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119891979年東亞梅雨候平均大尺度環流之變化特徵BEN JONG DAO JOU journal article
219961994年南台灣夏季午後對流之研究HUNG-CHI KUO journal article
320052003年梅雨季MM5系集降水預報BEN JONG DAO JOU journal article
420072006~07聖嬰對臺灣各層面影響預估之驗證盧孟明 ; 呂學榮; 許文賢Journal Article
52019A 232-1996-kS/s robust compressive sensing reconstruction engine for real-time physiological signals monitoringChen, Ting Sheng  ; HUNG-CHI KUO ; AN-YEU(ANDY) WU journal article10
62018A 232-to-1996KS/s robust compressive-sensing reconstruction engine for real-time physiological signals monitoringChen, T.-S.; Kuo, H.-C. ; Wu, A.-Y.Conference Paper60
72011A case study of aerosol processing and evolution in summer in New York CityHUI-MING HUNG journal article2924
82010A Classical-Theory-Based Parameterization of Heterogeneous Ice Nucleation by Mineral Dust, Soot, and Biological Particles in a Global Climate ModelJEN-PING CHEN journal article176171
92004A climatological model for forecasting typhoon rainfall in TaiwanCHENG-SHANG LEE book0
102006A climatology model for forecasting typhoon rainfall in TaiwanCHENG-SHANG LEE journal article5753
112006A comparison of targeting techniques for 2005 atlantic tropical cyclonesCHUN-CHIEH WU conference paper2
122014A comparison of two heavy rainfall events during the terrain-influenced monsoon rainfall experiment (TiMREX) 2008PO-HSIUNG LIN journal article1917
132001A composite modeling study of civil aircraft impacts on ozone and sulfate over the Taiwan areaJEN-PING CHEN journal article2
142016A decade of sea level rise slowed by climate-driven hydrologyMIN-HUI LO journal article7372
152011A GIS-based Decision Support System for Typhoon Emergency Response in TaiwanCHENG-SHANG LEE journal article80
162015A Long Neglected Damper in the El Nino-Typhoon Relationship: a 'Gaia-Like' ProcessI-I LIN journal article1211
172013A modeling analysis of rainfall and water cycle by the cloud-resolving WRF model over the western North PacificCHUNG-HSIUNG SUI journal article44
181997A modeling and observational study of the detailed microphysical structure of tropical cirrus anvilsJEN-PING CHEN journal article2121
192012A modeling study of orographic convection and mountain waves in the landfalling typhoon Nari (2001)MING-JEN YANG journal article98
201990A modeling study of the effects of ice-phase microphysical processes on trace chemical removal efficiencies.JEN-PING CHEN journal article
212008A modeling study of Typhoon Nari (2001) at landfall. Part I: Topographic effectsMING-JEN YANG journal article5451
222011A modeling study of Typhoon Nari (2001) at landfall: 2. Structural changes and terrain-induced asymmetriesMING-JEN YANG journal article1011
232005A modeling study of Typhoon Toraji (2001): Physical parameterization sensitivity and topographic effectMING-JEN YANG journal article3433
242015A modeling study on the effects of MJO and equatorial Rossby waves on tropical cyclone genesis over the western North Pacific in June 2004MING-JEN YANG ; CHUNG-HSIUNG SUI journal article33
252007A modelling study of aerosol impacts on cloud microphysics and radiative propertiesJEN-PING CHEN journal article4643
262012A Neural Network Approach to Estimate Tropical Cyclone Heat Potential in the Indian OceanI-I LIN journal article2011
271992A New Fractal Texture Classification Of Cloud And Ice Cap Surface Features From Landsat ImageryI-I LIN journal article00
282003A new look at the binary interaction: Potential vorticity diagnosis of the unusual southward movement of tropical storm Bopha (2000) and its interaction with supertyphoon Saomai (2000)CHUN-CHIEH WU journal article59
292012A new parallel domain-decomposed chebyshev collocation method for atmospheric and oceanic modelingYU-HENG TSENG ; HUNG-CHI KUO journal article140
302009A Note on Reviving the Goddard Satellite-Based Surface Turbulent Fluxes (GSSTF) DatasetI-I LIN journal article1313
312012A novel thermal index improves prediction of vegetation zones: Associating temperature sum with thermal seasonalityPO-HSIUNG LIN journal article33
322009A numerical investigation of the eyewall evolution in a landfalling typhoonWu, Chun-Chieh ; CHUN-CHIEH WU ; Cheng, Hsiu-Ju; Wang, Yuqing; Chou, Kun-Hsuanjournal article3129
