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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
AN-YEU(ANDY) WU吳安宇 Electrical Engineering  Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics  Electronics Engineering  Intel-NTU Connected Context Computing Center communication integrated circuits; signal processing; VLSI/CAD
CHAO-HSIN WU吳肇欣 Program in Semiconductor Device, Material, and Hetero-integration  Photonics and Optoelectronics  Electrical Engineering  Electronics Engineering III-V and 2D material MOSFET; High-speed opto/electronic devices; Photonic integrated circuits; Optical Interconnect; Power electronics; Light-emitting transistors and transistor lasers
CHEE-WEE LIU劉致為 Center for Condensed Matter Sciences  Photonics and Optoelectronics  Electrical Engineering  Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics  Electronics Engineering  MediaTek-NTU Research Center Ge FETs; IGZO TFT; Device/process modeling; solar cells; Ge/Si/Sn CVD
CHIA-HSIANG YANG楊家驤 Electrical Engineering  Electronics Engineering Digital Communication IC; Biomedical VLSI Signal Processing
CHIA-LIN YANG楊佳玲 Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia  Electronics Engineering  MediaTek-NTU Research Center High Performance Processor Architecture; Low-power Embedded System; Storage System for Big Data
CHIEN-MO LI李建模 Electrical Engineering  Electronics Engineering  MediaTek-NTU Research Center IR-drop aware testing; Fault Diagnosis; VLSI Testing and DFT; Parallel ATPG
CHIH-KUNG LEE李世光 Applied Mechanics  Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering  Electronics Engineering 光電與壓電系統); 奈米光學研究暨超精密光學加工機的研製(微機電與奈米系統); 光壓電複合材; 光壓電結構控制(光機電系統設計製造與精密量測; 科技管理; 光學式與電化學生醫感應器(生物晶片系統); 光場技術研究暨光場相機應用(數位全像攝影術)
CHIH-TING LIN林致廷 Electrical Engineering  Applied Mechanics  Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics  Electronics Engineering Bio/MEMS hybrid technology; Nano-Micro fabrication technology and application; and Nanobiotechnology
CHING-FUH LIN林清富 Photonics and Optoelectronics  Electrical Engineering  Electronics Engineering Quantum-dot/quantum well laser diodes; Organic-inorganic composite solar cells; Organic-inorganic composite light sources; Si-based photonics: Nano-size waveguide, modulator, light sources
CHING-JAN CHEN陳景然 Electrical Engineering  Electronics Engineering Power IC; Power Electronics
CHING-RAY CHANG張慶瑞 Center for Quantum Science and Engineering (CQSE)  Applied Physics  Electronics Engineering  Physics Magnetism Theory
CHUNG-PING CHEN陳中平 Electrical Engineering  Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics  Electronics Engineering VLSI CAD; Microprocessor Design; RF Mix/Signal Circuit Design
CHUNG-YANG HUANG黃鐘揚 Electrical Engineering  Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics  Electronics Engineering design for verifiability; design verification for SoCs; and constraint satisfaction problems in electronic design automation (EDA) area; design automation and optimization
FARN WANG王凡 Electrical Engineering  Electronics Engineering Verification Automation; Software Testing
HAO-HSIUNG LIN林浩雄 Photonics and Optoelectronics  Electrical Engineering  Electronics Engineering Compound semiconductor materials and devices based on molecular beam epitaxy
HEN-WAI TSAO曹恒偉 Communication Engineering  Electronics Engineering Signal Processing Techniques for Communication / Biomedical Systems; Low Power Circuits and Systems; Fiber Optic Communication Systems
HSIAO-CHUN HUANG黃筱鈞 Molecular and Cellular Biology  Electronics Engineering  Life Science 系統生物學; 細胞分裂
HSIN-CHIA LU盧信嘉 Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering  Electronics Engineering Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic design; RF IC; IC Packaging Characterization
HSIN-SHU CHEN陳信樹 Electrical Engineering  Electronics Engineering PWM Modulator; CMOS Data Converters; High-Speed I/O Circuit; High-Speed/Low-Power Analog/Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit Design
HUI-RU JIANG江蕙如 Electrical Engineering  Electronics Engineering 
HUNG-HSIANG CHENG鄭鴻祥 Center for Condensed Matter Sciences  Electronics Engineering Optic electronic properties of Semiconductor Physics, Nano fabrication, Molecular Beam Epitaxy.
