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119992-變級及3-變級混合變級複因子直交試驗之研究廖振鐸 report
21997A 200-bp constructed inducible PR-1a promoter fusion to the Ac transposase gene drives higher transposition of a Ds element than the native PR-1a promoter fusion drivesYUH-CHYANG CHARNG journal article55
32004A Bayesian noninferiority approach to evaluation of bridging studiesJEN-PEI LIU journal article160
42016A consensus map in cultivated hexaploid oat reveals conserved grass synteny with substantial subgenome rearrangementYUNG-FEN HUANG journal article3023
52011A consistency approach to evaluation of bridging studies and multi-regional trialsJEN-PEI LIU journal article1312
61994A detailed RFLP map of Sorghum bicolor x S. propinquum, suitable for high-density mapping, suggests ancestral duplication of Sorghum chromosomes or chromosomal segmentsYANN-RONG LIN journal article169158
72011A gene delivery system for human cells mediated by both a cell-penetrating peptide and a piggyBac transposaseYUH-CHYANG CHARNG journal article3331
82004A generalized additive model for microarray gene expression data analysisCHEN-AN TSAI journal article50
92014A generalized test variable approach for grain yield comparisons of riceSHIN-FU TSAI journal article00
102003A group sequential approach to evaluation of bridging studiesJEN-PEI LIU journal article160
112003A high-density genetic recombination map of sequence-tagged sites for Sorghum, as a framework for comparative structural and evolutionary genomics of tropical grains and grassesYANN-RONG LIN journal article
122015A multi-years analysis of the energy balance, green gas emissions, and production costs of first and second generation bioethanol.Su MH; Huang CH; Lin WY; Lur HS ; Tso CTjournal article32
132014A negative MYB regulator of proanthocyanidin accumulation, identified through expression quantitative locus mapping in the grape berryYUNG-FEN HUANG journal article5756
142008A non-inferiority test for diagnostic accuracy based on the paired partial areas under ROC curvesJEN-PEI LIU ; CHEN-TUO LIAO journal article3834
152009A noninferiority test for treatment-by-factor interaction with application to bridging studies and global trialsJEN-PEI LIU journal article
162006A novel function of abscisic acid in the regulation of rice (Oryza sativa L.) root growth and developmentMEN-CHI CHANG journal article8877
172008A one-time inducible transposon for creating knockout mutantsYUH-CHYANG CHARNG ; Li, Kuan-Te; Lin, Ya-Lin; Huang, Ji-Ying; Li, Wen-Ya; Charng, Yuh-Chyang journal article22
182011A One-time Inducible Transposon for Terminating Selectable Markers in Transgenic PlantsYUH-CHYANG CHARNG journal article
192012A one-time inducible transposon to create knockout mutants in riceYUH-CHYANG CHARNG book00
202008A permutation two one-sided tests procedure to detect minimal fold changes of gene expression levelsLiu, Jen-pei ; JEN-PEI LIU ; Liao, Chen-Tuo ; CHEN-TUO LIAO ; Chiu, Shih-Ting; Dai, Jia-yanjournal article00
212003A randomized trial comparing intravesical instillations of mitoxantrone and doxorubicin in patients with superficial bladder cancerJEN-PEI LIU journal article
222016A Reference Population-Based Conformance ProportionHungyen CHEN journal article00
232014A SNP genotyping array for hexaploid oatYUNG-FEN HUANG journal article3427
241999A stochastic algorithm for selecting of defining contrasts in two-level experimentsCHEN-TUO LIAO journal article
252014A supervised network analysis on gene expression profiles of breast tumors predicts a 41-gene prognostic signature of the transcription factor MYB across molecular subtypesLiu, Li-Yu D.; HSIAO-LIN HWA ; LI-YU LIU ; Chang, Li-Yun; Kuo, Wen-Hung ; Hwa, Hsiao-Lin ; Chang, King-Jen; Hsieh, Fon-Joujournal article108
262004A tolerance interval for the normal distribution with several variance componentsCHEN-TUO LIAO journal article
271997A two one-sided tests procedure for assessment of individual bioequivalenceJEN-PEI LIU journal article
282005A two-stage design for bridging studiesJEN-PEI LIU journal article2021
292008A two-stage design for drug screening trials based on continuous endpointsJEN-PEI LIU journal article
302005A two-stage normalization method for partially degraded mRNA microarray dataLiu, Li-yu D.; LI-YU LIU ; Wang, Naisyin; Lupton, Joanne R.; Turner, Nancy D.; Chapkin, Robert S.; Davidson, Laurie A.journal article43
312006A β-expectation tolerance interval for general balanced mixed linear modelsLin, Tsai-Yu ; CHEN-TUO LIAO ; Liao, Chen-Tuo journal article1211
322012Abscisic acid enhances starch degradation and sugar transport in rice upper leaf sheaths at the post-heading stageChen, Huai-Ju; SHU-JEN WANG ; Wang, Shu-Jen journal article34
332013Accumulation of arsenic in rice plant – A study of an arsenic-contaminated site in TaiwanLin SC; Chang TD; Huang WD; Lur HS ; Shyu GSjournal article035
342012Adaptation Strategies with Mitigation Potential for Food and Water SecurityHuu-Sheng Lur Conference Paper
