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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHENG-LIANG CHEN陳誠亮 Chemical Engineering Production Scheduling and Supply Chain Management; Process Integration and Optimization
CHI-AN DAI戴子安 Polymer Science and Engineering  Chemical Engineering Polymer Thin film Surface and Interface; Synthesis of Conducting Block Copolymer; Patterning Metal and Semiconducting Nanoparticles with Block Copolymer Template
CHIA-CHIN CHEN陳嘉晉 Chemical Engineering Semiconductor Physics; Electrochemistry; Solid State Ionics
CHIH-CHEN HSIEH謝之真 Chemical Engineering Single DNA molecule gene mapping; Computer simulations of DNA/polymer behavior in complex flows; DNA dynamics in nanofluidic devices
CHU-CHEN CHUEH闕居振 Chemical Engineering Organic/Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Semiconductors
CHUNG-HSIN LU呂宗昕 Chemical Engineering Characterization of Electronic and Electro-Optical Properties; Nanosized Electronic and Electro-Optical Materials; Thin-Film Processing of Electronic and Electro-Optical Ceramics
CHUNG-WEN LAN藍崇文 Chemical Engineering Electronic Materials Processing; CFD and High Performance Computing; Crystal Growth Technology
DA-MING WANG王大銘 Chemical Engineering Membrane Separation Technology; Molecular Simulation; Tissue Engineering
DUN-YEN KANG康敦彥 Chemical Engineering membrane pervaporation; MOF membranes; membrane gas separations
DUU-JONG LEE李篤中 Chemical Engineering Enhanced phase-change heat transfer; Biomass resource & utilization; Biological macro- and micro-reactors
HSIEN-YEH CHEN陳賢燁 Chemical Engineering Biointerface Engineering; Vapor-Based Functional Polymer Coating
HSIU-PO KUO郭修伯 Chemical Engineering Simulation of Granular and Multi-phase Flows; Particle Technology; Fluidization Engineering
HSIU-YU YU游琇伃 Chemical Engineering Predictive theoretical modeling of complex systems
HSYUE-JEN HSIEH謝學真 Chemical Engineering Animal Cell Culture Engineering; Enzyme Technology; Modulation of Endothelial Cell Function by Shear Flow
HUAN-JANG KEH葛煥彰 Chemical Engineering Locomotion of Colloidal Particles
HWAI-SHEN LIU劉懷勝 Chemical Engineering Bioprocess Engineering; Higee System
I-LUNG CHIEN錢義隆 Chemical Engineering Design and Control of Chemical Processes
JEFFREY CHI-SHENG WU吳紀聖 Chemical Engineering Catalysis and Reaction Engineering
Jeffrey Daniel Ward吳哲夫 Chemical Engineering Operation and control of processes with continuous crystallization; Process intensification; Operation of batch crystallizers
JERRY CHENG-CHE HSU徐振哲 Chemical Engineering Plasma Science and Application
JIASHING YU游佳欣 Chemical Engineering Stem Cells; Tissue Engineering; Biomaterials
JYH-PING HSU徐治平 Polymer Science and Engineering  Chemical Engineering Colloid and Surface Science
KEH-CHYANG(ERIC) LEE李克強 Chemical Engineering Polymeric Fluid Mechanics
KEVIN CHIA-WEN WU吳嘉文 Chemical Engineering Biomedical applications (drug delivery system, 3D culture of stem cells); Energy applications (biofuels from cellulose and microalgae); Photo-electronic applications (dye-sensitized solar cells and super-capacitors); Nanoporous materials (metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), mesoporous materials)
KUO-CHUAN HO何國川 Polymer Science and Engineering  Chemical Engineering Electrochromic Materials and Devices
KUO-LUN TUNG童國倫 Center for Biotechnology  Chemical Engineering Membrane Filtration Mechanism and Membrane Module Design; Inorganic Membrane Fabrication; Multi-scale Simulation
LI-CHIANG LIN林立強 Chemical Engineering Molecular Simulations; Gas Adsorption and Separation; Membrane Separation; Nanoporous Materials
LI-JEN CHEN陳立仁 Chemical Engineering Wetting Transition in Surfactant Systems; Molecular Simulations
LING CHAO趙玲 Chemical Engineering Phase Transformation Phenomena of Bio-membranes; Cell Membrane Mimic Biochips
NAE-LIH WU吳乃立 Chemical Engineering Li-ion battery and Supercapacitors; Synthesis and Characterization of Nanocrystalline Metal and Oxide Particles
SHIANG-TAI LIN林祥泰 Chemical Engineering molecular simulation; statistical thermodynamics; computational chemistry; fluid phase equilibria; Molecular Simulation for Engineering Problems
STEVEN SHENG-SHIH WANG王勝仕 Chemical Engineering Aggregation Phenomena and Protein Folding/Unfolding Behaviors; Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Modeling Approaches; Subjects of "Nanotechnology meeting Biotechnology"
WEI-BOR TSAI蔡偉博 Chemical Engineering Biomaterials
WEN-CHANG CHEN陳文章 Polymer Science and Engineering  Chemical Engineering Synthesis, Characteristics, and Device Applications of Electronic Polymers、Preparation and characterization of optical polymers
Wen-Yueh Yu游文岳 Chemical Engineering 
YI-PEI LI李奕霈 Chemical Engineering .
YING-CHIH LIAO廖英志 Chemical Engineering Synthesis of Functionalized Particles; Particle Dispersions & Ink Spreading; Printed Electronics
YU-JANE SHENG諶玉真 Chemical Engineering Molecular simulations of the thermophysical properties of polymers and composites; Development of statistical mechanics-based equation of state for polyatomic molecules; Studies of the dynamical properties of polymers in dilute solutions