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220032D Z-string: A new spatial knowledge representation for image databasesLee A.J.T. ; Chiu H.-P.journal article2415
320023D C-string: A new spatio-temporal knowledge representation for video database systemsLee A.J.T. ; Chiu H.-P.; Yu P.journal article95
420043D character model creation from cel animationBING-YU CHEN journal article51
520073D model streaming based on a JPEG 2000 imageBING-YU CHEN journal article30
620073D Model Streaming based on JPEG 2000Lin, Nien-Shien; Huang, Ting-Hao; Chen, Bing-Yu journal article
720053D Z-string: A new knowledge structure to represent spatio-temporal relations between objects in a videoLee A.J.T. ; Yu P.; Chiu H.-P.; Hong R.-W.journal article93
820093D-Model-based face replacement in videoBING-YU CHEN journal article
92011A blendshape model that incorporates physical interactionBING-YU CHEN journal article20
102012A blendshape model that incorporates physical interactionBING-YU CHEN journal article94
112009A Case Study on Application of Intellectual Monitor Technique Using Service Experience EngineeringHOUN-GEE CHEN journal article
122001A Comparative Analysis of Software Development Capability in Taiwan Top 1000 CompaniesHOUN-GEE CHEN conference paper
131995A Comparative Study of Scheduling Heuristic in Cellular ManufacturingHOUN-GEE CHEN conference paper
142013A composite kernel approach for detecting interactive segments in Chinese topic documentsCHIEN CHIN CHEN book10
152008A Cross-Cultural Study on the Determinants of Software PiracyChen, Houn-Gee ; HOUN-GEE CHEN ; Hung, Shin-Yuan; Chang, She-I; Chen, Yun-Jujournal article00
161995A DSS Design Using Object-Oriented MethodologyHOUN-GEE CHEN journal article
171994A General Search Algorithm for Cell Formation in Group TechnologyHOUN-GEE CHEN journal article136
181991A Mixed Integer Programming Model for Operator Cyclic Walking Pattern Development in GT CellsHOUN-GEE CHEN journal article96
192004A Model of Supply Chain Management Information System Adoption in TaiwanHOUN-GEE CHEN conference paper
202011A model-based em method for topic person name multi-polarizationCHIEN CHIN CHEN ; Salem, Mohamed Vall Mohamed; Shaalan, Khaled; Oroumchian, Farhad; Shakery, Azadeh; Khelalfa, Halimbook00
212012A novel business cycle surveillance system using the query logs of search enginesChen, Chien-Chin ; CHIEN CHIN CHEN ; Tasi, Yi-Tianjournal article22
222013A novel social event recommendation method based on social and collaborative friendshipsCHIEN CHIN CHEN book110
232016A novel trend surveillance system using the information from web search enginesCHIEN CHIN CHEN journal article00
242005A Object-Oriented Decision Support System: A Case of Inventory ManagementHOUN-GEE CHEN journal article00
251992A Petri Net-Based State Transition Model for the Optimal Operator Cyclic Walking Pattern Development in GT CellsHOUN-GEE CHEN journal article21
261994A Pull-Push Heuristic for Robot Scheduling in Flexible Manufacturing CellsHOUN-GEE CHEN journal article00
271992A Rule-Based System for Robot Scheduling in FMCHOUN-GEE CHEN journal article31
281996A Study of IF-THEN-ELSE Structures in End User ProgrammingHOUN-GEE CHEN conference paper
291997A Study of IF-THEN-ELSE Structures in End User ProgrammingHOUN-GEE CHEN journal article
302010A study of machine learning models in epidemic surveillance: Using the query logs of search enginesCHIEN CHIN CHEN conference paper
311998A Study of MIS Curriculum in TaiwanHOUN-GEE CHEN conference paper
321997A Study of MIS Curriculum in Taiwan’s Undergraduate ProgramsHOUN-GEE CHEN journal article
331999A Study of the Use of Information Technology in Logistic IndustriesHOUN-GEE CHEN journal article
342008A Study on Customer-Oriented Service Design MethodologyHOUN-GEE CHEN journal article
352014A Study on Green IT AdoptionHOUN-GEE CHEN conference paper
362014A Study on Green IT AdoptionHOUN-GEE CHEN journal article00
372006A Task/Technology Fit Model Of Knowledge Management Systems.HOUN-GEE CHEN journal article
382013A topic person multi-polarization method using friendship network analysisCHIEN CHIN CHEN book00
