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12016105年國家永續發展獎行動計畫類複評側寫林俊全 Journal Article
22010A Classical-Theory-Based Parameterization of Heterogeneous Ice Nucleation by Mineral Dust, Soot, and Biological Particles in a Global Climate ModelJEN-PING CHEN journal article182172
32006A comparison of targeting techniques for 2005 atlantic tropical cyclonesCHUN-CHIEH WU conference paper2
42008A comparison of τ c and τ p max for magnitude estimation in earthquake early warningYIH-MIN WU journal article4340
52001A composite modeling study of civil aircraft impacts on ozone and sulfate over the Taiwan areaJEN-PING CHEN journal article21
62008A Comprehensive Relocation of Earthquakes in Taiwan from 1991 to 2005Wu, Yih-Min ; YIH-MIN WU ; Chang, Chien-Hsin; Zhao, Li; Teng, Ta-Liang; Nakamura, Mamorujournal article9493
72006A correlation between the b -value and the fractal dimension from the aftershock sequence of the 1999 Chi-Chi, Taiwan, earthquakeYIH-MIN WU journal article3028
82011A Decade of Changing Constitutionalism in Taiwan: Transitional and Transnational Perspectives張文貞 conference paper
92014A Decade of Changing Constitutionalism in Taiwan: Transitional and Transnational Perspectives, in CONSTITUTIONALISM IN ASIA IN THE EARLY TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY (Albert H. Y. Chen ed.), pp. 141-168張文貞 book
102013A midcrustal ramp-fault structure beneath the Taiwan tectonic wedge illuminated by the 2013 Nantou earthquake seriesRAY Y. CHUANG ; YIH-MIN WU journal article2121
111990A modeling study of the effects of ice-phase microphysical processes on trace chemical removal efficiencies.JEN-PING CHEN journal article
122010A multiproxy lake record from Inner Mongolia displays a late Holocene teleconnection between Central Asian and North Atlantic climatesChen, Huei-Fen; LUDVIG LOWEMARK ; Chuang, I-Ching; SHENG-RONG SONG ; Tseng, Mei-Hui ; Song, Sheng-Rong ; Lu, Lu ; Lee, Teh-Quei; Lowemark, Ludvig ; Shieh, Jeng-Yi ; Chi, Zhenqing; Wang, Yong ; Hong, Easonjournal article2928
132011A new prototype system for earthquake early warning in TaiwanHsiao, Nai-Chi; YIH-MIN WU ; Wu, Yih-Min ; Zhao, Li; Chen, Da-Yi; Huang, Wei-Ting; Kuo, Kuan-Hung; Shin, Tzay-Chyn; Leu, Peih-Linjournal article4042
142014A new seismic hazard analysis using FOSM algorithmsYIH-MIN WU journal article22
152009A New Trigger Criterion for Improved Real-Time Performance of Onsite Earthquake Early Warning in Southern CaliforniaYIH-MIN WU ; Bose, M.; Hauksson, E.; Solanki, K.; Kanamori, H.; Wu, Y.-M.; Heaton, T. H.journal article4438
162009A numerical investigation of the eyewall evolution in a landfalling typhoonWu, Chun-Chieh ; CHUN-CHIEH WU ; Cheng, Hsiu-Ju; Wang, Yuqing; Chou, Kun-Hsuanjournal article3129
171996A numerical study of the feedback mechanisms of hurricane-environment interaction on hurricane movement from the potential vorticity perspectiveCHUN-CHIEH WU journal article54
182008A numerical study of the track deflection of supertyphoon Haitang (2005) prior to its landfall in TaiwanJian, Guo-Ji; CHUN-CHIEH WU ; Wu, Chun-Chieh journal article6156
192002A Paradoxical Relationship between Democratization, Constitutional Reforms, and Judicial Empowerment: A Taiwanese Example張文貞 conference paper
202013A procedure to estimate cover coefficient and parameters of soil moisture stress function using soil moisture monitoring dataCHING-PIN TUNG journal article11
212011A QoS-Guaranteed Coverage Precedence Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor NetworksJEHN-YIH JUANG ; Jiang, Joe-Air ; Lin, Tzu-Shiang; Chuang, Cheng-Long; Chen, Chia-Pang; Sun, Chin-Hong; Juang, Jehn-Yih ; Lin, Jiun-Chuan ; Liang, Wei-Wenjournal article2217
222000A report of the field operations and early results of the South China Sea Monsoon Experiment (SCSMEX)PO-HSIUNG LIN journal article133
232013A statistical-numerical aerosol parameterization schemeJEN-PING CHEN journal article33
242001A Study of the Environmental and Social Aspects of Taiwanese and US Companies in the Hsinchu Science-based Industrial ParkSHENGLIN CHANG journal article
252014A Test of Earthquake Early Warning System Using Low Cost Accelerometer in Hualien, TaiwanYIH-MIN WU other00
262002A Virtual Subnetwork Approach to Earthquake Early WarningYIH-MIN WU journal article134120
272018Adaptive and plastic variation in growth and maturation of the cutlassfish trichiurus japonicus in the subtropical Pacific OceanHUI-YU WANG ; Heino, Mikkojournal article01
282011Advances in understanding the "perfect monsoon-influenced Typhoon": Summary from international conference on typhoon morakot (2009)CHUN-CHIEH WU ; CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article2120
292009Aerosol impact on the South China Sea biogeochemistry: An early assessment from remote sensingJEN-PING CHEN ; I-I LIN journal article1816
302011Aerosol nucleation spikes in the planetary boundary layerJEN-PING CHEN journal article88
312005Alternative Agenda in Constitutional Reengineering: Ensuring the Rule of Law and Political Trust in Taiwan張文貞 conference paper
