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12021Believe to go the extra mile: the influence of internal CSR initiatives on service employee organizational citizenship behaviorsChou E.-Y; Liang H.-Y; Lin J.-S.C.; JIUN-SHENG LIN Journal of Service Theory and Practice0
22021Is doing economically good enough to shape the MNE’s governmental relations? In contingency with contextual influencesYeh C.-P; Wu H.-L; Hsiao Y.-C.; HSUEH-LIANG WU Chinese Management Studies0
32021Risk analysis of reservoir sedimentation under non-stationary flowsTsai C.W; Yeh T.-G; Hsu Y; Wu K.-T; Liu W.-J.; YAO-WEN HSU Journal of Flood Risk Management0
42021Innovation Promoter or Inhibitor? Non-Family CEO's Effect on Innovation in Family BusinessesChung P; Lee C; Wu H; Lee C.; HSUEH-LIANG WU IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management0
52020Operational asymptotic stochastic dominanceHuang, R.J.; Tzeng, L.; Wang, J.-Y.; Zhao, L.; JR-YAN WANG European Journal of Operational Research12
62020The Continuing Overreaction in the REIT MarketLiu, M.-Y.; Lu, C.; CHIU-LING LU Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics00
72020Asymmetry effects: How product quality tier affects price competitionLiu, H.-W.; Jen, L.; Chou, C.-H.; LICHUNG JEN Journal of Quality0
82020Consumption-based asset pricing with prospect theory and habit formationWang, J.-Y.; Hung, M.-W.; JR-YAN WANG Handbook of Financial Econometrics, Mathematics, Statistics, and Machine Learning (In 4 Volumes)0
92020The moderating effect of virtual integration on intergenerational governance and relationship performance in international customer–supplier relationshipsJean, R.-J.B.; Kim, D.; Lien, Y.-C.; Ro, S.; YUNG-CHIH LIEN International Marketing Review42
102020Comment on “aging population, retirement, and risk taking”Huang, R.J.; Tzeng, L.Y.; Wang, J.-Y.; Zhao, L.; JR-YAN WANG Management Science21
112020Managerial optimism, CEO retention, and corporate performance: evidence from bankruptcy-filing firmsHung, M.-W.; Tsai, W.-H.; MAO-WEI HUNG Journal of Economics and Finance0
122020“Buy, buy most Americans buy”: country of reference (COR) effects and consumer purchasing decisionsChen, T.-T.; Wang, S.-J.; Huang, H.-C.; HENGCHIANG HUANG International Marketing Review44
132020重建關係之路:電商平台中消費者寬恕之特性與效果Lee, H.; Shih, C.-F.; Huang, H.-C.; HENGCHIANG HUANG NTU Management Review1
142020Investment styles and the multiple testing of cross-sectional stock return predictabilityVincent, K.; Hsu, Y.-C.; Lin, H.-W.; HSIOU-WEI W. LIN Journal of Financial Markets0
152020Project interface choice and knowledge creation: Evidence of international science cooperation in TaiwanPao, H.-W.; Wu, H.-L.; Lee, C.-Y.; HSUEH-LIANG WU Technovation00
162020Engaging customers with employees in service encounters: Linking employee and customer service engagement behaviors through relational energy and interaction cohesionLiang, H.-Y.; Chu, C.-Y.; Lin, J.-S.C.; JIUN-SHENG LIN Journal of Service Management00