392007Active ERP Implementation Management: A Real Options PerspectiveWu, Liang-Chuan; Chorng-Shyong Ong ; Yaowen Hsujournal article5643
402009An Adaptive Threshold Framework for Event Detection Using HMM-based Life ProfilesChen, Chien Chin ; Chen, Meng Chang; Chen, Ming-Syan 1814
412013Adaptively simulating inhomogeneous elastic deformationBING-YU CHEN journal article
422014Affective mechanisms linking Internet use to learning performance in high school students: A moderated mediation studyHOUN-GEE CHEN journal article00
432000Algorithmic analysis of programs with well quasi-ordered domainsYIH-KUEN TSAY journal article138103
442011Ambiguity-Free Edge-Bundling for Interactive Graph VisualizationLuo, Sheng-Jie; Liu, Chun-Liang; Chen, Bing-Yu ; Ma, Kwan-Liujournal article3223
452007An aging theory for event life-cycle modelingChen, Chien Chin ; CHIEN CHIN CHEN ; Chen, Yao-Tsung; Chen, Meng Changjournal article3420
462011An effective cold start recommendaton method using a web of trustCHIEN CHIN CHEN conference paper
472015An Effective Friend Recommendation Method Using Learning to Rank and Social InfluenceCHIEN CHIN CHEN conference paper
482013An effective recommendation method for cold start new users using trust and distrust networksCHIEN CHIN CHEN ; Chen, Chien Chin ; Wan, Yu-Hao; Chung, Meng-Chieh; Sun, Yu-Chunjournal article6851
492008An Effective RFID Adoption Strategy based on a Holistic Analysis of RFID ImplementationsHOUN-GEE CHEN conference paper
501997An Empirical Study on End User Computing PerformanceHOUN-GEE CHEN journal article
511997An Information System Model for ISO 9000 Certification Process: A Study of Manufacturing Companies in TaiwanHOUN-GEE CHEN conference paper
522010An Integrative Model of Consumer’s Adoption of RFID Credit Card ServiceHOUN-GEE CHEN conference paper10
531996An Inventory Decision Support System Using the Object-Oriented ApproachHOUN-GEE CHEN journal article53
541996An IS Profile of Large Companies in TaiwanHOUN-GEE CHEN journal article
552012An unsupervised approach for person name bipolarization using principal component analysisCHIEN CHIN CHEN ; Chen, Chien-Chin ; Chen, Zhong-Yong; Wu, Chen-Yuanjournal article1511
562009Animating character images in 3D spaceBING-YU CHEN journal article
572003Animating Hair with Loosely Connected ParticlesBando, Yosuke; Chen, Bing-Yu ; Nishita, Tomoyukijournal article5727
582012Animating lip-sync characters with dominated animeme modelsBING-YU CHEN journal article32
592009Animating lip-sync speech faces by dominated animeme modelsBING-YU CHEN journal article
602012Animating strings with twisting, tearing and flicking effectsBING-YU CHEN journal article52
612004An approach to content-based video retrievalLee A.J.T. ; Hong R.-W.; Chang M.-F.conference paper9
622008Approaching Proximate Prefix Search and Load Balancing in P2P NetworksJoung, Yuh-Jzer 
632013Artistic QR code embellishmentBING-YU CHEN journal article2218
641996Assumption/guarantee specifications in linear-time temporal logicJonsson, Bengt; Tsay, Yih-Kuen journal article; text
651999Asynchronous group mutual exclusion in ring networksWu, Kuen-Pin; Joung, Yuh-Jzer journal article02
662000Asynchronous group mutual exclusion in ring networksWu, Kuen-Ping; Joung, Yuh-Jzer 
672012Attention-oriented photo slideshowBING-YU CHEN journal article10
682010Automated assume-guarantee reasoning through implicit learningYIH-KUEN TSAY book280
692008Automated compositional reasoning of intuitionistically closed regular propertiesIbarra, Oscar H.; YIH-KUEN TSAY ; Ravikumar, Balabook10
702009Automated compositional reasoning of intuitionistically closed regular propertiesYIH-KUEN TSAY journal article00
712007Automated technology for verification and analysis (ATVA 2005): PrefaceYIH-KUEN TSAY journal article00
721998Automatic network documents classificationKu, Hao-Kuang; Joung, Yuh-Jzer 
732010Automatic numeric abstractions for heap-manipulating programsYIH-KUEN TSAY conference paper2617
742010Automatic numeric abstractions for heap-manipulating programsYIH-KUEN TSAY journal article
752004Automatic Topics Discovery from Hyperlinked DocumentsWu, K. J.; Chen, Meng Chang; Sun, Yeali S. 
