Monthly and seasonal climate monitoring and prediction
MIN-HUI LO羅敏輝Center for Weather Climate and Disaster Research; Atmospheric SciencesLand-Atmosphere interactions; Applications of remote sensing on global and terrestrial hydrology; Anthropogenic effects on the water cycle
MING-JEN YANG楊明仁Atmospheric SciencesCloud Physics and Dynamics; Mesoscale Meteorology and Modeling; Convective and Hydrological Processes
PO-HSIUNG LIN林博雄Atmospheric SciencesInstrumentation and measurement of the atmosphere; Computer Aided Learning; Monsoon climate
WEI-TING CHEN陳維婷Atmospheric SciencesAtmospheric chemistry and climate coupling; Remote sensing
YEN-TING HWANG黃彥婷Atmospheric SciencesInteractions between atmospheric dynamics with clouds, aerosols, and ocean; Climate dynamics and climate change