172020They support, so we talk: the effects of other users on self-disclosure on social networking sitesLin, C.-Y.; Chou, E.-Y.; Huang, H.-C.; HENGCHIANG HUANG Information Technology and People10
182020A prideful posting a day keeps admiring readers awake: voluntary bloggers in a self-construal frameworkPan, L.-Y.; Huang, H.-C.; Ko, C.-H.; HENGCHIANG HUANG Behaviour and Information Technology00
192020系統整合、教與研相融會、實業課題掌握-會計、財金學術成就關鍵因素林修葳(HSIOU-WEI WILLIAM LIN); HSIOU-WEI W. LIN 管理學報0
202020國際情勢、經貿協議與肉品市場的消費安全盧信昌; HSIN-CHANG LU 消費者報導雜誌
212020從臺灣採購經理人指數再論新冠肺炎對臺灣產業之影響-2020年04月PMI為47.6%,NMI為42.5%陳馨蕙; 陳思寬; SHIKUAN CHEN 經濟前瞻
222020從臺灣採購經理人指數看新冠肺炎對臺灣產業之影響-2020年02月PMI為52.7%,NMI為40.4%陳馨蕙; 陳思寬; SHIKUAN CHEN 經濟前瞻
232020Augmenting Outsourced Value Chains Immersed in TurbulenceLin C.-A; Chen H.; HOMIN CHEN Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing0
242020Color place marketing—the role of atmospheric colors on place product association and consumer choices in luoyang, chinaHuang W; Jen L.; LICHUNG JEN Sustainability (Switzerland)0
252020The jump behavior of a foreign exchange market: Analysis of the thai bahtChang J.-R; Hung M.-W; Lee C.F; Lu H.-M.; MAO-WEI HUNG Handbook of Financial Econometrics, Mathematics, Statistics, and Machine Learning (In 4 Volumes)0
262020Consumption-based asset pricing with prospect theory and habit formationWang J.-Y; Hung M.-W.; MAO-WEI HUNG Handbook of Financial Econometrics, Mathematics, Statistics, and Machine Learning (In 4 Volumes)0
272020The impact of appointment-based CEO connectedness on firms’ performance and profitabilityChien Y.-H; Hung M.-W.; MAO-WEI HUNG North American Journal of Economics and Finance0
282020Implications of default information leakage on recoveriesHung M.-W; Tsai W.-H.; MAO-WEI HUNG Journal of Fixed Income0
292020Application of intertemporal CAPM on international corporate financeChang J.-R; Hung M.-W; Lee C.F.; MAO-WEI HUNG Handbook of Financial Econometrics, Mathematics, Statistics, and Machine Learning (In 4 Volumes)0
302019Disentangling Invisible Hand from Visible Hand: How Does Home Country Economic Institution and Political Institution Influence Firm’s Cross-Border AcquisitionsShi Lei; Christine M. Chan; CHENG WEI WU 
312019Project interface choice and knowledge creation: Evidence of international science cooperation in TaiwanPao, H.-W.; Wu, H.-L.; Lee, C.-Y.; HSUEH-LIANG WU Technovation00
322019What drives firms to explore new technological fields? An investigation on the technological entry effect of CEO decision horizon and board governanceLee, C.-Y.; Wu, H.-L.; Dong, M.; HSUEH-LIANG WU IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management03
332019Choose Foreign R&D Partners From Right Pools: A Synthesis Framework葉峻賓(Chun-Ping Yeh); 蕭義棋(Yi-Chi Hsiao); 趙義隆(Yi-Long Jaw); YI-LONG JAW 臺大管理論叢00