762001B2B: A Descriptive Analysis of Successful and Unsuccessful Cases for ImplementationHOUN-GEE CHEN conference paper
772002Becoming A Virtual Organization: A Strategic ApproachHOUN-GEE CHEN journal article00
782010Binary orientation trees for volume and surface reconstruction from unoriented point cloudsChen, Yi-Ling; BING-YU CHEN ; Chen, Bing-Yu ; Lai, Shang-Hong; Nishita, Tomoyukijournal article117
792016BioCreative V BioC track overview: collaborative biocurator assistant task for BioGRIDCHIEN CHIN CHEN journal article1011
802010Bipolar Person Name Identification of Topic Documents Using Principal Component AnalysisChen, Chien-Chin ; Wu, Chen-Yuanconference paper
812008Blurred image detection and classificationBING-YU CHEN journal article
821998A Buffer Occupancy-based Adaptive Flow Control and Recovery Scheme for Real-time Stored MPEG Video Transport over InternetSun, Yeali S. ; Tsou, F. M.; Chen, M. C.
832005Building Credit Scoring Models Using Genetic ProgrammingOng, Chorng-Shyong ; Huang, Jih-Jeng; Tzeng, Gwo-Hshiung
842003Building universal profile systems over a peer-to-peer networkCha, Shi-Cho; Joung, Yuh-Jzer ; Lue, Yu-Entext
852010Business cycle indication using query logs of search enginesCHIEN CHIN CHEN ; Chen, Jeng-Chien; Chen, Chien-Chin conference paper40
861999Business Extranet: Its Applications and DevelopmentsHOUN-GEE CHEN conference paper
872011Büchi store: An open repository of Büchi automataYIH-KUEN TSAY book140
882013Büchi Store: An open repository of ω-automataYIH-KUEN TSAY journal article60
892008Capturing intention-based full-frame video stabilizationChen, Bing-Yu ; BING-YU CHEN ; Lee, Ken-Yi; Lee, Ken-Yi; Huang, Wei-Ting; Lin, Jong-Shan; Lin, Jong-Shanjournal article4335
902012Career anchors and disturbances in job turnover decisions–A case study of IT professionals in TaiwanHOUN-GEE CHEN journal article129
912005Character Animation Creation using Hand-drawn SketchesChen, Bing-Yu ; Ono, Yutaka; Nishita, Tomoyukijournal article
922007Chord2 : A Two-Layer Chord for Reducing Maintenance Overhead via HeterogeneityJoung, Yuh-Jzer ; Wang, Jiaw-Chang4630
932011Collaborative Scheme for VoIP TracebackHsu, Hsien-Ming; Sun, Yeali S. ; Chen, Meng Changjournal article63
942002Communication Skill Importance and Proficiency: Viewpoints of IS Users, IS Specialists, and IS Project ManagersHOUN-GEE CHEN conference paper
952005Communications Skills Importance and Proficiency: Perception Differences Between IS Staff and IS UsersHOUN-GEE CHEN journal article1213
962011Comparative Loneliness of Users Versus Nonusers of Online ChattingOng, Chorng-Shyong ; Chang, Shu-Chen; Wang, Chih-Chienjournal article1311
972010Comparing learning algorithms in automated assume-guarantee reasoningYIH-KUEN TSAY book64
982016Competition Detection from Online NewsCHIEN CHIN CHEN conference paper
992003Composing temporal-logic specifications with machine assistanceYIH-KUEN TSAY book
1002000Compositional verification in linear-time temporal logicYIH-KUEN TSAY book
1011996A comprehensive study of the complexity of multiparty interactionJoung, Yuh-Jzer ; Smolka, Scott A.
1022004Conceptual FarmGuan, Shuen-Huei; Cho, Sheng-Yao; Shen, Yu-Te; Liang, Rung-Huei; Chen, Bing-Yu ; Ouhyoung, Ming journal article
1032013Conflict Resolution Effectiveness in IT Programs: A Study of IT VendorsHOUN-GEE CHEN journal article53
1042002The congenial talking philosophers problem in computer networksJoung, Yuh-Jzer 
1052014Consumer’s acceptance of high-tech products: the case of RFID credit cards in TaiwanHOUN-GEE CHEN journal article00
1062008Controllable motion texturesBING-YU CHEN journal article00
1072015Controlling information flow in online information seeking: The moderating effects of utilitarian and hedonic consumersWu, Ling-Ling ; Wang, Yi-Ting; Wei, Chin-Hsiu; Yeh, Ming-Yih63
1082012Cooperating with Free Riders in Unstructured P2P NetworkJoung, Yuh-Jzer ; Chiu, Terry Hui-Ye; Chen, Shy-Minjournal article
1091994Coordinating first-order multiparty interactionsJoung, Yuh-Jzer ; Smolka, Scott A.