332011A numerical simulation of the effect of the number concentration of cloud droplets on Typhoon ChanchuCHUNG-HSIUNG SUI journal article910
342015A numerical study of convection in rainbands of Typhoon Morakot (2009) with extreme rainfall: Roles of pressure perturbations with low-level wind maximaHUNG-CHI KUO journal article89
351996A numerical study of the feedback mechanisms of hurricane-environment interaction on hurricane movement from the potential vorticity perspectiveCHUN-CHIEH WU journal article52
362007A numerical study of the influence of urban expansion on monthly climate in dry autumn over the Pearl River Delta, ChinaCHUNG-HSIUNG SUI journal article2218
372008A numerical study of the track deflection of supertyphoon Haitang (2005) prior to its landfall in TaiwanJian, Guo-Ji; CHUN-CHIEH WU ; Wu, Chun-Chieh journal article5954
381999A possible mechanism for the eye rotation of Typhoon HerbHUNG-CHI KUO journal article12
392004A possible mechanism of the formation of the concentric eyewalls: Gradient adjustment processBEN JONG DAO JOU conference paper0
401993A preliminary study of the tropical water cycle and its sensitivity to surface warmingCHUNG-HSIUNG SUI journal article32
412000A report of the field operations and early results of the South China Sea Monsoon Experiment (SCSMEX)PO-HSIUNG LIN journal article132
422013A statistical-numerical aerosol parameterization schemeJEN-PING CHEN journal article33
432016A study of cloud microphysics and precipitation over the Tibetan Plateau by radar observations and cloud-resolving model simulationsCHUNG-HSIUNG SUI journal article28
441994A Study of Finite Amplitude Barotropic InstabilityHUNG-CHI KUO journal article
452014A study of macrophysical and microphysical properties of warm clouds over the Northern Hemisphere using CloudSat/CALIPSO dataCHUNG-HSIUNG SUI journal article1312
462009A study of the microphysical processes in a numerically simulated heavy snowfall event in North China: The sensitivity of different snow intercept parametersCHUNG-HSIUNG SUI journal article32
472002A study of the response of deep tropical clouds to large-scale thermodynamic forcings. Part I: Modeling strategies and simulations of TOGA COARE convective systemsCHUNG-HSIUNG SUI journal article44
482006A study on the extratropical transition of Typhoon Xangsane (2000)CHENG-SHANG LEE conference paper0
491999A study on the high-order Smolarkiewicz methodsHUNG-CHI KUO journal article211
502017A study on the influences of low-frequency vorticity on tropical cyclone formation in the western North PacificCHUNG-HSIUNG SUI ; CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article11
512012A study on the synoptic-dynamical characteristics of compact tropical cyclones in the western north pacificCHENG-SHANG LEE journal article44
522011A subtropical oceanic mesoscale convective vortex observed during SoWMEX/TiMREXBEN JONG DAO JOU journal article1918
532005A tendency of cloud ratio associated with the development of tropical water and ice cloudsCHUNG-HSIUNG SUI journal article2124
542012A treatment for the stratocumulus-to-cumulus transition in GCMsCHIEN-MING WU journal article33
552006A tropical cyclone rainfall climatology-persistence model for the Taiwan areaCHENG-SHANG LEE conference paper1
562013A unified representation of deep moist convection in numerical modeling of the atmosphere. Part ICHIEN-MING WU journal article7576
572014A unified representation of deep moist convection in numerical modeling of the atmosphere. Part IICHIEN-MING WU journal article2523
582005A unique seasonal pattern in phytoplankton biomass in low-latitude waters in the South China SeaCHUN-MAO TSENG ; I-I LIN journal article10399
592015Adsorption of nitrogen and water vapor by insoluble particles and the implication on cloud condensation nuclei activityHUI-MING HUNG ; JEN-PING CHEN journal article55
602011Advances in geosciences: Volume 22: Atmospheric science (AS)CHUN-CHIEH WU book00
612012Advances in geosciences: Volume 28: Atmospheric science (AS) and ocean science (OS)CHUN-CHIEH WU book10
622011Advances in understanding the "perfect monsoon-influenced Typhoon": Summary from international conference on typhoon morakot (2009)CHUN-CHIEH WU ; CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article2120