322011An alternative approach for the Istanbul earthquake early warning systemYIH-MIN WU ; Alcik, Hakan; Ozel, Oguz; Wu, Yih-Min ; Ozel, Nurcan M.; Erdik, Mustafajournal article1815
332010An Arctic Ocean ice shelf during MIS 6 constrained by new geophysical and geological dataLUDVIG LOWEMARK journal article7772
342014An Arctic perspective on dating Mid-Late Pleistocene environmental historyLUDVIG LOWEMARK journal article2520
352009An automatic scheme for baseline correction of strong-motion records in coseismic deformation determinationChao, Wei-An; 陳其美; YIH-MIN WU ; Wu, Yih-Min ; Zhao, Lijournal article4133
362010An estimation of the absolute stress value for the Landers earthquake source regionYIH-MIN WU other00
372006An evaluation of models for partitioning eddy covariance-measured net ecosystem exchange into photosynthesis and respirationJEHN-YIH JUANG journal article151149
382011An examination of τc-Pd earthquake early warning method using a strong-motion building arrayYIH-MIN WU ; Shieh, Jang-Tian; Wu, Yih-Min ; Zhao, Li; Chao, Wei-An; Wu, Chien-Fujournal article1313
392008An integrated optimization algorithm for parameter structure identification in groundwater modelingCHING-PIN TUNG ; Tan, Chung-Che; Tung, Ching-Pin ; Chen, Chu-Hui; Yeh, William W.-G.journal article2216
402009An Isolated Nation with Global-minded Citizens: Bottom-up Transnational Constitutionalism in TaiwanWEN-CHEN CHANG ; Chang, Wen-Chen journal article
411999An observational study of environmental influences on the intensity changes of typhoons flo (1990) and gene (1990)CHUN-CHIEH WU journal article22
422009An Observing System Experiment for typhoon Conson (2004) using a singular vector method and DOTSTAR dataCHUN-CHIEH WU ; Yamaguchi, Munehiko; Iriguchi, Takeshi; Nakazawa, Tetsuo; Wu, Chun-Chieh journal article3030
432013An ocean coupling potential intensity index for tropical cyclonesCHUN-CHIEH WU ; I-I LIN journal article9195
442009Analyses of FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC humidity retrievals and comparisons with AIRS retrievals and NCEP/NCAR reanalysesPO-HSIUNG LIN journal article1616
452010Analysis of spatial and temporal characteristics of arsenic in groundwater in Chia-Nan Plain using GIS toolsJIUN CHUAN LIN conference paper0
462011Analysis of the relationship between MODIS aerosol optical depth and particulate matter from 2006 to 2008 in TaiwanJEN-PING CHEN journal article6154
472013Any Way to our Huilan Home: Building the Suhua Freeway or Taking the Bali detour?SHENGLIN CHANG journal article
482009Application and development of a decision-support system for assessing water shortage and allocation with climate changeCHING-PIN TUNG journal article2723
492009Application of genetic programming to project climate change impacts on the population of Formosan Landlocked SalmonTung, Ching-Pin ; CHING-PIN TUNG ; Lee, Tsung-Yu; Yang, Yi-Chen E.; Chen, Yun-Jujournal article1310
502008Applying zonation methods and Tabu search to improve the ground-water modelingCHING-PIN TUNG journal article86
512008Arctic Ocean manganese contents and sediment colour cyclesLUDVIG LOWEMARK journal article4846
522014Arctic Ocean Mn-stratigraphy: genesis, synthesis and inter-basin correlationLUDVIG LOWEMARK journal article2821
532013Asian Smart Living Summer School Report: Innovation and ConnectionsSUE-CHING JOU book
542009Assessing the impact of climate change on the land hydrology in TaiwanCHING-PIN TUNG journal article1614
552008Assessment of long-term variation in displacement for a GPS site adjacent to a transition zone between collision and subductionShih, D.C.F.; Shih, David Ching-Fang; YIH-MIN WU ; Wu, Yih-Min ; Wu, Y.M.; JYR-CHING HU ; Lin, Gwo-Fong ; Lin, G.F.; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Hu, Jyr-Ching ; Hu, J.C.; Chen, Yue-Gau ; Chen, Y.G.; Chang, C.H.; Chang, Chien-Hsinjournal article55
562013Assessment of the ASCAT wind error characteristics by global dropwindsonde observationsCHUN-CHIEH WU journal article1314
572010Assimilation of tropical cyclone track and structure based on the ensemble Kalman filter (EnKF)CHUN-CHIEH WU journal article4749
582014Asymmetric responses of land hydroclimatology to two types of El Niño in the Mississippi River BasinMIN-HUI LO journal article1415
592010Basement Imaging Using Sp Converted Phases from a Dense Strong-Motion Array in Lan-Yang Plain, TaiwanChang, Chien-Hsin; YIH-MIN WU ; Lin, Ting-Li; Wu, Yih-Min ; Chang, Wen-Yenjournal article44
602011Bayesian Estimation of the Spatially Varying Completeness Magnitude of Earthquake CatalogsYIH-MIN WU ; Mignan, A.; Werner, M.J.; Wiemer, S.; Chen, C-C.; Wu, Y-M.; Chang, Gee-Chenjournal article6560
612004Beyond Informed Consent: A Complex Model for Genetic Information Regulation張文貞 conference paper
622004Beyond Informed Consent: A Contextualized Approach to Genetic Information Regulation張文貞 conference paper
