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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHENG-WEI CHEN陳政位 Fisheries Science  Agricultural Economics Fishery Economics; Operations Research; Biology Economics; Econometrics
CHU-PING LO羅竹平 Agricultural Economics International Trade; China Economy
FENG-AN YANG楊豐安 Agricultural Economics Health economics; Policy Analysis; Econometrics
FUNG-MEY HUANG黃芳玫 Agricultural Economics Health Economics; Demographic and Labor Economics; Econometrics
HUNG-HAO CHANG張宏浩 Agricultural Economics Economic Analysis of Law in competitive laws; Farm economy; Consumer Economy; Policy Evaluation
KANG ERNEST LIU劉鋼 Agricultural Economics 
LI-FEN LEI雷立芬 Master's Program in Biodiversity  Agricultural Economics Derivatives; Agricultural Marketing; Fallow Agribusiness; Statistics
PEI-ING WU吳珮瑛 Agricultural Economics Applied Econometrics; Environment Economics; Applied Welfare Economics
RHUNG-JIEH WOO吳榮杰 Agricultural Economics Econometrics Modeling and Policy Analysis; Agricultural Marketing; Agricultural Finance; Agricultural Trade
SHUAY-TSYR HO何率慈 Agricultural Economics Agricultural and Food Policy; Consumption Economics; Agricultural Economics
WEI JAMES CHEN陳暐 Agricultural Economics Data Science; Neuroeconomics; Behavioral Economics; Decision Theory
YIR-HUEIH LUH陸怡蕙 Agricultural Economics Production Economics; Applied Econometrics; Industrial Studies
YU-HUI CHEN陳郁蕙 Agricultural Economics Agricultural Policy; Agricultural Marketing; Agricultural Price; Agricultural Trade