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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHAN-JANE LIN林嬋娟 Accounting Audit Market and Audit Quality; Financial Reporting and Corporate Governance
CHI-CHUN LIU劉啟群 Accounting Capital Market; Financial Accounting; Banking Accounting
CHIA-WEN LIU劉嘉雯 Accounting Financial Accounting; Auditing
CHIH-HSIEN LIAO廖芝嫻 Accounting Intangible Assets; Corporate Governance; Executive Compensation
CHIH-YANG TSENG曾智揚 Accounting Performance Evaluation and Compensation; Capital Budgeting Decisions; Enterprise Risk Management
CHUAN-SAN WANG王全三 Accounting Capital Market Research in Accounting; Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability; Economic Factors Affecting Management's Choice of Disclosure and Accounting Alternatives; Corporate Finance and Economic Behavior
CHUNG-FERN WU吳琮璠 Accounting Auditing, Market, Industry and Technology; Creative Commerce and Capital Market; Financial and Security Regulation, Accounting, Governance and Valuation; Risk Management
HSIN-TSAI LIU劉心才 Accounting Capital Market Research; Financial Reporting and Disclosure; Earnings Quality; Earnings Management
KUN-CHIH CHEN陳坤志 Accounting Financial Reporting and Disclosure; Analyst Forecasts and Stock Recommendations; Accounting Information and Capital Markets; Judgment and Decision Making of Capital Market Participants
LIN-HUI YU尤琳蕙 Accounting Corporate Governance; Contracting; Earnings Management; Cost Behavior
PEI-CHENG LIAO廖珮真 Accounting Managerial Economics; Managerial Accounting; Industrial Organization
RONG-RUEY DUH杜榮瑞 Accounting Cost Accounting and Management Accounting System; Judgment and Decision-Making in Accounting and Auditing; Control in E-Commerce; Financial Reporting Regulations
SHENG-FENG HSIEH謝昇峯 Accounting Emerging Technologies in Accounting and Auditing; Text Mining; Accounting for and Auditing of Digital Assets
SHU YEH葉疏 Accounting Tax Planning; Capital Market Research
SHU-HSING LI李書行 Accounting Performance Evaluation System; Application of Information Economics in Management Accounting; Management Control Systems; Mutinational Enterprises
SHU-LING WU吳淑鈴 Accounting Capital Market Research; Executive Compensation; Internal Control over Financial Reporting; Accrual Anomaly
SHUEN-ZEN LIU劉順仁 Accounting Accounting for Non-profit Organization; Financial Accounting; Managerial Accounting
SUMING LIN林世銘 Accounting Tax Law; International Tax; Tax Accounting
TAY-CHANG WANG王泰昌 Accounting Financial Accounting; Financial Economics
WEI-CHUAN KAO高偉娟 Accounting Financial Disclosure Quality; Tax Impact on Business Decisions; Incentives for or Valuation of Corporate Social Responsibility; Incentives for or Valuation of Corporate Innovation
WEN-HSIN HSU許文馨 Accounting Capital Market Research; Financial Reporting and Analysis; Accounting Conservatism; Financial Distress and Bankruptcy
XIANG-YU HUANG黃祥宇 Accounting Financial Accounting
YANN-CHING TSAI蔡彥卿 Accounting Econometric; Financial Accounting; Empirical Study on Accounting and Auditing
YAO-TSUNG CHEN陳耀宗 Accounting Corporate Governance; Empirical Auditing Research
YEN-JUNG LEE李艷榕 Accounting Capital Market Research; Executive Compensation; Financial Statement Analysis; Accounting Information Quality; Earnings Management