632008Bias in foraminiferal multispecies reconstructions of paleohydrographic conditions caused by foraminiferal abundance variations and bioturbational mixing: A model approachLUDVIG LOWEMARK journal article1515
642008Binary interaction between Typhoons Fengshen (2002) and Fungwong (2002) based on the potential vorticity diagnosisCHUN-CHIEH WU ; Yang, Chung-Chuan; Wu, Chun-Chieh ; Chou, Kun-Hsuan; Lee, Chia-Yingjournal article2120
652013Biogenic isoprene in subtropical urban settings and implications forair qualityPO-HSIUNG LIN journal article3227
662019Biogeography of functional trait diversity in the Taiwanese reef fish faunaVIANNEY DENIS ; Jian-Wen Chen; Qi Chen; Yunli Eric Hsieh; Yuting Vicky Lin; Ching-Wei Wang; HUI-YU WANG ; Nicolas Sturarojournal article11
672013Blue Magpie TEAgriculture: Eco-tea Cultivation and Participatory Farming in Pinglin Satoyama, TaiwanSHENGLIN CHANG journal article00
682010Born Global: Youth Identity and Suburban Spaces in the US and TaiwanSHENGLIN CHANG journal article
692004Bridging the Gap between Bioethics and Bio-law: A Due-Process ApproachChang, Wen-Chen ; Yang, Hsiu-I; Yeh, Jiunn-Rongconference paper
702011Central Local Land Dynamics in Harbourfront Transformation- Case Study of KaohsiungSHIUH-SHEN CHIEN working-paper
712014Central Local Land Dynamics in Harbourfront Transformation- Case Study of KaohsiungSHIUH-SHEN CHIEN book-chapter
722011Centroid Fault-Plane Inversion in Three-Dimensional Velocity Structure Using Strong-Motion RecordsYIH-MIN WU ; Chen, Chung-Hsin ; Chao, Wei-An; Zhao, Li; Dickman, Kathleen G.; Huang, Chao-Yuan ; Wu, Yih-Min ; Shun, Chia-Tung ; Tai, Huai-Ching ; Huang, Kuo-How ; Wang, Shuo-Meng ; Lee, Yuan-Ju; Grollman, Arthur P.; Pu, Yeong-Shiau ; 戴槐青 ; 蒲永孝 ; 陳忠信 ; 黃昭淵 ; 孫家棟 ; 黃國皓 ; 王碩盟 ; 李苑如journal article99
732010Change of tropical cyclone activity by Pacific-Japan teleconnection pattern in the western North PacificCHUN-CHIEH WU journal article4950
742017Changes in size, age, and sex ratio composition of Pacific bluefin tuna (Thunnus orientalis) on the northwestern Pacific Ocean spawning groundsJEN-CHIEH SHIAO ; Lu, Han Bo; Hsu, Jhen; HUI-YU WANG ; Chang, Shui Kai; Huang, Min Yu; Ishihara, Taikijournal article86
752018Changes of sedimentation environment inferred from fallout radionuclides and physical properties of sediment in Sun Moon Lake, TaiwanOchiai S.; Lin J.-C. ; Jen C.-H.; Nagao S.; Kashiwaya K.Journal Article00
762007Changing Faces of Deliberating Citizens: A Thesis for Social Groups張文貞 conference paper
772011Characteristics of Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter adaptive sampling guidance for tropical cyclonesCHUN-CHIEH WU journal article1111
782018China's Urban Speed Machine: The Politics of Speed and Time in a Period of Rapid Urban GrowthChien S.-S. ; Woodworth M.D.Journal Article53
792013Chinese Eco Cities- a Perspective of Land-Based Local EntrepreneurialismSHIUH-SHEN CHIEN journal article
802018Circulation responses to regional aerosol climate forcing in summer over East AsiaChen, G.; Wang, W.-C.; Chen, J.-P. journal article33
812002Clear-Sky Surface Solar Radiation During the South China Sea Monsoon ExperimentPO-HSIUNG LIN journal article3
822012Climate Change and Human Rights Litigation張文貞 conference paper
832001Climate change impacts on water resources of the Tsengwen creek watershed in TaiwanCHING-PIN TUNG journal article1920
841998Climate change, irrigation, and crop responseCHING-PIN TUNG journal article128
851996Coastal modification due to human influence in south-western TaiwanJIUN CHUAN LIN ; Lin, Jiun-Chuan journal article1714
862006Colony site choice of blue-tailed bee-eaters: Influences of soil, vegetation, and water qualityHSIAO-WEI YUAN ; Brent Burt, D.; Wang, Lee Ping; WEN-LIAN CHANG ; Wang, Ming Kuang; CHYI-RONG CHIOU ; TZUNG-SU DING journal article149
872009Columnar optical properties of tropospheric aerosol by combined lidar and sunphotometer measurements at Taipei, TaiwanJEN-PING CHEN ; PO-HSIUNG LIN journal article2222
882014Comments on "How Does the boundary layer contribute to eyewall replacement cycles in axisymmetric tropical cyclones?"CHUN-CHIEH WU journal article1312
892008Comparative biomass structure and estimated carbon flow in food webs in the deep Gulf of MexicoCHIH-LIN WEI journal article5047
902014Comparative Discourse in Constitution-Making: The Case of the Republic of China Constitution in Taiwan張文貞 conference paper
912013Comparison of sonic anemometer performance under foggy conditionsJEHN-YIH JUANG journal article1314
922008A comparison of tc and tp max for magnitude estimation in earthquake early warningShieh, Jang-Tian; Wu, Yih-Min ; Allen, Richard M.journal article
932018Concentric eyewall formation in Typhoon Sinlaku (2008). Part III: Horizontal momentum budget analysesHuang Y.-H.; Wu C.-C. ; Montgomery M.T.journal article22
942015Conclusion: Challenges and Prospects for Asian Courts, in Asian Courts in Context (Jiunn-Rong Yeh & Wen-Chen Chang eds.), pp. 566-581.張文貞 book
952018Concurrent increases in wet and dry extremes projected in Texas and combined effects on groundwaterYoon, J.-H.; Wang, S.-Y.S.; Lo, M.-H. ; Wu, W.-Y.Journal Article11
