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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
BI-LING SU蘇璧伶 Veterinary Clinical Sciences Animal endocrinology; Immunological Disease; Immunity Hemolytic Anemia
CHAU-HWA CHI季昭華 Veterinary Clinical Sciences Clinical Large and Exotic Animals Medicine
CHING-HO WU武敬和 Veterinary Clinical Sciences Small animal clinical medicine; regenerative medicine; Regeneration Medicine; medical image processing and analysis; Small Animal Clinical Medicine; orthopedic biomechanics; Small Animal Urology; Biomedical Imaging Analysis; Orthopedic Biomechanics
CHUNG-TIEN LIN林中天 Veterinary Clinical Sciences Experimental ophthalmology; Clinical veterinary ophthalmology; Comparative ophthalmology
I-LI LIU劉以立 Veterinary Clinical Sciences bone regenerative medicine; Small animal clinical medicine; medical imaging bone material analysis; experimental animal models
JIH-JONG LEE李繼忠 Veterinary Clinical Sciences Clinical Trial; Veterinary Clinical Oncology; Cancer Biology; Cancer Immunotherapy and Target Therapy 
LIH-CHIANN WANG王儷蒨 Veterinary Clinical Sciences Molecular Biology; Behavioral Medicine; Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine
NAI-CHIEH LIU劉乃潔 Veterinary Clinical Sciences 
PIN-HUAN YU余品奐 Veterinary Clinical Sciences Special pet medicine; Wildlife medicine; Medical care; Veterinary medicine ranch
SHANG-LIN WANG王尚麟 Veterinary Clinical Sciences Canine lymphoma; Small animal clinical oncology; Small animal internal medicine; Small animal emergency treatment
YA-JANE LEE李雅珍 Veterinary Clinical Sciences Small Animal Clinical Medicine
YA-PEI CHANG張雅珮 Veterinary Clinical Sciences Veterinary Clinical Neurology; Seizures and Epilepsy in Small Animals; Clinical Applications of MRI and CT in Veterinary Neurology