632004Aerosol characterization at Taiwan's northern tip during ACE-AsiaJEN-PING CHEN journal article2121
642009Aerosol impact on the South China Sea biogeochemistry: An early assessment from remote sensingJEN-PING CHEN ; I-I LIN journal article1816
652017Aerosol Impacts on the Structure, Intensity, and Precipitation of the Landfalling Typhoon Saomai (2006)MING-JEN YANG journal article67
662007Aerosol input to the South China Sea: Results from the MODerate resolution Imaging Spectro-radiometer, the quick scatterometer, and the measurements of pollution in the troposphere sensorJEN-PING CHEN ; I-I LIN journal article6258
672011Aerosol nucleation spikes in the planetary boundary layerJEN-PING CHEN journal article88
682015Aerosol-stratocumulus-radiation interactions over the Southeast PacificJEN-PING CHEN journal article1011
692017Air-sea fluxes for Hurricane Patricia (2015): Comparison with supertyphoon Haiyan (2013) and under different ENSO conditionsI-I LIN journal article55
702002Airborne Doppler observations of a cold front in the vicinity of Vancouver IslandCHENG-KU YU journal article14
712000Airborne doppler observations of a landfalling cold front upstream of steep coastal orographyCHENG-KU YU journal article49
722017Ambient air pollutant exposures and hospitalization for Kawasaki disease in Taiwan: A case-crossover study (2000-2010)WEI-TING CHEN journal article1311
732009An algorithm for tracking eyes of tropical cyclonesBEN JONG DAO JOU journal article89
742015An analysis of the linkage of pacific subtropical cells with the recharge-discharge processes in ENSO evolutionCHUNG-HSIUNG SUI ; YU-HENG TSENG journal article1010
752010An analysis of the multiscale nature of tropical cyclone activities in June 2004: Climate backgroundMING-JEN YANG ; CHUNG-HSIUNG SUI journal article99
762011An analysis of tropical cyclone formations in the South China Sea during the late seasonCHENG-SHANG LEE journal article119
772009An application of reflectivity climatology in constructing radar hybrid scans over complex terrainBEN JONG DAO JOU journal article1921
781991An equilibrium model for the coupled ocean-atmosphere boundary layer in the tropicsCHUNG-HSIUNG SUI journal article14
792001An ERS-1 synthetic aperture radar image of a tropical squall line compared with weather radar dataI-I LIN journal article1615
802011An evaluation and improvement of microphysical parameterization from a two-moment cloud microphysics scheme and the Southwest Monsoon Experiment (SoWMEX)/Terrain-influenced Monsoon Rainfall Experiment (TiMREX) observationsCHUNG-HSIUNG SUI journal article99
812015An improved hindcast approach for evaluation and diagnosis of physical processes in global climate modelsMIN-HUI LO journal article2121
821994An inquiry into the cirrus‐cloud thermostat effect for tropical sea surface temperatureCHUNG-HSIUNG SUI journal article6064
832014An observational analysis of the oceanic and atmospheric structure of global-scale multi-decadal variabilityCHUNG-HSIUNG SUI journal article89
841999An observational study of environmental influences on the intensity changes of typhoons flo (1990) and gene (1990)CHUN-CHIEH WU journal article21
852012An observationally based evaluation of cloud ice water in CMIP3 and CMIP5 GCMs and contemporary reanalyses using contemporary satellite dataWEI-TING CHEN journal article10095
862015An observationally based evaluation of WRF seasonal simulations over the Central and Eastern PacificJEN-PING CHEN journal article34
872009An Observing System Experiment for typhoon Conson (2004) using a singular vector method and DOTSTAR dataCHUN-CHIEH WU ; Yamaguchi, Munehiko; Iriguchi, Takeshi; Nakazawa, Tetsuo; Wu, Chun-Chieh journal article3030
882013An ocean coupling potential intensity index for tropical cyclonesCHUN-CHIEH WU ; I-I LIN journal article8993
892012An orography-associated extreme rainfall event during TiMREX: Initiation, storm evolution, and maintenanceBEN JONG DAO JOU journal article4240
902009Analyses of FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC humidity retrievals and comparisons with AIRS retrievals and NCEP/NCAR reanalysesPO-HSIUNG LIN journal article1616
912014Analysis of space?Vtime patterns of rainfall events during 1996-2008 in Yilan County (Taiwan)Yu, H.-L.; Chen, B.-L.; Chiu, C.-H.; Lu, M.-M. ; Tung, C.-P.journal article33