352010Advances in detection of genetically engineered crops by multiplex polymerase chain reaction methodsMEN-CHI CHANG ; KAE-KANG HWU journal article2519
362010ALCHEMY: A reliable method for automated SNP genotype calling for small batch sizes and highly homozygous populationsCHIH-WEI TUNG journal article3432
372005Alterations in gene expression profiles and the DNA-damage response in ionizing radiation-exposed TK6 cellsCHEN-AN TSAI journal article4142
382006An Alternative Approach to Evaluation of Poolability for Stability StudiesLiu, Jen-pei ; Tung, Sheng-Che; Pong, Yun-Mingjournal article
391985Amelioration of Chilling Injury by Abscisic Acid in Sorghum ( Sorghum Bicolor L.)盧虎生 ; Chu, Chunjournal article
401992Amelioration of Chilling Induced Injury by Abscisic Acid in Sorghum ( Sorghum Bicolor L.)Lur, Huu-Sheng journal article
411993Amelioration of Sorghum (Sorghum Bicolor L.) Seedling to Chilling Stress by Abscisic Acid盧虎生 ; Chu, Chunjournal article
422011An alternative phase II/III design for continuous endpointsJEN-PEI LIU journal article46
432014An approximate approach to sample size determination in bioequivalence testing with multiple pharmacokinetic responsesJEN-PEI LIU ; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article44
442013An approximate approach to sampling size determination for the equivalence hypothesisJEN-PEI LIU journal article33
452017An attempt to semi-quantify potentially toxic diatoms of the genus <i>Pseudo-nitzschia</i> in Tokyo Bay, Japan by using massively parallel sequencing technologyHungyen CHEN journal article50
462017An exhaustive scan method for SNP main effects and SNP x SNP interactions over highly homogous genomesSHIN-FU TSAI journal article
472000An Expression of the Sweet Potato GBSSI Gene in Escherichia coliSHU-JEN WANG ; Wang, Shu-Jen ; Yeh, Kai-Wun; Tsai, Chia-Yinjournal article00
482014An improved nonparametric lower bound of species richness via a modified good-turing frequency formulaCHUN-HUO CHIU journal article7670
492008An inducible transposon system to terminate the function of a selectable marker in transgenic plantsCharng, Yuh-Chyang ; YUH-CHYANG CHARNG ; Li, Kuan-Te; Tai, Hung-Kuang; Lin, Na-Sheng; Tu, Jennjournal article1715
502012An inferential procedure for the probability of passing the USP dissolution testJEN-PEI LIU ; CHEN-FANG CHEN journal article10
512007An integrated tree-based classification approach to prognostic grouping with application to localized melanoma patientsCHEN-AN TSAI journal article67
522013Analysis of new functional profiles of protein isoforms yielded by Ds exonization in riceLI-YU LIU ; YUH-CHYANG CHARNG journal article22
532004Analysis of variance components in gene expression dataCHEN-AN TSAI journal article7065
542014Application of an inducible transposon with anther culture in generation of di-haploid homologous mutantsYUH-CHYANG CHARNG journal article00
552015Application of an integrated omics approach for identifying host proteins that interact with Odontoglossum ringspot virus capsid proteinYA-CHUN CHANG ; SHIH-SHUN LIN ; LI-YU LIU journal article44
562011Application of magnetite modified with aluminum/silica to adsorb phosphate in aqueous solutionLin, Ya-Fen ; Chen, Hua-Wei; Chang, Chia-Chi; Hung, Wen-Chiang; Chiou, Chyow-Sanjournal article1010
572012Application of molecular markers of Brassicaceae in the polymorphic and phylogenetic analyses of broccoli and cauliflowerShuang, L-S; Lee, J-Y; Lee, C-Y; Chan, Y-F; Hwu, K-K; Lin, Yann-Rong journal article
582013Application of the parallel line assay to assessment of biosimilar products based on binary endpointsJEN-PEI LIU journal article33
592014Applications of the Bayesian prior information to evaluation of equivalence of similar biological medicinal productsJEN-PEI LIU journal article22
602006Applied Multivariate Quantitative Methods-Canonical Correlation AnalysisLiu, Jen-Pei ; Chie, Wei-Chulearning-object
612006Applied Multivariate Quantitative Methods-Cluster AnalysisLiu, Jen-Pei ; Chie, Wei-Chulearning-object
622006Applied Multivariate Quantitative Methods-Discriminant AnalysisLiu, Jen-Pei ; Chie, Wei-Chulearning-object
632006Applied Multivariate Quantitative Methods-Factor AnalysisLiu, Jen-Pei ; Chie, Wei-Chulearning-object
642006Applied Multivariate Quantitative Methods-Introduction And Examples of Multivariate DataLiu, Jen-Pei ; Chie, Wei-Chulearning-object
652006Applied Multivariate Quantitative Methods-Multidimensional ScalingLiu, Jen-Pei ; Chie, Wei-Chulearning-object
662006Applied Multivariate Quantitative Methods-Principal Components Analysis (PCA)Liu, Jen-Pei ; Chie, Wei-Chulearning-object
672006Applied Multivariate Quantitative Methods-Summarization of Multivariate DataLiu, Jen-Pei ; Chie, Wen-Chielearning-object
682006Applied Multivariate Quantitative Methods-Tests of Hypotheses of MeansLiu, Jen-Pei ; Chie, Wei-Chulearning-object
692006Applied Multivariate Quantitative Methods-The Multivariate Analysis of VarianceLiu, Jen-Pei ; Chie, Wei-Chulearning-object