1102010Coproduction in Successful Software Development ProjectsHOUN-GEE CHEN journal article1915
1112011Cross-Lingual Text Categorization: Conquering Language Boundaries in Globalized EnvironmentsWei, Chih-Ping ; Lin, Yen-Ting; Yang, Christopher C.journal article76
1122005Cubical Marching Squares: Adaptive Feature Preserving Surface Extraction from Volume DataHo, Chien-Chang; Wu, Fu-Che; Chen, Bing-Yu ; Chuang, Yung-Yu ; Ouhyoung, Ming journal article
1132005Cubical Marching Squares: Adaptive Surface Extraction from Volume Data with Sharp Features and Better TopologyHo, Chien-Chang; Lee, Pei-Lun; Chuang, Yung-Yu ; Chen, Bing-Yu ; Ouhyoung, Ming journal article
1142010Curling and clumping fur represented by texture layersSilva, Paulo; BING-YU CHEN ; Bando, Yosuke; Chen, Bing-Yu ; Nishita, Tomoyukijournal article62
1152010A data mining approach to face detectionTsao W.-K.; Lee A.J.T. ; Liu Y.-H.; Chang T.-W.; Lin H.-H.journal article3824
1161998David C. Yen, Beilan Gong, Joseph H. Wen, and Houn-Gee ChenHOUN-GEE CHEN conference paper
1172015Decision to adopt medical technology under the National Health Insurance System in Taiwan: Case study of new molecular targeted drugs among non-small cell lung cancer patientsLI-JIUAN SHEN ; Chen, Hung-Lin; Shen, Li-Jiuan ; Wei, Chih-Ping ; Lu, Hsin-Min ; Hsiao, Fei-Yuan journal article22
1181995Deducing fairness properties in UNITY logic - a new completeness resultTsay,Y. -K.; YIH-KUEN TSAY ; Bagrodia, R. L.journal article21
1191998Deriving a scalable algorithm for mutual exclusionYIH-KUEN TSAY book
1202010Designing a decision-support system for new product sales forecastingChern, Ching-Chin ; Ao Ieong Ka Ienga; Wu, Ling-Linga; Kung, Ling-Chieh 3524
1212003Designing Website Attributes to Induce Experiential EncountersHuang, Ming-Hui 
1222001Development and Evaluation of a TQM-based School Administration Information System – A Study of Primary SchoolHOUN-GEE CHEN journal article00
1231997Development and Evaluation of a TQM-based School Administration Information System—A Study of Taiwan’s SchoolHOUN-GEE CHEN conference paper
1242003The Development of 3D Graphics and VRML Libraries for Web3D Platform by Using JavaChen, Bing-Yu ; Nishita, Tomoyuki
1252002The Development of 3D Graphics and VRML Libraries for Web3D Platform by Using JavaChen, Bing-Yu ; Nishita, Tomoyuki
1262002Development of 3D Graphics and VRML Libraries for Web3D Platform by Using JavaChen, Bing-Yu ; Nishita, Tomoyuki
1272012Diagnosis of oscillating pressure-driven flow in a microdiffuser using micro-PIVSilva, Paulo; Sun, Chen-li ; CHEN-LI SUN ; Bando, Yosuke; Lee, Hung-Chien; Chen, Bing-Yu ; Kao, Ran-Xing; Nishita, Tomoyukijournal article21
1282007Digital restoration of moldy aged filmsMING OUHYOUNG ; BING-YU CHEN ; YUNG-YU CHUANG journal article00
1292014Discovering content-based behavioral roles in social networksLee A.J.T. ; Yang F.-C.; Tsai H.-C.; Lai Y.-Y.journal article2015
1302010Discriminative effect of user influence and user responsibility on IS development processes and project managementHOUN-GEE CHEN journal article168
