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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHAOYUN LIANG梁朝雲 Bio-industry Communication and Development social enterprise and organizational innovation; marketing communications and media management; educational technology and science communication; creativity; media arts and design education
CHI-MAO WANG王驥懋 Bio-industry Communication and Development Rural sociology; Rural Development; Global Agricultural Production Network; Agricultural Technology and Scociety
CHUN-CHIEH WANG王俊傑 Bio-industry Communication and Development Intellectual property management; E-commerce; e-commerce; Information management; Digital marketing
HO-CHIA CHUEH闕河嘉 Bio-industry Communication and Development  Stanley Wang D-School@NTU Rural studies; cultural studies; post-structuralism
HSIU-PING YUEH岳修平 Bio-industry Communication and Development  Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics Information and communications technology in agriculture; Smart living technology; Human factors; Cognitive science; Learning science and technology; Communication strategies; Performance technology and organizational development
HUI-JU KUO郭蕙如 Bio-industry Communication and Development Rural Sociology; Quantitative and Spatial Methods; Sociology of Food and Agricultural Systems; Environmental Sociology
JIUN-HAO WANG王俊豪 Bio-industry Communication and Development rural development; Farmers' social welfare and structural policies; rural leisure business
LI-CHUN HUANG黃麗君 Bio-industry Communication and Development Sustainable Agro-food Development and Business Model Innovation Management; Agricultural Brand Development and Communication; Horticultural Crops Commodification and Consumer Behavior
LI-PEI PENG彭立沛 Bio-industry Communication and Development  Building and Planning community development; multi-stakeholder engagement; network governance; regional planning; cultural landscape conservation; cultural ecosystem services
SHIH-HSIEN HSU許詩嫺 Bio-industry Communication and Development Social media; Media and globalization; Social networks; Political communication and public opinion research theory; Comparative media studies; Social capital
SHU-MEI WANG王淑美 Bio-industry Communication and Development consumer behavior; recreation economy; Economic and financial benefit assessment; e-commerce; innovation and entrepreneurship
YU-CHAN CHIU邱玉蟬 Bio-industry Communication and Development Risk Communication; Health Communication; Media Representations
YU-HUA CHEN陳玉華 Bio-industry Communication and Development Family demography; rural community development; social development; social research methods