702007Arabidopsis potential calcium sensors regulate nitric oxide levels and the transition to floweringYU-CHANG TSAI journal article
712019Assessment of Genetic Differentiation and Linkage Disequilibrium in Solanum pimpinellifolium Using Genome-Wide High-Density SNP MarkersYa-Ping Lin; Chu-Yin Liu; Kai-Yi Chen journal article00
722000Assessment of similarity between dissolution profilesJEN-PEI LIU journal article260
732016Assessment of the network of protected areas for birds in Taiwan with regard to functional and phylogenetic diversityHungyen CHEN journal article10
742015Association of quality of life with laboratory measurements and lifestyle factors in community dwelling older people in TaiwanJEN-PEI LIU ; Wu, Tai-Yin; Chie, Wei-Chu; WEI-CHU CHIE ; Liu, Jen-Pei ; Liaw, Chen-Kun; Netuveli, Gopalakrishnan; Blane, Davidjournal article33
752012Association of response to hepatitis B vaccination and survival in dialysis patientsCHEN-AN TSAI journal article1916
762012Association of water depth and aquatic-plant competition in conservation of Isoetes taiwanensis in the Menghuan Pond Wetland in TaiwanYu YT; Lur HS ; Chang WLjournal article22
772013Association of water depth and aquatic-plant competition in conservation of Isoetes taiwanensis in the Menghuan Pond wetland in TaiwanYu, Ya Ting; HUU-SHENG LUR ; WEN-LIAN CHANG journal article22
782014Asymptomatic ratio for seasonal H1N1 influenza infection among schoolchildren in TaiwanCHEN-AN TSAI journal article1616
792011Authentication of domestic Taiwan rice based on fingerprinting analysis of microsatellite DNA makersChuang HY; Lur HS ; Hwu KK; Chang MCjournal article
802011Authentication of domestic Taiwan rice varieties based on fingerprinting analysis of microsatellite DNA markersMEN-CHI CHANG journal article
812011Authentication of domestic Taiwan rice varieties based on fingerprinting analysis of microsatellite DNA markersKAE-KANG HWU journal article
822012Authors reply to the letter to the editor by L. Chen and Y. X. LiuJEN-PEI LIU journal article00
832002Bayesian approach to evaluation of bridging studiesJEN-PEI LIU journal article260
842016Bayesian hierarchical ANOVA model of stochastic seasonality for Diodon holocanthus in northern TaiwanHungyen CHEN journal article11
852014Bayesian inference of Baseline fertility and treatment effects via a crop yield-fertility modelHungyen CHEN journal article22
862019Bayesian inference of environmental effects on seaweed production in Japan via a production-environmental suitability modelCHEN, Hungyen 0
872004Better Prediction of Prognosis for Patients with Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Using Primary Tumor VolumeHSIU-HSI CHEN ; Chen, MK; JEN-PEI LIU ; Chen, THH; Liu, JP; WEI-CHU CHIE ; Chang, CC; Chie, WCjournal article8275
881995Bias of two one-sided tests procedures in assessment of bioequivalenceJEN-PEI LIU journal article
891991Bioequivalence and intrasubject variabilityJEN-PEI LIU journal article250
902010Biologic drug products.JEN-PEI LIU journal article04
912009Botulinum toxin (Dysport) treatment of the spastic gastrocnemius muscle in children with cerebral palsy: A randomized trial comparing two injection volumesJEN-PEI LIU ; Hu, Gwo-Chi; Hu, Gwo-Chi; Chuang, Yao-Chia; Chuang, Yao-Chia; KUO-LIONG CHIEN ; Liu, Jen-Pei ; Chien, Kuo-Liong ; HU, GWO-CHI; Chen, Yi-Min; Chen, Ying-Fang; Chen, Ying-Fang; CHUANG, YAO-CHIA; LIU, JEN-PEI ; CHIEN, KUO-LIONG journal article2120
922004Bridging bioequivalence studiesJEN-PEI LIU journal article00
932005Bridging Studies - A Genomic ApproachLiu, Jen-Pei ; 劉仁沛 text
942002Bridging studies in clinical developmentJEN-PEI LIU journal article260
952016Bridging the variance and diversity decomposition approaches to beta diversity via similarity and differentiation measuresCHUN-HUO CHIU journal article2424
962013Calmodulin-related CML24 interacts with ATG4b and affects autophagy progression in ArabidopsisYU-CHANG TSAI journal article
972014Caterpillar attack triggers accumulation of the toxic maize protein RIP2WEN-PO CHUANG journal article2625
982006Changes in carbohydrate content and gene expression during tuberous root development of sweet potatoSHU-JEN WANG journal article
992007Changes in regulation of a transcription factor lead to autogamy in cultivated tomatoesKai-Yi Chen ; Bin Cong; Rod Wing; Julia Vrebalov; Steven D. Tanksleyjournal article8782
1002009Changes in Temperature, Cultivation Timing and Grain Quality of Rice in Taiwan in Recent YearsLur, Huu-Sheng ; Hsu, Chia-Ling; Wu, Chih-Wen; Lee, Chia-Yu; Lao, Chia-Ling; Wu, Yi-Chien; Chang, Su-Jein; Wang, Chang-Ying; Kondo, Motohikojournal article
1011992Changes of Abscisic Acid Contents in Chilling Rice (Oryza Sativa L.) SeedlingsLee, T. M.; 盧虎生 ; 朱鈞; Lee, T. M.; Lur, Huu-Sheng ; Chu, Chunjournal article
1022010Changing sink demand of developing shoot affects transitory starch biosynthesis in embryonic tissues of germinating rice seedsLiu, Shiang Lin; SHU-JEN WANG ; Siao, Wei; Wang, Shu Jen journal article66