342019台灣銀髮族資產持有行為之探討張日青(Rih Cing Jhang); 盧秋玲(Chiuling Lu); CHIU-LING LU 證券市場發展季刊00
352019策略聯盟能傳遞價值訊號嗎?以生技製藥初次上市公司為例劉佳怡(Chia-Yi Liu); 李振宇(Cheng-Yu Lee); 吳學良(Hsueh-Liang Wu); HSUEH-LIANG WU 組織與管理00
362019品牌粉絲專業之社群情感氛圍初探林郁翔(Yu-Hsiang Lin); 任立中(Lichung Jen); LICHUNG JEN 管理與系統00
372019Modelling of how lotto players select their number combinations dynamicallyHo, Hwai-Chung; Lee, Shih-Chin; Lin, Hsiou-wei; HSIOU-WEI W. LIN International Gambling Studies02
382019Exploring Dual Business Model Choice of Brand and OEM Businesses郭重松(Chung-Song Kuo); 李吉仁(Ji-Ren Lee); JI-REN LEE 臺大管理論叢00
392019Relational bonds, customer engagement, and service quality [關係結合方式、顧客投入與服務品質關係之探討]Chang, C.-W.; Huang, H.-C.; Wang, S.-J.; Lee, H.; HENGCHIANG HUANG Service Industries Journal110
402019Semistatic hedging and pricing American floating strike lookback optionsChung, S.-L.; Huang, Y.-T.; Shih, P.-T.; Wang, J.-Y.; JR-YAN WANG Journal of Futures Markets00
412019Effects of Monitoring Technology on the Insurance MarketChen, Y.-H.; Jiang, B.; YU-HUNG CHEN Production and Operations Management12
422019Foreign direct investment subsidy in a dynamic stochastic general equilibrium model with heterogeneous firmsWu, Y.-C.; Chen, S.; Chang, M.-J.; SHIKUAN CHEN Review of International Economics00
432019Brand community identification matters: a dual value-creation routes frameworkChang, C.-W.; Ko, C.-H.; Huang, H.-C.; Wang, S.-J.; HENGCHIANG HUANG Journal of Product and Brand Management37
442019Corporate Performance and the Dual Roles of Boards: Firm Characteristics, Governance Regulations, and CEO-Director Relationships [公司績效與董事會雙重角色:公司特性, 政策法規及CEO 與董事的社會網絡連結]Wang Y.-C.; Lin H.-W.W.; Lee T.-S.; Tsai J.-J.; HSIOU-WEI W. LIN Journal of Accounting Review01
452019Volatility information implied in the term structure of VIXChang, K.-J.; Hung, M.-W.; Wang, Y.-H.; Yen, K.-C.; MAO-WEI HUNG Journal of Futures Markets25
462019Choose Foreign R&D Partners From Right Pools: A Synthesis FrameworkYeh, Chun-Ping; Hsiao, Yi-Chi; Jaw, Yi-Long; HENGCHIANG HUANG Ntu Management Review00
472019The origin of the country-of-origin image: the role of lawLin, C.-P.; Huang, C.-J.; Lin, H.-M.; Chuang, C.-M.; CHENG-MIN CHUANG Journal of Product and Brand Management31
482019A note of techniques that mitigate floating-point errors in PIN estimationKe, W.-C.; Chen, H.; Lin, H.-W.W.; HSIOU-WEI W. LIN Finance Research Letters0
492019Do current-year forecasts deserve investors' exclusive attention among analyst estimates?Huang, C.-T.; Chang, C.-H.; Lin, H.-W.; HSIOU-WEI W. LIN International Review of Finance0
502019Looking inside your shopping bags: The use of retail data to capture health lifestyleLiu, Y.; Jen, L.; Yeh, W.; LICHUNG JEN International Journal of Healthcare Management0
542019Partner-selection effects on venture capital investment performance with uncertaintiesCheng C.-Y; Tang M.-J. Journal of Business Research28
