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12014103年度農業推廣研究成果JIUN-HAO WANG journal article
22014103年度農業推廣研究成果YU-HUA CHEN journal article
320111990年與2000年城鄉休閒活動類型之變遷-以台灣社會變遷基本調查資料爲例JIUN-HAO WANG journal article00
419991998兒童資訊月軟體設計展示:網路微世界學習環境-國中理化課波動與聲音微世界岳修平 journal article
6200992-95年度參與企學網企業數位學習導入歷程之個案研究岳修平 ; 劉伊霖; 陳姿伶; 陳國棟
72012A case study of the Foxconn suicides An international perspective to framing the sweatshop issueSHIH-HSIEN HSU journal article
82014A comparative study of patent counts by the inventor country and the assignee countryMU-HSUAN HUANG ; CHUN-CHIEH WANG journal article33
92011A comparison of technology trajectories between the global and the United States in smart gridCHUN-CHIEH WANG conference paper00
102015A Grey Relation Analysis of the Performance of Listed Hospitality Companies in TaiwanSHU-MEI WANG journal article
112015A Preliminary Study of Technological Evolution: From the Perspective of the USPC ReclassificationCHUN-CHIEH WANG conference paper
122007A study on the factors that influence ADSL customer brand switching intentionChaoyun Liang journal article
132009A user-Centered design approach to develop a web-Based instructional resource system for homeland educationChaoyun Liang journal article
142000Accuracy of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of peritonitis compared with the clinical impression of the surgeonYEU-SHENG HSIEH journal article
152007Advancing distance education: Cultural interaction through learning activitiesYueh,Hsiu-Ping ; Lin, Wei-Jane ; Minoh, M.conference paper
162015Alteration of influencing factors of e-learning continued intention for different degrees of online participationChaoyun Liang journal article
172013An integrated DANP method for decision participation model of flood detention facility under climate changeLI-PEI PENG journal article
182013An integrated decision making model for district revitalization and regeneration project selectionLI-PEI PENG journal article4336
192004Anxious Identity:Education, Difference, and Politics.Chueh, Ho-chia. 
202010Applicability of the Chinese Version of the Prodromal QuestionnaireHAI-GWO HWU ; Chiu, Shu-Chen; Hwu, Hai-Gwo ; KAI-PING GRACE YAO ; YEU-SHENG HSIEH ; Shiau, Shu-Jen; Yao, Grace; Hsieh, Yeu-Sheng journal article75
212008Applying a 3-tiered blogging system to support learning in a distance courseLin, Wei-Jane ; Yueh, Hsiu-Ping ; Murakami, Masayuki; Minoh, Michihikojournal article
222003Applying a web-based PBL in an undergraduate agriculture classroomYueh,Hsiu-Ping ; Lin, Wei-Jane conference paper
232013Are there differences between science and engineering majors regarding the imagination-mediated model?Chaoyun Liang journal article88
242000Assessing a problem-based approach to an introductory instructional design course: A case studyDabbagh, Nada H.; Jonassen, David H.; Yueh, Hsiu-Ping ; Samouilova, Marina
252012Attitudinal inconsistency toward organic food in relation to purchasing intention and behavior: An illustration of Taiwan consumersYU-HUA CHEN journal article3733
262012Awaken Imagination: Effects of Learning Environment and Individual PsychologyChaoyun Liang journal article00
272012Bearing fault diagnosis based on multiscale permutation entropy and support vector machineWu, Shuen-De; Wu, Po-Hung; Wu, Chiu-Wen; Ding, Jian-Jiun ; Wang, Chun-Chieh journal article129110
282006Blog as a Tool to Develop e-Learning Experience in an International Distance CourseLin, Wei-Jane ; Liu, Yi-Ling; Kakusho, K.; Yueh, Hsiu-Ping ; Murakami, Masayuki; Minoh, Michihikoconference paper45
292006Blogs vs. Forums: Asynchronous and synchronous communication using text in supporting international distance LearningLin, Wei-Jane ; Yueh,Hsiu-Ping ; Minoh, M.conference paper
302009A case study of advancing international distance education between Taiwanese and Japanese universitiesLin, Weijane ; Yueh, Hsiu-Ping ; Minoh, Michihikojournal article
311997Certainty, determinism, and predictability in theories of instructional design: Lessons from scienceJonassen, D.H.; Hennon, R.J.; Ondrusek, A.; Samouilova, M.; Spaulding, K.; Yueh, Hsiu-Ping ; Li, T.; Nouri, V.; DiRocco, M.; Birdwell, D.M.
322015Change in Weight Status and Academic Performance among Senior High School Students in TaiwanJIUN-HAO WANG ; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article11
332011Characteristics of technology dependence in semiconductor technological alliance companiesCHUN-CHIEH WANG conference paper
352005Classroom management of project-based learning in web environmentYueh,Hsiu-Ping ; Lin, Wei-Jane ; Chung, W.L.conference paper
362009A Cohort Analysis of the Transition to First Marriage among TaiwaneseChen, Yu-Hua 
372015College students’ attitudes and preferences of mobile newspaper reading: A comparison between printed and web page layoutFu, Lin Chao; Lu, Ming Hsin; Wu, Hsin Ying; WEIJANE LIN ; HSIU-PING YUEH book chapter00
382011Community-based Participation Model for Digital Archive Construction: Museum Exhibition at Nara UniversityShoji, T.,; Lin, Wei-Jane ; Yueh,Hsiu-Ping conference paper