1032009Characterization and biological functions of sulfated polysaccharides from sulfated-salt treatment of Antrodia cinnamomeaCheng, Jing-Jy; Huang, Nai-Kuei; Lur, Huu-Sheng ; Kuo, Chung-Io; Lu, Mei-Kuangjournal article3124
1042012Characterization of genes involved in cytokinin signaling and metabolism from riceYU-CHANG TSAI journal article
1052011Characterization of OsSUT2 expression and regulation in germinating embryos of rice seedsChen, K.-J.; SHU-JEN WANG ; Siao, Wei; Pan, W.-H.; Chen, Jia-Yi; Hsiao, Hui-Hsin; Huang, C.-J.; Lin, B.-F.; Chung, Ping ; Wang, Shu-Jen journal article67
1062018Chromosome-level assembly, genetic and physical mapping of Phalaenopsis aphrodite genome provides new insights into species adaptation and resources for orchid breedingYa-Ting Chao; Wan-Chieh Chen; Chun-Yi Chen; Hsiu-Yin Ho; Chih-Hsin Yeh; Yi-Tzu Kuo; Chun-Lin Su; Shao-Hua Yen; Hao-Yen Hsueh; Jen-Hau Yeh; Hui-Lan Hsu; Yi-Hui Tsai; Tzu-Yen Kuo; Song-Bin Chang; Kai-Yi Chen ; Ming-Che Shihjournal article55
1072004Circadian control of sweet potato granule-bound starch synthase I gene in Arabidopsis plantsWang, Shu-Jen ; Yeh, Kai-Wun; Tsai, Chia-Yinjournal article66
1082005Circadian Expressions of Starch Branching Enzyme Gene in Sweet Potato LeavesSHU-JEN WANG ; Pao, Wei-Po; Liu, Li-Fei; Wang, Shu-Jen journal article
1092018Circadian oscillations of cytosolic free calcium regulate the Arabidopsis circadian clockMartí Ruiz, María Carmen; Hubbard, Katharine E; Gardner, Michael J; Jung, Hyun Ju; Aubry, Sylvain; Hotta, Carlos T; Mohd-Noh, Nur Izzati; Robertson, Fiona C; Hearn, Timothy J; YU-CHANG TSAI ; Dodd, Antony N; Hannah, Matthew; Carré, Isabelle A; Davies, Julia M; Braam, Janet; Webb, Alex A Rjournal article44
1102005Classification ensembles for unbalanced class sizes in predictive toxicologyCHEN-AN TSAI journal article3633
1112002Clinical Data Management and Case Report FormLiu, Jen-Pei text
1121997Cloning of a Ca2+-ATPase gene and the role of cytosolic Ca2+ in the gibberellin-dependent signaling pathway in aleurone cellsMEN-CHI CHANG journal article
1132008Commentary on "accounting for the interim safety monitoring of an adverse event upon termination of a clinical trial"JEN-PEI LIU journal article00
1142008Commentary on “Accounting for the Interim Safety Monitoring of an Adverse Event Upon Termination of a Clinical Trial”Liu, Jen-pei journal article
1152003Common statistical problems in public health research articlesJEN-PEI LIU journal article
1162010Comparative analyses of linkage maps and segregation distortion of two F2 populations derived from japonica crossed with indica riceYANN-RONG LIN ; Chen, Ming-Yao; Wu, Yong-Pei; Liu, Chen-Hua; Ko, Pei-Yi; Lee, Wei-Chia; Chen, Ting-Chih; Su, Tung-Hung; Wei, Fu-Jin; Kuo, Su-Chen; Chen, Pei-Jer; Chen, Ding-Shinn; Ho, Sheng-Wei; Kao, Jia-Horng; Hour, Ai-Ling Hour, Yue-Ie Hsing, Yann-Rong Lin; Liu, Chun-Jen; 陳定信; 高嘉宏; 劉俊人; 陳培哲journal article1615
1171995Comparative analysis of QTLs affecting plant height and maturity across the poaceae, in reference to an interspecific sorghum populationYANN-RONG LIN journal article
1182000Comparative genomics of plant chromosomesPaterson, A.H.; Bowers, J.E.; Burow, M.D.; Draye, X.; Elsik, C.G.; Jiang, C.-X.; Katsar, C.S.; Lan, T.-H.; YANN-RONG LIN ; Ming, R.; Wright, R.J.227216
1192015Comparative transcriptome analysis of shoots and roots of TNG67 and TCN1 rice seedlings under cold stress and following subsequent recovery: Insights into metabolic pathways, phytohormones, and transcription factorsMEN-CHI CHANG ; LI-YU LIU journal article183
1202019Comparing coefficients across subpopulations in Gaussian mixture regression modelsSHIN-FU TSAI 00
1212004Comparison of crop domestication, conventional crop breeding and genetic engineeringMEN-CHI CHANG journal article
1222011Comparison of hepatitis B surface antibody decay rates after vaccination between hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patientsCHEN-AN TSAI journal article78
1232014Comparison the prognostic value of galectin-3 and serum markers of cardiac extracellular matrix turnover in patients with chronic systolic heart failureYEN-HUNG LIN ; Chang, Yi-Yao; Chen, Aaron; SHOEI-SHEN WANG ; YEN-WEN WU ; Wu, Xue-Ming; Hsu, Tse-Pin; LI-YU LIU ; Liu, Li-Yu Daisy; Chen, Yenh-Hsein; Wu, Yen-Wen; Lin, Hung-Ju; Hsu, Ron-Bin; Lee, Chi-Ming; Wang, Shoei-Shen; Lo, Men-Tzung; Chen, Ming-Fong; Lin, Yen-Hungjournal article1113
1242012Comprehensive analysis of differentially expressed rice actin depolymerizing factor gene family and heterologous overexpression of OsADF3 confers Arabidopsis Thaliana drought toleranceCHWAN-YANG HONG ; MEN-CHI CHANG journal article1517
1252000Construction of an inducible transposon, INAc, to develop a gene tagging system in higher plantsYUH-CHYANG CHARNG journal article86
1262013Construction of an integrated genetic map based on maternal and paternal lineages of tea (Camellia sinensis)SHUN-FU LIN journal article1413