1312004Distributed File SystemTsay, Yih-Kuen text
1322009A Distributed Multi-Dimensional Publications Management SystemLiu, Tsung-Yuan; Joung, Yuh-Jzer 00
1332004Distributed TransactionsTsay, Yih-Kuen text
1342006Domain Connected Graph: the Skeleton of a Closed 3D Shape for AnimationWu, Fu-Che; Ma, Wan-Chun; Liang, Rung-Huei; Chen, Bing-Yu ; Ouhyoung, Ming journal article3423
1352001Dynamic Resizing of Utilization Target in Measurement-Based Admission ControlSun, Yeali S. ; Chuang, C. C.; Lin, Yin-Dar
1362013Dynamically Assessing the Intertwined Influences of ISD Project Risk factorsHOUN-GEE CHEN conference paper
1372001E-Commerce Web Site Design: Strategies and ModelsHOUN-GEE CHEN journal article530
1382010An effective clustering approach to stock market predictionLee A.J.T. ; Lin M.-C.; Kao R.-T.; Chen K.-T.conference paper6
1392011An Effective Cold Start Recommendation Method Using a Web of TrustWan, Yu-Hao; Chen, Chien-Chin conference paper
1402015Effective healthcare advertising using latent dirichlet allocation and inference engineCHIEN CHIN CHEN book
1412006Effectiveness the Creativity Support Systems: An Empirical Test of the Self-Efficacy TheoryHOUN-GEE CHEN journal article
1422011Effects of ambient particulate matter and fungal spores on lung function in schoolchildrenTSUN-JEN CHENG ; YUE-LIANG GUO ; CHEN, BING-YU ; CHAO, HSING JASMINE; CHAN, CHANG-CHUAN ; LEE, CHUNG-TE; WU, HUNG-PIN; CHENG, TSUN-JEN ; CHEN, CHU-CHIH; GUO, YUE-LIANGjournal article1616
1432015The effects of journaling dietary intake APP on the health outcomes of chronic kidney disease stage 3B-5Chen, Jei-Fuu; Wu, Ling-Ling ; Chou, Seng-Cho
1442008An efficient algorithm for mining closed inter-transaction itemsetsLee A.J.T. ; Wang C.-S.; Weng W.-Y.; Chen Y.-A.; Wu H.-W.journal article4233
1452007An efficient algorithm for mining frequent inter-transaction patternsLee A.J.T. ; Wang C.-S.journal article3630
1462010An Efficient Circuit-Switched Broadcasting in Star GraphLee, Cheng-Ta; Lin, Yeong-Sung book
1472003Efficient data mining for calling path patterns in GSM networksLee A.J.T. ; Wang Y.-T.journal article1513
1482004An Efficient Representation of Complex Materials for Real-Time RenderingWan-Chun Ma; Sung-Hsiang Chao; Bing-Yu Chen ; Chun-Fa Chang; Ming Ouhyoung; Tomoyuki Nishitaconference paper
1492010Efficient spatial-temporal error concealment algorithm and hardware architecture design for H.264/AVCWu, Guan-Lin; SHAO-YI CHIEN ; Chen, Chien Chin ; Chen, Ching-Yi ; Chen, Zhong-Yong; Wu, Chen-Yuan; Wu, Tung-Hsing; Chien, Shao-Yi journal article1510
1502006Eliminate the Middleman?Huang, Ming-Hui 
1512009Email LicensingJoung, Yuh-Jzer ; Yang, Chu-Jui11
1522001Emerging Models of E-Commerce Web Site DesignHOUN-GEE CHEN conference paper
1532005An Empirical Study of Software Process Maturity, TQM Practices and Organizational Characteristics in Taiwanese CompaniesChen, Shiang-Heng; Chen, *Houn-Gee ; Yen, David C.