562019大股東股權集中度、外部法人持股、外部董事年資對公司績效之影響-台灣上市公司的實證研究朱文儀(Wenyi Chu); 李庭閣(Tingko Lee); 莊正民(Cheng-Min Chuang); 廖盈琇(Ying-Hsiu Liao); CHENG-MIN CHUANG 中山管理評論0
572019虛擬貨幣的未來,可有「滿滿的大平台」?盧信昌; HSIN-CHANG LU 消費者報導雜誌
582019Exploring Dual Business Model Choice of Brand and OEM Businesses [探索品牌與代工雙元營運模式的選擇]Kuo C.-S; Lee J.-R.; JI-REN LEE NTU Management Review0
592019Differentiated reputation effects on trust in ability and dedication: A coproducer selection contextChang C.-W; Chuang C.-M.; CHENG-MIN CHUANG Journal of Management and Organization0
602019Forward osmosis membrane processes for wastewater bioremediation: Research needsLee D.-J; Hsieh M.-H.; MING-HUEI HSIEH Bioresource Technology19
612018The Influence of Internal CSR Initiatives on the Organizational Citizenship Behaviors of EmployeesHaw-Yi Liang; En-Yi Chou; Jiun-Sheng Chris Lin American Marketing Association Service Research Conference 
632018制度壓力與創新能力對於組織多元回應策略之影響:以臺灣企業對高齡化人力資源管理措施之採行意願為例劉佳怡(Chia-Yi Liu); 吳學良(Hsueh-Liang Wu); 鮑慧文(Hwei-Wen Pao); HSUEH-LIANG WU 組織與管理00
642018總經理管理任期對企業不當作為之影響:以台灣半導體企業為例李振宇(Cheng-Yu Lee); 吳學良(Hsueh-Liang Wu); 李佳蓉(Chia-Jung Lee); HSUEH-LIANG WU 臺大管理論叢01
652018The relationship between patent attributes and patent litigation: Considering the moderating effects of managerial characteristicsLiu, C.-Y.; Wu, H.-L.; Lee, C.-Y.; HSUEH-LIANG WU Asia Pacific Management Review55
662018Hiring decisions on certified manpower: The resource dependence and social contagion views of institutional innovatorsPao, H.-W.; Lee, C.-Y.; Chung, P.-H.; Wu, H.-L.; HSUEH-LIANG WU Journal of Advances in Management Research00
672018Corruption and business cycle volatility: a corporate governance perspective*Lin, C.-P.; Huang, C.-J.; Chuang, C.-M.; CHENG-MIN CHUANG Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics21
682018Deconstructing B2B, co-creation and service deployment in East Asia: evidence from Taiwan and PRC manufacturersLin, C.-A.; Chen, H.; HOMIN CHEN Asia Pacific Business Review14
692018Revisiting generalized almost stochastic dominanceChang, J.-R.; Liu, W.-H.; Hung, M.-W.; MAO-WEI HUNG Annals of Operations Research13
702018Using forward Monte-Carlo simulation for the valuation of American barrier optionsMiao, D.W.-C.; Lee, Y.-H.; Wang, J.-Y.; JR-YAN WANG Annals of Operations Research00
712018Artificial Momentum, Native Contrarian, and Transparency in ChinaLin, H.-W.; Hung, M.-W.; Huang, J.-B.; MAO-WEI HUNG Computational Economics22
722018Does there prevail momentum in earnings management for seasoned equity offering firms?Chang C.-H.; Lin H.-W.W.; HSIOU-WEI W. LIN International Review of Economics and Finance24
732018Will An Analyst Report More Positively for Less-Covered Stocks When They Are First Included on His/Her List? [分析師是否於首次分析時對受忽略股票有較正面的研究報告?]Lo H.-C.; Lin H.-W.; HSIOU-WEI W. LIN Journal of Accounting Review00