392017Comparing the moderating effects of social capacity on social entrepreneurial intention among Hong Kong and Taiwan university studentsChia-Yuan Hsu; Shu-Mei Wang Conference paper
401998Computers as Mindtools for engaging learners in critical thinkingJonassen, David H.; Carr, Chad; Yueh, Hsiu-Ping 
412006Constructing a full-support online project-based learning environmentYueh,Hsiu-Ping ; Lin, Wei-Jane ; Kakusho, K.; Minoh, M.conference paper
422013Constructing and evaluating online goal-setting mechanisms in web-based portfolio assessment system for facilitating self-regulated learningChaoyun Liang journal article1416
432014Continuity and Changes in the Timing and Formation of First Marriage Among Postwar Birth Cohorts in TaiwanYU-HUA CHEN journal article87
442015Corporate employees' acceptance of mobile learning in workplaces in TaiwanLu, Ming Hsin; WEIJANE LIN ; HSIU-PING YUEH conference paper00
452014Curvilinear effects of openness and agreeableness on the imaginative capability of student designersJIUN-HAO WANG ; Chaoyun Liang journal article75
462010The design of an interactive shooting system to support distance teaching and learningLin, Wei-Jane ; Shoji, T.; Yueh,Hsiu-Ping ; Minoh, M.conference paper
472005Design of the information sharing mechanism in supporting students' collaborative learning in PBL environmentYueh, Hsiu-Ping ; Lin, Wei-Jane conference paper00
482005Design of the information sharing mechanism in supporting students’ collaborative learning in PBL environmentYueh,Hsiu-Ping ; Lin, Wei-Jane conference paper
492008Designing a learning management system to support instructionYueh, Hsiu-Ping ; Hsu, Shihkuan journal article4725
502014Detecting technological originality through cross-domain knowledge in companyCHUN-CHIEH WANG conference paper
512005Developing a Web-based environment in supporting students team-working and learning in a problem-based learning approachYueh, Hsiu-Ping ; Lin, Wei-Jane conference paper40
522014Developing and Testing the Psychological Variable, Rural Practice, and Entrepreneurial Intention ScalesJIUN-HAO WANG journal article
532014Developing and Testing the Psychological Variable, Rural Practice, and Entrepreneurial Intention ScalesLI-PEI PENG journal article
542014Developing and Testing the Psychological Variable, Rural Practice, and Entrepreneurial Intention ScalesChaoyun Liang journal article
552014Developing digital courseware for a virtual nano-biotechnology laboratory: A design-based research approachHSIU-PING YUEH ; Chen, Tzy Ling; WEIJANE LIN ; HORN-JIUNN SHEEN journal article120
562009Developing experiential learning with a cohort blended laboratory training in nano-bio engineering educationYueh, Hsiu-Ping ; Sheen, Horn-Jiunn 
572017Development and evaluation of a cognitive training game for older people: A design-based approachLu, Ming Hsin; WEIJANE LIN ; HSIU-PING YUEH journal article46
582003Development of a web-based problem-based learning environment in facilitating students’ learningLin, Wei-Jane ; Yueh,Hsiu-Ping conference paper
592014The Development of an Interaction Support System for International Distance EducationHSIU-PING YUEH ; Lin, Wei-Jane ; Shoji, T; Liu, YL; Minoh, Mjournal article77
602003Development of web-based information sharing mechanism in fostering students’ knowledge constructionYueh,Hsiu-Ping ; Lin, Wei-Jane conference paper
612001Die Bedeutung Alterssicherungs- system fuer den wirtschaftlichen Wachstumsprozess, dargestellt am Beispiel der Alterssicherung fur Landwirte in der Republik ChinaKnerr, Beatrice; Jiun-Hao Wang 
622014Differential effects of personality traits and environmental predictors on reproductive and creative imaginationChaoyun Liang journal article53
632014Discovering the imaginative capability of technology writers: Its indicators, roots, and cultivationChaoyun Liang ; JU-SEN LIN journal article22
642013Discovering the use of a home smart telephone: A persona approachWEIJANE LIN ; CHIH-LO CHEN ; Chien Ting Yang ; HSIU-PING YUEH conference paper00
652013Discovering the use of a home smart telephone: A persona approachLin, Wei-Jane ; Chen, C.-L; Yang, C.-T.; YUEH,HSIU-PING conference paper
662009Discrepancy between physicians’ perceptions and practices during pelvic examinations in TaiwanChen, Shu-Ling; Jane, Sui-Whi; Chao, Yu-Mei; Hsieh, Yeu-Sheng journal article33
672013Do Rural Students Really Perform Worse than Urban Students Do? Empirical Evidence from a University Entrance Program in TaiwanJIUN-HAO WANG ; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article44
682002Do You Guys Hate Aucklanders Too? Youth: Voicing Difference from Rural HeartlandSmith, Linda Tuhiwai; Smith, Graham H.; Boler, Megan; Kempton, Margaret; Ormond, Adreanne; Chueh Ho-Chia ; Waetford, Rona
692002"Do you guys hate Aucklanders too?" Youth: Voicing difference from the rural heartlandHO-CHIA CHUEH journal article3632
702016Does using e-portfolios for reflective writing enhance high school students’ self-regulated learning?Chaoyun Liang journal article43
