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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHENG-KUN KUO郭震坤 International Business Investments; Futures and Options; Credit Risk; International Financial Markets
CHENG-MIN CHUANG莊正民 International Business Strategic Alliances and Joint Venture; Managing International Technology Transfer; International Business Organization&Coordination
CHENG-WEI WU吳政衛 International Business Mergers and Acquisitions; Entry Strategy for Multinationals; Initial Public Offerings; Information Economics
CHIU-LING LU盧秋玲 International Business Investment Bank; Real Estate Finance and Investments; Investments; Mortgage-backed Securities; Real estate Securitization; Corporate Financing; Financial Management
CHUN-CHUNG CHEN陳俊忠 International Business Internationalization Strategy; Organization Management; Competitive Strategy; Transnational Management
HENG-CHIANG HUANG黃恆獎 International Business Marketing Research; International Marketing; International Business Management
HOMIN CHEN陳厚銘 International Business International Marketing Management; Resource Linking and Global Strategies; Foreign Direct Investments; Global Brand Management; International Strategic Alliances
HONG-JEN CHIU邱宏仁 International Business International Private Equity Strategy; Social Network and Institutional Evolution; Strategic Leadership and Change; M&A, LBO, and Restructuring Strategy
HSIN-CHANG LU盧信昌 International Business Industrial Economics; Applied Regression Analysis; Labor Economics
HSIOU-WEI W. LIN林修葳 International Business Financial Statement Analysis; International Financial Management; Risk Management for Financial Institutions; Financial Management; Managerial Accounting; Financial Innovation; Financial Accounting Theory
HSUEH-LIANG WU吳學良 International Business Technology Management; Privatization of Government-Owned Enterprises; Strategic Management; Theory and Policy of Industrial Economy
JI-REN LEE李吉仁 Taidah Entreprenuership Center  International Business Business Strategies in Emerging Markets; Growth Strategies and Competition Implications; Competence-based Strategies and Inter-firm Linkages
JIUN-SHENG LIN林俊昇 International Business Services Marketing; Brand Experience and Image Building; Global Brand Marketing Strategy; Employee Brand Marketing; Customer Retention; Marketing Channel Relationship; Aesthetics/Brand Marketing
JR-YAN WANG王之彥 FinTech Center  International Business Financial Engineering; Behavioral Finance; Asset Pricing; Interest Rate Models
JYH-DEAN HWANG黃志典 International Business Financial Markets and Institutions; International Finance; Money and Banking
LICHUNG JEN任立中 International Business New Product Development and Test; Promotion Strategic Planning and Evaluation; Sales Forecast System; Big Data Marketing; Dynamic Pricing Strategies; Marketing Management and Strategic Planning; Consumer Behavior Analysis; Customer Relationship Management; Bayesian Statistics Analysis; Marketing Decision Models; Strategic Database Marketing
MAO-WEI HUNG洪茂蔚 International Business Financial Engineering and Computation; International Investment; Asset Pricing
MING JE TANG湯明哲 EMBA  International Business Industries Analysis; Technology Strategy; Strategic Planning; International Market Entry Strategy
MING-HUEI HSIEH謝明慧 International Business Cross Cultural Consumer Research; Subcultural Consumption; Consumer-Brand Relationship; Global Branding; Relationship Marketing
RUEY JER JEAN簡睿哲 International Business International Marketing Management; Digital internationalization and E-commerce; International Business
SHIKUAN CHEN陳思寬 International Business Open Macroeconomics; Nonlinear Dynamical Systems; International Economics
YAO-WEN HSU許耀文 International Business Real Options; Financial Econometrics; Behavioral Finance; Asset Pricing
YI-LONG JAW趙義隆 International Business Distribution Management; nternational Business Management; International Competing of Industries
YU-HUNG CHEN陳聿宏 International Business Dynamic Pricing Strategy; Game Theory and Applications; Technology Marketing; Quantitative marketing
YU-PING CHEN陳瑀屏 International Business Neuroeconomics; Neuromarketing; Judgment and Decision Making
YUNG-CHIH LIEN連勇智 International Business Corporate Governance; Internationalization of Emerging Economy Firm; Strategic Entrepreneurship