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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHENG-I HSIEH謝正義 Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering Environmental Fluid Mechanics; Environmental Biophysics; Environmental Monitoring and Instrumentation of Biophysics
CHIHHAO FAN范致豪 Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering Water treatment technology; Environmental chemistry; Water quality modelling; River basin management
CHING-PIN TUNG童慶斌 Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering Sustainable Soil and Water Resources; Climate Change; Environmental Systems Analysis
CHUNG-MIN LIAO廖中明 Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering dynamic transmission and control of indoor respiratory infections; Infectious disease modeling; Human and ecological risk assessment; Indoor air quality; Ecotoxicological modeling and risk analysis
FI-JOHN CHANG張斐章 Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering Artificial Neural Network; Intelligent Control Theory; Analysis of water resources system; Eco-hydrology
FU-CHUN WU吳富春 Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering Ecohydraulics; Environmental Water Resources Engineering; Stochastic Hydraulics
HUNG-PIN HUANG黃宏斌 Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering Disaster Prevention; Soil & Water Conservation; Ecological Engineering; Civil Engineering (Hydraulics); Forestry; Environmental Protection
HWA-LUNG YU余化龍 Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering  Center for Weather Climate and Disaster Research Environmental risk assessment; Stochastic analysis; Environmental modeling; Geographic information system; Spatiotemporal mapping and analysis
JEN-CHEN FAN范正成 Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering  Research Center of Climate Change and Sustainable Development (CCSD) nonpoint source pollution; debris flow; geotechnical engineering; Soil mechanics
JUI-PIN TSAI蔡瑞彬 Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering Hydrogeological Parameters Estimation; Data Fusion; Remediation of Contaminated Site; Artificial Intelligence; Hydrogeophysics; Groundwater Resources Assessments and Managements; Shallow Geothermal Energy Exchange
KE-SHENG CHENG鄭克聲 Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering  Research Center of Climate Change and Sustainable Development (CCSD) Spatio-temporal process modeling; Kriging estimation; Stochastic simulation of random fields; Remote sensing applications in hydrology and water resources management; Monitoring network design
KUO-TSANG HUANG黃國倉 Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering Environmental Control Systems; Building Physics; Building Energy; Ecological Engineering; Rooftop Greening; Urban Micro-climate Studies; Green Building; Architecture/Landscape Architecture Planning and Design; Building Integrated Photovoltaic Systems
KUO-WEI LIAO廖國偉 Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering safety evaluation of river-crossing bridges; design optimization; reliability engineering; structural mechanics; smart system for slopeland disaster prevention; big data analysis and machine learning
LI-CHI CHIANG江莉琦 Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering Soil and Water Conservation; Watershed Analysis and Modeling; Water Resource Engineering; Watershed Planning and Management
MING-CHE HU胡明哲 Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering Engineering economics; Water resources system optimization; Uncertainty analysis; Environmental planning model; Energy market modeling & policy simulation
MING-DAW SU蘇明道 Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering Spatial Data Analysis; Irrigation management; Water resource planning and management
SAU-WAI YAM任秀慧 Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering Ecological Restoration; Freshwater Ecology; Biomonitoring; Ecology; Statistics; Conservation Biology; Ecological risk assessment
SHAO-YIU HSU許少瑜 Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering Hydrological disaster prevention; Unsaturated hydrology; Water resources management
SHU-YUAN PAN潘述元 Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering Healthy Watershed Management; Food-Water-Energy-Land Nexus; Green Infrastructure; Electrokinetic Separation; Waste-to-Resource Supply Chain
TSANG-JUNG CHANG張倉榮 Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering  Center for Weather Climate and Disaster Research  Research Center of Climate Change and Sustainable Development (CCSD) Building and Environment; Computational Hydraulics; Computational Wind Engineering; Renewable Energy; Bio-environmental Fluid Mecnanics
TSUN-KUO CHANG張尊國 Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering  Research Center of Climate Change and Sustainable Development (CCSD) water pollution control; soil remediation; GIS application to natural resources management
VIVIAN LIAO廖秀娟 Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering Environmental Medicine; Environmental Microbiology; Environmental Risk Assessment; Environmental Biotechnology; Environmental Molecular Toxicology
YIH-CHI TAN譚義績 Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering irrigation and drainage; disaster prvention and flood control; groundwater; porous midia flow
YO-JIN SHIAU蕭友晉 Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering Greenhouse gas monitoring; Biogeochemistry; Wetland restoration; Machine vision; Soil microbiology; Ecological engineering
YU-PIN LIN林裕彬 Master Program in Global Agriculture Technology and Genomic Science (Global ATGS)  Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering Ecological Hydrology Monitoring and Modeling in Drainage basin; Spatial Analysis and Modeling; Landscape Ecology; System Dynamic Modeling of Wetlands; Global Change- Land Use Modeling