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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHAO-YING CHEN陳昭瑩 Plant Pathology and Microbiology Plant Bacteriology; Molecular Plant Pathology
CHIA-LIN CHUNG鍾嘉綾 Plant Pathology and Microbiology Fungal diseases; Resistance breeding; Pathogen population biology
HAO-XUN CHANG張皓巽 Plant Pathology and Microbiology Genome-wide association study (GWAS); Fungal genetic and biology for virulence; Molecular plant-microbe interactions; Genetics, genomics, and comparative genomics for plant and fungi; Next-generation sequencing and command line-based data analyses; Microbiome, amplicon sequencing, and metagenomics
Hiran Anjana Ariyawansa歐海仁 Plant Pathology and Microbiology Fungal Phylogenetics and systematics; Fungal Diversity and Pathogenicity; Fungal Evolution; Fungal Biotechnology
JIUE-IN YANG楊爵因 Plant Pathology and Microbiology Molecular Detection Techniques; Biological Control; Plant Nematology; Microbiome
LI CHANG張立 Plant Pathology and Microbiology Plant Virology; Plant immunity; Development and application of Plant viral vectors; Plant virus-host interaction
RUEY-FEN LIOU劉瑞芬 Plant Pathology and Microbiology Molecular Biology
TING-HSUAN HUNG洪挺軒 Plant Pathology and Microbiology Plant Virology; Molecular Biology
WEI-CHIANG SHEN沈偉強 Plant Pathology and Microbiology Fungal Genetics; Molecular Biology; Physiology
YA-CHUN CHANG張雅君 Plant Pathology and Microbiology Plant Virology; Molecular Biology
YI-JU LU呂依儒 Plant Pathology and Microbiology Molecular plant bacteriology; Plant immunity; Plant biochemistry; Plant cell biology
YING-LIEN CHEN陳穎練 Plant Pathology and Microbiology Pathogenesis; Antifungal Drug Development; Microbial Genetics