922013An Analysis of the Extreme Dry Spells in Taiwan and Its Variations during the Recent One Hundred Years卓盈旻; 盧孟明 Journal Article
932011Analysis of the relationship between MODIS aerosol optical depth and particulate matter from 2006 to 2008 in TaiwanJEN-PING CHEN journal article6150
942013Anthropogenic sulfate aerosol and the southward shift of tropical precipitation in the late 20th centuryYEN-TING HWANG journal article123126
952001Apparent freezing temperatures modeled for several experimental apparatusHUI-MING HUNG journal article1111
962002Application of spectral signatures and colour ratios to estimate chlorophyll in Singapore's coastal watersI-I LIN journal article1714
972012Application of WRF 3DVAR to operational typhoon prediction in Taiwan: Impact of outer loop and partial cycling approachesCHENG-SHANG LEE journal article4143
982009Applications of Satellite-Derived Ocean Measurements to Tropical Cyclone Intensity ForecastingI-I LIN journal article7670
992009Asian Summer Monsoon Simulated by 7 IPCC AR4 Climate Models卓盈旻; 盧孟明 Journal Article
1002012Assessing surface water consumption using remotely-sensed groundwater, evapotranspiration, and precipitationMIN-HUI LO journal article1819
1012016Assessing the radiative impacts of precipitating clouds on winter surface air temperatures and land surface properties in general circulation models using observationsMIN-HUI LO journal article00
1022013Assessment of sewer flooding model based on ensemble quantitative precipitation forecastMING-JEN YANG ; HUNG-CHI KUO ; CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article2119
1032013Assessment of the ASCAT wind error characteristics by global dropwindsonde observationsCHUN-CHIEH WU journal article1213
1042010Assimilation of tropical cyclone track and structure based on the ensemble Kalman filter (EnKF)CHUN-CHIEH WU journal article4748
1052016Association of Taiwan's October rainfall patterns with large-scale oceanic and atmospheric phenomenaKuo, Y.-C.; Lee, M.-A.; Lu, M.-M. Journal Article33
1062016Association of Taiwan's Rainfall Patterns with Large-Scale Oceanic and Atmospheric PhenomenaKuo, Y.-C.; Lee, M.-A.; Lu, M.-M. Journal Article36
1072007Asymmetric biogeochemical responses to sea surface forcing in the northern South China Sea during recent ENSO events betTseng, C.-M.; Wang, L.-W.; Liu, K.-K.; Wongd, G.T.F.; Gonge, G.-C.; Lin, I.-I. journal article
1082014Asymmetric responses of land hydroclimatology to two types of El Niño in the Mississippi River BasinMIN-HUI LO journal article1213
1092007Asymmetric responses of tropical precipitation during ENSOMIN-HUI LO journal article1816
1102016Atlantic and Pacific multidecadal variability influence on Taiwan winter temperature centennial trend during the period 1911 - 2010Lu, M.-M. ; Cho, Y.-M.; Lin, Y.-C.; Huang, N.E.Journal Article22
1112010Atmospheric chemistry-climate feedbacksWEI-TING CHEN journal article3330
1122007Atmospheric fronts along the east coast of Taiwan studied by ERS synthetic aperture radar imagesJEN-PING CHEN ; I-I LIN journal article1413
1132015Atmospheric iron deposition in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean and its adjacent marginal seas: the importance of coal burningJEN-PING CHEN journal article1011
1142011Barotropic Aspects of Hurricane Structural and Intensity VariabilityHUNG-CHI KUO other900
1152010Bayesian forecasting of seasonal typhoon activity: A track-pattern-oriented categorization approachChu, P.-S.; Zhao, X.; Ho, C.-H.; Kim, H.-S.; Lu, M.-M. ; Kim, J.-H.Journal Article2526
1162002The biennial oscillations in TaiwanLu, M.-M. Journal Article31
1172008Binary interaction between Typhoons Fengshen (2002) and Fungwong (2002) based on the potential vorticity diagnosisCHUN-CHIEH WU ; Yang, Chung-Chuan; Wu, Chun-Chieh ; Chou, Kun-Hsuan; Lee, Chia-Yingjournal article2018
1182013Biogenic isoprene in subtropical urban settings and implications forair qualityPO-HSIUNG LIN journal article3226
1192009Biogeochemical fluxes of the South China SeaLiu, K. K.; Tseng, C. M.; Wu, C. R.; Lin, I. I. book
1202015Blending of global and regional analyses with a spatial filter: Application to Typhoon prediction over the western North Pacific OceanCHENG-SHANG LEE journal article78