1542016Empowering Leadership in R&D Teams: A Closer Look at its components, process and outcomesHOUN-GEE CHEN journal article53
1552007Enabling nutrition-aware cooking in a smart kitchenChi, Pei-yu; Chen, Jen-hao; Chu, Hao-hua; Chen, Bing-Yu conference paper300
1562008Enhanced Bulk Scheduling for Supporting Delay Sensitive Streaming ApplicationsTu, Yung-Cheng; Chen, Meng Chang; Sun, Yeali S. ; Shih, Wei-Kuan55
1572007Enhanced Index Based on Goal ProgrammingWu, Liang-Chuan; Chou, Seng-Cho; Yang, Chau-Chen; Ong, Chorng-Shyong journal article
1582007Enhanced Index Investing Based on Goal ProgrammingWu, Liang-Chuan; Chou, Seng-Cho; Yang, Chau-Chen; Ong, Chorng-Shyong journal article034
1592009Epidemiology of congenital anomalies in a population-based birth registry in Taiwan, 2002YUE-LIANG GUO ; CHEN, BING-YU ; HWANG, BING-FANG; GUO, YUE -LIANG; GUO, YUE-LIANG; ³¯ªÃà±; ¶À±lªÚ; ³¢¨|¨} journal article2522
1602007ERP Implementation: A Quantitative Model for Organisational LearningWu, Liang-Chuan; Yaowen Hsu; Chorng-Shyong Ong journal article40
1612006ERP Investment Evaluation Based on Options TheoryWu, Liang-chuan; Wu, Liang-chuan; Ong, Chorng-shyong ; Ong, Chorng-shyong ; Hsu, Yao-wen journal article
1622008Example-based multiple local color transfer by strokesWen, Chung-Lin; Wen, Chung-Lin; MING OUHYOUNG ; Hsieh, Chang-His; BING-YU CHEN ; Hsieh, Chang-Hsi; Chen, Bing-Yu ; Chen, Bing-Yu ; Ouhyoung, Ming journal article4531
1632007Expert System Use Intention and Advice AcceptanceHOUN-GEE CHEN conference paper
1642016Exploring acquaintances of social network site users for effective social event recommendationsCHIEN CHIN CHEN journal article109
1652008Extending automated compositional verification to the full class of omega-regular languagesYIH-KUEN TSAY book410
1662004Extending the Cognitive Fit Theory: The Influence of User ExpertiseHOUN-GEE CHEN journal article00
1672010Extending the TAM Model to Explore the Factors that Affect the Intention to Use an Online Learning CommunityLiu, I-Fan; Chen, Meng Chang; Sun, Yeali S. ; Wiblec, David; Kuo, Chin-Hwa
1682010External Social Capital and Information System Development Team Extensive FlexibilityHOUN-GEE CHEN journal article84
1692008Extracting depth and matte using a color-filtered apertureBando, Yosuke; BING-YU CHEN ; Bando, Yosuke; Chen, Bing-Yu ; Chen, Bing-Yu ; Nishita, Tomoyuki; Nishita, Tomoyukijournal article6060
1702004Factors Affecting Engineers’ Acceptance of Asynchronous e-Learning Systems in High-tech CompaniesOng, Chorng-Shyong ; Lai, Jung-Yu; Wang, Yi-Shun
1711994Fault-Tolerant Algorithms for Fair Interprocess SynchronizationYIH-KUEN TSAY journal article109
1722004Feature refinement strategy for extended marching cubes: Handling on dynamic nature of real-time sculpting applicationHo, Chien-Chang; Lu, Yan-Hong; Lin, Hung-Te; Guan, Shuen-Huei; Cho, Sheng-Yao; Liang, Rung-Huei; Chen, Bing-Yu ; Ouhyoung, Ming journal article
1732010Financial Text Mining: Supporting Decision Making Using Web 2.0 ContentLu, Hsin-Min ; Chen, Hsinchun; Chen, Tsai-Jyh; Hung, Mao-Wei ; Li, Shu-Hsing journal article00
1742013FingerPad: Private and subtle interaction using fingertipsBING-YU CHEN ; YEN-YANG CHEN conference paper860
1752017FISER: A Feature-Based Detection System for Person InteractionsCHIEN CHIN CHEN journal article00
1762012FISER: An effective method for detecting interactions between topic personsCHIEN CHIN CHEN ; Hutchison, David; Kanade, Takeo; Kittler, Josef; Kleinberg, Jon M.; Mattern, Friedemann; Mitchell, John C.; Naor, Moni; Nierstrasz, Oscar; Rangan, C. Pandu; Steffen, Bernhard; Sudan, Madhu; Terzopoulos, Demetri; Tygar, Doug; Vardi, Moshe Y.; Weikum, Gerhardbook10
1772008FLoD: A framework for peer-to-peer 3D streamingBING-YU CHEN journal article810
1782006Flow, Enduring and Situational Involvement in the Web Environment: A Tripartite Second-Order ExaminationHuang, Ming-Hui 
1792012FluxSketch: Sketching using magnetic stylusBING-YU CHEN journal article00
1802001Frame-based Worst-Case Weighted Fair Queueing with Jitter ControlSun, Yeali S. ; Tu, Y. C.; Shih, W-K
1812005A Framework of Handoffs in Wireless Overlay Networks Based on Mobile IPv6Lee, Cheng Wei; Chen, Li-Ming; Chen, Meng Chang; Sun, Yeali S. 