712016The dynamic DEA assessment of the intertemporal efficiency and optimal quantity of patent for China’s high-tech industryWen-Jie Zou; Chin-Wei Huang; Yung-Ho Chiu; Neng Shen; Shu-Mei Wang journal article
722004Effect of Metal?Metal Interactions on Electron Transfer: an STM Study of One-Dimensional Metal String ComplexesLin, Shu-Yi; Chen, I-Wen Peter; Chen, Chun-hsien ; Hsieh, Ming-Hsun; Yeh, Chen-Yu; Lin, Tzu-Wei; Chen, Yu-Hua ; Peng, Shie-Ming journal article
732012Effect of student engagement on multimedia-assisted instructionYUEH,HSIU-PING ; WEIJANE LIN ; Huang, Jo Yi; HORN-JIUNN SHEEN journal article100
742013Effects of anti-dam campaigns on institutional capacity: A case study of Meinung from TaiwanLI-PEI PENG journal article22
752012Effects of maternal confidence and competence on maternal parenting stress in newborn careYEU-SHENG HSIEH journal article3835
762014Electronic pet robots for mechatronics engineering education: A project-based learning approachWEIJANE LIN ; HSIU-PING YUEH ; Chou, Jui Jenjournal article70
772016Employee perceptions and expectations of online marketing service quality: An investigation of farmers' associations in TaiwanChaoyun Liang journal article
782016Employees' acceptance of mobile technology in a workplace: An empirical study using SEM and fsQCAHSIU-PING YUEH ; Lu, Ming Hsin; WEIJANE LIN journal article1714
792015Empowerment through intrinsic motivation and self-efficacy: How personality traits influence rural practice in agricultural students?JIUN-HAO WANG book
802015Empowerment through intrinsic motivation and self-efficacy: How personality traits influence rural practice in agricultural students?Chaoyun Liang book
812015Enhancing confidence in computer-assisted survey for geospatial informationLI-PEI PENG journal article00
822010Enhancing the performance of dye-sensitized solar cells by incorporating nanomica in gel electrolytesKUO-CHUAN HO ; Lai, Yi-Hsuan; Lin, Chia-Yu; JIANG-JEN LIN ; Chen, Jian-Ging; Wang, Chun-Chieh ; Huang, Kuan-Chieh; Liu, Ken-Yen; Lin, King-Fu; Lin, Jiang-Jen ; Ho, Kuo-Chuan journal article3941
832014Entertainment-education of altruistic behaviors: an empirical study of the effects of the narrative persuasion of a nature conservation filmJU-SEN LIN journal article22
842018Evaluating Children's Performance and Perception of Robotic Assistance in Library Book LocatingWEIJANE LIN ; HSIU-PING YUEH conference paper00
852019Evidences of Technological Advantage Gains: The Case of Mergers and Acquisitions in the Agrichemical IndustryCHUN-CHIEH WANG ; MU-HSUAN HUANG ; CHANG, YU-WEI conference paper00
862011Evolution of technology dependence among leading semiconductor companiesWang, Chun-chieh ; Huang, Mu-hsuan ; Chen, Dar-zen journal article65
872013Examining older users' performance on and preference for menu designs of digital photo framesHSIU-PING YUEH ; WEIJANE LIN ; Lu, Tzu Yi; Chou, Yen Lianjournal article10
882014Examining the relationship between cardiorespiratory fitness and body weight status: Empirical evidence from a population-based survey of adults in TaiwanJIUN-HAO WANG ; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article20
892010Examining the types and payments of the disabilities of the insurants in the national farmers' health insurance program in TaiwanJIUN-HAO WANG ; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article10
902014Explore elder users' reading behaviors with online newspaperWEIJANE LIN ; HUI-CHUN LIN; HSIU-PING YUEH book chapter40
912012Exploring 'Gift' Theories for New Immigrants' Literacy Education in TaiwanHO-CHIA CHUEH journal article21
922014Exploring children's attitude and reading comprehension toward different styles of reading orientationWEIJANE LIN ; Wu, Hsin Ying; Wu, Pei Min; Tung, Yun; HSIU-PING YUEH conference paper00
932012Exploring elders’ digital reading experiences with mobile devicesLIN, WEI-JANE ; YUEH,HSIU-PING conference paper
942007Exploring Group Interaction in Synchronous Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) in an International Distance CourseYueh,Hsiu-Ping ; Liu, Y.; Lin, Wei-Jane ; Minoh, M.conference paper
952010Exploring needs and perceptions of elders on touch screen digital photo frameYueh,Hsiu-Ping ; Chou, Y.; Lee, Y.; Chen, Y; Lee, M.; Lin, Wei-Jane conference paper
962013Exploring patent performance and technology interactions of universities, industries, governments and individualsMU-HSUAN HUANG ; CHUN-CHIEH WANG journal article76
972009Exploring students’ communication and project-based learning experience in an international distance courseLin, Wei-Jane ; Yueh, Hsiu-Ping ; Murakami, Masayuki; Minoh, Michihikojournal article
982015Exploring the key factors for cooperate implementation of mobile technologyLu, Ming Hsin; HSIU-PING YUEH ; WEIJANE LIN conference paper30
992013Expressive versus consumptive blog use: Implications for interpersonal discussion and political participationSHIH-HSIEN HSU journal article