1272017Construction of nested orthogonal arrays of parallel-flats typeSHIN-FU TSAI journal article00
1281996Construction of orthogonal two-level designs of user-specified resolution where N ≠ 2kCHEN-TUO LIAO other
1291995Convergent domestication of cereal crops by independent mutations at corresponding genetic lociYANN-RONG LIN journal article
1302014Correction: Distance-based functional diversity measures and their decomposition: A framework based on hill numbersCHUN-HUO CHIU journal article70
1312001Crop functional genomicsYUH-CHYANG CHARNG journal article
1321995Current issues in bioequivalence trialsJEN-PEI LIU journal article
1332012D-optimal partially replicated two-level factorial designsSHIN-FU TSAI ; CHEN-TUO LIAO journal article55
1342017D-optimal two-level parallel-flats block designs with partial replicationSHIN-FU TSAI journal article00
1352006Database composition can affect the structure-activity relationship predictionCHEN-AN TSAI journal article32
1362017Deciphering the Enigma of Undetected Species, Phylogenetic, and Functional Diversity Based on Good-Turing Theory (accepted)CHUN-HUO CHIU journal article
1372006Decision threshold adjustment in class predictionCHEN-AN TSAI journal article2424
1382013Delivery system for DNAzymes using arginine-modified hydroxyapatite nanoparticles for therapeutic application in a nasopharyngeal carcinoma modelLI-YU LIU journal article2018
1391998Design and Analysis of Animal Studies in Pharmaceutical DevelopmentJEN-PEI LIU book
1401992Design and Analysis of Bioavailability and Bioequivalence StudiesJEN-PEI LIU book
1411999Design and Analysis of Bioavailability and Bioequivalence Studies, Second EditionJEN-PEI LIU book
1422008Design and Analysis of Bioavailability and Bioequivalence Studies, The Third EditionChow, Shein-Chung; Liu, Jen-pei book
1432008Design and Analysis of Bioavailability and Bioequivalence, third editionJEN-PEI LIU book
1442012Design and Analysis of Bridging StudiesJEN-PEI LIU book
1452006Design and Analysis of Clinical TrialsLiu, Jen-Pei learning-object
1462010Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials, 2nd Edition, Simplified Chinese TranslationJEN-PEI LIU book
1472014Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials, 3rd EditionJEN-PEI LIU book
1482004Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials, second editionJEN-PEI LIU book
1491998Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials: Concepts and MethodologiesJEN-PEI LIU book
1502009Design and analysis of two-level factorial experiments with partial replicationCHEN-TUO LIAO ; Liao, Chen-Tuo ; Chai, Feng-Shunjournal article1415
1511998Detailed alignment of Saccharum and Sorghum chromosomes: Comparative organization of closely related diploid and polyploid genomesMing, R.; S.-C. Liu; YANN-RONG LIN ; Da Silva, J.; Wilson, W.; Braga, D.; Van Deynze, A.; Wenslaff, T.F.; Wu, K.K.; Moore, P.H.; Burnquist, W.; Sorrells, M.E.; Irvine, J.E.; Paterson, A.H.196
1522010Detection of genetically modified maize (Zea mays L.) in seed samples from NepalKAE-KANG HWU journal article
1532010Detection of genetically modified maize (Zea mays L.) in seed samples from NepalMEN-CHI CHANG journal article
1542019Detection of location and dispersion effects from partially replicated two-level factorial designsSHIN-FU TSAI 0
1551991Detection of outlying data in bioavailability/bioequivalence studiesJEN-PEI LIU journal article
1562010Development and characterization of tomato SSR markers from genomic sequences of anchored BAC clones on chromosome 6Subramaniam Geethanjali; Kai-Yi Chen ; Davidson V. Pastrana; Jaw-Feng Wangjournal article1513
1572015Development and GBS-genotyping of introgression lines (ILs) using two wild species of rice, O. meridionalis and O. rufipogon, in a common recurrent parent, O. sativa cv. CuringaCHIH-WEI TUNG journal article3332
1582015Development of a mild viral expression system for gain-of-function study of phytoplasma effector in plantaSHIH-SHUN LIN ; HSIAO-FENG LO ; LI-YU LIU ; CHAN-PIN LIN journal article11
1592010Development of a research platform for dissecting phenotype-genotype associations in rice (Oryza spp.)CHIH-WEI TUNG journal article5648
1602009Development of biomarker classifiers from high-dimensional dataCHEN-AN TSAI journal article4138
1612013Development of climate smart rice cropping system in TaiwanHuu-Sheng Lur Conference Paper
1622010Development of genome-wide SNP assays for riceCHIH-WEI TUNG journal article11296
1632015Development of primer pairs from diverse chloroplast genomes for use in plant phylogenetic researchSHUN-FU LIN journal article11
1642014Development of STS and CAPS markers for variety identification and genetic diversity analysis of tea germplasm in TaiwanSHUN-FU LIN journal article65
1652010Developmental phytotoxicity of metal oxide nanoparticles to Arabidopsis thalianaYU-CHANG TSAI journal article