962003Constitutional Federalism in Comparison: Implications for Future Regional Integration張文貞 conference paper
972007Constitutional Identity in the Process of Constitutional Reform: Perspective from a New Democratic Taiwan張文貞 conference paper
982007Constrained Justice: Judicial Roles in Transitional Justice and Democratization in Taiwan張文貞 conference paper
992008Constraining water table depth simulations in a land surface model using estimated baseflowMIN-HUI LO journal article2829
1002010Controlling synoptic-scale factors for the distribution of transient luminous eventsCHUN-CHIEH WU ; PO-HSIUNG LIN journal article1614
1012008Convective–radiative–mixing processes in the tropical ocean–atmosphereCHUN-CHIEH WU ; CHUNG-HSIUNG SUI book20
1022006Correlation between aerosol optical depth derived from CIMEL sunphotometer and surface particulate concentration in Northern and Southern TaiwanPO-HSIUNG LIN conference paper10
1032006A correlation between the b-value and the fractal dimension from the aftershock sequence of the 1999 Chi-Chi, Taiwan, earthquakeChen, Chien-Chih; Wang, Wei-Chien; Chang, Young-Fo; Wu, Yih-Min ; Lee, Yuan-Hsijournal article3128
1042006Coseismic versus interseismic ground deformations, fault rupture inversion and segmentation revealed by 2003 Mw 6.8 Chengkung earthquake in eastern TaiwanYIH-MIN WU ; JYR-CHING HU ; YUE-GAU CHEN journal article6055
1052015Courts and Judicial Reform in Taiwan: Gradual Transformation towards the Guardian of Constitutionalism and Rule of Law, in Asian Courts in Context (Jiunn-Rong Yeh & Wen-Chen Chang eds.), pp. 143-182張文貞 book
1062012Courts in Taiwan: Transformative Progress towards the Guardian of Constitutionalism and Rule of Law張文貞 conference paper
1072009Current Progress of the Technology on the Earthquake Early Warning System in TaiwanYIH-MIN WU journal article
1082001Data Files from "Near Real-Time Mapping of Peak Ground Acceleration and Peak Ground Velocity Following a Strong Earthquake"YIH-MIN WU journal article00
1092001Dating errors in high-resolution stratigraphy: A detailed X-ray radiograph and AMS-14C study of Zoophycos burrowsLUDVIG LOWEMARK journal article4942
1102019Deciphering ∼45.000 years of Arctic Ocean lithostratigraphic variability through multivariate statistical analysisKaboth-Bahr, Stefanie; VIANNEY DENIS ; CHIH-CHIEH SU ; O'Regan, Matt; Gyllencreutz, Richard; Jakobsson, Martin; LUDVIG LOWEMARK journal article32
1112006Deformation of pyritized burrows: A novel technique for the detection and estimation of core shortening in gravity coresLUDVIG LOWEMARK journal article65
1122011Deglacial nitrogen isotope changes in the Gulf of Mexico: Evidence from bulk sedimentary and foraminifera-bound nitrogen in Orca Basin sedimentsHAO-JIA REN journal article2019
1132018The degree of prevalence of similarity between outer tropical cyclone rainbands and squall linesYu C.-K. ; Lin C.-Y.; Cheng L.-W.; Luo J.-S.; Wu C.-C. ; Chen Y.journal article55
1142007Determination of earthquake early warning parameters, τc and Pd, for southern CaliforniaWu, Yih-Min ; Kanamori, Hiroo; Allen, Richard M.; Hauksson, Egilljournal article
1152011Developed urban air quality monitoring system based on wireless sensor networksJEHN-YIH JUANG ; JOE-AIR JIANG ; CHIH-HONG SUN conference paper490
1162008Development of an Earthquake Early Warning System Using Real-Time Strong Motion SignalsYIH-MIN WU ; Wu, Yih-Min ; Kanamori, Hiroojournal article126113
1171999Development of an integrated earthquake early warning system in Taiwan-Case for the Hualien area earthquakesYIH-MIN WU journal article
1182009Development of earthquake early warning system in TaiwanYIH-MIN WU ; Hsiao, Nai-Chi; Wu, Yih-Min ; Shin, Tzay-Chyn; Zhao, Li; Teng, Ta-Liangjournal article8076
1192006Development of Human Geography in Taiwan in the Last DecadeChiang, Lan-Hung Nora; Jou, Sue-Ching journal article
1201999Development of real-time earthquake reporting and warning systems—Taiwan experienceYIH-MIN WU dissertation
1212018Diagnosis of large prediction errors on recurvature of typhoon fengshen (2008) in the NCEP-GFS ModelYang C.-C.; Wu C.-C. ; Cheung K.K.W.journal article00
1222018Differentiating between local and remote pollution over taiwanKishcha, P.; Wang, S.-H.; Lin, N.-H.; Silva, A.D.; Lin, T.-H.; Lin, P.-H. ; Liu, G.-R.; Starobinets, B.; Alpert, P.journal article32
1232009Diurnally Asymmetric Trends of Temperature, Humidity, and Precipitation in TaiwanJEN-PING CHEN journal article5343
1242004DROPSONDE OBSERVATIONS FOR TYPHOON SURVEILLANCE NEAR THE TAIWAN REGION (DOTSTAR): AN OVERVIEWWu, Chun-Chieh ; Lin, Po-Hsiung ; Aberson, Sim; Yeh, Tien-Chiang; Huang, Wei-Peng; Hong, Jing-Shan; Lu, Guo-Chen; Hsu, Kuan-Chien; Lin, I-I ; Chou, Kun-Hsuan; Lin, Pay-Liam; Liu, Ching-Hwangjournal article1
1252009Earthquake early warning technology progress in TaiwanYIH-MIN WU journal article