742018運用ADDIE建構工業4.0產業自動化控制人才職能導向課程謝明德(Min-Der Hsieh); 趙義隆(Yi-Long Jaw) 管理評論00
752018A note of techniques that mitigate floating-point errors in PIN estimationKe W.-C.; Chen H.; Lin H.-W.W.; HSIOU-WEI W. LIN Finance Research Letters00
762018Analyzing the performance of multifactor investment strategies under a multiple testing frameworkVincent K.; Hsu Y.-C.; Lin H.-W.; HSIOU-WEI W. LIN Journal of Portfolio Management00
772018Re-Interpreting Signaling with Systems Thinking: A Concept for Improving Decision-Making QualityChang, C.-W.; Chuang, C.-M.; CHENG-MIN CHUANG Systemic Practice and Action Research01
782018Does Interindustry and Intraindustry Information Help Predict Financial Distress?Lin H.-W.W.; Wu R.-S.; Lo H.-C.; HSIOU-WEI W. LIN International Review of Finance00
792018A simple iteration algorithm to price perpetual Bermudan options under the lognormal jump-diffusion-ruin processChung, S.-L.; Wang, J.-Y.; JR-YAN WANG Journal of Futures Markets00
822018Does Population Aging Affect Real Housing Prices? Evidence from Eight Asian Economies盧秋玲(Chiuling Lu); 沈仰斌(Yang-Pin Shen); 施正倫(Cheng-Lun Shih); CHIU-LING LU 住宅學報
832018A population-based study of the influence of socioeconomic status on prostate cancer diagnosis in TaiwanWu C.-C; Lin C.-H; Chiang H.-S; Tang M.-J.; MING JE TANG International Journal for Equity in Health6
842017Linking Employee and Customer Engagement Behaviors in Service Encounters: The Mediation of Relational Energy and Interaction QualityJiun-Sheng Chris Lin ; Chih-Ying Chu; Haw-Yi LiangAcademy of Marketing Science World Marketing Congress 
852017會計學概要(第六版)杜榮瑞 ; 薛富井; 蔡彥卿 ; 林修葳 
862017會計學(第七版)杜榮瑞 ; 薛富井; 蔡彥卿 ; 林修葳 
872017Interorganizational Imitation and Acquisitions of High-tech VenturesOzmel, U.; Reuer, J.J.; Wu, C.-W.; CHENG-WEI WU Strategic Management Journal79
882017Rethinking Self-Control: How It Interacts with Goal Temporal Distance, Individual Time Orientation and Regulatory Focus江宜芳(Yi-Fang Chiang); 王仕茹(Shih-Ju Wang); 黃恆獎(Heng-Chiang Huang); HENGCHIANG HUANG 管理學報00
892017積極比例是否解釋台灣共同基金績效?盧秋玲(Chiuling Lu); 張清發(Ching-Fa, Chang); 沈仰斌(Yang-Pin Shen); CHIU-LING LU 證券市場發展季刊00
902017Characterization of Predictive Behavior of a Retina by Mutual InformationChen, Kevin Sean; Chen, Chun-Chung; Chan, C. K.; CHUN-CHUNG CHEN Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience26
912017Local conditions, entry timing, and foreign subsidiary performanceHsu, C.-W.; Chen, H.; Caskey, D.; HOMIN CHEN International Business Review1011
922017Characterization of Predictive Behavior of a Retina by Mutual InformationChen, Kevin Sean; Chen, Chun-Chung; Chan, C. K.; YU-HUNG CHEN Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience26
932017Optimal consumption, portfolio, and life insurance policies under interest rate and inflation risksHan, N.-W.; Hung, M.-W.; MAO-WEI HUNG Insurance: Mathematics and Economics58