1001983Female Employment and Reproductive Behavior in Taiwan, 1980YEU-SHENG HSIEH journal article87
1012015Fostering interdisciplinary learning in a smart living technology course through a PBL approachHSIU-PING YUEH ; Liu, Yi Lin; WEIJANE LIN journal article120
1022009Gift or commodity exchange: the new immigrants in TaiwanChueh, Ho-chia 
1032015A Grey Relation Analysis of the Performance of Listed Hospitality Companies in Taiwan.王淑美 ; 謝承憲; 謝萍如journal article
1042015Happiness and social exclusion of indigenous peoples in Taiwan - A social sustainability perspectiveJIUN-HAO WANG journal article44
1052008Harnessing group intelligence: Using blog in facilitating international distance learningLin, Wei-Jane ; Yueh,Hsiu-Ping ; Minoh, M.conference paper
1061987Household extension and reproductive behaviour in taiwanYEU-SHENG HSIEH ; Chien, Y. -L.; Stokes, C.S.; Gau, S. S. -F.; Leclere, F.B.; Hsieh, Yeu-Sheng ; Shang, C. -Y.; Chiu, Y. -N.; Tsai, W. -C.; Wu, Y-Y; 蔡文哲 ; 高淑芬 ; 商志雍 ; 簡意玲 ; 丘彥南journal article73
1072018How Can Taiwan Enlarge its Role in the Process of Asia-Pacific Economic Integration?Da-Nian Liu; Shu-Mei Wang Conference paper
1082018How Do Employees in Different Job Roles in the Insurance Industry Use Mobile Technology Differently at Work?Lu, Ming Hsin; WEIJANE LIN ; HSIU-PING YUEH journal article00
1092014How does human aggregate moderate the effect of inspiration through action on the imagination of engineering majorsChaoyun Liang journal article
1102012How important are climate characteristics to the estimation of rice production function?JIUN-HAO WANG journal article00
1112012How learning environments can stimulate student imaginationChaoyun Liang journal article
1122019How to Cultivate an Environmentally Responsible Maker? A CPS Approach to a Comprehensive Maker Education Model (In Press)Huang, Tien Chi; WEIJANE LIN ; HSIU-PING YUEH journal article30
1132016How Virtual Experience and Purchase Situations Affect Online Consumer Behavior: A Gender PerspectiveJU-SEN LIN journal article00
1142018IC封裝及測試產業結合之事前效率評估邱永和; 王淑美 ; 張資涵journal article
1152014Identification of cucurbitacins and assembly of a draft genome for Aquilaria agallochaChen, Chuan Hung; Kuo, Tony Chien Yen; Yang, Meng Han; Chien, Ting Ying; Chu, Mei Ju; LI-CHUN HUANG ; CHIEN-YU CHEN ; HSIAO-FENG LO ; SHIH-TONG JENG ; Chen, Long Fang O.journal article1714
1162015Identifying Niche Market for Taiwan's Inbound TourismSHU-MEI WANG journal article
1172015Imaginative capability in relation to five-factor personality traits and creative personalityChaoyun Liang journal article
1182016Imagining Garage Start-Ups: Interactive Effects of Imaginative Capacities on Entrepreneurial IntentionChaoyun Liang journal article24
1192015Impact of distance teaching implementation, online material guidance, and teaching effectiveness on learning outcomesChaoyun Liang journal article
1201988The Impact of Labor Market Outcome on Job DissatisfactionHsieh, Yeu-Sheng 
1212008The Importance of Social Context in the Formation of Adolescent’s Value of Children: Social Class and Rural Urban Differences in TaiwanYi, Chin-Chun; Kung, Hsiang-Ming; Chen, Yu-Hua ; Chu, Joujuo
1222013In search of an index of imagination for virtual experience designersChaoyun Liang journal article2918
1232016In search of the journalistic imaginationChaoyun Liang journal article10
1252007Individual and structural determinants of marital stability: an exploration of cross-brorder marriage in TaiwanYU-HUA CHEN journal article
1262013Influence of social media use on discussion network heterogeneity and civic engagement: The moderating role of personality traitsSHIH-HSIEN HSU journal article
1272007Innovative capacity evaluation of main countries based on patent analysisCHUN-CHIEH WANG conference paper
1282014Institutional capacity and rural community planning in Japan: An event history analysisLI-PEI PENG ; YEU-SHENG HSIEH journal article00
1292007Integrating face recognition techniques with blog as a distance education support system (DESS) in international distance learningYueh, Hsiu-Ping ; Liu, Yi-Ling; Lin, Weijane ; Shoji, T.; Minoh, Michihikoconference paper10
1302011Integrating Instant Response System (IRS) as an In-class Assessment Tool into Undergraduate Chemistry Learning experience: Student Perception and PerformanceChen, T.-L.; Lin, Y.-F; Liu, Y.-L; Yueh,Hsiu-Ping ; Sheen, H.-J; Lin, Wei-Jane conference paper
1312013Integrating instant response system (IRS) as an in-class assessment tool into undergraduate chemistry learning experience: Student perceptions and performanceChen, T.-L.; Lin, Y.-F.; Liu, Y.-L.; Yueh,Hsiu-Ping ; Sheen, H.-J.; Lin, Wei-Jane book chapter
1322011Intelligent interactive robot in an office environmentTseng, S.-H; Cheng, S.-H.; Li, J.-Y.; Lin, Wei-Jane ; Yueh,Hsiu-Ping ; Fu, L.-C.conference paper
1332013The interaction between human and home service robots on a daily life cycleYUEH,HSIU-PING ; Lin, Wei-Jane conference paper
1342013The interaction between human and the home service robot on a daily life cycleHSIU-PING YUEH ; WEIJANE LIN conference paper30