1262011Earthquake early warning: Concepts, methods and physical groundsSatriano, Claudio; YIH-MIN WU ; Wu, Yih-Min ; Zollo, Aldo; Kanamori, Hiroojournal article7265
1272009Earthquake Monitoring and Early Warning SystemsYIH-MIN WU other00
1282011Earthquake Monitoring and Early Warning SystemsYIH-MIN WU other00
1292007East Asian Foundations for Constitutionalism: Resistance or Reconstruction?張文貞 conference paper
1302008East Asian Foundations for Constitutionalism: Three Models Reconstructed張文貞 journal article
1312009Eco-genetic model to explore fishing-induced ecological and evolutionary effects on growth and maturation schedulesHUI-YU WANG journal article3131
1322010Economic freedom and political control in post-Mao China: A perspective of upward accountability and asymmetric decentralizationSHIUH-SHEN CHIEN journal article310
1332011Effect of ENSO on landfalling tropical cyclones over the Korean PeninsulaCHUN-CHIEH WU journal article67
1342011Effect of pretreatment temperature on hydrogen production by fermentation of anaerobic granular sludgeSHENGLIN CHANG journal article
1352011Effect of stress ratio and friction coefficient on composite P wave radiation patternsYIH-MIN WU ; Wan, Yong-Ge; Sheng, Shu-Zhong; Hsu, Ya-Ju; Wu, Yih-Min journal article119
1362010Effect of water table dynamics on land surface hydrologic memoryMIN-HUI LO journal article3333
1372010Effects of acidic processing, transport history, and dust and sea salt loadings on the dissolution of iron from Asian dustJR-CHUAN HUANG ; JEN-PING CHEN journal article3229
1382006Effects of aerosols on the surface solar radiation in a tropical urban areaPO-HSIUNG LIN journal article1817
1392014Effects of temperature on life history set the sensitivity to fishing in Atlantic cod Gadus morhuaHUI-YU WANG journal article89
1402008The Emergence of East Asia Constitutionalism: Features in ComparisonChang, Wen-Chen ; Yeh, Jiunn-Rongconference paper
1412018Emerging trends in global freshwater availabilityRodell, M.; Famiglietti, J.S.; Wiese, D.N.; Reager, J.T.; Beaudoing, H.K.; Landerer, F.W.; Lo, M.-H. Journal Article167157
1422006Empowering or Disempowering?—A Local Study on Judicial Use of Transnational Norm張文貞 conference paper
1432010Enhanced Mediterranean-Atlantic exchange during Atlantic freshening phasesLUDVIG LOWEMARK journal article4643
1442007Environmental Dynamical Control of Tropical Cyclone Intensity—An Observational StudyZeng, Zhihua; Wang, Yuqing; Wu, Chun-Chieh journal article
1452011Environmental Impact Assessment in the Age of Climate Change: Some Introductory Notes張文貞 conference paper
1462010Environmental Impact Assessment in the Age of Climate Change: Some Introductory Notes張文貞 conference paper
1472012Environmental Impacts Assessments in the Age of Climate Change: Some Introductory Notes, in He Weidong & Peng Feng (eds.), CLIMATE CHANGE LAW: INTERNATIONAL AND NATIONAL APPROACHES, pp. 167-190張文貞 book
1482014Eolian dust input to the Subarctic North PacificHAO-JIA REN journal article4039
1492014Epistemic uncertainty in on-site earthquake early warning on the use of PGV–PD3 empirical modelsYIH-MIN WU journal article33
1502013Establish methods to evaluate the projection ability of general circulation modelsCHING-PIN TUNG journal article1
1512006Estimating Seasonal Basin Rainfall Using Tabu SearchCHUNG-HSIUNG SUI ; ¡±????¢X; ???y?y ; ?????? ; ¡P??I?¡?journal article65
1522001Estimation of contrail frequency and radiative effects over the Taiwan areaJEN-PING CHEN journal article75
1532018Evaluating Post-Earthquake Building Safety Using Economical MEMS SeismometersYIH-MIN WU journal article55
1542014Evidence for targeted elasmobranch predation on thalassinidean shrimp in the Miocene Taliao Formation, NE TaiwanLUDVIG LOWEMARK journal article33
1552008Examination of semi-arid regions and potential savanna vegetation in TaiwanPO-HSIUNG LIN journal article1
1562008Exploring the feasibility of on-site earthquake early warning using close-in records of the 2007 Noto Hanto earthquakeYIH-MIN WU journal article4238
1572008Exploring the feasibility of on-site earthquake early warning using close-in records of the 2007 Noto Hanto earthquakeWu, YM; Kanamori, H; WuYM journal article4238
1582011Eyewall evolution of typhoons crossing the Philippines and Taiwan: An observational studyCHUN-CHIEH WU journal article912
1592011Faster Short-Distance Earthquake Early Warning Using Continued Monitoring of Filtered Vertical Displacement: A Case Study for the 2010 Jiasian, Taiwan, EarthquakeWu, Yih-Min ; YIH-MIN WU ; Lin, Ting-Li; Chao, Wei-An; Huang, Hsin-Hua; Hsiao, Nai-Chi; Chang, Chien-Hsinjournal article1313
1602009Faunal zonation of large epibenthic invertebrates off North Carolina revisitedCHIH-LIN WEI journal article55
1612010FEATURE ARTICLE Bathymetric zonation of deep-sea macrofauna in relation to export of surface phytoplankton productionCHIH-LIN WEI journal article7472
1622011Fertilization potential of volcanic dust in the low-nutrient low-chlorophyll western North Pacific subtropical gyre: Satellite evidence and laboratory studyJEN-PING CHEN ; I-I LIN journal article5050