1211992Boundary effects in regional spectral modelsHUNG-CHI KUO journal article25
1232011Buoyancy reversal, decoupling and the transition from stratocumulus to shallow cumulus topped marine boundary layersCHIEN-MING WU journal article2016
1242016A case study of single hygroscopicity parameter and its link to the functional groups and phase transition for urban aerosols in Taipei CityHung, H.-M. ; Hsu, C.-H.; Lin, W.-T.; Chen, Y.-Q.Journal Article11
1252014"Category-6" supertyphoon Haiyan in global warming hiatus: Contribution from subsurface ocean warmingI-I LIN journal article6059
1262015Change in ocean subsurface environment to suppress tropical cyclone intensification under global warmingI-I LIN journal article3635
1272012A change in the relationship between tropical central Pacific SST variability and the extratropical atmosphere around 1990Yu, J.-Y.; Lu, M.-M. ; Kim, S.T.Review5351
1282010Change of tropical cyclone activity by Pacific-Japan teleconnection pattern in the western North PacificCHUN-CHIEH WU journal article4548
1292015Changes in local oceanographic and atmospheric conditions shortly after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunamiI-I LIN journal article11
1302010Characteristics and origin of quasi-biweekly oscillation over the western North Pacific during boreal summerCHUNG-HSIUNG SUI journal article4949
1312011Characteristics of Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter adaptive sampling guidance for tropical cyclonesCHUN-CHIEH WU journal article1111
1321995Characteristics of Low-frequency Distrubances in the Atmosphere during the Period of TOGA COARE IOP盧孟明 Journal Article
1332008Characteristics of rainfall during tropical cyclone periods in TaiwanCHENG-SHANG LEE journal article3228
1342017Characteristics of rainfall intensity, duration, and kinetic energy for landslide triggering in TaiwanBEN JONG DAO JOU journal article53
1352012Characterization of near-highway submicron aerosols in New York City with a high-resolution aerosol mass spectrometerHUI-MING HUNG journal article3632
1362011Characterization of the sources and processes of organic and inorganic aerosols in New York city with a high-resolution time-of-flight aerosol mass apectrometerHUI-MING HUNG journal article184177
1372016Chemical composition of fog water at four sites in TaiwanPO-HSIUNG LIN ; YA-NAN WANG journal article1212
1382005Circulation features associated with the record-breaking typhoon landfall on Japan in 2004CHUNG-HSIUNG SUI journal article3238
1392018Circulation responses to regional aerosol climate forcing in summer over East AsiaChen, G.; Wang, W.-C.; Chen, J.-P. journal article32
1402002Clear-Sky Surface Solar Radiation During the South China Sea Monsoon ExperimentPO-HSIUNG LIN journal article3
1412007Climate prediction of tropical cyclone activity in the vicinity of Taiwan using the multivariate least absolute deviation regression methodChu, P.-S.; Zhao, X.; Lee, C.-T.; Lu, M.-M. Journal Article2728
1422012Climate Variations in Taiwan during 1911~2009盧孟明 ; 卓盈旻; 李思瑩; 李清縢; 林昀靜Journal Article
1432012Climate–Chemistry InteractionJEN-PING CHEN other80
1442006Climatic Characteristics of the Subtropical Mountainous Cloud Forest at the Yuanyang Lake Long-Term Ecological Research Site, TaiwanLai, I-Ling; Chang, Shih-Chieh; Lin, Po-Hsiung ; Chou, Chang-Hung; Wu, Jiunn-Tzong
1452012Climatic effects of 1950?V2050 changes in US anthropogenic aerosols - Part 1: Aerosol trends and radiative forcingWEI-TING CHEN journal article9190
1462012Climatic effects of 1950?V2050 changes in US anthropogenic aerosols - Part 2: Climate responseWEI-TING CHEN journal article8785
1472012Climatic Natural Variability and Interdecadal Variation許晃雄; 羅資婷; 洪致文; 洪志誠; 李明營; 陳雲蘭; 盧孟明 ; 隋中興 Journal Article
1481999Climatic relationships to chesapeake bay salinity during southern oscillation extremesCHUNG-HSIUNG SUI journal article88
1492009Cloud microphysics impact on hurricane track as revealed in idealized experimentsHUNG-CHI KUO journal article949
1502014CMIP5 model simulations of the impacts of the two types of El ni?o on the U.S. winter temperatureZou, Y.; Yu, J.-Y.; Lee, T.; Lu, M.-M. ; Kim, S.T.Journal Article2019
1512009Cold Surges in Taiwan-A Critique of Using Taipei Station Temperature Only to Define the Events盧孟明 ; 李思瑩Journal Article
