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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHEN-KANG HUANG黃振康Bio-Industrial Mechatronics EngineeringTheories and Measurement of Thermal Conductivity; Heat Transfer with Phase Change; Bio Heat and Mass Transfer; Computer Aided Engineering
CHENG-YING CHOU周呈霙Bio-Industrial Mechatronics EngineeringMolecular simulation; Tomographic image reconstruction; Biomedical imaging science; X-ray phase contrast imaging; Single molecule tracking
CHIEN-YU CHEN陳倩瑜Bio-Industrial Mechatronics EngineeringBioinformaitcs; Data mining; Machine Learning
CHU-YANG CHOU周楚洋Bio-Industrial Mechatronics EngineeringWaste Management; Automation Engineering
CHUNG-KEE YEH葉仲基Bio-Industrial Mechatronics EngineeringPrecision Spraying with GPS-Guidance; Vehicle Dynamics; Bio-Industrial Machinery (Agriultural Machinery); Vibration & Noise Measurement; Hydraulic & Pneumatic Control; Human Factors Engineering; Power Machinery (Engines & Motors)
HSUN-YI CHEN陳洵毅Bio-Industrial Mechatronics EngineeringLithium battery; Materials computing; Parallel computing; Fuel cells; Multi-phase transport; Ceramics
JOE-AIR JIANG江昭皚Bio-Industrial Mechatronics EngineeringAutomatic Control; Computer Relaying; Mechatronics Engineering; Bioelectromagnetics
KUO-CHI LIAO廖國基Bio-Industrial Mechatronics EngineeringPrecision Manufacturing; Fatigue; Polycrystalline Plasticity
LIN-CHI CHEN陳林祈Bio-Industrial Mechatronics EngineeringAptamer screening and multivalent design; Electrochromic nanoparticles and devices; Oligonucleotide drug delivery; Electrochemical ion sensors and biosensors; Glucose fuel cells
PING-LANG YEN顏炳郎Bio-Industrial Mechatronics EngineeringComputer Assisted Diagnosis for Breast Cancer; Medical Robotics; Mechatronics and Automatic Control
PO-CHUAN HSIEH謝博全Bio-Industrial Mechatronics EngineeringHealth Life Science; Enzymatic Biofuel Cell; Photodynamic Chemistry and Drug Delivery System; Food Safety Inspection and Analysis
RICHIE CHEN陳力騏Bio-Industrial Mechatronics EngineeringWater Life-Saving; Biosensor; Pharmacist; Biophysics
SHIH-FANG CHEN陳世芳Bio-Industrial Mechatronics Engineering
SUMING CHEN陳世銘Bio-Industrial Mechatronics EngineeringAutomation; Remote Sensing; Nondestructive Sensing of Biomaterials; Renewable Energy; Computer Simulation and Control
TA-TE LIN林達德Bio-Industrial Mechatronics EngineeringBiological System Modeling and Simulation; Agricultural Mechanization and Automation; Image Processing and Machine Vision; Cryopreservation of Biological Materials; Mechatronics
TZONG-JIH CHENG鄭宗記Bio-Industrial Mechatronics EngineeringBiomedical Engineering; Clinical Engineering & Management of Medical Technology; Technology Mining & Analysis in Biomedicine; Regulation & Standard of Medical Devices; Biosensor & Chemical Sensor
WEI FANG方煒Bio-Industrial Mechatronics EngineeringSimulation and Optimization; Phytomation; Environmental Control of Bio-Systems; Aquacultural Engineering
YAN-FU KUO郭彥甫Bio-Industrial Mechatronics EngineeringProduction Scheduling Optimization; Hyperspectral Imaging; Color Science; Machine Learning; Machine Vision and Image Processing
YEN-WEN LU盧彥文Bio-Industrial Mechatronics EngineeringLab-On-A-Chip/Nanotechnology; CMOS/MEMS; Micro-Robotics; MEMS
YEUN-CHUNG LEE李允中Bio-Industrial Mechatronics EngineeringFood Industry; Mechanics of Engineering Materials; Food Engineering; Unit Operations in Bio-industry; Food Processing Machinery; Food Processing Utilities and Facilities; Heat Transfer; Food Packing Machinery; Food Machinery
YUAN-NAN CHU朱元南Bio-Industrial Mechatronics EngineeringIntelligent Machines; Bio-chips; Bio-robotics and Bionics; Health Equipments; Aquacultural Engineering
YUNG-TE HOU侯詠德Bio-Industrial Mechatronics EngineeringLiver Tissue Engineering; Biochemical Engineering; Medical Engineering; Biomaterial