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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHAO-LUNG TING丁肇隆 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Application of image processing and data analysis; Experimental Studies on Wave; Deep learning applied to object recognition
CHAO-NAN WANG王昭男 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Noise Control; Acoustics
CHI-FANG CHEN陳琪芳 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Underwater communication; Geo-acoustics; Sonar detection and performance; Channel characteristics; Advanced sonar range prediction system , ASORPS; 2D and 3D sound propagation
CHIA-CHI SUNG宋家驥 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Investigations of characteristic; Study of proton exchange membrane fuel cell; Investigations of protective coating on ferrite stainless steel for solid oxide fuel cell interconnect; Design and fabrication of acoustic wave micro-sensors
CHIEN-KANG HUANG黃乾綱 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Information retrieval and Web search; Data mining; Bioinformatics
CHIH-KUNG LEE李世光 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering  Applied Mechanics  Electronics Engineering 光電與壓電系統); 奈米光學研究暨超精密光學加工機的研製(微機電與奈米系統); 光壓電複合材; 光壓電結構控制(光機電系統設計製造與精密量測; 科技管理; 光學式與電化學生醫感應器(生物晶片系統); 光場技術研究暨光場相機應用(數位全像攝影術)
FORNG-CHEN CHIU邱逢琛 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Marine System Development
HERNG-HUA CHANG張恆華 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Biometrics and Bioinformatics; Medical Image Processing; Computational Neuroscience; Charged Fluid Modeling; Geometric Deformable Modeling
HONG-YUEH LO羅弘岳 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Environmental Fluid Mechanics; Tsunami; Coastal Engineering
HSI-HENG DAI戴璽恆 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering 
HSIN-HAOU HUANG黃心豪 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering 
JAU-HORNG CHEN陳昭宏 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Power Amplifiers; Predistortion Technique
JEN-HWA GUO郭振華 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering  Ocean Center Navigation of solar powered an autonomous surface vehicle fleet; Human robot dialogue for social interaction; Sensing & control of biomimetic underwater robots
JIA-HAN LI李佳翰 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering computational optoelectronics; optimization; nanophotonics and nanoelectronics; optical engineering
JING-FA TSAI蔡進發 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Ship motion; Catamaran with lifting foils; Development of autonomous underwater vehicle; Ship maneuvering; Hydrodynamics of submerged body; Drag reduction techniques of ship; Hydrodynamics of two-phase nozzle
JING-TANG YANG楊鏡堂 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering  Mechanical Engineering  Center for Biotechnology Energy and Combustion; Biomechanics and Biomimetic Engineering; Microfluidics and Biofluidics; Jet Propulsion
Kai-Tung (KT) Ma馬開東 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Mooring system; Ship structure; Codes and Conducts; Structural reliability; Ocean engineering; Operation and maintenance; Structural fatigue
KUNG-YEN LEE李坤彥 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering  Energy Research Center Wide bandgap semiconductor materials; Renewable energy; Power electronics; High power devices
MAO-HSIUNG CHIANG江茂雄 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering  Energy Research Center Opto-Mechatronic system; Automatic control; Mechatronic control of large wind turbines; Servo vision control; Advanced fluid power servo control
RAY-I CHANG張瑞益 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering wireless sensor networks; data mining; multimedia networking
SHIU-WU CHAU趙修武 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering  Energy Research Center 
SHUN-HAN YANG楊舜涵 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Ship structure; Mooring system and power cable; Marine renewable energy; Offshore engineering; Coupled hydrodynamic and structural response analysis; Structural fatigue
TONY W. H. SHEU許文翰 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Simulation of dam break by moving particle method (MPS); Simulation of falling droplet on the free surface; Simulation of electrodynamic phenomena; Simulation of photonic crystal waveguide
TSUNG-YUEH LIN林宗岳 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Ship design; Model basin; Computational fluid dynamics; Geometric modeling; Ship hydrodynamics
WEI-SHIEN HWANG黃維信 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Large-area organic solar cell efficiency; Electric impedance based bio-metrology; Bessel beam based optical instrument/machining; Piezoelectric systems engineering and development; Flexible electret loudspeaker
WEN-JONG WU吳文中 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering  Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics Wireless sensor network; The inkjet-printing technology
WU-TING TSAI蔡武廷 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering micro-scale air-sea interaction
YUEH-LIEN LEE李岳聯 Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering Protective Coatings; Surface treatment of metals; Microstructure materials; Corrosion and prevention of ocean structures; Electrochemistry