1522014Coldness index does not indicate the upper limit of evergreen broad-leaved forest on a subtropical islandPO-HSIUNG LIN journal article23
1532009Columnar optical properties of tropospheric aerosol by combined lidar and sunphotometer measurements at Taipei, TaiwanJEN-PING CHEN ; PO-HSIUNG LIN journal article2222
1542018Combined role of high- and low-frequency processes of equatorial zonal transport in terminating an ENSO eventChen, H.-C.; Sui, C.-H. ; Tseng, Y.-H.; Huang, B.journal article00
1552018Combined role of high- and low-frequency processes of equatorial zonal transport in terminating an ENSO eventChen, Han Ching; CHUNG-HSIUNG SUI ; YU-HENG TSENG ; Huang, Bohuajournal article00
1562014Comments on "How Does the boundary layer contribute to eyewall replacement cycles in axisymmetric tropical cyclones?"CHUN-CHIEH WU journal article1312
1572002Comparison of different earth radiation budget experiment data sets over tropical oceansCHUNG-HSIUNG SUI journal article33
1582017Compressive sensing based ECG monitoring with effective AF detectionKuo, H.-C. ; Lin, Y.-M.; Wu, A.-Y.Conference Paper30
1592012Concentric eyewall formation in typhoon sinlaku (2008). part I: Assimilation of T-PARC data based on the ensemble kalman filter (enkf)CHUN-CHIEH WU journal article5254
1602012Concentric eyewall formation in Typhoon Sinlaku (2008). Part II: Axisymmetric dynamical processesCHUN-CHIEH WU journal article8792
1612018Concentric eyewall formation in Typhoon Sinlaku (2008). Part III: Horizontal momentum budget analysesHuang Y.-H.; Wu C.-C. ; Montgomery M.T.journal article01
1622018Concurrent increases in wet and dry extremes projected in Texas and combined effects on groundwaterYoon, J.-H.; Wang, S.-Y.S.; Lo, M.-H. ; Wu, W.-Y.Journal Article00
1632017Connecting tropical climate change with Southern Ocean heat uptakeYEN-TING HWANG journal article79
1642008Constraining water table depth simulations in a land surface model using estimated baseflowMIN-HUI LO journal article2829
1652018Contrasting Tropical Climate Response Pattern to Localized Thermal Forcing Over Different Ocean BasinsKang S.M.; Park K.; Hwang Y.-T. ; Hsiao W.-T.journal article00
1662013Contribution of ocean overturning circulation to tropical rainfall peak in the Northern HemisphereYEN-TING HWANG journal article107107
1672010Controlling synoptic-scale factors for the distribution of transient luminous eventsCHUN-CHIEH WU ; PO-HSIUNG LIN journal article1513
1682012Convection and rapid filamentation in typhoon sinlaku during TCS-08/T-PARCHUNG-CHI KUO journal article08
1692007Convective-stratiform rainfall separation by cloud contentCHUNG-HSIUNG SUI journal article2624
1702008Convective–radiative–mixing processes in the tropical ocean–atmosphereCHUN-CHIEH WU ; CHUNG-HSIUNG SUI book20
1712006Correlation between aerosol optical depth derived from CIMEL sunphotometer and surface particulate concentration in Northern and Southern TaiwanPO-HSIUNG LIN conference paper10
1722011Coupling between Arctic feedbacks and changes in poleward energy transportYEN-TING HWANG journal article7165
1732014Coupling typhoon rainfall forecasting with overland-flow modeling for early warning of inundationYIH-CHI TAN ; CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article1512
1742012Critical Issues of Taiwan's Climate Change許晃雄; 周佳; 吳宜昭; 盧孟明 ; 陳正達; 陳永明Journal Article00
1752016Critical transitions of stratocumulus dynamical systems due to perturbation in free-atmosphere moistureCHIEN-MING WU journal article11
1762003Crystallization of atmospheric sulfate-nitrate-ammonium particlesHUI-MING HUNG journal article4450
1772004Crystals formed at 293 K by aqueous sulfate-nitrate-ammonium-proton aerosol particlesHUI-MING HUNG journal article3836
1781986Cumulus ensemble effects on the large-scale vorticity and momentum fields of GATE. Part I: observational evidence.CHUNG-HSIUNG SUI journal article41
1791989Cumulus ensemble effects on the large-scale vorticity and momentum fields of GATE. Part II: ParameterizationCHUNG-HSIUNG SUI journal article10
1802004Current understanding of tropical cyclone structure and intensity changes - A reviewCHUN-CHIEH WU journal article204198
1812006C頻偏振雷達總傳播相位偏移差面積雨量估計法之研究BEN JONG DAO JOU journal article