942017An improved version of the volume-synchronized probability of informed tradingKe W.-C.; Lin H.-W.W.; HSIOU-WEI W. LIN Critical Finance Review22
952017以參考一籃子貨幣為名:人民幣匯率機制之驗證黃志典(Jyh-Dean Hwang); JYH-DEAN HWANG 臺大管理論叢00
962017Entrepreneurial Behavior in Family Business: The Investigation on the Relationship among Steward-Like Managers, Explorative Orientation and New Product Development李佳蓉(Chia-Jung Lee); 李振宇(Cheng-Yu Lee); 吳學良(Hsueh-Liang Wu); HSUEH-LIANG WU 臺大管理論叢22
972017Limit hits and informationally-related stocksGuo, J.-H.; Chang, L.-F.; Hung, M.-W.; MAO-WEI HUNG Journal of Financial Markets44
982017A modified reduced-form model with time-varying default and recovery rates and its applications in pricing convertible bondsWang, J.-Y.; Dai, T.-S.; JR-YAN WANG Journal of Derivatives01
992017Knowledge transfer, knowledge-based resources, and capabilities in e-commerce software projectsWang, K.; Lu, H.C.; Lee, R.C.; Yeh, S.-Y.; HSIN-CHANG LU Journal of Global Information Management24
1002017Rainbow trend options: valuation and applicationsWang, J.-Y.; Wang, H.-C.; Ko, Y.-C.; Hung, M.-W.; MAO-WEI HUNG Review of Derivatives Research35
1012017The influence of service employees’ nonverbal communication on customer-employee rapport in the service encounterLin, C.-Y.; Lin, J.-S.C.; JIUN-SHENG LIN Journal of Service Management1120
1022017The impact of numerical superstition on the final digit of stock priceKe W.-C.; Chen H.; Lin H.-W.W.; Liu Y.-C.; HSIOU-WEI W. LIN North American Journal of Economics and Finance22
1042017Rainbow trend options: valuation and applicationsWang, J.-Y.; Wang, H.-C.; Ko, Y.-C.; Hung, M.-W.; JR-YAN WANG Review of Derivatives Research35
1052017Accounting Conservatism: A Review of the Research Based on Data from Asian Countries王泰昌 ; 林修葳 ; 許文馨 ; 陳漢鐘; 劉嘉雯 臺大管理論叢00
1062017中國大陸金融市場改革及其對台灣金融業之影響與挑戰(研究報告)黃志典 台北外匯市場發展基金會
1072017以參考一籃子貨幣為名黃志典譯 臺大管理論叢
1082017On the Price-to-Book Effect in Ex-Dividend Anomaly: Evidence from Taiwan Stock MarketJYH-DEAN HWANG the Thirteenth Asia-Pacific Conference on Global Business, Economics, Finance and Banking
1092017稅賦待遇、市淨率與除息日價格異常現象黃志典 ; 曾澧堯當代財經
1102017公司治理、現金股利與公司價值黃志典 ; 李宜訓證券市場導報
1112017The Real Options Perspective on Exploration, Exploitation, and Firm Performance: Test of a Mediation Model趙雨潔; 鄭鈞云; 湯明哲 ; 黃逸平臺大管理論叢11
1132017會計穩健性:基於亞洲國家資料研究之回顧王泰昌(Tay-Chang Wang); 林修葳(Hsiou-Wei Lin); 許文馨(Wen-Hsin Hsu); 陳漢鐘(Han-Chung Chen); 劉嘉雯(Chia-Wen Liu); HSIOU-WEI W. LIN 臺大管理論叢0
1142017Do Multi-Year Earnings Forecasts Help Identify Over-Investment for Future Business?黃承祖(Cheng-Tsu Huang); 張竹萱(Chu-Hsuan Chang); 林修葳(Hsiou-Wei William Lin); HSIOU-WEI W. LIN 財務金融學刊0
1152016Modeling Customer-Employee Instant Rapport in the First EncounterJiun-Sheng Chris Lin ; Cheng-Yu LinAcademy of Marketing Science World Marketing Conference 
