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BIING-TZUANG GUAN關秉宗 Forestry and Resource Conservation 生態系經營與復育評估; 生態模式建構與分析; 統計方法應用在生態資料分析
CHIA-PIN YU余家斌 Forestry and Resource Conservation Wellness Tourism; VR nature and Healthcare; Nature, Recreation and Health; Forest Therapy; Evidence-based Research; Mental Health Management
CHIH-HSIN CHENG鄭智馨 Forestry and Resource Conservation ecological functions of soil organic mater; soil carbon cycle and the related structures
CHIN-LONG ZHENG鄭欽龍 Forestry and Resource Conservation forest policy; forest management; economics of forest management
CHING-FENG LI李靜峯 Forestry and Resource Conservation Ecological Restoration; Conservation; Phytosociology; Community Ecology; Field Survey; Vegetation Mapping
CHUN-HAN KO柯淳涵 Forestry and Resource Conservation 應用微生物及酵素技術; 分離程序在生物材料化學加工; 生質能源轉化技術及環境資源保護技術上的應用
CHYI-RONG CHIOU邱祈榮 Forestry and Resource Conservation  Biodiversity Research Center  Master's Program in Biodiversity Biodiversity Conservation, Ecosystem Service; Climate Change; Forest Management; Remote Sensing; Geographic Information System
DAU-JYE LU盧道杰 Forestry and Resource Conservation  Biodiversity Research Center  Master's Program in Biodiversity 自然保護區經營管理; 保育政策; 保育思維發展; 社區保育; 原住民族與自然資源管理; 環境史; 社區林業
FANG-HUA CHU曲芳華 Forestry and Resource Conservation Gene database; functional genomics of growth and development; biosynthesis mechanisms of secondary metabolites in the endemic tree and fungus species
FAR-CHING LIN林法勤 Forestry and Resource Conservation 生物材料研發; 木材生物學; 家具結構與木結構研究; 加工與應用; 木材與生物複合材料力學行為研究
FENG-CHENG CHANG張豐丞 Forestry and Resource Conservation Applications of combining biomaterials and other materials; value-adding and reusing of industrial waste; improving and multi-applying on biomaterials; Developing bio-fibers and bio-based composites; viscoelasticity and long-term performance of biomaterials
HSIAO-WEI YUAN袁孝維 Forestry and Resource Conservation  Biodiversity Research Center  Office of International Affairs  Master's Program in Biodiversity Bird ecology and conservation, Wildlife management, Environmental education and Ecotourism, Biodiversity and Ecosystem monitoring
HUI-TING CHANG張惠婷 Forestry and Resource Conservation 紙張性質之分析與改質; 林木天然物的分析與利用; 木質材料的保存與改質
LIH-JIH WANG王立志 Forestry and Resource Conservation 
LIU CHI-CHANG劉奇璋 Forestry and Resource Conservation 
MING-CHIEH CHEN陳明杰 Forestry and Resource Conservation Soil and water conservation; Watershed management; Forest hydrology; Forest engineering
MING-JER TSAI蔡明哲 Forestry and Resource Conservation wooden cultural heritage preservation; Composite materials development; green building; non-destructive testing
ROLAND KIRSCHNER羅南德 Forestry and Resource Conservation Mycology; Botany; Taxonom; Biological diversity
SHANG-TZEN CHANG張上鎮 Forestry and Resource Conservation Modification of Lignocellulosic Materials; Wood Chemistry and Wood Preservation; Secondary Metabolites of Plants and Their Bioactivities; Weathering of Bio-materials; Photodegradation and Photostabilization of Wood and Coatings
SU-TING CHENG鄭舒婷 Forestry and Resource Conservation 
TARO NAKAI中井太郎 Forestry and Resource Conservation Meteorology & Atmospheric Sciences; ecohydrology; micrometeorology; aerodynamic roughness; agricultural and forest meteorology; evapotranspiration; eddy covariance
TING-FENG YEH葉汀峰 Forestry and Resource Conservation Cell wall biosynthesis; Biomass utilization.; Cell wall chemistry; Wood formation
TZENG YIH LAM林增毅 Forestry and Resource Conservation Quantitative Silviculture; Forest Resources Measurement and Inventory; Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis
TZUNG-SU DING丁宗蘇 Forestry and Resource Conservation  Master's Program in Biodiversity 巨觀生物學; 地景生態學; 森林生物之群聚生態學
WEI-LI LIANG梁偉立 Forestry and Resource Conservation Soil physics; Soil and water conservation; Hillslope hydrology; Erosion control
YA-NAN WANG王亞男 Forestry and Resource Conservation Silviculture and Practice; Tissue Culfure of Woody Plants and Lab; Forest Ecology; Introductory to Forest Biotechuology