1662009Deviations from linearity in statistical evaluation of linearity in assay validationJEN-PEI LIU journal article32
1672012Dissecting genetic architecture of grape proanthocyanidin composition through quantitative trait locus mappingYUNG-FEN HUANG journal article4544
1682007Dissipation of carbofuran and carbaryl on Oolong tea during tea bushes, manufacturing and roasting processesWu, Chia-Chang; Chu, Chun; Wang, Yei-Shung; Lur, Huu-Sheng journal article109
1692014Distance-based functional diversity measures and their decomposition: A framework based on hill numbersCHUN-HUO CHIU journal article4145
1702014Diversity of global rice markets and the science required for consumer-targeted rice breedingCalingacion M; Laborte A; Nelson A; Resurreccion A; Concepcion JC; Daygon VD; Mumm R; Reinke R; Dipti S; Bassinello PZ; Manful J; Sophany S; Lara KC; Bao J; Xie L; Loaiza K; El-hissewy A; Gayin J; Sharma N; Rajeswari S; Manonmani S; Rani NS; Kota S; Indrasari SD; Habibi F; Hosseini M; Tavasoli F; Suzuki K; Umemoto T; Boualaphanh C; Lee HH; Hung YP; Ramli A; Aung PP; Ahmad R; Wattoo JI; Bandonill E; Romero M; Brites CM; Hafeel R; Lur HS ; Cheaupun K; Jongdee S; Blanco P; Bryant R; Thi Lang N; Hall RD; Fitzgerald Mjournal article9595
1712011DNA分子標誌應用在茶樹之現況與潛力SHUN-FU LIN journal article
1722012Ds transposon is biased towards providing splice donor sites for exonization in transgenic tobaccoLI-YU LIU ; YUH-CHYANG CHARNG journal article66
1732000DSSAT模式在預測水稻產量及氣候變遷衝擊評估之通用性探討姚銘輝; 盧虎生 ; 朱鈞; 蔡金川journal article00
1742011Dull8定位選殖與基因表現觀察蒲玠涵; 吳永培; 林鋐穎; 林彥蓉 conference paper
1752008Effect of p53 genotype on gene expression profiles in murine liverCHEN-AN TSAI journal article33
1762001Effects of abscisic acid on ozone tolerance of rice (Oryza sativa L.) seedlingsLin, Dai-Ing; Lur, Huu-Sheng ; Chu, Chunjournal article1817
1771992Effects of Abscisic Acid on the Expression of Crassulacean Acid Metabolism in Mesembryanthemum Crystallinum L.Liao, C. K.; 盧虎生 ; 朱鈞; Lur, Huu-Sheng ; Chu, Chunjournal article
1782010Effects of cold stress on alterations of physiochemical and chemical properties of rice polysaccharidesMEN-CHI CHANG journal article55
1792016Effects of field high temperature on grain yield and quality of a subtropical type japonica rice-Pon-Lai rice.Wu YC; Chang SJ; Lur HS journal article53
1801991Effects of seed number per hole on growth and development of homogeneous and heterogeneous soybean populationsSHUN-FU LIN journal article
1811993Endosperm Development of Maize Defective Kernel (Dek) Mutants-Auxin and Cytokinin Levels盧虎生 ; Setter, T. L.; Lur, Huu-Sheng ; Setter, T. L.journal article2927
1822017Environment-induced changes in selective constraints on social learning during the peopling of the AmericasCHUN-HUO CHIU journal article108
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6242008分散效應存在下最適2-變級設計之研究廖振鐸 report
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6382005利用動物之啟動子建構植物之可誘導轉位子常玉強 report
6392005利用基因體技術研發特殊用途性質稻米品系(1/3)盧虎生 report
6402008利用基因體技術研發特殊用途性質稻米品系(3/3)盧虎生 report
6412008利用本質相關係數建立樣本分類法則之可行性評估劉力瑜 report
6422010利用生物資訊學開發亞洲栽培稻Oryza sativa與野生稻種Oryza officinalis及Oryza australiensis之多型性分子標幟簡祥庭; 簡祥庭; 李長沛; 林彥蓉 ; 林彥蓉 conference paper
6432007利用簡單重複序列標記建立台灣主要梗稻品種的鑑別技術KAE-KANG HWU ; 謝廉一; 吳岱融; 胡凱康 journal article
6442005利用農藝性狀評估糯稻種原之遺傳歧異性SHUN-FU LIN ; 陳源俊; 李長沛; 黃惠娟; 簡禎佑; 林順福 journal article
6451997利用逆相高效能色層分析法探討榖粒在不同環境因子與所生貯藏性蛋白質之關係盧虎生 report
6462004利用雜交親本之ISSR DNA指紋鑑別落花生品種之研究潘慶芝; 陳成; 林順福 journal article
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6502007可誘導轉位子應用於農業生物技術常玉強 report
6512005可誘導轉位子應用於農業生物技術(1/3)常玉強 report
6522008可誘導轉位子應用於農業生物技術(3/3)常玉強 report
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6542009台湾の稲作における気象変動の影響と研究の現状近藤始彦; 盧虎生 journal article
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6572011台灣油茶種原葉部性狀變異之評估SHUN-FU LIN journal article
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6602008台灣綠竹種內遺傳相似性KAE-KANG HWU journal article
6612003台灣落花生品種分子鑑定之研究潘慶芝; 陳成; 林順福 journal article
6622002單一雙色cDNA生物晶片實驗資料分析方法之比較CHEN-TUO LIAO journal article
6632014單元 7.生質能源之應用與願景MEN-CHI CHANG journal article00
6642003「國民健康訪問調查」之調查設計、內容、執行方式與樣本人口特性石曜堂; 洪永泰; 張新儀; 劉仁沛 ; 林惠生; 張明正; 張鳳琴; 熊昭吳聖良journal article
6652004國民健康訪問調查之調查設計、內容、執行方式與樣本之人口特性石曜堂; 洪永泰; 張新儀; 劉仁沛 ; 林惠生; 張明正; 張鳳琴; 熊昭; 吳聖良journal article
6662007國產稻米品種純度案例分析胡凱康 ; 吳東鴻; 蘇宗振journal article
6672004基因DNA序列變異應用在豆類作物品種指紋鑑定之可行性探討林順福 report
6682013基因轉殖水稻之農藝性狀與花粉媒介基因流佈於田間評估曾清山(Ching-Shan Tseng); YANN-RONG LIN ; 關政平(Cheng-Ping Kuan); 賴明信(Ming-Hsing Lai); 吳明哲(Min-Tze Wu)00
6692013多重環境試驗之直線迴歸穩定性統計法LI-YU LIU journal article
6702013多重環境試驗之直線迴歸穩定性統計法KAE-KANG HWU journal article
6712003大氣臭氧濃度及其對水稻生長之影響楊盛行; 朱鈞; 盧虎生 ; 楊盛行; 朱鈞; 盧虎生 
6722004大肚山氣候因子對衛星遙測天竺草亮度指數BRI之灰關聯分析邱祈榮 ; 曾仁鍵; 黃文達 ; 楊棋明journal article
6731994大陸地區訪問記要:四川省的作物生產與研究盧虎生 ; 朱鈞journal article
6741994大陸水稻生產概況與技術改進盧虎生 ; 朱鈞journal article
6751994大陸糧食作物生產之研究與發展(上)盧虎生 ; 朱鈞; 陳文德; Lur, Huu-Sheng journal article
6761994大陸糧食作物生產之研究與發展(下)盧虎生 ; 朱鈞; 陳文德; Lur, Huu-Sheng ; 陳文德journal article