1822004Decadal oscillation of spring rain in northern TaiwanHung, C.-W.; Hsu, H.-H.; Lu, M.-M. Journal Article3029
1832016Deep convection in elliptical and polygonal eyewalls of tropical cyclonesKuo, H.-C. ; Cheng, W.-Y.; Yang, Y.-T.; Hendricks, E.A.; Peng, M.S.Journal Article22
1842004Definition of South China Sea monsoon onset and commencement of the East Asian summer monsoonWang, B.; LinHo, Zhang, Y.; Lu, M.-M. Journal Article193198
1852000Degradation of alkylphenol ethoxylate surfactants in water with ultrasonic irradiationHUI-MING HUNG journal article9286
1862018The degree of prevalence of similarity between outer tropical cyclone rainbands and squall linesYu C.-K. ; Lin C.-Y.; Cheng L.-W.; Luo J.-S.; Wu C.-C. ; Chen Y.journal article22
1882007Detection of the Climatic Extreme Rainfall Events in Taiwan陳佳正; 盧孟明 Journal Article
1892012Development and evaluation of mei-yu season quantitative precipitation forecasts in Taiwan river basins based on a conceptual climatology modelCHENG-SHANG LEE journal article44
1902016Diagnosing the possible dynamics controlling Sahel precipitation in the short-range ensemble community atmospheric model hindcastsYU-HENG TSENG ; MIN-HUI LO journal article22
1912018Diagnosis of large prediction errors on recurvature of typhoon fengshen (2008) in the NCEP-GFS ModelYang C.-C.; Wu C.-C. ; Cheung K.K.W.journal article00
1922019Diagnosis of the Dynamic Efficiency of Latent Heat Release and the Rapid Intensification of Supertyphoon Haiyan (2013)HUNG-CHI KUO ; Tsujino, S  ; Huang, CC  ; Wang, CC  ; Tsuboki, K  journal article00
1932018A diagnostic study of the evolution of the MJO from Indian Ocean to Maritime Continent: Wave dynamics versus advective moistening processesHung, C.-S.; Sui, C.-H. journal article23
1942016Different controls of tropical cyclone activity in the Eastern Pacific for two types of El NinoI-I LIN journal article76
1952005Different optical properties of high cloud in GMS and MODIS observationsCHUNG-HSIUNG SUI journal article1011
1962018Differentiating between local and remote pollution over taiwanKishcha, P.; Wang, S.-H.; Lin, N.-H.; Silva, A.D.; Lin, T.-H.; Lin, P.-H. ; Liu, G.-R.; Starobinets, B.; Alpert, P.journal article22
1972005Dipole structure of interannual variations in summertime tropical cyclone activity over East AsiaCHUNG-HSIUNG SUI journal article2830
1982014Distance Velocity-Azimuth Display (DVAD)-New interpretation and analysis of doppler velocityBEN JONG DAO JOU journal article22
1992012The distinct behaviors of Pacific and Indian Ocean warm pool properties on seasonal and interannual time scalesKim, S.T.; Yu, J.-Y.; Lu, M.-M. Journal Article2321
2002013Distribution and mechanisms of orographic precipitation associated with typhoon morakot (2009)CHENG-KU YU journal article3029
2011997Diurnal variations in tropical oceanic cumulus convection during TOGA COARECHUNG-HSIUNG SUI journal article193
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7802013利用衛星資料分析台灣東部外海黑潮與大氣之交互作用I-I LIN ; CHUNG-HSIUNG SUI journal article00
7812003北台灣夏季雹暴之雙都卜勒雷達分析CHENG-KU YU ; 周仲島 journal article
7822014北台灣大屯山區密集降雨觀測研究-東北季風環境下之地形降水分析CHENG-KU YU journal article
7831995半拉格朗日法與正定義數值方法之比較HUNG-CHI KUO journal article
7842004南海之初級生產力:由水色數據及耦合模式估計結果之比較I-I LIN journal article
7852000南海季風實驗期間無人飛機探空之資料診斷PO-HSIUNG LIN ; CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article
7861998南海季風實驗第一階段密集觀測東沙島觀測記要PO-HSIUNG LIN journal article
7872000台灣中部山區組織性對流系統渦度之分析BEN JONG DAO JOU journal article
7882004台灣北部冬季豪雨個案研究-東風擾動的結構、演變與降水的關係BEN JONG DAO JOU journal article
7892014台灣地區之大氣邊界層特徵PO-HSIUNG LIN conference paper
7902004台灣地區登陸颱風降雨結構之雷達觀測BEN JONG DAO JOU journal article
7911988台灣地區颱風路徑之預報分析CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article
7922014台灣氣候變遷推估研究CHUNG-HSIUNG SUI journal article
7932013台风环流飞机侦查观测十年回顾PO-HSIUNG LIN conference paper
7942014同化GPSRO觀測對西北太平洋地區颱風路徑預報影響之系統性評估CHENG-SHANG LEE conference paper
7952014同化GPSRO觀測對西北太平洋地區颱風路徑預報影響之系統性評估MING-JEN YANG conference paper
7962014單元 2.劇烈氣候變異與臺灣風險環境的形構─李清勝 、紀水上CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article00
7972018土地資源核心議題-土地系統動態變遷之因果與機制研究林裕彬 ; 詹士樑; 陸曉筠; 江莉琦; 徐家雯; 林昭遠; 劉小蘭; 吳振發; 林峰田; 李慧琳; 陳佳正; 莊振義 ; 羅敏輝 ; 簡旭伸 ; 連宛渝; 余佳珍; 吳岱蓉; 林士淵Journal Article00
