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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
Chang-Young Fei費昌勇 Veterinary Medicine Animal Welfare; Veterinary Ethics; Veterinary Parasitology
CHEN-SI LIN林辰栖 Veterinary Medicine Cancer Immunology and Microbiology
CHIA-CHI WANG王家琪 Veterinary Medicine Immunotoxicology; Immunopharmacology; Animal Models
CHIAN-REN JENG鄭謙仁 Veterinary Medicine  Molecular and Comparative Pathobiology Immunology; Veterinary Virology; Veterinary Pathology; Diagnostic Pathology
CHIN-CHENG CHOU周晉澄 Veterinary Medicine Environmental Health; Occupational Health; Livestock Pollution Prevention and Control; Veterinary Public Health
CHUNG-HSI CHOU周崇熙 Veterinary Medicine  Master Program in Global Agriculture Technology and Genomic Science (Global ATGS)  Office of Student Affairs Food Safety ; Veterinary Clinical Microbiology; Veterinary Public Health and Epidemiology
FANG-CHIA CHANG張芳嘉 Veterinary Medicine  Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics Neuroscience; Sleep Neurophysiology; Sleep Medicine
HAN YOU LIN林翰佑 Veterinary Medicine 
HSIANG-JUNG TSAI蔡向榮 Veterinary Medicine Prevention and Control of Avian Disease and Zoonoses ; Etiology; Diagnosis; Epidemiology
HUI-WEN CHEN陳慧文 Veterinary Medicine Antivirals and vaccines; Infectious disease epidemiology; Virological diagnostics; Viral pathogenesis and immunity
IVAN-CHEN CHENG鄭益謙 Veterinary Medicine Immunology; Swine diseases-virology; Veterinary genetics; Hybridoma technique platform
KUANG-SHENG YEH葉光勝 Veterinary Medicine Microbial Diagnosis; Molecular Biology; Molecular Bacteriology
MEEI-MEI CHEN陳媺玫 Veterinary Medicine Virology and Microbiology; Diagnosis and treatment of fish disease
NAI-HUEI WU吳乃慧 Veterinary Medicine Avian Medicine; 3D Culture; Virology
PEI-SHIUE TSAI蔡沛學 Veterinary Medicine Membrane Biology; Reproductive Biology; Cell Biology
SHAO-KUANG CHANG張紹光 Veterinary Medicine Drug Residues and Drug Resistance; Toxicology; Veterinary Pharmacology
TAI-CHING LIAO廖泰慶 Veterinary Medicine  Molecular and Comparative Pathobiology Cancer Biology
TONG-RONG JAN詹東榮 Veterinary Medicine  Immunopharmacology and Immonotoxicology of Nanomaterials and Phytochemicals
TZONG-FU KUO郭宗甫 Veterinary Medicine Embryology; and Regenerative Medicine; Teratology; Animal Anatomy
WEI-CHENG YANG楊瑋誠 Veterinary Medicine  Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Conservation Medicine of Dolphin and Whale; Development of Diagnostic Tool
WEN-YUAN YANG楊文淵 Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Epidemiology; One Health Approach for zoonotic pathogens; Administrative Strategies for Disease control; Animal Disease Prevention and Control; Gut Microbiome; Administrative Regulation of Veterinary Medicinal Products; Pathogenesis of Infectious Animal Disease
YI-TSE HSIAO蕭逸澤 Veterinary Medicine Neuroscience; Place cell; Electroencephalogram; Mnemonic learning