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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
BEEN-HUANG CHIANG蔣丙煌 Food Science and Technology 分離技術;  發酵技術; 食品包裝; 生化工程
HONG-JHANG CHEN陳宏彰 Food Science and Technology 天然物化學; 食品分析化學; 代謝質體學
KUAN-CHEN CHENG鄭光成 Food Science and Technology Biomaterial inovation; Noval bioreactor design; Bioenergy production; Development of functional foods; Microbiological engineering and down-stream processing for production of value-added metabolites from microorganisms
LEE-YAN SHEEN沈立言 Food Science and Technology 食療研究
MIN-HSIUNG PAN潘敏雄 Food Science and Technology 保健與機能性食品; 食品化學; 疾病化學預防
MING-HSU CHEN陳明煦 Food Science and Technology Food Engineering; Biochemical Engineering; Dietary Fiber; Process Design; Gut Microbiome
ROCH-CHUI YU游若篍 Food Science and Technology 食品微生物; 食品生物技術; 微生物遺傳學; 食品發酵學
SHIH-HSIN CHEN陳時欣 Food Science and Technology Food Engineering; Starch Processing; Food Nanotechnology; Food Emulsion
SHU-CHEN HSIEH謝淑貞 Food Science and Technology 食品與疾病預防; 分子生物學; 生物化學
SHUN-YAO HSU許順堯 Food Science and Technology 食品加工與工程; 食品物性; 統計設計與分析; 計算機之應用
TING-JANG LU呂廷璋 Food Science and Technology Food Analysis; Food Chemistry; Cereal Chemistry; Functional Food Carbohydrates
YI-CHEN LO羅翊禎 Food Science and Technology 分子內分泌學; 營養與遺傳; 脂質代謝; 基因修復; 細胞週期的調節
YU-WEN TING丁俞文 Food Science and Technology 食品加工技術;  功能性食品加工; 口服包載系統; 消化吸收調控
YUE-JIA LEE李月嘉 Food Science and Technology Bacterial biofilms; Foodborne diseases; Food safety and inspection; Animal/Bacterial physiology