1162016Satisfying Customers through Satisfied Service Employees: Integrating the Emotional Labor and Emotional Contagion PerspectivesJiun-Sheng Chris Lin ; En-Yi Chou; Cheng-Yu LinAmerican Marketing Association Service Research Conference 
1172016會計學概要(第五版)杜榮瑞 ; 薛富井; 蔡彥卿 ; 林修葳 
1182016Fundamentals of Corporate Finance郭震坤 
1192016Corporate Finance郭震坤 
1202016Corruption and brand valueLin, C.-P.; Chuang, C.-M.; CHENG-MIN CHUANG International Marketing Review510
1212016Fairness and devotion go far: Integrating online justice and value co-creation in virtual communitiesChou, E.-Y.; Lin, C.-Y.; Huang, H.-C.; HENGCHIANG HUANG International Journal of Information Management3050
1222016國際企業研究發展的新方向和新興議題陳厚銘(Homin Chen) ; 連勇智(Yung-Chih Lien) ; 許嘉文(Chia-Wen Hsu); 林玟廷(Wen-Ting Lin); 簡睿哲(Bryan Jean Ruey-Jer)管理學報00
1232016Effect of digital transformation on organisational performance of SMEs Evidence from the Taiwanese textile industry's web portalChen, Ying-Yu Kerri; Jaw, Yi-Long; Wu, Bing-Li; HENGCHIANG HUANG Internet Research1722
1242016Effect of digital transformation on organisational performance of SMEs: Evidence from the Taiwanese textile industry’s web portalChen, Y.-Y.K.; Jaw, Y.-L.; Wu, B.-L.; YI-LONG JAW Internet Research1722
1252016Social entrepreneurship in Taiwan: Opportunities and challengesChen, J.H.; Lee, J.-R.; JI-REN LEE Social Entrepreneurship in the Greater China Region: Policy and Cases00
1262016The impact of news articles and corporate disclosure on credit risk valuationTsai, F.-T.; Lu, H.-M.; Hung, M.-W.; MAO-WEI HUNG Journal of Banking and Finance913
1272016發言或緘默:心理安全與自我效能在社會資本影響社群網站使用者知識分享行為上所扮演的中介角色王仕茹(Shih-Ju Wang); 黃恆獎(Heng-Chiang Huang); 楊昀璇(Carolyn Yun-Shiuan Yang); HENGCHIANG HUANG 臺大管理論叢12
1282016Changes in analyst following for less covered firms accompanying Regulation Fair Disclosure: the roles of ability and industry experienceChen H.; Huang C.-T.; Lin H.-W.W.; HSIOU-WEI W. LIN Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting44
1292016Modeling default prediction with earnings managementLin H.-W.W.; Lo H.-C.; Wu R.-S.; HSIOU-WEI W. LIN Pacific Basin Finance Journal34
1302016The importance of stock liquidity on option pricingFeng, S.-P.; Hung, M.-W.; Wang, Y.-H.; MAO-WEI HUNG International Review of Economics and Finance913
1312016A Generalization of the Recursive Integration Method for the Analytic Valuation of American OptionsChang, L.-F.; Guo, J.-H.; Hung, M.-W.; MAO-WEI HUNG Journal of Futures Markets22
1322016除息日異常現象與市淨率效應—基於封閉式基金的實證黃志典 經濟與管理研究
1352016Service Experience Management in Asia: A Review and Directions for Future Research林俊昇(Chris Jiun-Sheng Lin) ; 林政佑(Cheng-Yu Lin); 周恩頤(En-Yi Chou)NTU Management Review 11
1362015The Effects of Self-service Technology Initiatives on Firm ValueJiun-Sheng Chris Lin Academy of Marketing Science World Marketing Conference 