1632017Fishing-induced changes in adult length are mediated by skipped-spawning:HUI-YU WANG ; Chen, Ying Shiuan; Hsu, Chien Chung; Shen, Sheng Fengjournal article33
1642013Flood frequency analysis of the lanyang river under climate changeCHING-PIN TUNG journal article0
1652010Flow of Canadian basin deep water in the Western Eurasian Basin of the Arctic OceanLUDVIG LOWEMARK journal article1212
1662006Fluvial transportation and sedimentation of the Fu-shan small experimental catchmentsJen, Chia-Hung; JIUN CHUAN LIN ; Lin, Jiun-Chuan ; Hsu, Mei-Ling; Petley, David N.journal article78
1672008Focal-Mechanism Determination in Taiwan by Genetic AlgorithmWu, Yih-Min ; YIH-MIN WU ; Zhao, Li; Chang, Chien-Hsin; Hsu, Ya-Jujournal article6060
1682009Foraminiferal isotope evidence of reduced nitrogen fixation in the ice age Atlantic oceanHAO-JIA REN journal article9086
1692013Forms of Political Presentation in the Establishment of Constitutional Democracy: Comparisons in Asia張文貞 conference paper
1702014From International to Domestic: Legislative Models of Climate Change張文貞 conference paper
1712014From International to Domestic: Legislative models of climate change, Law in Asia" Balancing Tradition and ModernizationYeh, Jiunn-rong; Chang, Wen-Chen conference paper
1722008From Right to Know to Global Competitiveness: Freedom of Information in TaiwanChang, Wen-Chen ; Yeh, Jiunn-Rongconference paper
1732009GIS-based tests for quality control of meteorological data and spatial interpolation of climate dataPO-HSIUNG LIN journal article2119
1742018Global Carbon Cycling on a Heterogeneous SeafloorSnelgrove, Paul V.R.; Soetaert, Karline; Solan, Martin; Thrush, Simon; CHIH-LIN WEI ; Danovaro, Roberto; Fulweiler, Robinson W.; Kitazato, Hiroshi; Ingole, Baban; Norkko, Alf; Parkes, R. John; Volkenborn, Nilsjournal article2627
1752010Global Patterns and Predictions of Seafloor Biomass Using Random ForestsCHIH-LIN WEI journal article166160
1762014Global reductions in seafloor biomass in response to climate changeCHIH-LIN WEI journal article6670
1772014Globalization and New Intra-Urban Dynamics in Asian CitiesSUE-CHING JOU journal article00
1782011Globalization and the local government learning process in post-Mao China: A transnational perspectiveSHIUH-SHEN CHIEN journal article1210
1792002Globalization and World Constitutionalism: The Impacts on Taiwan and the Third World張文貞 conference paper
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5112002司法積極主義:論行政法院改制之後對於違法行政命令審查的積極趨勢葉俊榮 ; 張文貞 journal article
5122006司法違憲審查的政治起源?—科技整合取向的探討張文貞 journal article
5132013司法院大法官解釋引用外國法及判決之實證研究:大法官留學背景作為引用的關鍵因素,收錄於「張永健(主編)司法制度實證研究(2011):33-83」張文貞 book
5142013司法院大法官解釋意見書撰寫之實證研究張文貞 conference paper
5152員山子分洪隧道受氣候變遷影響之脆弱度分析 = The Analysis of Vulnerability for Yuan-San-Zhi Flood Division Tunnel under the Effect of Climate Changes賴進松; 潘宗毅 ; 童慶斌 ; 張國強; 譚義績 ; 林彥廷journal article01
5162010哥本哈根之後:全球氣候變遷規範機制的分與合張文貞 journal article
5172009國土監測的現況與展望林俊全 ; JIUN CHUAN LIN book
5182015國土監測系統建置之雛議林俊全 Journal Article
5192010國際人權公約之內國法適用及其效力:國際人權法與憲法的比較分析張文貞 report
5202012國際人權法與內國人權保障的匯流:積極以CEDAW來落實婦女人權及性別平等張文貞 journal article
5212009國際人權法與內國憲法的匯流—台灣實施兩大人權公約之後張文貞 conference paper
5222010國際人權法與內國憲法的匯流—台灣施行兩大人權公約之後張文貞 journal article
5232010國際人權法與內國憲法的匯流:臺灣施行兩大人權公約之後,收錄於「社團法人臺灣法學會(主編)臺灣法學新課題(八):1-26」張文貞 book
5242014國際海陸交換作用計畫簡介林俊全 Journal Article
5252010國際環境法:條約選輯及解說張文貞 book
5262018土地資源核心議題-土地系統動態變遷之因果與機制研究林裕彬 ; 詹士樑; 陸曉筠; 江莉琦; 徐家雯; 林昭遠; 劉小蘭; 吳振發; 林峰田; 李慧琳; 陳佳正; 莊振義 ; 羅敏輝 ; 簡旭伸 ; 連宛渝; 余佳珍; 吳岱蓉; 林士淵Journal Article00
5272009地形圖中的福爾摩沙JIUN CHUAN LIN ; 林俊全 book
5281998基層選舉下的地方政治與經濟利益:以房地產開發為例周素卿 ; 陳東升 conference paper
5292007基隆河中上游流域建成地型態變遷之分析王翠華; 林俊全 journal article
5302014墨西哥氣候變遷法初探張文貞 conference paper
5312010大法官不受理死刑釋憲之評析,收錄於「財團法人民間司法改革基金會(主編)大法官,給個說法!3:347-366」張文貞 book
5322003大甲溪下游蓄水池容量設計與風險分析之研究童慶斌 ; 陳韻如; 陳主惠; 譚義績 journal article
5332004大肚山氣候因子對衛星遙測天竺草亮度指數BRI之灰關聯分析邱祈榮 ; 曾仁鍵; 黃文達 ; 楊棋明journal article
5341998太空看臺灣JIUN CHUAN LIN book
5352016威權環境主義流域治理之機制與限制:以中國昆明河長制度為例簡旭伸 Journal Article
5362006審議民主的憲法理論基礎:以美國制憲經驗為探討核心張文貞 conference paper
5372009審議民主與國民主權之合致或悖離?—美國制憲經驗的分析,收錄於「蕭高彥(主編)憲政基本價值:31-60」張文貞 book
5381996市民運動與都市設計:高雄的個案SHIUH-SHEN CHIEN journal article00
5392013平等權之內涵與定位:國際人權法與憲法的比較研究張文貞 conference paper
5402003建構基因科技的制度典範:從基因資訊與基因場的面向來分析(II)張文貞 report
5412005建構基因科技的制度典範:從基因資訊與基因市場的面向來分析(III)張文貞 report
5422001建構水土資源永續發展綜合指標童慶斌 journal article
5432008建立氣候變遷對環境與生態永續性衝擊預警指標與機制童慶斌 report
5442008建立氣候變遷對環境與生態永續性衝擊預警指標與機制-總計畫暨子計畫一:建立氣候變遷對河川涵容能力永續性衝擊預警指標與機制童慶斌 report
5452007強化櫻花鈎吻鮭棲地氣候變遷衝擊評估與季節性預警系統─水溫、水質與極端降雨逕流 (新制多年期第1年)童慶斌 report
5462008強化櫻花鈎吻鮭棲地氣候變遷衝擊評估與季節性預警系統─水溫、水質與極端降雨逕流 (新制多年期第2年)童慶斌 report
5472004後威權時代的憲法解釋:憲法對話的典範型塑張文貞 report
5482009後工業化臺北與新自由主義都市政治SUE-CHING JOU ; 周素卿 ; 吳幸玲; 江尚書journal article
5492001後進者的全球化:東南亞台灣企業地域生產網絡的建構與對外投資經驗SUE-CHING JOU ; DUNG-SENG CHEN ; 周素卿 ; 陳東升 journal article
5502002後進者的全球化:東南亞台灣企業地域生產網絡的建構與對外投資經驗SUE-CHING JOU ; DUNG-SENG CHEN ; 周素卿 ; 陳東升 conference paper
5512013從中科四期系列判決省思我國行政法院發展的困局與轉機張文貞 conference paper