1352010International technology diffusion in computers & communications fieldCheng, P.H.; MU-HSUAN HUANG ; Yang, T.H.; CHUN-CHIEH WANG ; Yang, C.H.; Lin, G.H.; Lai, F.; Chen, C.L.; Lee, H.H.; Sun, Y.S.; Lai, J.S.; Chen, S.J.; 鄭伯壎 ; 陳少傑 ; 賴金鑫 ; 賴飛羆 conference paper10
1362013Intrinsic motivation as a mediator on imaginative capability developmentChaoyun Liang journal article1717
1372006Irregular breakfast eating and health status among adolescents in TaiwanYang, Rea-Jeng; Wang, Edward K.; Hsieh, Yeu-Sheng ; Chen, Mei-Yenjournal article3929
1382014Is blended e-learning as measured by an achievement test and self-assessment better than traditional classroom learning for vocational high school students?Chaoyun Liang journal article
1392013Is learner self-assessment reliable and valid in a Web-based portfolio environment for high school students?Chaoyun Liang journal article1715
1402014Is Reflection Performance Correlated to the Learning Effect in a Web-Based Portfolio Assessment Environment for Middle School Students?Chaoyun Liang journal article43
1412015Key successful factors of knowledge management for university students using e-portfolios: Approach of Fuzzy Delphi and Fuzzy AHPChaoyun Liang journal article32
1422010Knowledge, attitudes, and practices of straybirds agricultural trainees in TaiwanJIUN-HAO WANG journal article43
1431999A linear metal string [Cr7(?7-teptra)4Cl2] complex with delocalized heptachromium(II) multiple bonds (teptraH3 = tetrapyridyltriamine)Chen, Yu-Hua ; Lee, Chung-Chou; Wang, Chih-Chieh; Lee, Gene-Hsiang; Lai, Shie-Yang; Li, Feng-Yin; Mou, Chung-Yuan; Peng, Shie-Ming journal article
1442015Measuring science-based science linkage and non-science-based linkage of patents through non-patent referencesMU-HSUAN HUANG ; CHUN-CHIEH WANG journal article75
1451999Metal String Complexes: Synthesis and Crystal Structure of [Ni4(μ4-phdpda)4] and [Ni7(μ7-teptra)4Cl2] (H2phdpda = N-Phenyldipyridyldiamine and H3teptra = Tetrapyridyltriamine)Lai, Shie-Yang; Lin, Tzu-Wei; Chen, Yu-Hua ; Wang, Chih-Chieh; Lee, Gene-Hsiang; Yang, Ming-hwa; Leung, Man-kit ; Peng, Shie-Ming journal article
1462016Mobile technology use among sales people in insurance industryLu, Ming Hsin; HSIU-PING YUEH ; WEIJANE LIN book chapter00
1472013Moderating effect of psychosocial factors for dyspnea in Taiwanese and American heart failure patientsFU-TIEN CHIANG ; BIH-SHYA GAU ; YEU-SHENG HSIEH journal article108
1482010Motivations and reasons for women attending a Breast Self-Examination training program: A qualitative studyYang, R.J.; CHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; Huang, L, H.; HERNG-DAR BIH ; LIAN-HUA HUANG ; Hsieh, Y.S.; YEU-SHENG HSIEH ; Chung, U.L.; Huang, C.S.; Bih, H.D.journal article88
1492001Old Age Security for Farmers and Structural Adjustment in the Agriculture: A Case Study of the Taiwan ExperienceKnerr, Beatrice; Wang, Jiun-Hao 
1502000Old-age Security for Farmers in Taiwan and its Role for Structural Adjustment in the Agricultural SectorKnerr, B; eacute; atrie; Wang, Jiun-Hao 
1512000One-dimensional metal string complexesSHIE-MING PENG ; Peng, Shie-Ming ; CHUNG-YUAN MOU ; Wang, Chih-Chieh; Jang, Yih-Lih; Chen, Yu-Hua ; Li, Feng-Yin; Mou, Chung-Yuan; Leung, Man-Kit journal article180160
1522015Online reflective writing mechanisms and its effects on self-regulated learning: a case of web-based portfolio assessment systemChaoyun Liang journal article32
1532013Personality and psychological factors predict imagination: Evidence from TaiwanChaoyun Liang journal article119
1542013Physical fitness and academic performance: empirical evidence from the National Administrative Senior High School Student Data in Taiwan.JIUN-HAO WANG journal article
1552014Predicting scientific imagination from the joint influences of intrinsic motivation, self-efficacy, agreeableness, and extraversionChaoyun Liang journal article74
1562015Predicting the creativity of design majors based on the interaction of diverse personality traitsLI-PEI PENG ; Chaoyun Liang ; JU-SEN LIN journal article99
1571992A Preliminary Study of Life Adjustment in Survivors after Acute Myocardial Infarction林碧珠; 陳玉華 ; LIN, PI-CHU; CHEN, YU-HAW
1582015Privacy paradox or bargained-for-exchange: capturing the relationships among privacy concerns, privacy management, self-disclosure, and social capitalSHIH-HSIEN HSU dissertation
1592018Real-Time Offshore Coastal Acoustic Tomography Enabled With Mirror-Transpond FunctionalityChen, Minmo; Syamsudin, Fadli; Kaneko, Arata; Gohda, Noriaki; Howe, Bruce M.; Mutsuda, Hidemi; Dinan, Aruni Hanifa; Zheng, Hong; CHEN-FEN HUANG ; Taniguchi, Naokazu; Zhu, Xiaohua; Adityawarman, Yudi; Zhang, Chuanzheng; Lin, Ju journal article10
1602015Recruiting Young Farmers to Join Small-Scale Farming in EU: A Structural Policy PerspectiveJIUN-HAO WANG journal article
1612015Relation between personality traits and imaginative capability of engineering studentsChaoyun Liang journal article