1372015Bankruptcy predictions for U.S. air carrier operations: a study of financial dataCHIU-LING LU ; Yang, Ann Shawing; Huang, Jui FengJournal of Economics and Finance60
1382015Examining the Validity of Credit Ratings Assigned to Credit DerivativesLee, C. W.; C. K. Kuo Global Credit Review
1402015From partner selection to trust dynamics: Evidence of the cross-country partnership of Taiwanese construction firmsPao, H.-W.; Wu, H.-L.; Ho, S.-P.; Lee, C.-Y.; HSUEH-LIANG WU Journal of Advances in Management Research11
1412015不動產投資信託基金的發行時機:以投資情緒分析盧秋玲(Chiuling Lu); 楊曉瑩(Ann Shawing Yang); CHIU-LING LU 住宅學報
1422015China momentum and transparencyLin, H.-W.; Hung, M.-W.; MAO-WEI HUNG 2015 International Conference on Behavioral, Economic and Socio-Cultural Computing, BESC 201500
1432015The antecedents and consequences of local embeddedness: A framework based on the rice industry in TaiwanHan, I.; Chuang, C.-M.; CHENG-MIN CHUANG Asian Business and Management45
1442015R&D internationalization and innovation performanceHsu, C.-W.; Lien, Y.-C.; Chen, H.; HOMIN CHEN International Business Review6587
1452015On the correct model specification for estimating the structure of a currency basketHwang, J.-D.; JYH-DEAN HWANG Applied Economics Letters00
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6582004就是這個IDEA!湯明哲 書與人
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7002003培養國際視野 站隱世界腳步湯明哲 創業創新育成
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8132000傻孩子,已經沒有大石頭了!黃志典 新新聞
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8172000台灣還可以「戒急用忍」多久?黃志典 卓越雜誌
8182000林部長,你說對了!黃志典 聯合晚報
8192000是轉機,更是危機黃志典 新新聞
8202000遠來的和尚會唸經黃志典 新新聞
8212000陳水扁真正的執政危機黃志典 新新聞
8222000陳水扁繼續執政的社會成本黃志典 新新聞
8232000弄巧成拙黃志典 新新聞
8242000國家不安定基金黃志典 新新聞
8252000意外嗎?一點都不會!黃志典 新新聞
8262000來點合邏輯的說詞吧!黃志典 新新聞
8272000兩帖藥方救財經黃志典 新新聞
8282000有效匯率指率有效嗎?黃志典 卓越雜誌
8292000論中央銀行干預外匯市場黃志典 工商時報
8302000誰毀了中央銀行?黃志典 中國時報
8312000Chen’s promises already broken黃志典 Taipei Times
8322000公司基本要素可以解釋蜜月行情嗎?黃志典 ; 簡亨容台銀季刊
8332000繼續「戒急用忍」?黃志典 新新聞
8342000國安基金的原罪黃志典 新新聞
8352000沒有生機的兩岸經貿政策黃志典 新新聞
8362000為什麼大家不相信你?黃志典 新新聞
8372000A shaky ship heads towards a stormy sea黃志典 工商時報
8382000還要更亂嗎?黃志典 聯合晚報
8392000換人做做看,才是真正的經濟利多黃志典 聯合晚報
8402000政治化的金融弊案黃志典 新新聞
8412000炒短線的全民政府黃志典 新新聞
8422000聊勝於無的利多黃志典 新新聞
8432000新團隊,舊把戲黃志典 新新聞
8442000老在狀況外的唐內閣黃志典 新新聞
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8891999中共是世界第三經濟大國?黃志典 中國時報
8901999與其留校察看,何不直接退學?黃志典 卓越雜誌
8911999走出金融危機的迷思黃志典 金融財務
8921999何不讓市場替政府分憂解勞?黃志典 卓越雜誌 
8931999公司屬性可以解釋除權行情嗎?黃志典 ; 李忠憲證券金融季刊
8941999明天會更好嗎?黃志典 聯合報         
8951999台灣股票型共同基金選股及擇時能力評估黃志典 ; 賴蓉禾證券金融季刊
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8981999中央銀行應該言行一致黃志典 工商時報
8991999日圓強勢對世界經濟利多於弊黃志典 工商時報
9001999慷他人之慨黃志典 新新聞
9011999柏格斯坦的陰謀論黃志典 聯合晚報
9021999眾人皆輸唯他獨贏黃志典 聯合晚報
9031999NDF交易該設限嗎?黃志典 聯合晚報
9041999羅馬不是一天毀滅的黃志典 聯合晚報
9051999這次真的不一樣?黃志典 卓越論壇
9061999造神與毀神黃志典 新新聞
9071999銀行業競爭力衰退的迷思黃志典 新新聞
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10001995我國、美國及日本拆款市場之比較黃志典 中國財務學會年會