5522012從最高法院到憲法法院:美國聯邦最高法院的移審管轄及其運作實況張文貞 conference paper
5532004性別主流化的內國實踐與國際參與:台灣加入〈消除對婦女一切形式歧視公約〉作為開端張文貞 conference paper
5542014性別平等之內涵與定位:兩公約與憲法之比較張文貞 journal article
5552004憲改的正當程序:從國民主權與民主原則的面向來分析張文貞 conference paper
5562002憲政主義與選舉制度:「新國會」選制改革芻議張文貞 journal article
5572006憲政改造的方式與程序張文貞 ; WEN-CHEN CHANG book
5582005憲政改造的方式與程序張文貞 report
5592005《憲政改造的方式與程序》張文貞 book
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5612007憲政改造與臺灣的國家主權運動:開創性與侷限性張文貞 conference paper
5622007憲法與國際人權法匯流之研究張文貞 report
5632010憲法與國際人權法匯流之研究(三年期)張文貞 report
5642009憲法與國際人權法的匯流—兼論我國大法官解釋之實踐張文貞 book
5652009憲法與國際人權法的匯流—兼論我國大法官解釋之實踐,收錄於「廖福特(主編)憲法解釋之理論與實務第6輯:223-272」張文貞 book
5662008憲法與國際人權法的匯流—理論分析與我國大法官解釋之初步探究張文貞 conference paper
5672008憲法與國際人權法的對話:東亞脈絡的考察張文貞 report
5682011憲法與國際人權法的對話:東亞脈絡的考察(三年期)張文貞 report
5692007憲法解釋不同意見之制度與風格脈絡:美國與臺灣的比較考察張文貞 conference paper
5702005憲法解釋的全球化趨勢:美國與台灣的比較研究張文貞 report
5712007憲法解釋與國際人權公約:一個初步的考察張文貞 conference paper
5722008憲法變遷的公民審議:全球化脈絡下的台灣實踐張文貞 report
5732008憲法:權力分立 二版WEN-CHEN CHANG ; 林子儀; 葉俊榮 ; 黃昭元; 張文貞 book
5742003《憲法:權力分立》一版WEN-CHEN CHANG ; 林子儀; 葉俊榮 ; 黃昭元; 張文貞 book
5752006應用季節性氣候預報於水庫蓄水量預測童慶斌 ; CHING-PIN TUNG ; 劉子明; 李明旭journal article
5762000應用模擬退火演算法估算集水區平均雨量CHING-PIN TUNG journal article
5772003應用遺傳規劃法建立櫻花鉤吻鮭魚群數量對環境之反應函數童慶斌 ; 李宗祐journal article
5782012我國司法院大法官及行政法院的治理功能張文貞 conference paper
5792013我國司法院大法官及行政法院的治理功能,收錄於「黃昭元(主編)法治的傳承與永續:第一屆翁岳生教授公法學研討會論文集:75-108」張文貞 book
5802003政府改造與行政法人:在文化與理念間擺盪的行政法張文貞 conference paper
5812008政府科技計畫地球環境科技群組(地科、化學、環保、生態工法)規劃、審議及管考研究計畫周素卿 report
5822015政黨政治下的民主赤字:挑戰與回應張文貞 conference paper
5831998斜坡地形演化與地形定年─(子計畫三)台灣北部地區階地短時幅演育模式之研究林俊全 report
5842004新世紀台灣憲改的制度選擇:論監察院、考試院與國民大會的存廢張文貞 journal article
5852005新企業地景:華人全球城市高層建築的生產與再現(2/2)周素卿 report
5862008新興民主的憲政改造WEN-CHEN CHANG book
5872014日月潭的地景變遷林俊全 Journal Article
5882016日本的國家公園系統與保育林俊全 Journal Article
5892018昆山之路:一個中國縣域經濟轉型之大腳小鞋簡旭伸 ; 趙揚眉Journal Article
5902006書評:司法違憲審查的政治起源?--科技整合取向的探討張文貞 journal article
5911999曾文水庫集水區山崩之規模與頻率分布關係之探討JIUN CHUAN LIN journal article
5922012東亞憲政主義的興起及發展:主要的特徵葉俊榮 ; 張文貞 journal article
5932007東亞憲政秩序之建立、破壞與變遷張文貞 report
5942011東亞法院的治理功能:從發展型國家到管制型國家(2011)張文貞 report
5952014東亞法院的治理功能:從發展型國家到管制型國家(2014)張文貞 report
5962015東亞法院的治理功能:從發展型國家到管制型國家(2015)張文貞 report
5972009東南亞台商生產網絡的結構特徵與運作機制改變的探討陳東升 ; 周素卿 journal article
5982009櫻花鈎吻鮭棲地之水溫現況及遭遇氣候變遷下之可能衝擊CHING-PIN TUNG journal article
5992005民主憲法的性別圖像:理論考察與在地觀點張文貞 conference paper
6002004民眾直接參與憲法變遷:公民複決作為機制張文貞 conference paper
6012015民間組織參與流域綜合治理的經驗周素卿 Journal Article
6022005氣候衝擊 抗旱防洪拉長戰線童慶斌 ; 蔡宜霖; 劉子明journal article
6032011氣候變遷下的決策程序機制(II)張文貞 report
6042012氣候變遷下的決策程序機制(III)張文貞 report
6052010氣候變遷下的環境及政策影響評估初探張文貞 conference paper
6062010氣候變遷下的環境及政策影響評估:整合跨境與在地風險的決策機制(I)張文貞 report
6072014〈氣候變遷下的環境影響評估初探〉,收於葉俊榮主編:《氣候變遷的制度因應:決策、財物與規範》,頁45-70張文貞 book
6082001氣候變遷對七家灣溪流量之影響評估童慶斌 ; 李宗祐journal article
6092008氣候變遷對台北地下水補注之衝擊CHING-PIN TUNG ; 譚仲哲; 童慶斌 journal article
6102014氣候變遷對台灣海岸的衝擊林俊全 Journal Article
6112004氣候變遷對大漢溪及新店溪流域防洪系統潛在衝擊影響之研究謝龍生; 柳文成; 童慶斌 ; 謝龍生; 柳文成; 童慶斌 journal article
6122006氣候變遷對櫻花?吻鮭適當棲地之衝擊童慶斌 ; 楊奕岑journal article
6131999氣候變遷對水資源影響評估與適應策略研擬CHING-PIN TUNG journal article
6142000氣候變遷對灌溉需水量之影響CHING-PIN TUNG journal article
6152008氣候變遷對災害防治衝擊調適與因應策略整合研究-子計畫:水庫系統在變遷氣候中之脆弱度評估與支援決策技術發展(I)童慶斌 ; 張倉榮 report
6162007氣候變遷對災害防治衝擊調適與因應策略整合研究-子計畫:水庫系統在變遷氣候中之脆弱度評估與支援決策技術發展(II)童慶斌 ; 張倉榮 report
6172013氣候變遷立法的人權面向張文貞 report
6182012氣候變遷納入環境影響評估的全球實踐:趨力的比較分析張文貞 conference paper
6192014〈氣候變遷納入環境影響評估的全球實踐:驅力的比較分析〉,收於葉俊榮主編:《氣候變遷的制度因應:決策、財物與規範》,頁71-108張文貞 book
6202013氣候變遷規範與決策機制模式初探:美國聯邦法制經驗的比較分析張文貞 conference paper
6212008永續環境政策之規劃與設計:永續環境管理機制與支援決策工具之發展-總計畫暨子計畫五:流域尺度、水資源面向(I)童慶斌 report
6222004河口短時距地形變動之研究以淡水河口挖子尾為例賴春婷; 林俊全 ; 任家弘journal article
6232006法律人的大法官或經濟學家的大法官?—釋字第606號解釋評析張文貞 conference paper
6241994泥岩邊坡發育模式之研究林俊全 report
6251995泥岩邊坡發育模式之研究(Ⅱ)林俊全 report
6262016泥岩邊坡紋溝發育過程與機制楊啟見; 林俊全 ; 鄭遠昌Journal Article00
6272002泰國台商企業組織網絡互動機制的轉變與組織知識學習陳東升 ; 周素卿 conference paper
6282008溪頭地區崩塌地人工植群復育過程之熱量收支PO-HSIUNG LIN journal article
6292011演進中的法:一般性意見作為兩公約的權威解釋張文貞 conference paper
6302012演進中的法:一般性意見作為國際人權公約的權威解釋張文貞 journal article
6312010澎湖南方四島的地形地質景觀資源之研究JIUN CHUAN LIN journal article
6322006灰系統理論在生物學之應用:(5)大肚山氣候因子對其林火頻率與面積之灰關聯分析邱祈榮 ; 曾仁鍵; 林朝欽; 楊棋明; 黃文達 journal article
6331992煤礦場採掘跡岩磐控制新技術之試驗研究研究報告林俊全 report
6342001瑞伯颱風(1998)之數值模擬探討CHUN-CHIEH WU journal article
6352015瑞士高山的地景與保育林俊全 Journal Article
6362012環境基本法與兩公約:人權時刻對台灣環境運動的啟發張文貞 conference paper
6372011環境影響評估作為國際法上的義務:國際法院Pulp Mills (Argentina v. Uruguay)判決評析〉張文貞 conference paper
6382012環境影響評估作為國際法上的義務:國際法院判決評析張文貞 journal article
6392010環境影響評估制度問題之探討葉俊榮 ; 張文貞 book
6402009/6/1環境影響評估制度問題之探討張文貞 report
6412014環境影響評估與民眾參與:從Hardy and Maile v. United Kingdom談起張文貞 conference paper
6422007環境永續性評價與管理:環境承載力、累積性衝擊評量及政策環評與總量管制之相關性研究-子計畫三:水資源面向環境承載力、累積性衝擊評量及政策環評與總量管制之相關性研究(III)童慶斌 report
6432011由MTSAT衛星影像和數位地形資料估算臺灣地表太陽輻射量PO-HSIUNG LIN journal article
6442005當科技遇上憲法—憲政主義的危機與轉機張文貞 book
6452003當科技遇上憲法:當代憲政主義的危機與轉機張文貞 conference paper
6462003疾病、都市社區與弱勢群體陳東升 ; 周素卿 ; 蔡博文conference paper
6472006直接民主的反思:台灣實踐與全球脈絡張文貞 conference paper
6482007直接民主:臺灣實踐與全球脈絡,收錄於「許志雄等(主編)現代憲法的理論與現實:李鴻禧教授教授七秩華誕祝壽論文集:79-101」張文貞 book