1622015Relation between personality traits and imaginative capability of engineering studentsJU-SEN LIN journal article
1632016The relationship between robot appearance and interaction with child users: How distance mattersWEIJANE LIN ; HSIU-PING YUEH book chapter10
1642014Reliability, Validity, and Factor Structure of the Imaginative Capability ScaleChaoyun Liang journal article1412
1662012Satisfaction with International Shopping Centers: A Case Study of the Taipei 101 building shopping MallShu-Mei Wang Book Chapter
1672015Scientific information: Do farmers’ old age pension programs affect farm production? Empirical evidence of dairy farms in TaiwanJIUN-HAO WANG ; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article11
1682014Sensing and responding to a climate change: Empirical evidence from rural SME in TaiwanJIUN-HAO WANG journal article
1692016Services, appearances and psychological factors in intelligent home service robotsHSIU-PING YUEH ; WEIJANE LIN book chapter10
1702015Settlement Typology and Community Participation in Participatory Landscape Ecology of ResidentsLI-PEI PENG ; YEU-SHENG HSIEH journal article00
1712008The Significance of Cross-Border Marriage in a Low Fertility Society: Evidence from TaiwanChen, Yu-Hua 
1722018Social entrepreneurial intentions and its influential factors: A comparison of students in Taiwan and Hong KongChia-Yuan Hsu; Shu-Mei Wang journal article
1732014Social Involvement: Deconstructing practices relating to the formation of students who work with autistic children in a university service-learning courseHO-CHIA CHUEH journal article00
1742012SPATIAL NICHE DIFFERENTIATION OF SYMPATRIC BRANCHIOPODA IN A HIGHLY UNPREDICTABLE EPHEMERAL POOLWang, Chun-Chieh ; Huang, Shiang-Lin; Huang, Wan-Ping; Chou, Lien-Siang journal article1413
1752010Stakeholder perspective on urban transport system service qualitySHU-MEI WANG journal article2314
1762016Stimulating the imaginative capacities of agricultural extension studentsChaoyun Liang journal article11
1772011A study of academia-industry collaboration platform for recovery production development and technique commercialization of copper oxide technologyWei-Sheng Chen; Jun-Yi Wu; Shu-Mei Wang ; Hsing-Cheng Lu; Juu-En ChangConference paper
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1792010A study of group interaction patterns and emoticon use in a synchronous discussion activityLiu, Yi-Lin; Lin, Wei-Jane; Yueh, Hsiu-Ping ; Minoh, Michihiko
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3702004學習歷程檔案評量法:評量策略與合適性研究(2/3)岳修平 text
3712005學習歷程檔案評量法:評量策略與合適性研究(3/3)岳修平 text
3721999學習表現績效支援系統之建構與應用:語言語文教育學群教學網頁岳修平 ; 劉鳳芯; 王柏青
3732008安全農業理念下的農地永續利用策略- 以歐盟為例王俊豪 
3742008安全農業理念下的農地永續利用策略─以歐盟為例JIUN-HAO WANG journal article
3752008安全農業與農地永續利用整合機制之探討-以歐盟為例JIUN-HAO WANG journal article
3762004家人關係中社會支持獲取策略之動用及其影響周玉慧; 黃宗堅; 謝雨生 ; 周玉慧; 黃宗堅; 謝雨生 00
3772004家人關係的測量與分類:以青少年原生家庭成員互動為例黃宗堅; 謝雨生 ; 周玉慧; 黃宗堅; 謝雨生 ; 周玉慧00
3782008家庭、學校與社區環境對青少年友誼發展的影響 (新制多年期第1年)謝雨生 
3792004家政推廣與婦女自主學習岳修平 ; 胡秋帆; 王郁青; 林維真 journal article
3812004將傳統遊戲的玩性因素導入電子遊戲之設計—一個遊戲心理學的基礎研究Chaoyun Liang journal article
3822003專業網站資源於教學與學習應用及設計之分析林維真 ; 岳修平 journal article
3832010專題式學習小組溝通行為與成員角色之研究許喬雯; 岳修平 ; 林維真 journal article00
3842005專題式學習小組網路溝通互動之研究岳修平 ; 鐘婉莉; 岳修平 ; 鐘婉莉
3862016庫博中文獨立語料庫分析工具之開發與應用闕河嘉 ; 陳光華 Book Chapter
3872017建構毛豆農產品機能性加值利用價值鏈徐源泰; 羅筱鳳; 吳思節; 王淑美 Technical Report
3882016建構毛豆農產品機能性加值利用產業價值鏈徐源泰; 羅筱鳳; 吳思節; 王淑美 Technical Report
3892018建構毛豆農產品機能性加值利用產業價值鏈徐源泰; 羅筱鳳; 吳思節; 王淑美 Technical Report
3902013引動媒體設計學生創造思考的預測模型Chaoyun Liang journal article
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3941990彰化、臺中漁業調查研究報告:第二年度方力行; 邵廣昭; 謝雨生 ; 廖正宏; 謝寬永; 丘臺生; 余廷基; 陳章波; Hsieh, Yeu-Sheng ; 廖正宏; 謝寬永journal article
3951992彰化縣及臺中縣沿海地區漁業調查研究分支計畫:漁民生活品質之研究廖正宏; 謝雨生 ; 林翠湄; 邊瑞芬; Hsieh, Yeu-Sheng ; 林翠湄
3962010影響企業導入數位學習之關鍵因素探討:以參與企學網企業為例岳修平 ; 劉伊霖; 陳姿伶; 陳國棟
3972017影響來台陸客對廣源良菜瓜水購買意願之因素分析詹?琮; 張世潔; 王淑美 journal article
3982014後殖民歷史教育?-檢視紐西蘭中學歷史教育中的毛利民族HO-CHIA CHUEH journal article
3992005從520農運到白米客--看台灣農村經濟、土地和人文座談實錄蔡英文; 莊益增; 傅大為; 王俊豪 ; 黃樹仁; 楊儒賓
4002005“從520農運到白米客-看台灣農村經濟、土地和人文”座談會JIUN-HAO WANG journal article00
4012009從內容提供商的角度探討國內數位學習的市場需求Chaoyun Liang journal article
4022007從全球化視野看台灣歷史定位與未來外交策略闕河嘉 ; 闕河嘉 
4032017從創新傳佈觀點探討LINE Today採用意願康維真; 王淑美 Conference paper
4042009從國際學校網界博覽會獲獎教師觀點省思社區參與取向教學之應用Chaoyun Liang journal article
4052006從寬頻産業的聚合現象談國內教育科技産業化的發展Chaoyun Liang journal article
4062007從專利觀點比較台灣與南韓技術創新能力王俊傑 ; 陳達仁 ; 黃慕萱 journal article
4072007從專利觀點比較台灣與南韓技術創新能力(1987-2006)陳達仁 ; 王俊傑 ; 黃慕萱 journal article
4082014從年齡和年資差異初探大學學務組織學習對工作效能之影響Chaoyun Liang journal article00
4092014從性別差異談大學學務組織學習對工作效能的影響Chaoyun Liang journal article00
4112002從産業環境與人力資源管理之整合觀點談數位媒體設計與傳播之人才育成與管理Chaoyun Liang journal article
4122013從研發合作與專利引用探討半導體企業知識擴散強弱連結管道之差異CHUN-CHIEH WANG dissertation
4132004從社區營造到地域振興- 德國鄉村發展的觀點王俊豪 
4152001從社會風險與社會保險觀點,探討德國農民專屬福利度與問題JIUN-HAO WANG journal article
4162007從紐西蘭高等教育政策看台灣原住民高等教育HO-CHIA CHUEH journal article
4172002從網路遊戲的盛行與網咖的發展談國高中學校教育政策Chaoyun Liang journal article
4182003從設計管理的角度來探討台灣動畫産業製作主管之決策考量Chaoyun Liang journal article