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7992011大氣科學共用資料與觀測儀器服務平台-氣象雷達運作與資料庫; A Service Platform Project for the Shared Atmospheric Data and Instruments-the Operation of Meteorological Instruments and Data BankCHENG-KU YU journal article
8002003妮蔻兒颱風(Nichole,1998)侵台前路徑變化之研究CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article
8012016季風環流圈環境下之熱帶氣旋形成初步研究CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article
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8041997山區雷雨系統之降水與運動場結構分析BEN JONG DAO JOU journal article
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8061989平流層瞬間增溫的數值模擬與折射指數平方BEN JONG DAO JOU journal article
8071994年南台灣夏季午後對流之研究HUNG-CHI KUO other59
8081995廣泛式速度方位顯示方法之誤差分析與其在梅雨鋒面雨帶的應用BEN JONG DAO JOU journal article
8092012弱綜觀環境下台灣午後對流特徵及其客觀預報BEN JONG DAO JOU journal article
8101992影響大台北地區懸浮微粒濃度變化之氣象分析CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article
8112016從霧氣中取水的實驗與探討-以苗栗三義茶園攔截霧水實驗為例PO-HSIUNG LIN journal article
8122012微波降雨雷達觀測之評估分析CHENG-KU YU journal article
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8141996新中橫沿線天然災害及成因分析林銘郎 ; 鄭富書; 吳俊傑 journal article
8152002本地變遷趨勢、衝擊評估、長期基礎資料調查與因應策略整合模式之氣候研究構想許晃雄; 柯文雄; 隋中興 ; 曾仁佑; 盧孟明 ; 余嘉裕; 周佳Journal Article00
8161997東亞夏季季風與梅雨鋒(一):雲型季風指標PO-HSIUNG LIN journal article
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8191990梅雨鋒面對流雨帶雙都卜勒雷達分析BEN JONG DAO JOU journal article
8202002楊希颱風(1990)侵台的數值模擬與分析CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article
8211994正定義數值方法的探討HUNG-CHI KUO journal article0
8222012氣候自然變異與年代際變化CHUNG-HSIUNG SUI journal article
8231993氣象資料即時顯示與分析電腦工作站系統建置HUNG-CHI KUO book58
8241992淺對流層積雲動力模擬HUNG-CHI KUO journal article68
8252007溪頭地區2005年3月降雪事件熱量收支之探討PO-HSIUNG LIN journal article
8262008溪頭地區崩塌地人工植群復育過程之熱量收支PO-HSIUNG LIN journal article
8272007琳恩颱風(1987)與東北季風交互作用產生強降水之研究CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article
8282001瑞伯颱風(1998)之數值模擬探討CHUN-CHIEH WU journal article
8292011由MTSAT衛星影像和數位地形資料估算臺灣地表太陽輻射量PO-HSIUNG LIN journal article
8302004由測站資料推估台灣之氣溫與降水之空間分布PO-HSIUNG LIN journal article
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8322012納莉(2001)颱風之位渦收支MING-JEN YANG journal article
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8341996臺灣南部夏季午後對流個案模擬HUNG-CHI KUO other8
8352005臺灣地區Holdridge生命帶之繪製PO-HSIUNG LIN journal article
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8372013臺灣地形降水之研究分析CHENG-KU YU journal article
8382006臺灣鴛鴦湖長期生態研究區亞熱帶雲霧?之氣候特徵賴宜?; 張世杰; ?博雄 ; 周昌弘; 吳俊宗journal article
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8402010莫拉克颱風侵臺前後之衛星、探空與水文觀測總覽PO-HSIUNG LIN ; I-I LIN journal article
8412010莫拉克颱風綜觀環境以及降雨特徵分析BEN JONG DAO JOU ; CHENG-SHANG LEE ; 鄭明典; 于宜強journal article
8422010莫拉克颱風路徑與降雨作業預報校驗HUNG-CHI KUO journal article20
8431999葛拉斯颱風(1994)及其受到台灣地形影響之研究 第一部分:觀測分析CHUN-CHIEH WU journal article
8441999葛拉絲颱風(1994)及其受到台灣地形影響之研究 第二部分:數值模擬CHUN-CHIEH WU journal article
8451988西北太平洋地區氣旋發展之合成分析CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article
8461990西北太平洋地區颱風發展過程之分析CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article
8471998賀伯颱風眼轉動可能機制探討HUNG-CHI KUO journal article3
8482004近期颱風研究之回顧HUNG-CHI KUO journal article51
8492008運用在分解定義域之淺水方程模型的切比雪夫排列法HUNG-CHI KUO dissertation17
8502004運用定體積氣球飛行進行南台灣低層氣流軌跡分析PO-HSIUNG LIN journal article
8511996都卜勒雷達在颱風中心定位與最大風速半徑決定的應用BEN JONG DAO JOU journal article
8521994都卜勒雷達在颱風環流中尺度結構分析的應用BEN JONG DAO JOU journal article
8531997雙中尺度渦旋交互作用之初步模擬CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article
8542014雪山主東峰線MODIS地表溫度驗證及特性探討CHING-FENG LI ; PO-HSIUNG LIN journal article00
8552015雲中閃電資料應用於雷暴即時預警之研究PO-HSIUNG LIN journal article
8562017雲中閃電預警對流性降雨初探MING-JEN YANG ; PO-HSIUNG LIN journal article00
8572016雷射雲冪儀應用於台灣各種地貌之混合層高度量測PO-HSIUNG LIN journal article
8582002風場變形對地面降水觀測造成偏差之個案探討PO-HSIUNG LIN journal article
8591999颮線基本結構的數值模擬研究HUNG-CHI KUO journal article8
8601988颱風之生成和發展CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article
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8621997颱風最大潛在強度理論之探討及檢驗CHUN-CHIEH WU journal article
8631997颱風環流維持機制之數值模擬CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article
8641994颱風運動之合成分析CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article
8652004颱風重點研究─子計畫七:上層海洋特徵現象對颱風強度之影響林依依 report
8662003「颱風重點研究」暨「侵台颱風之GPS Dropsonde飛機偵察觀測實驗」郭鴻基 ; 吳俊傑 ; 林博雄 journal article4
8671988飽和內重力波斷裂對中層大氣大氣環流的影響BEN JONG DAO JOU journal article