6492008破碎棲地之面積、孤離度與棲地異質度對都市地景之鳥類群聚組成之影響-以台北市公園綠地為例葛兆年; 李培芬 ; 邱祈榮 ; 葛兆年; 李培芬 ; 邱祈榮 
6502008礫石河道的沖蝕試驗之研究-以火炎山礫石沖積物為例JIUN CHUAN LIN ; 林俊全 ; 陳毅青; 林建偉; 任家弘; 阿信‧舒特; 瑪格利特‧博斯journal article00
6512004社會變遷與憲法變遷張文貞 conference paper
6522017秋吉台國定公園與地質公園參訪心得林俊全 Journal Article
6531998科學園區的另一種發展版本:台南科學園區周素卿 ; SUE-CHING JOU journal article
6542010程序取向的行政行為司法審查—以中科三期環評判決為例張文貞 conference paper
6552006積極面對全球重整:台灣以憲改工程與國際接軌張文貞 conference paper
6562006積極面對全球重整:台灣以憲改工程與國際接軌張文貞 journal article
6572000空間研究的文化潮與“城鄉所”周素卿 conference paper
6581999第十八號財務會計準則公報之股價效應研究WEN-CHEN CHANG journal article
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6622008美國行政法發展的最新趨勢張文貞 conference paper
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6712017臺灣地質公園學會的願景林俊全 Journal Article
6722008臺灣的十大地理議題JIUN CHUAN LIN ; 林俊全 book
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6761994臺灣第四紀地形區的邊坡沖蝕觀測林俊全 report
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6802017英國的國家公園與地質公園林俊全 Journal Article
6812010莫拉克颱風侵臺前後之衛星、探空與水文觀測總覽PO-HSIUNG LIN ; I-I LIN journal article
6822015落差與接軌?從國際發展看台灣的都市氣候治理與研究盧鏡臣; 周素卿 ; 廖昱凱Journal Article00
6831999葛拉斯颱風(1994)及其受到台灣地形影響之研究 第一部分:觀測分析CHUN-CHIEH WU journal article
6841999葛拉絲颱風(1994)及其受到台灣地形影響之研究 第二部分:數值模擬CHUN-CHIEH WU journal article
6852007行政一體與獨立機關:兼評司法院大法官釋字第613號解釋張文貞 conference paper
6862014行政契約的法院論證張文貞 conference paper
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6912000行政院國家料學委員會專題研究計畫成果報告:都市貧民窟形成與發展的社會空間歷程(1/2)周素卿 report
6922004行政院國家科學委員會專題研究計畫: 期中進度報告新企業地景:華人全球城市高層建築的生產與再現(1/2)周素卿 report
6932005行政院國家科學委員會專題研究計畫成果報告-中橫公路崩山災害研究林俊全 report
6942001行政院國家科學委員會專題研究計畫成果報告: 全球變遷:福山森林生態系研究-哈盆區集水區風化與土壤沖蝕觀測研究(I)林俊全 report
6952001行政院國家科學委員會專題研究計畫成果報告: 埔里眉溪四主的眾落變遷與災後重建之研究-以牛尾庇為例周素卿 report
6962003行政院國家科學委員會專題研究計畫成果報告: 打造「臺北曼哈頓」:新都市中心發展的政治經濟與文化分析周素卿 report
6972002行政院國家科學委員會專題研究計畫成果報告:地震造成新山崩地質環境特性之研究─(子計畫一)南投地區塊體崩移之研究(II)林俊全 report
6982003行政院國家科學委員會專題研究計畫成果報告:地震造成新山崩地質環境特性之研究─南投地區塊體崩移之研究(III)林俊全 report
6992004行政院國家科學委員會專題研究計畫成果報告:應用長期氣候預報於生態與水資源預警與風險管理系統童慶斌 report
7002003行政院國家科學委員會專題研究計畫成果報告:政策環評理論及實務發展之研究:環境永續性評估程序與方法之建立─子計畫二:整合性指標系統動力模式與多目標管理模式之建立(II)童慶斌 report
7012000行政院國家科學委員會專題研究計畫成果報告:斜坡地形演化與地形定年─(總計畫及子計畫一)台灣北部地區階地短時幅演育模式之研究(III)林俊全 report
7021999行政院國家科學委員會專題研究計畫成果報告:斜坡地形演化與地形定年研究─(總計畫及子計畫三)台灣北部地區階地短時幅演育模式之研究林俊全 report
7032005行政院國家科學委員會專題研究計畫成果報告:環境承載力、累積性衝擊評量及政策環評與總量管制之相關性研究─總計畫暨子計畫三:水資源面向環境承載力、累積性衝擊評量及政策環評與總量管制之相關性研究(I)童慶斌 report
7042004行政院國家科學委員會專題研究計畫成果報告:環境永續性評估、管理程序與方法之建立─子計畫二:環境承載力、總量管制與政策環評之研究─水資源面向 (III)童慶斌 report
7052004行政院國家科學委員會專題研究計畫成果報告:臺灣中部山崩及土石流地區的地質環境特性─崩山災害模式之研究(I)林俊全 report
7062005行政院國家科學委員會專題研究計畫期中進度報告:櫻花鉤吻鮭氣候變遷衝擊評估與季節性氣候變異預警系統(1/2)童慶斌 report
7072001行政院國家科學委員會補助專題研究計畫成果報告:南投地區塊體崩移之研究—以水里溪集水區為例林俊全 report
7082008補助人文及社會科學研究圖書計畫規劃主題:都市、文化與經濟地理(1/2)周素卿 report
7092018西伯利亞的地景林俊全 Journal Article
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7122008解釋法律的權威:當代行政法的挑戰與回應張文貞 conference paper
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7142005認真看待社會變遷的憲法—變遷機制的初步探討張文貞 book
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7162007跨國憲政主義的合縱與連橫:歐洲人權法院與內國憲法法院關係初探張文貞 journal article
7172009跨國憲法對話:大法官解釋引用外國法的總體實證研究張文貞 conference paper
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7202009跨國法院的權力爭逐與對話:歐洲人權法院及歐洲法院二件判決評析張文貞 conference paper
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7222013跨界利益:口號或真實?以台江國家公園為例JIUN CHUAN LIN journal article00
7232006路徑相依或制度選擇?—論民主轉型與憲法變遷的模式張文貞 ; 葉俊榮 journal article
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7262002轉型法院與法治主義:論最高行政法院對違法行政命令審查的積極趨勢葉俊榮; 張文貞 journal article
7272002遺傳演算法優選水庫操作規線之研究—以鯉魚潭水庫為例童慶斌 ; 陳佳正journal article
7282003邁向憲政主義:憲政體制的變遷與解釋張文貞 conference paper
7292002邁向整合的崎嶇之路:美國聯邦最高法院面對聯邦原則與人權保障的兩難張文貞 conference paper
7302005邁向整合的崎嶇路—美國最高法院對聯邦權限的緊縮張文貞 book
7312015都市保護區對都市的重要性-以台北地區為例林俊全 Journal Article
7322010都市再發展與新自由主義治理的經驗模式:以台北車站特定專用區之開發為例SUE-CHING JOU journal article
7331996都市地理資訊系統在都市發展業務上之應用:國外都市的應用經驗蔡博文; 周素卿 report
7342008都市大型開發計畫與東亞城市發展:全球化、新自由主義化與全球城市發展 (新制多年期第1年)周素卿 report
7352007都市大型開發計畫與東亞城市發展:全球化、新自由主義化與全球城市發展 (新制多年期第2年)周素卿 report
7361996都市政治與政策對都市空間之形塑:以台北都會區為例(I)周素卿 report
7371997都市政治與政策對都市空間之形塑:以台北都會區為例(II)周素卿 report
7382001都市更新視域外的性別、遷移與貧民窟生活世界—以臺北市忠勤社區女性遷入者的經驗為例SUE-CHING JOU journal article
7392007都市發展篇的評論之回應陳東升 ; 周素卿 journal article
7402015都市與氣候變遷(Cities and Climate Change)特刊序周素卿 Journal Article00
7411996酸性物質沈降對我國自然資源之影響-土壤酸化極限度模式之建立(二)基本資料庫之建立JIUN CHUAN LIN journal article
7422011重大災害事件對媒體議題設定及政府決策之影響基隆河流域河川整治的個案研究SUE-CHING JOU journal article00
7432010野柳地質公園社會遊憩承載量之研究JIUN CHUAN LIN journal article00
7442010野柳地質公園遊客行為規範守則之研究JIUN CHUAN LIN journal article00
7452012?際人?規範??現??待望??台??????規約?施2年目?????討張文貞 journal article
7462000「離島建設條例施行細則」研究周素卿 ; 蔡慧敏; 盧鏡臣report
7472017雲中閃電預警對流性降雨初探MING-JEN YANG ; PO-HSIUNG LIN journal article00
7482002面對全球化:台灣行政法發展的契機與挑戰,收錄於「當代公法新論(中):翁岳生教授七秩誕辰祝壽論文集:1-26」張文貞 book
7492002風場變形對地面降水觀測造成偏差之個案探討PO-HSIUNG LIN journal article
7501989風洞模型實驗探討複雜地形空氣污染物紊流擴散現象張能復; 林俊全 journal article
7512010颱風數值模擬之現況與挑戰-2009年莫拉克颱風CHUN-CHIEH WU ; MING-JEN YANG journal article