6772005失衡性單向隨機線型模式的容許區間之研究廖振鐸 report
6782008定位選殖及鑑定微小水稻基因TINY RICE 1, tr1 (新制多年期第1年)林彥蓉 report
6792008定位選殖及鑑定微小水稻基因TINY RICE 1, tr1 (新制多年期第2年)林彥蓉 report
6802006尋找粳稻台農67號最適雜交親本吳永培; 何勝偉; 郭素真; 魏甫錦; 侯藹玲; 邢禹依; 林彥蓉 conference paper
6812005對等性及非劣等性評估的統計理論與方法研究及在生技製藥上應用(2/3)劉仁沛 report
6821997差異表現法(differential display)在植物基因表現研究上的應用陳勝利; 盧虎生 ; 朱鈞journal article
6832003廣義容許區間之研究廖振鐸 report
6842003建構及改良可誘導轉位子並建立多種植物之gene tagging/trapping 系統常玉強 report
6852013建構雙重誘導之植物基因表現系統YUH-CHYANG CHARNG journal article
6862001從耕作土壤及雜草管理策略談永續農業張新軒; 蔡養正; 黃文達 journal article
6872011應用EST-SSR分子標誌於臺灣茶樹栽培品種鑑定=Using EST-SSR Markers to Identify Tea (Camellia sinensis) Cultivars in TaiwanSHUN-FU LIN journal article
6882001應用PR-la啟動子之調節因子構築誘發性專位子以建立-植物基因釣取系統常玉強 report
6892012應用十字花科分子標誌於青花菜和花椰菜之多型性與親緣關係研究YANN-RONG LIN journal article
6902012應用十字花科分子標誌於青花菜和花椰菜之多型性與親緣關係研究KAE-KANG HWU journal article
6912006應用可誘導轉位子移除轉基因植物之篩選標記YUH-CHYANG CHARNG journal article
6922005應用衛星遙測與灰系統理論探討台灣氣候因子對植被長期 適應環境之影響黃文達 report
6932010成茶品種快速分子鑑定技術之研究及應用SHUN-FU LIN journal article
6942007抑制OsMAPK3基因表現會降低水稻對高鹽與乾旱的耐受性MEN-CHI CHANG ; 趙雲洋; 劉麗飛; 張孟基 journal article00
6952010探勘水稻高度多型性分子標幟張素凰; 吳永培; 陳正昇; 林彥蓉 conference paper
6962011探勘青花菜與花椰菜之多型性分子標誌李柔誼; 項藍萱; 湛玉鳳; 李玠瑩; 胡凱康 ; 林彥蓉 conference paper
6972005控制黃金米基因之粗略定位吳永培; 林祈君; 邢禹依; 林彥蓉 conference paper
6982000整合型總計畫名稱:溫度逆境下植物基因產物 蛋白質的分子研究 本計畫名稱:水稻低溫耐性基因構造與功能之研究朱鈞; 盧虎生 ; 陳勝利report
6992016新世紀台灣農業科技發展盧虎生 ; 蔡偉皇book
7001995早期胚乳發育調控之研究: 基因選殖, 表現, 荷爾蒙分佈與調控盧虎生 report
7012001最佳化測量試驗之研究廖振鐸 report
7022005最大概似估計式與最小變方不偏估計式在評估平均生体相等性之比較劉仁沛 ; 許富閔journal article
7032008架構“臺灣水稻遺傳標幟之研究資源”網站YANN-RONG LIN ; 林彥蓉 ; 吳永培; 魏甫錦; 盧柏昌; 黃元辰; 張健興; 侯藹玲; 郭素真; 謝兆樞; 邢禹依journal article
7042008架構“臺灣水稻遺傳標幟之研究資源”網站YANN-RONG LIN ; 吳永培(Yong-Pei Wu); 魏甫錦(Fu-Jin Wei); 盧柏昌(Po-Chang Lu); 黃元辰(Yuan-Chen Huang); 張健興(Chien-Hsin Chang); 侯藹玲(Ai-Ling Hour); 郭素真(Su-Chen Kou); 謝兆樞(Jaw-Shu Hsieh); 邢禹依(Yu-Ie Hsing)00
7052005栽培環境對稻米品質影響之蛋白質體研究:溫度調節性蛋白 質之功能分析(1/3)盧虎生 report
7062008栽培環境對稻米品質影響之蛋白質體研究:溫度調節性蛋白質之功能分析(3/3)盧虎生 report
7072007植物代謝體學在作物栽培和品質管控上之應用MEN-CHI CHANG journal article
7082005植物口服疫苗的研發與展望YUH-CHYANG CHARNG journal article
7091991植物對逆境之反應植物爾蒙調節植物低溫適應性基因表現之研究朱鈞; 盧虎生 ; 高小玲; 朱鈞report
7101996植物荷爾蒙調節低溫耐性基因表現之研究林秋榮; 朱鈞; 盧虎生 
7112004構築含無啟動子報導基因之可誘導轉位子YUH-CHYANG CHARNG ; 常玉強 ; 謝嘉珊journal article
7122002構築數種可誘導轉位子以建立一植物基因釣取系統常玉強 report
7132005模擬衛星遙測估算甘蔗葉片葉綠素含量作物、環境與生物資訊黃文達 ; 許明晃; 楊志維; 陳建璋; 蔡養正; 張新軒; 楊棋明journal article
7142005機差變方非均質時綜合試驗資料分析的一個新方法陳嘉瑩; KAE-KANG HWU ; 胡凱康 ; 楊素絲; 彭雲明journal article
7152013次世代定序資料模擬軟體的比較LI-YU LIU journal article
7162013次世代定序資料模擬軟體的比較KAE-KANG HWU journal article
7171998氣候變遷與農業生產之影響姚銘輝; 盧虎生 ; 朱鈞journal article
7182007氮肥等級與刈割頻度度對Tifway 419百慕達草反射光譜之影響陳宏銘 ; 許明晃; 楊志維; 黃文達 ; 楊棋明; 張新軒journal article
7191998水稻之概念型(ideotype):IRRI新概念型與台灣品種之討論黃曉菊; 陳秀惠; 盧虎生 ; 朱鈞journal article
7202009水稻分子輔助選種:調整越光抽穗期陳正昇; 陳榮坤; 林彥蓉 conference paper
7212013水稻基因組選種之模擬研究─訓練族群預測模型之建立與最低投入試驗規模之確立李欣叡 (Shin-Ruei Lee); 陳凱儀 (Kai-Yi Chen) ; 蔡政安 (Chen-An Tsai)journal article
7222012水稻多型性分子標幟平臺建立YANN-RONG LIN journal article
7232017水稻幼苗期耐旱相關基因座DT12-L之圖譜定位郭介煒(Chieh-Wei Kuo); 徐仁浩(Jen-Hao Hsu); YANN-RONG LIN ; 許育嘉(Yu-Chia Hsu); 吳永培(Yong-Pei Wu)00
7242006水稻抗逆境相關基因表現及功能之研究王淑珍 conference paper
7252009水稻新的半糯性基因之定位吳永培; 林鋐穎; 林彥蓉 conference paper
7262010水稻於良種繁殖制度下之遺傳變異KAE-KANG HWU journal article
7272002水稻根部低溫耐性分子機制之探討張孟基 report
7282003水稻根部低溫耐性分子機制之探討﹝2/3﹞張孟基 report
7292004水稻根部低溫耐性分子機制之探討﹝3/3﹞張孟基 report
7302002水稻榖粒發育之研究: 榖粒蛋白質表現、功能與栽培溫度之關係盧虎生 report
7312005水稻營養器官中澱粉代謝基因表現之研究(I)水稻葉鞘中澱粉代謝之調控 機制(1/3)王淑珍; 王淑珍 report
7322004水稻營養生長期農藝性狀與衛星遙測植生指數NDVI之灰關聯分析楊志維; 許明晃; 黃文達 ; 楊智旭; 蔡養正; 楊棋明; 張新軒journal article
7332001水稻穀粒發育之研究﹕充實期溫度對貯藏性蛋白質表現之影響盧虎生 report
7342004水稻穀粒發育之研究:穀粒蛋白質表現、功能與栽培溫度之 關係﹝3/3﹞盧虎生 report
7352003水稻穀粒發育之研究:穀粒蛋白質表現、功能與栽培溫度之關係﹝2/3﹞盧虎生 report
7362012水稻粉狀質基因FLO6之遺傳分析與初定位YANN-RONG LIN journal article
7372011水稻紫色莖桿基因Pst1之演化金漢煊; 吳永培; 林彥蓉 conference paper
7382009水稻紫色莖桿基因之定位吳永培; 金漢煊; 林彥蓉 conference paper
7392010水稻紫色莖桿顏色基因之定位選殖與其遺傳歧異度之分析金漢煊; 吳永培; 林彥蓉 conference paper
7402011水稻良種繁殖圃中異型株之遺傳分析KAE-KANG HWU journal article
7412011水稻越光品種抽穗期近同源系之產量與品質分析陳榮坤; 陳榮坤; 陳正昇; 陳正昇; 林彥蓉 conference paper
7421982油菜之遺傳與育種陳成; 胡凱康 journal article
7431983油菜產量育種選拔指標之研究陳成; 胡凱康 ; 劉景平; 林茂森journal article
7441983油菜籽油酸及亞油酸成份之遺傳胡凱康 ; 陳成journal article
7451998混合線型模式應用於狼尾草品種比較試驗資料之分析CHEN-TUO LIAO journal article
7461999混合線型模式應用於田間均勻試驗資料之分析CHEN-TUO LIAO journal article
7472008減緩高溫對臺灣稻米品質形成之影響 - 氮素與根溫調節的生理效應 (新制多年期第1年)盧虎生 report
7482004測量設計之評介CHEN-TUO LIAO ; 林彩玉; 廖振鐸 journal article
7492003溫室氣體通量測定及減量對策楊盛行; 劉清標; 林良平; 賴朝明; 王一雄; 朱鈞; 盧虎生 ; 王銀波; 趙震慶; 楊秋忠; 呂世宗; 郭坤土; 張哲明; 洪肇嘉; 劉瑞美; 黃山內; 李春芳; 楊盛行; 劉清標; 林良平; 賴朝明; 王一雄; 朱鈞; 盧虎生 ; 王銀波; 趙震慶; 楊秋忠; 呂世宗; 郭坤土; 張哲明; 洪肇嘉; 劉瑞美黃山內; 李春芳
7502003灰系統理論在生物學之應用:(1)高等植物捕光蛋白對葉綠素a/b比值貢獻度之灰關聯分析黃文達 ; 蔡養正; 張新軒; 楊智旭; 楊棋明journal article
7512005灰系統理論在生物學之應用:(4)以葉綠素含量預估水稻產量之灰關聯分析黃文達 ; 楊智旭; 許明晃; 黃秀鳳; 張新軒; 蔡養正; 楊志維; 楊棋明journal article
7522006灰系統理論在生物學之應用:(5)大肚山氣候因子對其林火頻率與面積之灰關聯分析邱祈榮 ; 曾仁鍵; 林朝欽; 楊棋明; 黃文達 journal article
7532007灰系統理論在生物學之應用:(6)氣象因子影響SPOT衛星遙測草坪生長之灰關聯分析許明晃; 陳宏銘 ; 楊志維; 張新軒; 黃文達 ; 楊棋明journal article