4202015微電影對旅遊意願之影響途徑:以微電影「再一次心跳」為例SHU-MEI WANG journal article00
4212013微電影對旅遊目的地意象與旅遊意願之影響~以<再一次心跳>對澳洲旅遊為例王淑美 ; 陳惠閔; 胡漢寧Conference paper
4262003德國整合鄉村發展計劃對台灣一鄉一休閒農漁園區發展之啟示蔡宏進; 王俊豪 
4372010德國農村競賽制度之評析JIUN-HAO WANG journal article
4402006德國農業教育體系與農業訓練制度之分析王俊豪 ; 王俊豪 
4432007德國農業產業文化推廣策略之分析--兼論對臺灣之啟示JIUN-HAO WANG journal article
4532003德國鄉村休閒旅遊規劃與推動之研究蔡宏進; 王俊豪 
4582004德國鄉村旅遊發展規則與推動之研究蔡宏進; 王俊豪 
4642013性騷擾能構成不適任教師的認定嗎?HO-CHIA CHUEH journal article
4652010想像力研究對資訊傳播學域的啓發Chaoyun Liang journal article00
4662009應用Wiki平台於大學性別通識課程之研究黃若詒; 岳修平 ; 張玨
4672000應用決策分析勞工退休金制度轉換之研究鍾惠琪; 王俊豪 ; 許碩芬
4682011應用灰關聯分析法評估上市(櫃)國際觀光旅館之財務績效王淑美 Technical Report
4692009應用知識圖於教學與學習之策略探討岳修平 ; 鄧雅婷
4702002應用虛擬觸覺力回饋於數位媒體之創作Chaoyun Liang journal article
4712000我國國民小學資訊教育政策執行研究─以台北市執行「擴大內需方案」為例Chaoyun Liang journal article
4722002我國農業教育制度之發展規劃蕭崑杉; 蔣憲國; 黃馨慧; 王俊豪 ; 方珍玲
4732018拓展台灣毛豆外銷市場研析王淑美 Technical Report
4742012探究想像力的意涵與特徵—探索性與驗證性因素分析之發現Chaoyun Liang journal article00
4752014探討內在動機與自我效能為中介預測科學想像力的學習模式Chaoyun Liang journal article00
4762010探討台灣地區移動污染源與空氣品質之環境顧志耐曲線SHU-MEI WANG journal article
4772009推動鄉村社區發展之影響因素分析蔡必焜; 王俊豪 ; 王俊雄journal article
4782011搜尋奧克蘭大學圖書館的毛利教育資源HO-CHIA CHUEH journal article
4792016政府出資比例對民間興建纜車意願之賽局分析王淑美 ; 謝丞憲journal article
4802008故宮E學園英文版數位學習網站之可使用性研究岳修平 ; 呂姿儀; 黃若詒; 岳修平 ; 呂姿儀; 黃若詒
4812005教師教學資訊尋求歷程研究與網路教學資源庫建置岳修平 ; 徐式寬 ; 李盈蓁journal article
4822000教育科技於企業人力資源發展之應用研究岳修平 ; 岳修平 
4832008整合線上遊戲黏著度與線上教材持續性以發展悅趣化數位學習教材Chaoyun Liang journal article
4852012整合行銷傳播對產銷履歷農產品推廣效果之研究JU-SEN LIN journal article
4862013數位典藏網站評估-以網路連結與網站記錄分析黃慕萱 ; 王俊傑 journal article00
4872004數位學習中的性別差異岳修平 ; 劉伊霖; 胡秋帆; 岳修平 ; 劉伊霖; 胡秋帆
4882005數位電視導入高齡者學習內容之研究Chaoyun Liang journal article
4891996新媒體、新挑戰:電子出版品服務的省思Chaoyun Liang journal article
4912005族群主體性之建格與破格:原住民族認同建構形成之研究闕河嘉 ; 闕河嘉 journal article
4922006日台間一斉遠隔講義における授業デザインと学習支援環境村上正行; 林維真 ; 岳修平 ; 角所考; 美濃導彦conference paper
4932018日本、韓國、泰國農水產品及其加工品進入穆斯林市場策略調查王淑美 Technical Report
4952007有機蔬菜農場投入決策與經營理念謝雨生 ; 林美月journal article
4972011東亞國家超低生育率的成因、困境與策略回應YU-HUA CHEN journal article
4992014森林遊樂區暨平地森林園區門票收益評估王正平; 王淑美 Technical Report
5002015植物工廠專利趨勢與技術前沿分析CHUN-CHIEH WANG journal article
5042004歐盟地域競爭力策略- LEADER經驗王俊豪 
5092005歐盟東擴對農業發展的影響王俊豪 ; 湯尹珊
5112008歐盟農業推廣發展趨勢:環境諮詢JIUN-HAO WANG journal article
5122011歐盟農業氣候區劃分與氣候變遷潛在影響評估JIUN-HAO WANG journal article
5142002歐盟農民社會保險制度之跨國比較研究王俊豪 journal article
5162011歐盟農民社會福利制度之跨國比較研究JIUN-HAO WANG journal article
5172007歐盟農食品原產地命名、地理標示與傳統特產保護制度王俊豪 ; 周孟嫻
5222012每下愈況或漸入佳境?:夫妻婚姻品質之變化與相互影響性YEU-SHENG HSIEH journal article
5232007比利時多元文化政策的發展與變革HO-CHIA CHUEH journal article
5242014氣候災害對農村公共衛生與心理健康之影響-以颱風災害為例JIUN-HAO WANG journal article
5272001活化鄉村產業與科技發展之研究計畫陳昭郎; 王俊豪 
5282009消費清境:再現另類鄉村意象HO-CHIA CHUEH journal article
5292000潛在結構模式(Latent Structure Models)在行為科學中的應用謝雨生 ; 鄭宜仲; 謝雨生 ; 鄭宜仲
5302002灣農民身分認定與證照制度之研究-從制度意涵類型論起顏建賢; 王俊豪 ; 王俊雄
5312013灰關聯分析在經營績效評估 上的應用~以台灣上市上櫃餐飲業為例王淑美 ; 謝承憲; 胡漢寧; 謝萍如Conference paper
5322008無尾港野生動物保護區經營管理效能評估RAPPAM的引進與適用盧道杰 ; 王牧寧; 闕河嘉 journal article
5332004犬攻擊行為問題之病例回溯性研究:36病例之臨床呈相分析楊姮稜; 梁碩麟; 蔡函儒; 楊淑芳; 賴秀穗; 謝雨生 
5342004犬攻擊行為問題之病例回溯研究:36病例之臨床呈相分析YEU-SHENG HSIEH journal article
5352011現代基因科技知識與基因科技風險態度之關係探討YEU-SHENG HSIEH journal article
5362011環境促發了我的領導力:以社會改變模式探討大學校園環境對社團幹部領導力發展的影響Chaoyun Liang journal article
5372010生物多樣性公約對我國農地管制之啟示:兼論歐盟與德國之制度設計JIUN-HAO WANG journal article
5412007生物資源、人類健康與生活產業系列論壇專輯王俊豪 ; 黃秋蓮
5422005產業調整與鄉村居民就業︰退休變動之關聯陳玉華 journal article
5432006由中國專利探討TFT-LCD專利表現及主要公司技術佈局陳達仁 ; 王俊傑 journal article
5442015男主外,女「煮」內:台灣「米」電視廣告中的性別形象分析HO-CHIA CHUEH journal article
5452011當代鄒族戰祭的意義──一個後殖民的解讀HO-CHIA CHUEH journal article
5462010知識節目收視動機與個人專業形象型塑之關聯性研究Chaoyun Liang journal article
5472011社區培力與資源保育:我國社區林業政策評析HO-CHIA CHUEH journal article
5492008社區賦權與公共行動--以社區合作社為例JIUN-HAO WANG journal article
5502008社區賦權與公共行動-以社區合作社為例方珍玲; 王俊豪 
5512008社區賦權與公共行動-以社區合作社為例JIUN-HAO WANG journal article
5522012社會參與?―傅柯權力觀對高等教育服務學習課程的反思HO-CHIA CHUEH journal article
5532004社會經濟發展與婦女家庭地位之關聯︰三個華人社會之比較研究陳玉華 text
5542008社會經濟變遷與人口轉型對婚姻制度之影響 (新制多年期第1年)陳玉華 
5552005社會與自然資源管理之國察經驗闕河嘉 ; 吳雯菁
5562005社會與自然資源管理之國際經驗HO-CHIA CHUEH journal article
5572004社會資本與休閒消費關係之研究蔡必焜; 湯尹珊; 王俊豪 
5582004社會資本與永續社區發展蔡必焜; 王俊豪 ; 卓正欽
5592003社會資本與永續社區發展:概念探討與研究議題蔡必焜; 王俊豪 
5602006社會運動過程中的認同、共識動員與傳播策略JU-SEN LIN journal article
5612000社經地位、人際資源觀及社會結構對友誼網絡聲望的影響鄭宜仲; 謝雨生 
5622001社經地位對友誼網絡社會地位組合的影響鄭宜仲; 謝雨生 ; 吳欣璇
5632014社群行動遊戲使用者創新抵制之研究JU-SEN LIN journal article00
5642015社群行銷之網路互動性與訊息論點品質對購買意願的影響效應YU-HUA CHEN journal article00
5652013禮物論與臺灣新移民教育政策HO-CHIA CHUEH journal article
5661993管理會計人員對JIT應有的認識蔡揚宗; 陳玉華 ; 陳玉華 
5682009紐西蘭大學裡的「機會平等」政策與實踐HO-CHIA CHUEH journal article
5702011紐西蘭的原住民族研究──毛利研究的發展HO-CHIA CHUEH journal article
5712007紐西蘭與南太平洋島國的關係建構闕河嘉 ; 闕河嘉 journal article
5722015綜整學生、教師與教學情境考量的遠距教學預測模型Chaoyun Liang journal article10
5732003網路化中文成語學習系統之建置研究岳修平 ; 王雅文; 鄧雅婷; 林維真 ; 王友俊conference paper
5742009網路化中文成語教學系統研發建置與可使用性評估研究岳修平 ; 王雅文; 鄧雅婷; 林維真 ; 王友俊journal article
5752009網路專題式學習小組成員角色與互動行為分析岳修平 ; 許喬雯; 林維真 conference paper
5762002網路成癮及其研究需求Chaoyun Liang journal article
5782005網路教學資源:幼兒教育教學設計與實施應用實例林維倩; 岳修平 
5792000網路虛擬實境博物館之互動展示設計研究Chaoyun Liang journal article