1822006Fuzzy principal component regression (FPCR) for fuzzy input and output dataHuang, Jih-Jeng; Tzeng, Gwo-Hshiung; Ong, Chorng-Shyong 
1832013GaussBits: Magnetic tangible bits for portable and occlusion-free near-surface interactionsBING-YU CHEN ; YEN-YANG CHEN conference paper200
1842012GaussSense: Attachable stylus sensing using magnetic sensor gridBING-YU CHEN journal article
1852012GaussSketch: Add-on magnetic sensing for natural sketching on smartphonesBING-YU CHEN journal article10
1862006Gender Differences in Perceptions and relationships Among Dominants of E-learning AcceptanceOng, Chorng-Shyong ; Lai, Jung-Yu
1871996General decidability theorems for infinite-state systemsYIH-KUEN TSAY conference paper
1882008Genomewide linkage survey of nicotine dependence phenotypesPO-HSIU KUO ; Chen, Chien Chin ; Chen, Chien-Chin ; Sullivan, PF; Kuo, PH; Tseng, You-De; Tseng, You-De; Webb, BT; Neale, MC; Vittum, J; Furberg, H; Walsh, D; Patterson, DG; Riley, BP; Prescott, CA; Kendler, K.journal article77
1892000Gifts in Romantic Relationships: A Survival AnalysisHuang, Ming-Hui ; Yu, Shihti
1902010Giving context to accounting numbers: the role of news coverageSHU-HSING LI ; Chen, Kuo-Tay; Lu, Hsin-Min ; Chen, Tsai-Jyh; Li, Shu-Hsing ; Lian, Jian-Shuen; Chen, Hsinchunjournal article87
1912008GOAL extended: Towards a research tool for omega automata and temporal logicYIH-KUEN TSAY book160
1922013GOAL for games, omega-automata, and logicsYIH-KUEN TSAY book150
1932007GOAL: A graphical tool for manipulating Büchi automata and temporal formulaeYIH-KUEN TSAY book
1942011Grab-Carry-Release: Manipulating physical objects in a real scene through a smart phoneBING-YU CHEN journal article30
1952013Group-Focused and Differentiated Individual-Focused Empowering Leadership in R&D teamsHOUN-GEE CHEN conference paper00
1962006Hand-Shadow Illusions and 3D DDR Based On Efficient Model RetrievalYeh, Jeng-Sheng; Chiang, Jen-Yuan; Huan, Ting-Hao; Lin, Li-Fong; Yu, Ming-Yang; Tsai, Y.C.; Wen, Chung-Lin; Wang, Liang-Kai; Chen, Ding-Yun; Chuang, Yung-Yu ; Chen, Bing-Yu ; Ouhyoung, Ming journal article; text10
1972006Hedonic Pricing Analysis of DSL Internet Services in the UKHOUN-GEE CHEN conference paper00
1982004A heuristic input control method for a single-product, high-volume wafer fabrication process to minimize the number of photomask changesKWEI-LONG HUANG; CHING-CHIN CHERN; CHING-CHIN CHERN ; KWEI-LONG HUANG journal article20
1992017A heuristic master planning algorithm for recycling supply chain managementKWEI-LONG HUANG; Wang, Hsin Mei; CHING-CHIN CHERN; CHING-CHIN CHERN ; KWEI-LONG HUANG journal article00
2002010A Heuristic Relief Transportation Planning Algorithm for Emergency Supply Chain ManagementChern, Ching-Chin ; Chen, Yu-Lin; Kung, Ling-Chieh 1412
2011995Heuristics for Operator Scheduling in GT CellsHOUN-GEE CHEN journal article76
2022008iCare 2.0: Enabling Next Generation e-Services for Digital Living-iCare 2.0: 次世代數位生活服務 (新制多年期第1年)曹承礎 