JENN-GWO HWU胡振國 Electrical Engineering  Electronics Engineering Si MOS Devices; Rapid Thermal Processing-RTP; Ultra-thin Gate Oxide Processes; Uniformity Analysis and Stress Control; Si MOS Solar Cell and Photo Sensors; Novel Si-based Devices
JIE-HONG JIANG江介宏 Electrical Engineering  Electronics Engineering Formal Verification; Quantum Computation; Computation Models of Biochemical Systems; Logic and System Synthesis
JIUN-LANG HUANG黃俊郎 Electrical Engineering  Program in Integrated Circuit Design and Automation  Electronics Engineering VLSI System Design-for-Test; Fault tolerant design; Low power testing
JIUN-YUN LI李峻霣 Electrical Engineering  Electronics Engineering quantum tunneling physics and device applications (tunneling diodes and FETs); SiGe(Sn) semiconductor epitaxy, device physics and applications (ultra-fast transistors and lasers); physics in two-dimensional electron system; Nano-transistors and post-CMOS devices
JRI LEE李致毅 Electrical Engineering  Electronics Engineering and data converters; High-speed wireless and wireline transceivers; phase-locked loops
KUEN-YU TSAI蔡坤諭 Electrical Engineering  Electronics Engineering Convex optimization and its engineering applications; Nanoscale detection and control systems; Multiobjective-robust-optimal control; Nanoscale integrated-circuit design for manufacturability and invariability; System identification; Nanolithography process, equipment, and software technologies
LIANG-GEE CHEN陳良基 Electrical Engineering  Networking and Multimedia  Electronics Engineering DSP IC Design; Video Signal Processing; Bio-Signal Processing
LIANG-HUNG LU呂良鴻 Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering  Electronics Engineering RF/Microwave Integrated Circuits; Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits
MING-HUA MAO毛明華 Photonics and Optoelectronics  Electrical Engineering  Electronics Engineering Nano-photonic devices; quantum-dot lasers; microcavities; photonic crystals
MINGHWEI HONG洪銘輝 Center for Condensed Matter Sciences  Applied Physics  Electronics Engineering  Physics Nano-electronics in III-V, GaN, and Ge MOS for science and technologies beyond 5 nm node Si CMOS
SHAO-YI CHIEN簡韶逸 Electrical Engineering  Networking and Multimedia  Electronics Engineering  MediaTek-NTU Research Center  Intel-NTU Connected Context Computing Center Multimedia Signal Processing; SoC Design Methodology; Multimedia VLSI Design
SHEN-IUAN LIU劉深淵 Electrical Engineering  Electronics Engineering  MediaTek-NTU Research Center Analogl and mixed-signal integrated circuits and systems
SI-CHEN LEE李嗣涔 TSMC-NTU Joint Research Center  Photonics and Optoelectronics  Electronics Engineering Amorphous and Poly-Si Thin Film Transistor; Quantum Dot Light Emitting Device and Photodetector
SY-YEN KUO郭斯彥 Computer Science and Information Engineering  Electrical Engineering  Networking and Multimedia  Center for Quantum Science and Engineering (CQSE)  Electronics Engineering Mobile computing and networks; SoC design verification; dependable distributed systems; quantum computing and Communication
TAI-CHENG LEE李泰成 Electrical Engineering  Electronics Engineering  MediaTek-NTU Research Center Analog/Mixed-Signal Circuit Design; RFIC Design and PLL Systems
TEI-WEI KUO郭大維 Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia  Electronics Engineering  MediaTek-NTU Research Center Flash Memory; Embedded Systems; Storage Systems; Real-Time Systems; Operating Systems
TSUNG-HSIEN LIN林宗賢 Electrical Engineering  Electronics Engineering  MediaTek-NTU Research Center RF/Analog/Mixed-Signal IC Design; Transceiver Circuit Design; Sensor Interface Circuit Design
TSUNG-TE LIU劉宗德 Electrical Engineering  Electronics Engineering Biomedical and Communication Electronics; Integrated Circuit and System Design
TZI-DAR CHIUEH闕志達 Electrical Engineering  Graduate School of Advanced Technology  Electronics Engineering  MediaTek-NTU Research Center mobile communicaiton signal processing; baseband communication IC design
TZU-HSUAN CHANG張子璿 Electrical Engineering  Electronics Engineering Renewable Electronics; Nano Polymer Assembly; 2D materials; Heterogeneous Electronics; Flexible and Wearable Electronics
YAO-WEN CHANG張耀文 Computer Science and Information Engineering  Electrical Engineering  Center for Information and Electronics Technologies  Electronics Engineering  MediaTek-NTU Research Center Design for Manufacturability; Electronic Design Automation; Design Automatin for Biochips; Physical Design for Nanometer Ics
YI-CHANG LU盧奕璋 Electrical Engineering  Electronics Engineering Digital VLSI circuit and system design; High performance computing and hardware accelerators
YI-JAN EMERY CHEN陳怡然 Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering  Electronics Engineering System-in-Package (SiP); RFIC; Power Management IC; Digital Signal Processing; LCD Driver / LED Driver IC; RF Power Amplifier