5802003網路輔助教學設計績效支援系統發展與成效評估之研究(1/2)岳修平 journal article
5812004網路輔助教學設計績效支援系統發展與成效評估之研究(2/2)岳修平 text
5822001網路輔助遠距教學互動活動設計之研究岳修平 ; 劉芳秀
5841999網路非同步輔助教學評估計畫岳修平 journal article
5851995網際網路上的加值網路服務Chaoyun Liang journal article
5862003線上學習內容提供業者的經營風險與因應策略Chaoyun Liang journal article
5872005線上遊戲沉浸玩家的轉換行為研究Chaoyun Liang journal article
5882004美國國家農業圖書館網路資訊傳播設計探討岳修平 ; 林維真 journal article
5902004美國授田大學農業推廣功能及其變革陳玉華 ; 陳玉華 
5912010美容保養與彩妝商品網拍專業賣家的經營策略Chaoyun Liang conference paper
5942005耕者樂其田--農業振興想像馮天蔚; 王俊豪 ; 賴青松; 謝麗芬
5952010職前教師應用電子白板之可使用性初探研究岳修平 ; 李宜儒; 周彥良; 陳俊宇; 李孟潔
5962003育樂多媒體的興起與發展Chaoyun Liang journal article
5972005自我效能對成人學習動機之影響岳修平 ; 劉伊霖
5982010自然保護區發展共管機制的挑戰與機會HO-CHIA CHUEH journal article
6002011臺灣保護區經營管理效能評量五個個案的分析與解讀DAU-JYE LU ; HO-CHIA CHUEH journal article00
6032014臺灣城鄉分類系統之研究-哪裡是農村?JIUN-HAO WANG journal article
6042014臺灣好行觀光意象之偏好與願付價格研究SHU-MEI WANG journal article
6052014臺灣年輕族群的臉書多元使用行為與市場區隔分析JU-SEN LIN journal article00
6062010臺灣自殺率具空間群聚嗎?模仿效應或結構效應YEU-SHENG HSIEH journal article00
6072011芒果產業農民職能之研究JIUN-HAO WANG journal article
6082009芬蘭國家地景中的鄉村意象HO-CHIA CHUEH journal article
6122010荊棘之路—評喻維欣的台日女性職涯比較研究(書評)YU-HUA CHEN journal article
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6142006觀光節慶組織營運模式之比較- 以宜蘭國際童玩藝術節為例王俊豪 ; 康景翔
6152008觀光節慶組織營運模式之比較─以宜蘭國際童玩藝術節為例JIUN-HAO WANG journal article
6162008觀光節慶資金結構之研究- 以宜蘭國際童玩藝術節的公私夥伴關係為例王俊豪 ; 方珍玲; 康景翔; 王俊豪 ; 方珍玲; 康景翔
6172008觀光節慶資金結構之研究-以宜蘭國際童玩藝術節的公私夥伴關係為例JIUN-HAO WANG journal article
6182011評述Weijing Lu, True to Her Word: The Faithful Maiden Cult in Late Imperial China黃麗君 journal article
6192010認同是樂學的基礎Chaoyun Liang journal article
6202001論“斤糖斤米”制Chun-Chieh Wang; HUI-WEN KOO ; 王俊傑 ; 古慧雯 journal article00
6212006變遷中的華人婦女家庭地位:台灣、天津、上海和香港的比較伊慶春; 陳玉華 
6222003資深數位媒體設計業界製作主管的專業實務及其決策考量Chaoyun Liang journal article
6232011資訊傳播學術研究趨勢分析-從領域的共識定義回應資訊傳播研究的主題、重點,與發展趨勢Chaoyun Liang journal article00
6242001資訊教育課程實施問題研究岳修平 ; 林一鵬; 蕭芝殷
6252004資訊融入教學的資料庫建置—台灣區遠距教學交流網中小學專區介紹徐式寬 ; 岳修平 ; 李盈蓁; 胡秋帆journal article
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6302011轉化虛無-試論想像力評測指標Chaoyun Liang journal article00
6312013農作物天然災害損失之空間分析JIUN-HAO WANG journal article00
6322012農地多功能利用指標系統之建構JIUN-HAO WANG journal article
6331990農家採用不同農業技術的影響因素YEU-SHENG HSIEH journal article
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6382003農業多功能性分析架構與政策評估- 以歐盟為例王俊豪 
6392017農業巨量資料的應用架構規劃:以毛豆外銷產業為例王淑美 ; 溫蓓章; 黃仁志; 許俊誼journal article
6412014農業推廣人員對氣候變遷的風險與因應認知之研究JIUN-HAO WANG journal article
6422009農業推廣工作評估與角色期望之研究JIUN-HAO WANG journal article
6432002農業產銷班經營管理系統介紹與分析邱正揚; 岳修平 
6442004「農業產銷班經營管理系統推廣暨培訓計畫」之「種子講師班」訓練績效考評岳修平 ; 邱逸欣
6452000「農業經營管理顧問專家」與輔導產銷班工作簡介岳修平 ; 林維真 other
6462001農業網路書店可行性研究林維真 ; 黃靖棋; 岳修平 conference paper
6472003農業資訊網站設計原則岳修平 ; 林維真 book chapter
6482004農業資訊網路入門岳修平 ; 林維真 book
6492004農業資訊網路實務岳修平 ; 林維真 book
6502004農業資訊網路:行銷管理實務岳修平 ; 林維真 ; 林維倩book
6532000農民年金制度整合農業結構措施之規範性政策分析JIUN-HAO WANG journal article
6542006農民資訊推廣教學策略與方法岳修平 ; 林維倩
6562006農民附加年金保險制度規劃之研究JIUN-HAO WANG journal article
6572009農民電腦網路教育訓練滿意度影響因素之研究岳修平 ; 陳姿伶; 邱立安
6582008農漁會組織資訊化與資訊科技訓練發展需求之研究岳修平 ; 胡秋帆; 陳姿伶
6602007遊戲研發組織中促進知識分享的人力資源管理制度Chaoyun Liang journal article
6612014遠距教育實施與數位教材輔助對工程學習者成效之中介效果影響Chaoyun Liang journal article00
6622003都市區休閒農業之發展願景陳昭郎; 王俊豪 
6632010都市居民對鄉村長宿休閒態度之研究JIUN-HAO WANG journal article
6642010都市生态环境改善——以台湾都会森林公园为例JU-SEN LIN conference paper
6652006鄉村、農業與健康YU-HUA CHEN journal article
6661994鄉村中老年人高血壓衛生教育自我導向學習效果研究鄭惠美; 謝雨生 
6672003鄉村區域發展與創新示範- Regionen aktiv計畫王俊豪 
6682006鄉村旅遊與休閒農場之競合王俊豪 ; 周孟嫻
6691994鄉村發展與規劃典範之批判暨其轉向王俊豪 ; 黃昭瑾
6702001鄉村社區產業與技術活化發展-北埔鄉南埔村個案研究陳昭郎; 王俊豪 
6712009鄉村老人參與休閒活動與心理健康之研究JU-SEN LIN journal article
6731993鄉村與學校四健會組織結構與運作之比較研究JIUN-HAO WANG journal article
6741998金融業務範圍自由化與保險業因應對策之探討許碩芬; 王俊豪 
6752010開放陸客來臺旅遊經濟效益分析SHU-MEI WANG journal article
6762006閒置空間再利用與鄉村社區營造(下)王俊豪 ; 周孟嫻
6772010閱讀行為與電子書閱讀器需求之調查分析岳修平 ; 林維真 ; 李孟潔conference paper
6782008陽明山國家公園向天池鰓足類動物的群聚生態研究周蓮香 ; 黃婉萍; 王俊傑 ; 周蓮香 ; 黃婉萍; 王俊傑 
6801998離農條款-農民老年年金基本門檻之探討王俊豪 ; 許碩芬
6812014離農獎勵計畫潛在施行對象之研究JIUN-HAO WANG journal article
6822017零售商的廣告訴求- 以全聯福利中心、家樂福、大潤發為例王淑美 ; 劉育珊Conference paper
6832000電子化學習歷程檔案實施之態度研究岳修平 ; 王郁青; 岳修平 ; 王郁青
6842011電子書漫畫之閱讀歷程與行為初探岳修平 ; 林維真 ; 李孟潔; 黃瀞瑩; 葉思岑journal article
6852006電子遊戲玩性因素與數位學習參與性和持續性之關聯研究Chaoyun Liang journal article
6861996電子郵件的禮儀與規範Chaoyun Liang journal article
6871999電腦微世界學習環境設計發展:小小旅行家—微世界探險張基成; 岳修平 
6892006青少年的友誼網絡、青少年的成長出路吳齊殷; 謝雨生 journal article
6902006青少年網絡特性、互動結構和友誼動態謝雨生 ; YEU-SHENG HSIEH ; 吳齊殷; 李文傑journal article
6912011青年農民留農選擇之研究JIUN-HAO WANG journal article
6932014馴化IM:即時通訊中的揭露、協商與創造SHU-MEI WANG journal article00
6942016驗證圖像觸發想像力:一個腦波儀與質性的整合研究Chaoyun Liang journal article00
6952010高中職教師休閒參與型態與影響因素之研究JIUN-HAO WANG journal article
6962013高山原住民部落因應氣候變遷之農業調適策略JIUN-HAO WANG journal article
6972012高齡使用者對於iPad閱讀操作之研究岳修平 ; 林維真 ; 李孟潔; 林慧軍; 羅悅綺journal article
6982010高齡者使用數位化產品之使用性初探研究 —以「智慧藥盒與服藥提醒系統」為例岳修平 ; 楊燿州 ; 陳俊宇; 李宜儒; 周彥良; 呂姿儀; 徐暐智
6992014高齡者使用智慧藥盒之聲音提示效果研究岳修平 ; 劉韋欣; 邱立安; 林維真 ; 楊燿州 journal article
7002012高齡者對於觸控式數位相框介面使用性之研究林維真 ; 岳修平 conference paper
7012011高齡者社會支持、休閒活動與心理健康關係之研究JU-SEN LIN journal article