2032007iCare 2.0: 次世代數位生活服務-數位生活之資訊服務技術 (新制多年期第1年)曹承礎 
2042005iCare:社群化智慧型居家照護─子計畫五:iCare:居家照護社群服務架構(1/3)曹承礎 text
2052006iCare:社群化智慧型居家照護-子計畫五:iCare:居家照護社群服務架構(3/3)曹承礎 ; 曹承礎 
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5232002容錯系統下之群體資源分配問題(2/2)莊裕澤 text
5242001寬頻網際網路之服務品質確保(III)─子計畫六:寬頻網際網路規劃與容量管理林永松 text
5252000寬頻網際網路服務品質保證(II)─子計畫七:寬頻網際網路規劃與容量管理(II)林永松 text
5262000寬頻網際網路服務品質保證(II)─子計畫三:支援寬頻網際網路「負載控制服務」以量測為基礎的允諾控制與擁塞避免機制(I)孫雅麗 text
5272001寬頻網際網路服務品質保證(III)─子計畫三:寬頻網際網路中以量測為基礎的訊務控制與動態資源分配之研究與實作孫雅麗 text
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5391997我國律師業服務品質之研究翁崇雄 Report
5402004找尋序列間關聯法則之研究李瑞庭 text
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5421999支援QOS路由器的封包排程與服務分流之設計與實作孫雅麗 text
5431994支援物體導向技術於軟體發展的專門資料庫系統曹承礎 text
5441995支援高速網路中多向式通訊的網路系統之設計與效能評估孫雅麗 text
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5461998整合式網路規劃及容量管理系統之研製林永松 text
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5521998時間邏輯式規格的自動分析與可組合性蔡益坤 text
5531997智慧型ATM網路控制管理系統設計與製作(II)─子計畫二:ATM網路連結導向管理孫雅麗 text
5541996智慧型ATM網路控制管理系統設計與製作子計畫二:ATM網路連結導向管理(1/3)孫雅麗 text
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5651998消費者對網際網路期望服務之研究翁崇雄 Report
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5711997當系統有不良品及考慮需求時,如何尋求最佳(W,S)生產策略陳靜枝 text
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5732003知識管理關鍵性技術研究(1/2)曹承礎 text
5742004知識管理關鍵性技術研究(2/2)曹承礎 text
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5762000科技接受度在網際網路上的應用:權變因素的探討吳玲玲 text
5771995空間性資料存取方法之研究李瑞庭 text
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5871996組織特性與行銷資訊系統的研究: 以台灣大型企業為例HOUN-GEE CHEN conference paper
5882007綠色環保供應鍊之多目標主規劃排程問題研究陳靜枝 ; 陳靜枝 
5892000網路分析模式在供應鍊網路管理上應用之探討陳靜枝 text
5902004網路圖學之三維幾何模型簡化法之研究陳炳宇 text
5912008網路攻防情境中之存活度分析與優化林永松 ; 林永松 
5922008網際網路上之產品資訊瀏覽行為與決策品質:資訊分類架構之效應 (新制多年期第1年)吳玲玲 
5932000網際網路服務品質保證之促成工具(II)─子計畫五:支援網際網路服務品質保證的封包排程與服務分流之設計與實作孫雅麗 text
5942001網際網路服務品質保證之促成工具(III)─子計畫四:寬頻網際網路邊緣路由器支援差別性服務品質保證的封包排程與緩衝區管理之設計與實作孫雅麗 text
5952000網際網路線上服務服務品質評量模式之建構翁崇雄 text
5971998群體工作環境下之並行與互斥之研究莊裕澤 text
5982005考慮共同料限制下多目標主規劃排程問題之研究陳靜枝 text
5992004考慮端對端服務品質要求之近似最佳化群播允入控制與路由演算法林永松 text
6002002肉毒桿菌毒素治療閩南語內轉型痙攣性發聲障礙療效個案報告:聽覺感知與聲學的評估郭令育; 林永松 ; 邱銘章; 郭令育; 林永松 ; 邱銘章
6021999視訊剖析與索引之研究李瑞庭 text
6032003視訊資料庫中物件時空關係推理與相似性查詢之研究李瑞庭 text
6062004資訊定價:不同理論觀點之實證檢驗黃明蕙 text
6072003資訊控制度與專家知識效應對網路消費者決策之影響吳玲玲 ; 吳玲玲 
6082003資訊科技策略性分類模式之建構翁崇雄 text
6091997資訊系統在推行ISO9000品保制度上之應用模式-以製造業為例HOUN-GEE CHEN conference paper
6101999資訊系統接受度之外在因素探討吳玲玲 text
6112007跨交易關聯規則演算法之研究李瑞庭 ; 李瑞庭 
6122005跨文化知識管理研究:台灣與紐西蘭之比較吳玲玲 text
6131995隨機式演算法與公平性之研究莊裕澤 text
6142007零售市場各單品銷售總額之啟發性推估演算法陳靜枝 ; 蔣明晃 ; 何定為journal article
6152005電子商務風險管理黃明蕙 text
6162001電子市場合作式評分信賴機制曹承礎 text
6172001電子市場多標的協商機制曹承礎 text
6182005電子行銷典範─子計畫一:知識科技、知識資本、與知識生產力(1/3)黃明蕙 text
6192005電子行銷典範─電子行銷典範(總計畫)(1/3)黃明蕙 text
6231995類神經網路系統在投資組合上之應用~股票分類預測之研究(II)曹承礎 text
6252007顧客關係管理—行為經濟觀點 (新制多年期第1年)黃明蕙 
6261999首頁廠商服務品質之研究翁崇雄 text