7542005灰系統理論在生物學之應用:(III)葉黃素循環與酚酸代謝物對植物葉片熱能消散之比較黃文達 ; 楊智旭; 許明晃; 楊志維; 張新軒; 蔡養正; 楊棋明journal article
7551986玉米主要農藝性狀組合力之研究林順福 ; 陳成journal article
7561986玉米全套轉座同原系之重建及應用陳成; 林順福 ; 滕民強; 陳嘉昇; 張聖顯report
7571985玉米全套轉座同原系之重建及應用陳成; 劉景平; 林順福 report
7581994玉米早期胚乳發育調控之研究 : 基因選殖表現與賀爾蒙之分佈盧虎生 report
7601986玉米染色體轉座效應之研究(I):染色體轉座效應對於農藝性狀之影響陳成; 林順福 journal article
7611987玉米染色體轉座效應之研究(II):染色體轉座效應對傳遞率之影響陳成; 劉景平; 林順福 ; 劉景平; 林順福 journal article
7621995玉米核酸逢機增殖多型性(RAPD)遺傳歧異分析系統之建立KAE-KANG HWU ; 陳述; 胡凱康 journal article
7631994玉米種子充實之雜種優勢與氮肥反應:碳水化合物與貯藏性蛋白質之表現梁玉玲; 盧虎生 ; 黃懿秦; 朱鈞; 朱元南 ; 梁玉玲; 黃懿秦; Chu, Yuan-Nan journal article
7641998玉米穎果發育早期多元氨之含量變化及其與穎果敗育的關係盧虎生 report
7651999玉米穎果發育早期多元胺之含量變化及其與穎果敗育的關係(二)盧虎生 report
7662001玉米雜種優勢之基因表現差異分析(二)林順福 report
7672000玉米雜種優勢之基因表現差異分析(第一年)林順福 report
7682003甘藷葉片反射光譜分析與色素含量之遙測估算許明晃; 黃文達 ; 楊志維; 張新軒; 蔡養正; 楊棋明journal article
7692003甘藷葉片色素含量對NDVI植生指數之灰關聯分析許明晃; 黃文達 ; 楊志維; 蔡養正; 張新軒; 楊智旭; 楊棋明journal article
7702007生技新藥與診斷試劑共同研發統計評估的理論與方法學之研究 (新制多年期第1年)劉仁沛 report
7712004生物時鐘調控甘藷葉部澱粉合成酵素基因表現之分子機制王淑珍; 王淑珍 report
7721986由分子生物及基因表現觀點看植物荷爾蒙之作用形式盧虎生 ; 朱鈞journal article
7732000百慕達草之特性與利用黃文達 ; 張新軒; Huang, Wen-Dar ; Chang, Shin-Shinejournal article
7742008盤固草A254(Digitaria decumbens)細胞懸浮培養與植株再生施意敏; 廖成康; 盧虎生 ; 朱鈞journal article
7752003磺嘴山氣候因子對衛星遙測類地毯草亮度指數之灰關聯分析黃文達 ; 陳建璋; 許明晃; 楊志維; 張新軒; 蔡養正; 黃光瀛; 呂理昌; 陳朝圳; 楊棋明journal article
7761997稻米儲藏性蛋白質性質與品質改進簡珮如; 盧虎生 ; 朱鈞journal article
7772007穩健型雙染色DNA微陣列實驗設計之研究 (新制多年期第1年)廖振鐸 report
7782004穩健性測驗試驗設計之研究廖振鐸 report
7791987空氣污染區人體免疫功能之改變劉文章; 蔣雯; 王淑珍 ; 王樹人; 葉欽池; 孫岩章 ; 倪世標
7802006空氣污染物對甘蔗葉片色素與反射光譜特徵之影響許明晃; 楊志維; 張新軒; 楊棋明; 黃文達 journal article
7812002篩選與水稻抗褐飛蝨基因連鎖之分子標誌黃惠娟; 李長沛; 陳治官; 鄭清煥; 謝兆樞; 林順福 journal article
7822003米飯質地特性與白米鹼溶性及醇溶性蛋白質間相關之研究洪梅珠; 盧虎生 ; 簡珮如journal article
7832000米飯食味特性與白米醇溶性及鹼溶性蛋白質間相關之研究洪梅珠; 簡珮如; 盧虎生 journal article
7842003糯稻種原之蜡質基因DNA 序列與胚乳澱粉組成之相關性研究林順福 report
785-統計學: 三、機率(Probability)劉仁沛 ; 劉仁沛 learning-object
786-統計學: 八、假設檢定 I (Hypothesis Testing Ⅱ)劉仁沛 learning object
787-統計學: 十一、簡單相關與簡單直線回歸分析(Simple Correlations and Simple Linear Regression )劉仁沛 ; 劉仁沛 learning-object
7882015統計與生活,增訂版JEN-PEI LIU book
7892013緩衝區設置對基因轉殖水稻花粉媒介基因流佈之影響曾清山(Ching-Shan Tseng); YANN-RONG LIN ; 關政平(Cheng-Ping Kuan); 賴明信(Ming-Hsing Lai); 吳明哲(Min-Tze Wu)00
7902011群集分析探討臺灣第一與第二核能發電廠撞擊魚群的時間變化Hungyen CHEN dissertation
7911992胚乳發育過程中基因表現調控之研究:AUXIN在玉米胚乳發育中基因表現之調控盧虎生 report
7922006臺灣優質水稻栽培之環境挑戰與因應措施盧虎生 ; 劉韻華; 中央氣象局第三組農業氣象科journal article
7932008臺灣水稻譜系資料庫KAE-KANG HWU ; 陳恆; 林茂森; 胡凱康 journal article
7942007臺灣野生稻農藝生育性狀及親緣性分析吳志文; 盧虎生 journal article
7951997荷爾蒙對Mesembryanthemum Crystallinum L.景天酸代謝之調節:光與荷爾蒙調節之影響朱鈞; 盧虎生 
7962004落花生新品種台農7號-珍甜曹文隆; 楊金興; 黃惠娟; 鄭耀星; 林順福 ; 盧煌勝; 林俊義journal article
7971999落花生種間雜交種之鑑別及其特性分析黃惠娟; 曹文隆; 林順福 ; 謝兆樞; 蔡志濃journal article
7981988落葉劑與剪葉處理對於大豆成熟期、產量及品質之影響林順福 ; 陳成; 林順福 journal article
7992011藉次世代定序技術探勘水稻全基因體之單一核苷酸多型性魏甫錦; 魏甫錦; 林彥蓉 ; 邢禹依; 邢禹依conference paper
8002001蜀黍 NTUACO基礎族群及其由SSD法衍生族群之變異分析研究劉宏彬; 陳成; 林順福 journal article
8011991蜀黍RFLP連頻群圖譜的建立 蜀黍F 分離族群之RFLP分析胡凱康 report
8021995蜀黍雜種優勢與遺傳岐異度之關係胡凱康 report
8032003行列設計在雙染色cDNA微晶片實驗上的應用CHEN-TUO LIAO journal article
804-跳不跳?有關係!---轉位子與植物基因篩選常玉強 conference paper
8052016運用分子標幟輔助提升耐鹽稉稻之耐旱性連怡鈞(I-Chun Lien); 郭介煒(Chieh-Wei Kuo); 郭素真(Su-Chen Kuo); YANN-RONG LIN ; 吳永培(Yong-Pei Wu)00
8062015運用分子標幟輔助選拔提升香米品系嘉農育911303之耐旱度郭介煒(Chieh-Wei Kuo); 林昆鴻(Keung-Hung Lin); 吳永培(Yong-Pei Wu); YANN-RONG LIN ; 徐仁浩(Jen-Hao Hsu); 許育嘉(Yu-Chia Hsu)00
8072014運用分子標幟輔助選拔提昇水稻「台稉九號」品種之耐旱性YANN-RONG LIN journal article
8082005運用衛星遙測資料比較北投垃圾焚化廠運轉前後關渡平原水稻之生長狀況黃文達 ; 許明晃; 陳建璋; 楊志維; 楊佳豪; 彭雲明; 盧虎生 ; 楊棋明journal article
8092006邁向定位選殖TINR RICE 基因,tr1。李偉嘉; 李孟昭; 林耀正; 邢禹依; 林彥蓉 conference paper
8102002部分重複的2-變級部分複因子設計之研究廖振鐸 report
8111996酸雨對作物的影響楊政國; 盧虎生 ; 朱鈞journal article
8122015野生稻DNA分子標幟之開發與應用YANN-RONG LIN ; 簡祥庭(Hsiang-Ting Chien); 金漢煊(Han-Shiuan Chin); 林鋐穎(Hung-Ying Lin); 顏信沐(Hsing-Mu Yen); 卓緯玄(Woei-Shyuan Jwo); 吳東鴻(Dong-Hong Wu); 賴明信(Ming-Hsing Lai); 李長沛(Charng-Pei Li)00
8132009開發尼羅草專-性分子標記吳東鴻; KAE-KANG HWU ; 蕭素碧; 施意敏; 胡凱康 journal article
8142005關渡平原2004年爆發大規模水稻病蟲害與黑穗過程與原因之調查許明晃; 黃文達 ; 楊志維; 陳建璋; 楊佳豪; 吳志文; 盧虎生 ; 楊棋明journal article
8152006關渡平原2004年空氣品質及氣象因子影響SPOT衛星遙測水稻生長之灰關聯分析許明晃; 黃文達 ; 楊志維; 陳建璋; 盧虎生 ; 楊棋明journal article
8162008關渡平原水田土壤砷種類與水稻植體濃度關係探討林聖淇; 趙方傑; 黃文達 ; 徐貴新; 姚佩萱; 張尊國 journal article
8172007阿拉伯芥及大麥低溫耐性相關轉錄因子ICE及CBFs在轉殖水稻中之功能分析 (新制多年期第1年)張孟基 report
8182008阿拉伯芥及大麥低溫耐性相關轉錄因子ICE及CBFs在轉殖水稻中之功能分析 (新制多年期第2年)張孟基 report
8192002雙色cDNA生物晶片實驗資料正規化方法之比較CHEN-TUO LIAO journal article
8201985離層酸與細胞分裂素對Mesmbryanthemum Crystallinum L.景天酸代謝之誘導王振武; 盧虎生 ; 朱鈞; Lur, Huu-Sheng journal article
8211992離層酸與誘0導景天酸代謝之關係廖成康; 盧虎生 ; 朱鈞; Lur, Huu-Sheng journal article
8222007離層酸誘導之OsMAPK3水稻轉殖株可提升巴拉刈之抗性MEN-CHI CHANG ; 趙雲洋; 劉麗飛; 張孟基 journal article
8232000飽和且直交的2-變級複因子直交試驗之研究廖振鐸 report
8242013高溫對水稻產量及品質之影響:從生理層次到田間環境之探討莊豐鳴; 盧虎生 journal article
8252006高科技、高資金、高利潤、高風險下的農業生技產業 --- 台灣要走出自己的方向林順福 journal article
8261992高等植物冷馴化之分子遺傳高小玲; 盧虎生 ; 朱鈞journal article
8271992高等植物細胞之鈣離子通道姚銘輝; 盧虎生 ; 朱鈞; Lur, Huu-Sheng journal article
8282004高等植物非葉綠色組織之葉綠素a/b比值楊棋明; 吳雅婷; 劉翠雅; 黃文達 ; 黃秀鳳; 趙璧玉journal article